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Shadow of my Fear

He had been banished to the darkest and coldest place known to man. A tin-can nestled in the heavens and far from home. Punished for something he was unsure of.

He longed for the light of the sun on his face and the feel of the sand beneath his toes as the warm waters of his tropical home lapped over his feet. The warm breeze fragrant with the briny scent of the ocean and the various flowers that were native to Tracy Island.

The hums and bleeps from the computers began to get louder. It was as if they were taunting him. Reminding him that he was stuck up here with no way back to where he wished to be. Shadows appeared all around him edging ever closer. Even the walls seemed to be closing in on him. He wanted to scream but knew that not a soul could hear him. He wanted to run but knew there was nowhere he could run to. Unable to run, he dropped into a crouch, huddling against the wall, shivering as the cold seeped through his uniform. But still the shadows crept closer.

He wrapped his arms around himself, rocking back and forth. "I'm good...I'm good...no bad things will get me." His singsong words showed just how far his isolation had pushed him. No rational thought existed in him anymore as the first shadow reached out for his ankle. A heart wrenching scream echoed around the solitary station. The icy tendrils of the shadow snaked up his leg just as a second shadow grasped his other ankle. Screams of terror ripped from his soul as a third and forth shadow took hold of his arms. The icy coldness of the shadows burning through the sleeves of his uniform as he fought desperately to escape the icy hold but it was too strong. Too strong and too determined to suffocate his entire being in its darkness.

He knew now that his destiny ended here. Never would he walk along the beaches of his home, feel the sunlight on his face, the waves lapping at his feet. Never again would he hear the sounds of his family laughing around him nor feel his father's loving arms wrapped around him. Never again would he bask in the love that they had showed him. The quiet security that Virgil offered. The over-protectiveness of Scott. The fun and laughter of Gordon. And the surprising warmth of Alan.

Instead he was going to die here alone with nobody to mourn him. His life meaningless and his death even more so. He wasn't going to die a hero saving the lives of others. He would die a coward. Killed by the shadows of his fears.

The shadow had now reached his chest and was slowly freezing his heart. His breathing labored as the shadow tightened its hold on his lungs, allowing only short panicked breaths to escape and nothing drawn in. The will to live fading with each one.

Fighting one last time, he struggled to see his beloved 'bird. "I'm sorry." His words barely audible as he ceased to exist. The shadow had won its fight.

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