Professor Hunt entered the classroom and the body of students stood to attention. Hunt placed his briefcase behind his desk and sat in his recliner chair.

'Sit,' Hunt directed 'Today we're going to resume your presentations. Starting off with Mr Percival.'

Percy stood up and made his way to the front. He activated his 3D hologram, displaying two faces, and turned to face his classmates.

'Good Morning Professor Hunt and fellow SSA Agents. I constructed my criminal profile on the fugitives Merlin Emrys and Arthur Pendragon,' Percy cleared his throat and adjusted his school tie 'Eighteen year old Merlin Emrys began criminal activity at the age of thirteen. His criminal activities include cyber terrorism, computer crimes, kidnapping, embezzlement, fraud, forgery, theft and murder.'

' He particularly enjoys humiliating his victims and engaging in crimes or plots he finds amusing,' Percy flipped his notes over and continued 'His behaviour suggests he has no regret or sympathy, which has lead forensic psychologists to suggest Emrys has Antisocial Personality Disorder. I however don't believe this is the case. Primarily due to Emrys's choice of victims; who tend to be corrupt organisations, people or politicians. So his lack of regret stems from the fact that his targets...were well dicks.'

'Keep it pg-13 Mr Percival,' Hunt ordered over the class's laughter.

'Emrys is also homosexual, which leads me to the Bonnie to his Clyde; Arthur Pendragon. As we all know Arthur Pendragon was the former leader of the SSA boys alpha team. He entered into a sexual relationship with Emrys whilst he was investigating him,' Percy wagged his eyebrows and grinned before catching Hunt's stern expression and clearing his throat 'Since Pendragon's defection a year ago both he and Emrys have been involved in acts of vigilantism as well as several minor and major computer crimes. For example the famous incident concerning photo shopped pictures of a sexual nature involving a homophobic Australian politician and a camel.'

'Emrys continues to pick his targets according to their usual profile...dicks-,'

'Mr Percival!'

'Their last known location was Southern France, where they evaded authorities and left the country undetected. Their current whereabouts remains unknown.'

A little Island Somewhere in the Pacific.

'This is it. The Grand Finale. Team Bond versus Team Jedi. The first one to finish the course, with the most impressive stunts, wins.' Morgana yelled through the megaphone.

Morgana raised a hand to shield her eyes from the sun. She adjusted her blue bikini whilst keeping her balance on her jet ski as it bobbed with the waves in the open water.

Two speed boats floated stationary in front of her.

'Prepare to eat seaweed tech boy!' Gwen, in her hot pink bikini, shouted from behind the helm of "The Enterprise".

'Not before you guzzle my foam sea wench!' a shirtless Lance shouted back from behind the helm of the other speedboat "The Awesome Boat of Awesome" (or TABOA).

'Ugh, that sounded both wrong and disgusting,' Arthur shuddered from where he sat in the water behind TABOA, in full wetsuit.

'What?' Merlin yelled to Arthur from where he waded behind "The Enterprise", also in full wetsuit, 'Did you just say I'm so hung it's distracting?'

'Go!' Morgana yelled.

Lance and Gwen fired their engines, and shot off across the water. The ropes attached to each boat grew taught, forcefully yanking Arthur and Merlin out of the water as they held on expertly.

Merlin gripped tight to his line and angled his ski so he flew out to the side of the boat cheering loudly and waving hello at Gwen. She rolled her eyes and Merlin angled himself back and he shot behind the boat.

Arthur was handling his board like a champ. Determined to win this time, and make up for his debacle in the snow.

Gwen and Lance's objective was to drive out to the first buoys and back whilst Merlin and Arthur did their stuff, Morgana judging. The losers had to cook the winner's dinner, so it was on.

Arthur angled his board and flew up the side of the wake (or wave made by the boat) and pulled a back flip in reverse. Arthur's board went side on up the left side of the wave and kept going, until Arthur was flipping horizontally, his board flying in a full circle in the air, his hair nearly touching the water before his feet and the board came back down on the right regaining his balance on the water. Arthur laughed and skidded out to the side, watching to see what Merlin would do.

Merlin full body spun on the water, alternating his hands. Fooling around as he prepared for his next trick. Merlin angled his board and flew up the side of the wave. He pulled a front flip through the air. Head first, the water rushing below him before his body followed and he regained balance on the waves. Then turned around and bent over, allowing himself to be pulled butt first behind the boat.

Arthur laughed and then decided to go for a ski line back to back...difficult, but the points, oh the points that he would reap. Arthur leant back, edged up the wake and flipped up and over the rope, balancing perfectly back on the wave.

Arthur heard Lance cheering for him on the boat and Arthur punched the air in victory. Out of nowhere Merlin flew out right next to him and drenched him in a giant wave of spray; before he slingshot back to align with the next jump.

Arthur laughed heartily and shook his hair.

'Sore loser!' Arthur shouted out, right before Merlin pulled a back flip, back to back...the smartarse.

Merlin started backwards and pulled a complete head first, back flip; feet flying through the air before once again ending backward and facing away from the boat. Merlin turned back around and performing a little water ski dance in victory.

Gwen shouted out a warning as they approached the buoys. Merlin and Arthur changed their grip and held on as Gwen and Lance shot around their respective buoys, flinging the boys along behind them in a wide arc. Both boats turned back for the sprint to the finish.

The risk was increasing now. The chances of falling in a trick are almost 50%, if either of them stacked it; it'd be a short run to the finish line for the other team.

So naturally Arthur goes for the back flip back to back. He flips his body backwards, water spraying off his board as it soars through the air and hits the water at the perfect angle. Arthur shouts in victory and blows Merlin a kiss.

Merlin waves back and spins over the waves, quickly altering hands. Merlin tries for the ski line back to back, he flips but his board gets hits the line and he goes down hard in the waves. Lance and Gwen fly across the finish line and finally slow down to a stop. As the propulsion stops Arthur falls into the water.

Morgana zooms over to Merlin on her jet ski, bum poking out as she pulls up beside him.

'You alright?'

'Did I just lose?' Merlin asks her mostly submerged and dumbfounded.

'Let's put it this didn't win,' she consoled.

' that's what losing feels like?' he looked off into space.

'You've never lost before? Ever?' Morgana asked in disbelief.

'Not that I can ever recall,' Merlin shrugged.

'How's it feel?' Morgana asked.

'Unsatisfying,' Merlin replied 'It's very interesting.'

'So...need a lift?' she asked.

'Yes, thank you,' Merlin replied.

He unhooked himself from his board and tugged it under his arm. Morgana held out her hand and pulled him up onto the Jet Ski.

'Hold on,' she directed.

'Eww girly bits,' Merlin scrunched up his nose but wrapped his arms around her waist.

Morgana laughed and swung the Jet Ski around toward the boats.

Morgana pulled up behind "The Enterprise". Gwen was standing on deck, conversing with Lance and Arthur who stood on the deck of TABOA, right alongside it.

'You okay?' Arthur asked as Merlin jumped onboard "The Enterprise".

'I lost.'

'There's a first time for everything,' Morgana spoke up from the Jet Ski.

'Which makes us, the winners,' Lance grinned and put an arm around Arthur's shoulders 'Free food!'

'If you ask me you guys are the real losers,' Gwen remarked as she stretched in the sun 'Have you ever had Merlin's cooking?'

They decided to head back just before sunset and avoid shark feeding time. Merlin had a giant mansion right on the water (stunning architecture), with his own pool (equipped with waterfall, pool side bar and gorgeous patio), spa, sci fi themed putt putt (including star wars, star trek, the matrix, Lord of the Rings, Superman, Discworld, etc) and a wharf extending from his backyard. Merlin also had fresh water showers on his beach, to wash off the salt water after a swim or surf.

The sun was still bright and hot when they pulled the boats up alongside the wharf. Merlin called shower shotgun, whilst Arthur, Lance, Morgana and Gwen were securing the boats and started to run back along the wharf.

'Oi! A little help would be nice?' Gwen shouted after him.

'I'll leave the manual work to big strong International Agents,' Merlin shouted back 'Don't I pay you to do the manual stuff anyway?'

'I'm on vacation!'

'Free vacation, at my house!'

Gwen scowled as Arthur threw her a rope.

'Don't think you can start bossing me around now,' Gwen warned.

'Would dream of it Gwen... you mind just tying that on there?' Arthur directed.

'You know you're as much of a kept man as I am...I mean woman,' Gwen spoke as she tied it good and taught.

'That's debatable.'

'What'd you just say Pendragon?'

'I said I'm not sure what to do with this cable!'

Once they had the boats secured Morgana decided she'd just go jump in Merlin's pool instead of waiting for the showers. Gwen and Lance decidedly liked her idea and ran off after her. Arthur very nearly joined them, until he saw Merlin under the palm trees, in the shower.

Merlin had pulled off the top half of his wet suit so it rested just above his cock. He had his head leant back into the spray and water was running down cheekbones, neck and a delicious pale chest. Arthur's wet suit was becoming very, very uncomfortable.

Arthur walked over to the shower, stood back and just admired his boyfriend. Merlin was running his hands all over himself, trying to get rid of the salt and sand. Arthur stepped in under the spray, his body a mere inch from Merlin's pale skin. Merlin's eyes opened and Arthur smiled at him.


'Hey,' Merlin greeted and turned to face the shower.

Arthur just stood there, letting the water run down his face, and dampen his wet suit. Merlin turned his head around and eyed Arthur suspiciously.

'If this is you trying to pressure me out of the shower, it's not going to work,' Merlin assured him.

'No, no, take your time...all the time in the world.'

Merlin looked back at Arthur over his shoulder and gulped. Arthur's wet suit was really tight. Really tight and wet. It clung to Arthur's every muscle. Merlin discreetly ran his eyes all over his boyfriend.

Arthur moved forward and rested his hands on Merlin's bare hips, making Merlin freeze and turn his head back around. Except that didn't work when Arthur turned Merlin bodily around to face him.

They looked up at each other as water ran over their faces. Arthur was transfixed as he watched the water run down Merlin's cheekbones and down the glorious neck. Arthur placed his thumb under Merlin's chin and tilted it upward. Merlin yielded immediately. Arthur leant down and pressed his lips against cold, pale neck.

Arthur began kissing, sucking and nipping at Merlin's neck, delighting in the taste of Merlin and the sea. Merlin gasped and turned to putty in Arthur's hands. Merlin's hips brushed Arthurs and they both moaned as their cocks rubbed together. Arthur pulled back and looked up at Merlin's hooded eyes. Water ran over Merlin's pouted lips and Arthur just couldn't help himself.

Arthur pressed his lips against Merlin's and sucked at Merlin's plump bottom lip. Merlin clutched at the wet suit adorning Arthur's back and kissed Arthur back desperately and without restraint. The kiss became heated and dirty, with both pressing the length of their bodies against the other.

Merlin slowly unzipped the front of Arthur's wetsuit and pealed it from his shoulders and pushed it down until it rested on the curve of Arthur's backside. Hands wondered barely resting, loving the feeling of cool wet skin. Merlin slipped his hands into the back of Arthur's wet suit and grasped at Arthur's perfectly shaped bubble butt. Arthur groaned and pushed Merlin up against the shower pole. Arthur leant back and smirked at Merlin as he ran his hand down his lover's pale chest and further, until it slipped inside the front of Merlin's wet suit.

Merlin moaned and rocked his hips further into Arthur's grip, allowing his cock to slip further into Arthur's fist. Arthur began to stroke him slowly. He played with the head and the slit and the crown until Merlin was making the loveliest of desperate little sounds and throwing his head back in the water, allowing Arthur the sight of water rushing down that gorgeous marked neck.

Merlin slipped his fingers down to play with Arthur's tight and intimate hole. Arthur shivered and pressed back into Merlin's touch as he continued to drive Merlin completely helpless and crazed with desire. Arthur began to thrust his cock against Merlin as he pumped his boyfriend's cock simultaneously.

They rested their foreheads together and panted as they continued to drive each other crazy.

'Arthur,' Merlin gasped 'Arthur, there's...there's something I want to show you.'

Merlin smirked a little as he whispered to his lover, but that smirk was washed away when Arthur flicked the head of his cock and Merlin's face adorned one of pain, and bit his lip so hard it drew blood. Arthur leant forward and licked at the blood on Merlin's lip tenderly and ever so gently.

Merlin looked up at Arthur, with a sudden look of vulnerability in his eyes.


Merlin and Arthur tore themselves away from each other just as Gwen came pushing through the trees, soaking wet from the pool and a little out of breath.

'My god, the amount of time you spend primping,' she sighed then walked forward and grabbed Merlin's wrist 'Come on then, we've got to get started on that dinner, if we want to eat sometime this century that is.'

'Ah...Gwen!' Merlin tried.

'No bloody excuses, you're not getting out of this one. I am not making a dinner for five by myself,' Gwen assured him as she began to drag him off into the trees.

Merlin cast one last longing look behind him before palm leaves began to slap him in the face.

Lance, Morgana and Arthur were sitting over by the pool side bar when Merlin and Gwen came out with supper. Morgana grabbed two bottles of wine and moved the party under the gazebo where dinner was being set up.

A nice cool breeze began to blow through and the white silk curtains of the gazebo chased after it. Merlin sat at the head of the table, with Arthur to his left, back to the water and Gwen to his right. Morgana sat next to Gwen and Lance sat next to Arthur. They each managed to take a bite of Gwen and Merlin's masterpiece, before immediately spitting it out and gargling with wine.

'So, pizza?' Lance asked rubbing his hands together.

'Better,' Merlin promised before turning his head toward the house and yelling 'Oh Hercules? You can bring out the barramundi and tropical fruit now!'

'Barramundi?' Lance enquired.

'Imported fresh this morning. It's very popular in Australia,' Gwen contributed.


'It's fish,' Arthur clarified.


'I didn't know Hercules could cook,' Morgana said and crossed her legs under the table.

'God yes, he's handy that one,' Gwen complimented right before Hercules came out with the food.

'That was quick,' Lance frowned.

'I plan ahead,' Merlin explained.

'I thought queers were supposed to be really good at the whole cooking thing?' Morgana teased.

'Clearly you've never had Arthur's famous burnt toast with a side of charcoal bacon and scrambled eggs covered in salt,' Lance shuddered at the memory.

'Oi! See if I ever try to be nice to you again mate, you can make your own bloody breakfast,' Arthur said and threw a grape at Lance.

'When it comes to cooking, I'm afraid my talents lie elsewhere,' Merlin spoke and took a sip of wine.

'Like sucking cock,' Gwen smirked.

'Which I personally think is much more desirable than any skill in cooking,' Arthur added with a grin and rested his hand on Merlin's thigh under the table.

Merlin and Arthur regarded each other with hungry eyes. They were both wound tight, and horny after their interruption. Merlin wanted nothing more than to take Arthur up to his room and show him what he wanted to before Gwen had ruined their moment...she was getting annoyingly good at that.

'Oh god they're doing it again,' Gwen groaned.

'Huh?' Lance asked with a mouth full of Barramundi.

'Merlin and Arthur, they're doing that whole staring into the depths of your soul thing,' Morgana explained.

'Really?' Lance asked and turned toward the oblivious pair 'It looks more like a "I wanna rip off your clothes and have my wicked way with you on this table" look to me.'

Gwen looked over at Lance and her eyes glazed over. Morgana smirked and hatched a plan.

'Hey, why don't we go out tonight?' Morgana asked suddenly.

'What? No!' Merlin chimed back in 'We need to stay home...where there are doors with locks and hot tubs and waterfalls to have sex under.'

'You can have sex under the waterfall with Arthur anytime you like Merlin, we're only on vacation for another week,' Morgana pointed out.

Merlin pouted and Arthur's muscles tensed with the effort to keep from pouncing on his lover. Merlin noticed the muscle tensing and immediately dropped his pout.

'I cannot wait for them to grow out of their teens,' Gwen groaned.

'Oh come on will you? We'll all get real dressed up and head out to that nightclub Merlin was telling us about?' Morgana suggested eagerly.

'Candyland?' Merlin pepped up 'Well I'm all for flaunting my homosexuality and smoking hot boyfriend.'

'Not to mention your cock,' Gwen rolled her eyes.

'Hey that was Arthur's fault not mine! I wasn't the one who whipped it out!' Merlin defended.

'Thanks a lot,' Arthur rolled his eyes.

'I'm in,' Lance shrugged and ate more fish.

'Me too!' Merlin jumped up and down in his seat.

'Okay,' Arthur agreed.

'Well I'm sure as hell not staying behind,' Gwen grumbled.

'That's it I'm staying behind,' Gwen declared.

'Hey no fair! You already said you'd come with us. No take backsies!' Merlin pouted.

'That's before I knew Morgana 's evil, evil plan,' Gwen said and glared at Morgana who was tearing apart Gwen's closet.

'Hey I'm doing you a favour,' Morgana defended and crossed her arms under her bosoms 'You and Lance keeping dancing around each other, both too chicken shit to make a move.'

Merlin nodded in agreement.

'You need to step up, be like Merlin,' Morgana advised.

'Excuse me? You want me to be like that suicidally reckless madman?'


'Well no one can ever accuse him of being too shy or chicken shit to make a move,' Morgana pointed out 'As soon as he laid eyes on Arthur he went completely out of his way to make his attraction known.'

'That's because Merlin couldn't grasp subtlety if it was a twelve inch cock,' Gwen snapped and put her hands on her hips.

'You are aware I'm in the bloody room?!' Merlin exclaimed.

'So we'll just have to take matters into our own hands and do it the Merlin Emrys way,' Morgana declared.

'Alright then I'd better start giving you some tips,' Merlin jumped on Merlin's bed front first and presented his arse up in the air 'This position is one of my personal favourites.'

Morgana and Gwen both smacked Merlin upside the head.

'Oh this dress definitely!' Morgana squeaked excitedly.

'That? That is a joke present Merlin got me for my birthday last year. He never actually intended for me to wear it,' Gwen stressed.

'Gwen, dearest, I love you, but you are so completely thick,' Merlin rolled his eyes and stood up 'This is not a gag present. This is actually a designer dress that cost your dear employer 700 bloody pounds.'

''re not serious?'

'As Uther Pendragon.'

'And you expect me to wear that? ...I'll look like a chav!'

'In a 700 pound frock? I sincerely doubt it, but if you don't want to wear it I will. I should have been Merlin's fag hag, Arthur never buys me stunning dresses like this,' Morgana sighed.

'I'd be willing to take you under consideration for the position. Gwen's become a lot more grouchy lately. I think it's because of all the sexual frustration.'

'Alright I'll were the bloomin' dress!' Gwen snatched it up and stormed into the bathroom.

'And you all thought I was a drama queen.'

'I heard that you plonker!'

'Lance! Stop ogling Gwen's breasts and get me a Fruit Tingle,' Morgana snapped her fingers in front of Lance's face.

Gwen blushed. Actually blushed from her little corner in the booth they had reserved in the club.

'Oh I'll take one of those!' Merlin added from where he sat on Arthur's lap.

'Cosmo for me,' Gwen instructed and squirmed in her very tight, very short, very low cut designer emerald dress.

'Yeah, I'll take a beer,' Arthur spoke up 'Nothing pink or sweet and absolutely no bloody umbrellas in em!'

'You're soo...butch,' Morgana poked her tongue out at Arthur as Lance managed to tear his eyes away from Gwen and head over to the bar.

'I thought you spies all had vodka martinis, shaken not stirred,' Merlin put on the deep voice.

'Way to stereotype, you don't see me asking if you do drag and gossip like a housewife,' Morgana spoke before her eyes caught on a piece of eye candy on the dance floor.

'That's because I much prefer being the subject of gossip than the one talking about the fun other people are having,' Merlin explained.

Arthur's eyes fell to Gwen and he frowned.

'That dress...,' Arthur broke off.

'See I told you Gwen, even the gay guys think your hot in that dress,' Morgana patted her encouragingly before catching eye candy's eye and bending over a little to flash cleavage.

'No it's not that just...Merlin isn't that the dress you...ouch!

Merlin looked innocently around the room before releasing Arthur from his grip o doom.

'The dress you what?' Gwen spoke up suddenly nervous 'Merlin? How does Arthur know about this dress?'

'Ah...well you see...before you get angry you know you've never actually worn it, so I thought you know, what was the harm in borrowing it?'Merlin shrugged.

'You've worn my dress? Why the hell would you wear my dress?' Gwen looked at Arthur who very purposefully avoided her gaze and blushed noticeably, even in the dark lighting of the club.

'Oh my god! Merlin did you have sex in my dress!'

'Here we go two fruit tingles, a cosmo and two beers,' Lance smiled as he placed the tray of drinks on the table.

'You know what I'm gonna go dance,' Morgana stood up and hurried over to the eye candy.

'Yeah me too, let's go Arthur,' Merlin grabbed Arthur's wrist and dragged him away from the oncoming danger Gwen's look was promising.

'But what about your drinks?!' Lance shouted after them.

Gwen picked hers up and downed the entire thing in one go.

'Ah wow,' Lance's eyebrows rose in surprise.

'Come on,' Gwen grabbed Lance's hand and pulled him toward the dance floor.

Merlin and Arthur had this thing, they believed dancing was foreplay, and from the way they danced you could certainly understand why. Merlin and Arthur's bodies pressed against each other. Hands grabbing at shirts, mouths always close a constant tease of things to come. The sweat, the panting, the way Merlin would tilt his neck back and Arthur would lick the bared skin and sweat of Merlin's throat. Merlin's hands slipping up the back of Arthur's shirt to slide against the skin of Arthur's back.

They pressed closer, so Arthur's right leg was in between Merlin's and Merlin's right leg was in-between Arthur's and they began to rub their cocks against each other. They groaned at the glorious friction, not enough to bring each other off but to drive each other completely insane with lust, so when they got back to their room, they would practically explode with it, and the experience would be so much wilder, and far more intense.

On a particularly hard thrust Merlin gasped and whimpered 'Arthur,'

Arthur's cock twitched and hungered for more. He ran his tongue along the outside of Merlin's ear, making his lover clutch at him harder and enter a full body shudder.

'Psst! Homos!' Morgana hissed at them from where she was dancing with someone really delicious 'That dress has magic sex powers!'

Arthur and Merlin looked over at where Morgana had gestured. Gwen and Lance were making out in the middle of the dance floor...quite heavily.

'Oh thank god, sexed up Gwen is so much less bitchier than sexually frustrated so I'll take it out on everyone else Gwen,' Merlin stated.

Arthur didn't like Merlin getting distracted from their foreplay- I mean dancing, and got his attention by licking slowly up Merlin's ear and flicking his tongue inside a little.

'Ah!' Merlin cried out and his hips bucked forward involuntarily.

'No fair! Playing dirty,' Merlin pouted.

'Well if you can't take the heat,' Arthur husked.

Merlin raised an eyebrow then turned around.

'Question is,' Merlin reached behind him and pulled Arthur so that his clothed cock was rubbing against the swell of Merlin's bubble butt 'Can you?'

Arthur groaned and bent down to taste at Merlin's neck. His arms wrapped around Merlin's body to run up and down his lover's chest and thighs, always getting so close better never touching Merlin's cock.

'I don't know if I'm going to last until we get back,' Arthur husked into Merlin's ear, making him shiver.

'You better, I still have something to show you.'

Despite the boy's worries they did last for another two hours, after which they returned back to mansion and had a few more drinks under the white silk curtained gazebo, with Japanese lanterns lit for atmosphere.

'It really is beautiful here,' Lance remarked as they looked out to the ocean where the full moon was silvering on the water.

'You know where is beautiful?' Gwen asked Lance, who was sitting on his lap at the time 'My bedroom.'

Lance's eyebrows shot up.

'Gwen get's bold after a few,' Arthur remarked.

'Who doesn't,' Morgana whispered back.

Lance and Gwen waved good night as they returned back up to the house.

'I should go to bed to...for sleep,' Morgana said and stood up.

'Night!' Merlin called out 'Don't go listening through Gwen's door!'

Arthur laughed as Morgana gave them the finger as she walked off.

'Finally!' Merlin exclaimed and straddled Arthur on his chair, before he ripped his shirt off and did the same to Arthur. Arthur reached forward and rubbed his hand against Merlins cock. Merlin groaned and unzipped Arthur's pants, freeing his lover's cock to the open air. Merlin began to stroke and Arthur gasped and quickly got about freeing Merlin's.

Cock's out, they both stroked and flicked and teased. Merlin rubbed the head of Arthur's cock spreading the pre come, before he got a brilliant idea and pushed himself closer to his lover so he could press their cocks together and thrust, rubbing and smearing the pre come between them. It felt fucking unbelievable. Merlin rested his forehead against Arthur's as they panted into each other's mouths and made out desperately as they rocked together.

'Oh god, we better stop or I'm going to come bloody here and now,' Arthur groaned.

'...right...,' Merlin panted and slowly, untangled himself from Arthur, and stood up to lean against the table cock still achingly hard and glistening.

'I'm going to show you that thing now,' Merlin decided.

'What thing?' Arthur asked confused.

Merlin slipped out of his pants.

'I think we've had enough foreplay, I want you to fuck me now, hard Arthur, very, very hard, okay?' Merlin instructed and Arthur nodded eagerly and hungrily.

Merlin turned around and bent over, his chest pressed flush to the glass of the table. He spread his legs, and presented himself, open and hungry for Arthur.

Arthur froze, suddenly more turned on than he had ever been in his entire life.


'I got a tattoo,' Merlin told him.


'Your name,' Merlin finished.

Arthur stood up and went to Merlin, he reached forward and rested his hand against the marked skin of Merlin's arse. Merlin took a quick breath. Arthur traced the letters of his name. Oh god, Merlin had branded himself, Merlin was entirely Arthur's now. His. To do with what he wanted, anything. Merlin would let him do anything. Arthur groaned and rubbed his cock against Merlin tattoo. Merlin whimpered and thrust backward.

'Inside, please Arthur inside me,' Merlin begged.

Arthur rubbed his cock against the crease of Merlin's arse, before he rubbed the head of his cock against Merlins puckered hole.

'You're mine?'

'All yours,' Merlin nodded 'To take, and love and use. So Arthur, god damn use me!'

Arthur pushed himself inside and as far as he could go. Merlin clutched at the table and moaned. Then Arthur was fucking him, finally. Hitting that spot and driving Merlin completely mental. Through the glass, Merlin could see his cock, hard and leaking profusely. So, so turned on, so desperate for touch. Merlin couldn't shut up, couldn't stop making those little noises that embarrassed him but made Arthur so much wilder. Oh god, he wasn't going to last, they weren't going to last.

Then Arthur stopped and slowed down. Merlin whimpered, Arthur thrust in slowly, drawing as much pleasure as he could from those slow movements, hitting Merlin's prostate and delighting in seeing the shivers of intense pleasure that racked through Merlin's body.

'Arthur please! More!'

'If you're mine Merlin, you'll do what I say, what I want right?' Arthur asked.

'God yes, please Arthur- ah!'

'Then,' Arthur pulled Merlin up and walked them backwards so Arthur was back in the bamboo chair, Merlin straddling his lap back pressed against Arthur's front. Arthur reached forward and spread Merlin's legs wide open. Merlin suddenly became aware of how exposed they were, let alone how exposed he was, seated on Arthur's cock, with Arthur spreading his legs wide, cock straining toward heaven, white pearls slowly dripping down his length.

'Fuck yourself on my cock,' Arthur instructed 'Show me just how much you want it.'

And Merlin wanted it, Merlin, really, really wanted it. He was deluding anyone, he was a massive Arthur slut. And he proved it when he began to fuck himself down on Arthur's cock again and again as Arthur held him open for anyone to see. God Merlin was so hot, he was flushed all over and panting as he moved up and down, up and down. Filling himself up with Arthur's hard and leaking cock. Merlin let his head fall back as he lost himself in it all, so, so close. He was so close, right on the precipice. Arthur bit hungrily at Merlin's neck and whispered filthy things in Merlin's whore. Like how much he was slut for him and how hot Arthur drove Merlin. Merlin could only nod and gasp and whimper as he was so, so close.

Merlin begged Arthur to touch him.

'On one condition,' Arthur ordered 'You have to keep you legs open, wide open Merlin.'

Merlin nodded. Anything, anything.

Arthur let go of Merlin's legs. Merlin pushed them a part even wider, and as a reward Arthur began to savagely work Merlin's cock. Merlin lost it. He cried out and came harder than ever before. It felt like the head of his cock exploded and he was filled with a white heat that spread throughout his entire body. Merlin spasmed, and shook for so long. Arthur held him and stroked him throughout all of it.

Then without instruction Merlin stood and slipped off of Arthur's cock. Before he turned and got on his knees. He spread Arthur's legs wide and licked a long stripe from Arthur's hole, over his balls and up the length of his cock. Arthur gasped and groaned. Then Merlin worked his cock furiously, pumping it with his hands and he sucked and licked his balls. Arthur was straining in his seat, thrusting his hips into Merlin's grasp. It was so fucking god, he could feel his orgasm building. He began to shake as it built up more, and more and almost and then Arthur came in long hard waves.

When it was all over they were completely covered in come. Not caring Merlin straddled Arthur again and pulled him into a tight hug, mixing the come between them. Arthur pulled Merlin close and held him tight before kissing him, on the shoulder, on the chin, on his cheek, on his eyelids. Finally his kissed Merlin's mouth with so much affection and devotion that Merlin got completely lost in it.

'I love you,' Arthur confessed and ran his hand along the side of Merlin's gorgeous, gorgeous face 'God I love you.'

'You too, so much,' Merlin pressed his forehead against his lover's.

'You know what else I love? Vacation sex. And your tattoo, I love your tattoo.'

Merlin giggled and let himself just collapse against Arthur.

'Too bad vacations don't last forever, so many crimes to commit and so little time,' Merlin sighed.

'About that,' Arthur spoke as he ran his fingers through Merlin's hair 'I've been thinking about paying a little visit to the winter Olympics.'

'The Olympics?' Merlin sat up.

'Well yeah, I mean all the masks and suits they wear, one would hardly know if someone else say, borrowed someone's gear and accidentally entered the events?'

'Hmm okay, but so you know, I won't lose to you this time.'

'We'll see about that.'