So, I don't think there's anything I can say that will excuse my ridiculous absence other than: I'm sorry! School and work and life got in the way. Plus, I've been completely unmotivated to write ANYTHING. Still, that's no excuse. Thankfully, I've decided to use NaNoWriMo as an excuse to get caught up. Now, I know that technically we aren't to use works in progress, but really... I need all the help I can get writing again. So, here you go. It isn't very long, but hopefully it's fine just the same. Maybe you'll see updates in other things soon :D

An Ordinary Life

By Koinaka

Be not afraid of greatness:
Some are born great,
Some achieve greatness,
And some have greatness thrust upon 'em

Twelth Night, Act II, Sc. V

Chapter Five
Making the Best of a Curious Situation

As immature as it may have been, Elijah had planned on playing the part of a sullen teenager and spend he entirety of the next day sulking in his room, but necessity drove him from his self-induced exile – well, necessity and curiosity, if he were being completely honest with himself.

The necessity that drove him to search for the two men from before, Lupin in particular was that he would need to return home, however brief a visit it was, and retrieve his medication. The curiosity was that the fact that he was in an exclusively magical home had just managed to sink into his head. Hadn't he been dying to find out of there really was a magical world? Hadn't he and Andrew argued over this very thing before the end of the school year? Elijah hadn't any doubts then that the man in his dreams was real. Of course, he hadn't really expected to find him.

While he had hoped there was truly a world full of magic like in his dreams, he'd never thought he would actually find it. Hoped and dreamed, yes, but now he knew there was a magical world. More than that, he was a part of that world – a savior of that world if Mr. Dumbledore was telling the truth. So why was he suddenly so frightened? He'd never been frightened of the man in his dreams before, but then again, he hadn't known before that the man wanted to kill him either.

Elijah was so lost in his thoughts that he ran straight into a gangly looking boy with bright red hair and far too many freckles, knocking him to the floor.

"Oh!" he exclaimed as he helped the boy up. "Err, sorry about that. Didn't mean to knock you over, but I have a tendency to space out on occasion. My dad always says that if I kept my head out of the clouds and my feet firmly on the ground then I wouldn't be half as clumsy as I am." He gave a nervous little laugh when he had finished rambling on.

"No problem, mate," the boy said good-naturedly. "No harm no –" but the boy paused mid-sentence, his eyes widening when he finally took a good look at Elijah's face. "Blimey, you're him, aren't you?"

Elijah's brow furrowed in confusion. "Him who?" he asked.

"Harry Potter, of course!"

Before he could answer, the two boys were joined by Sirius and Lupin. Sirius looked startled to see Elijah up and about, but Lupin took in his appearance in stride.

"You're looking much better, Elijah. How are you feeling?"

The red-headed boy looked from Lupin to Elijah with a look of the utmost confusion on his face. "But I thought – " he muttered to himself.

"I'm feeling much better, thank you. Potions really do the trick, don't they?"

Lupin gave him a small smile. "That they do. We were just headed downstairs for breakfast. We were going to bring a plate up to you, but seeing as you're up and about, won't you join us?"

"Err, yes, I suppose. I am feeling a bit hungry," he said after a moment.

"Great! Shall we then?" He said, motioning for Elijah to follow.

Elijah cast a side-long glance at Sirius, who was staring at Elijah as if he might vanish before his very eyes, before turning back to Lupin. "Do you think I could talk to you… you know, alone… before we go downstairs?"

Sirius tried to hide the hurt look that fluttered across his face but was largely unsuccessful. "I'll just go ahead and tell Molly that H—Elijah will be coming down after all. Why don't you come with me, Ron?"

The red-headed boy,Ron apparently, nodded slowly before following Sirius down the narrow windy staircase. Elijah could hear them muttering quietly as they went. When they had disappeared from sight, he turned back to Lupin.

"You wanted to speak with me?" Lupin asked kindly after Elijah remained silent for several seconds.

"I was just wondering… I know that Professor Dumbledore said it wasn't safe for me to return home alone, and I suppose that I'm alright with that, but… well, the thing is… if I'm going to stay here for at least a couple of days, I need to at least go home and get some of my things. Especially my medicine. I can't really go without that." Elijah was slightly out of breath when he finished.

"I don't see why we couldn't, as long as we take all of the proper precautions. If you would like, we could talk to Sirius after breakfast. I'm sure he wouldn't mind accompanying us." Lupin held up his hand when he saw Elijah's expression. "I know that Sirius may not be your favorite person at the moment, but I think you should give him a chance. This hasn't been easy for him, but he is truly only looking out for your safety. He's never quite gotten over the role he played in," he hesitated briefly, "James Potter's death."

Elijah frowned. "But I thought Lord Voldemort killed him?" he asked, confusion coloring his tone.

"He did. I'm terribly sorry, Elijah, but this really isn't my story to tell. I'm quite certain that Sirius would be more than happy to tell you anything you would like to know. Give him a chance."

"Yeah, alright. I guess I can do that." Elijah fiddled with the end of his shirt. He flushed hotly when his stomach gave a loud rumble.

Lupin chucked. "I agree. Come along, I'll introduce you to the others."

The others turned out to be a number of people, the majority of which had red hair and were related to the boy named Ron. Elijah assumed that Sirius had filled them in on who he really was because every so often someone would sneak a look at the lightening bolt shaped scar on his forehead. This caused him to attempt to cover said scar with his naturally unruly hair as he made awkward small talk with the other teenagers in between bites of food.

"So, do you have a felly-phone?" Ron asked around a large mouth of food.

Hermione, the girl beside him whose name Elijah could only remember because it was the name of one of the characters in the play A Winter's Tale that he had covered in school the previous semester gave an exasperated sigh. "It isn't polite to talk with your mouth full, Ronald, and I think you mean telephone."

Ron nodded eagerly. "That's what I said, isn't it? A telephone!"

"Yes, there's a telephone in my aunt's flat, and there are loads of telephones at my school since we each have one in our rooms. Do wizards have telephones?" Elijah asked a bit surely although he felt fairly certainly that they did not as they didn't seem to have electricity.

Ron chortled. "Blimey, mate, why would we want to use felly-phones when we can have a chat using the Floo Network or through Owl Post?"

"Well, I, for one, would much rather use Muggle means of communication," Hermione said. "It's ever so efficient. Muggles are extremely clever, you know. With their technology, they can even send mail worldwide in a matter of minutes!"

"How do they do that?" asked Ginny, who was sitting across from Hermione.

"It's called electronic mail. My parents just bought this device called a personal computer, and they can use it to connect to the internet. They can send electronic mail to anyone in the world. It's really quite brilliant. They let me play with it a bit before I came here," Hermione said, her face was flushed with excitement.

"Are your parents Muggles, then?" Elijah asked curiously. While he still felt a bit uneasy around the four teenagers, he was quickly beginning to warm up to them. "Professor Dumbledore explained to me how sometimes magical children are born to non-magical parents like my mum. If magical ability is a hereditary trait passed on from parent to child, then shouldn't it be quite impossible that a magical child is born from non-magical parents?

Ron and Ginny exchanged a horrified look, but Hermione seemed very pleased by Elijah's question. "I have often asked myself that very question! You would think that there would be some sort of scientific basis for magic, but there simply isn't! It defies logic which is just mind-boggling to me."

Elijah's look turned pensive. "I don't mean to contradict you because I'm certain that you are more familiar with magic than I am since I've only just discovered that there was such a thing, but it's highly unlikely that there's no genetic proof of magic."

"But not impossible?" Hermione countered.

"Well, no," said Elijah slowly. "Nothing's impossible, but I doubt there is no proof. I'm guessing that scientists just write it off as a genetic defect, if they notice it at all. I'll ask my dad when he returns from Cambridge. He's a geneticist." He closed his mouth with a snap. He hadn't even thought about how his dad would take all of this. He was sure to think that Elijah had lost his mind.

It was only then that Elijah noticed that breakfast was over, and everyone was beginning to clear the table. Hermione seemed rather eager to continue their conversation, but when Lupin caught his eye and nodded towards Sirius, Elijah promised they would finish later and headed over to where the two men were chatting to a man with balding red hair.

"Elijah, this is Arthur Weasley. He's agreed to accompany us across the way to your flat," Lupin said.

"Simply marvelous to meet you," Mr. Weasley exclaimed. "I've only ever been in Muggle houses when on duty, so this will be a real treat for me!"

"Arthur works for the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts office in the Ministry of Magic," Sirius put in helpfully at Elijah's confused look.

"So, do youwork for the Ministry, too?" Elijah asked as the two of them waited for Lupin and Weasley to check the outside and make sure there were no passing Muggles.

Sirius paled. "Not… as such. I'm in between positions at the moment."


Silence lapsed over the two of them until Lupin's head popped inside the door. "All's clear out here. Sirius'll transform, and then the four of us can go across the street.

Sirius, who had already transformed, gave a bark of approval and spun around in a circle several times. Elijah laughed and reached down to pet the dog before he realized exactly who it was he was petting. By the time he realized it, it was too late. It didn't seem like Sirius minded however as he yelped playfully before nudging Elijah in the direction of the door.

Outside it was a clear sunny morning with absolutely no one in sight in any direction. Lodged in between Lupin and Mr. Weasley, with Sirius leading the way, the four made their way across the street. The two wizards beside him were incredibly tense although they managed to walk the short distance to his home without any complications.

Smiling bashfully at Elijah, Lupin pulled a familiar set of keys out from his pocket and tossed them to him. He caught them easily and opened up the door. Sirius entered the room first and the sound of yowling cats could be heard followed by one half-bark and then by loud curses. When Sirius gave the all-clear, there were several very prominent scratch marks across his face.

"Sorry," Elijah muttered sheepishly. "I should have warned you. Auntie Elinor has loads of cats, and none of them are particularly friendly."

Sirius ran a thin, pale hand through his disheveled hair and laughed. "Not to worry, ol' Padfoot is nothing if not durable. Now, then, we shouldn't stay here long. No one's here, but I really don't want to chance it."

Elijah nodded. "Alright, I'll just run upstairs then. Do you want to come with me?" he asked after looking over to where Mr. Weasley and Lupin were having a lively conversation about the ingenuity of the telephone directory.

Sirius' face lit up. "Sure thing."

He'd scarcely unpacked since returning here, so gathering his belongings wasn't exactly an arduous task. He scooped the medicine off the counter top in his adjoining bathroom and into his satchel along with his extra sketchpad and his set of charcoals. When he finished, he noticed that Sirius was staring transfixed at a photograph of Elijah and his parents that was taken when he was twelve.

"Oh, that's my Mum and Dad, but I guess you already know them. My mum at least."

Sirius flinched at him calling Benjamin his dad. Elijah sighed. "I always thought that Benjamin was my dad. He is my dad in every way that counts – I love him. Until last week, I didn't even know there really was such a person as James Potter. I don't know anything about him. Maybe…maybe you could tell me about him. If you wouldn't mind, that is," he finished quickly. While he still wasn't happy about being forcibly removed from his home, he could see that Sirius really did care for him. He owed it to both of them to give the man another chance.

He was rewarded by a broad smile. "'Course I'll tell you about James. We should probably head back now though. The headmaster and Snape are likely to turn up at some point, and they would be rather put out if they find us missing."