Chapter 1: My Past and My Coven

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This chapter is just a summary about how Bella coped with her first years of being a vampire.


It's been almost a hundred years since my transformation. A few months after, I killed Victoria.

They all thought I was dead. I did jump off that cliff. I did drown, but before I completely did, Victoria got her teeth on me. All I saw was her red-fiery hair and a glimpse of her beautiful, wild face. Then I knew.

I jumped because I wanted to hear him. It still hurts but I can't live without him. I thought I would die but Jacob came. I heard him-that's all. I never got the chance to open my eyes. Exhaustion and fear dominated me wholly. I knew I was barely breathing. I felt Jacob's enormous and strong hands pumping my heart and his warm lips on mine, trying to give me air.

No matter how hard I tried to open my mouth or my eyes I couldn't. I couldn't tell my best friend that I'm fine. I couldn't ease his anxious, sad and guilty sobs. I felt helpless, with all the fear and guilt. Jacob shouldn't suffer like this. It's my fault and not his. I tried and tried to wake up to reassure Jacob. I have to go back to Charlie. And my mother, I can't let her suffer. And him, Edward- I wanted to see him again, to hear him, even with just my imagination. At least, somehow, he was there.

After a few more seconds, I felt heat pulsing through me. It spread from where I felt Victoria's teeth earlier. At first, it was only warm and dull. Then it became uncomfortably hotter as it continued to spread. I could only concentrate on the excruciating pain. I felt nothing but it.

It was so long. It felt like weeks have passed- slow weeks but the pain never subsided. It even spread more and it burned me. My whole body was on fire and nobody bothered to put the fire off. I thought that I had gone to hell. That would make sense. But for my punishment to be this much. Am I that big of a sinner?

More time passed and the exhaustion was gone. The first thing that I did was to scream but it didn't help. No matter how loud I screamed nothing happened. I came to realize that I could sense my surroundings. I could feel the wind on my face and the water splashing on my legs. I could smell the moist sea breeze. I can feel it. I can hear the vehicles passing on top of the cliff, sounds the animals made and others.

But the scent of blood was the most evident. Odd. I didn't feel sick- not even a little faint. The fire started to fade from my finger and toe tips. It faded from my throat and my heart hammered faster- much too fast. The fire faded more and more until it concentrated on my heart. The hammering grew faster, then all the pain were gone. Even my heart beat. I opened my eyes as soon as I found them.

I could see everything. My senses were sharper yet the cold felt warm and the rough sand felt like powder under me. I found my arms and I sat up. I saw the blood and I smelled it. It set my throat burning. If not for the animal stench I would have sprang to its source. I saw no body but there was too much blood.

That's when I came to it. I was a vampire. The past events came back to me. Victoria!? Where was she? Jacob? Was he alright? I smelled the blood again and the stench. There's just too much. I tried to convince myself that my best friend is alive. He heals, right?

Wait. Charlie? Renee? What about them? Do they know what happened. I freaked out. I wanted to run to them but the sun caught my attention. It's rays reflected on my new skin. It was beautiful, just like Edward's was on the meadow. I'm different. I caught my reflection on the water. I stared, mystified and stunned. My blazing-red eyes scared me. My new face was beautiful. I heard people approaching. I had to get out before I kill them. Their scent almost drove me crazy with thirst. The monster that I became.

I left Forks. I became a nomad. I knew it would hurt Charlie and Rene but it was better this way. I won't involve them to a world full of monsters- monsters like me. I can't.

I tried to track down Victoria. I had her scent on me. She headed south, the east then south again. After four months I caught her, in Texas and that's where I killed her. It wasn't easy but I was stronger because I was still a newborn. She bit a lot and it left scars. I found vampires there but I didn't want to get involved in their silent war. So I returned to North.

I continued my travels. During that time I met Denise in Vorkuta, Russia. She has no special abilities but she's a good friend and her tactics help us a great deal. We share the same diet of animal blood. She joined me and we continued as nomads. Eventually we found Myra and her mate, Jesse. Two lost newborns. They were abandoned by their creator. We offered them a choice to join me and Den (as I often address her) and they accepted our invitation. Both of them are gifted. Myra is a very powerful tracker with almost a pinpoint accuracy. Jesse is strong and he can know a person's past if he wanted to. His strength is incomparable, even to Emmett. Their abilities assured me that my head is still private.

Encounters with other vampires gave my coven the idea that this is my gift. I practiced it and got complete control in the span a year. When I've nothing to do I let my curiosity run. I experimented and I found new tricks. At day time I fill my head with books of different sorts. Studied different languages and became fluent with seven. I concentrated on the language that I need the most.

I found that I can reflect others' mind-abilities and use it on its own user. I can also take off my shield's effect when I want to. My coven helped me practice.

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