Chapter 25: My Gosh!

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The fight is over. Aro's gone together with his guards. What now?

Victory can leave a bitter after taste. It's not always sweet. Sometimes you'd find it meaningless. You don't believe me? Ask someone who's experienced it. Unfortunately, I have experienced it. Just two weeks ago.

I didn't want to go but Edward insisted that I should. I also had approval from Seth(according to Sophie, anyway). They even invited the Cullens and my coven over the border. With Jacob giving the decisions, no one dared complain. But, would Leah want me there? When the fact remains that it was I who caused her death? I brought the monsters to them.

"It's not that I don't want to go. I… I just feel so… so guilty. I can't face any of the Quileute's, especially Seth," I explained to Sophie once. She understood and she can't deny that she- part of her blames me for her would-have-been-sister-in-law's death.

Finally, we agreed on letting me stay in the forest and watch the funeral from afar. Edward held my hand. He offered to stay with me in the woods. Rose and Emmett were there too. She wasn't thrilled about the stench. Denise, Spence, and Myra stayed at the other side of the forest. Putting Den and Rose together will only cause a brawl. Jesse, somehow, has a bond with Ryan, a pack member. I think they were talking about nervous and easily distressed women. Jasper refused to leave Alice's side. He wasn't the least bit enthusiastic about the emotional atmosphere. Carlisle and Esme managed to earn the trust of the whole tribe so they obviously had to join into the crowd.

Jacob and the rest of the pack wore tuxes- despite themselves. Of course Bell wore a dress. No one wore black like people normally do during funerals. After seeing the black clad Volturi, black is the last thing anyone wanted to wear. I watched as almost everyone gave their final words. She had so many friends. The whole pack gave speeches. They spoke of her with so much love and longing that it was hard to believe that they often complained about her attitude.

Seth took his turn, temporarily letting go of Sophie's hand. I couldn't help but look away, burying my face on Edwards shoulder. He caressed my head, comforting me. I listened to his speech. I heard very clearly how much he cried, how much he held back, and how much he tried to be positive.

"Hey," he said weakly. "I…"-he paused to look at Sophie for encouragement-"Leah, she lived a long life. She chose to live a long life in service for her tribe and her family. She lost dad then she lost mom but she never gave up. She continued on. She lost the man she loved. Still, she continued on. She did it all for me.

"Yes. Leah was annoying at times-most of the time. Ask anyone who knew her. I know I do. I'm her little brother. Would she have been Leah Clearwater if she couldn't irritate us? No. Would any of you be here if you didn't love her? If you weren't her friends? No. And no. She's my only sister. The best there is. So, for her journey to her new home, I want her to bring with her my love and appreciation.

"Sister, I love you." With his final words I heard his sniffled sobs. "I'm sorry," I muttered. Edward held me tighter. I knew he couldn't say anything. Like all others and myself- especially myself- he knows that it was my fault.

The run home took no time at all. Maybe a few minutes but you get the point. Carlisle and the rest who attended the funeral used a car. Sophie stayed with Seth. That girl seldom comes back home. I'm surprised she manages to come to school everyday.

As soon as I sat at our tables (we attached another table in since we had so much company) I noticed something. Spence and Den weren't with us but I can still smell them. I whipped my head around, looking for them. Den was with me this morning. We even used her truck and I'm sure I had classes with to mention the fact that her light was near. Then I saw them. Spence and Den were buying "food" and…heading at a completely different table. Wow! That was fast. I'd have to congratulate Spence.

I knew Den was affected by his weird attempts of flattery, which I assume were Emmett's fault. I thought it will take more effort and time. Jess and Jasper even had a bet on how long Spence will last.

"Hi, Bella!" Alice bounded at me. "I know you don't have a dress so…" she didn't continue, looking at me with that mischievous grin she so often gives. I didn't know what she was talking about. Why would I need a dress? Why was she all excited and… expectant? I looked around the table for answers. They all looked at me, waiting. When I turned to Edward he had the same expression as everybody else but he was more amused. And, I knew he was not planning on telling me- even if he knew. I stared back at Alice. I was really racking my brain for something.

"You're as dense as ever, Bella," she sighed, a bit disappointed.

"What?" I demanded. She slipped a roll of paper from her jacket. It's a poster- a poster I've seen all over the school since last week. Prom!

I'm not talking to anyone until they drop their genius idea of going to prom. No. Not even Edward will hear a word from me. I will lock myself up in my room and read the books I have in store. I have to endure or they will never drop it. They've won on making me go before, now it's time for me to succeed on not going. Maybe I should give the Queen a visit. The perfect excuse. I may contribute my help if needed until prom's over.

Voltera's up and watching from the shadows again. Without Aro, though, the methods are much more merciful and civilized. I knew she'd do a wonderful job. She was reinstated and so were Caius and Marcus. Liam was given a second chance and Renata now serves the Queen. The wives were released from the tower. They are now the Queens retainers.

There was a rebellion from some of Aro's loyal supporters lead by his wife. Her mate has just been killed. She won't stop at anything. There is a strong possibility that she'll come for us for revenge- for me especially. I'll have to stay away from Forks. The wolves might get themselves involved again. If possible, I want to stay away from people. On the other hand, even with Aro's death, his wife will still respect his beliefs. Human's are safe; but, being cautious is a priority. I have experienced the rage of a vampire who lost a mate. It didn't leave a good memory. This time, I think Sulpicia will be fiercer than Victoria was- even without the army. Sulpicia has seen and heard the schemes and strategies used by various vampire covens. I assume she knows very well how these strategies work.

There were others who left as well. Word spreads as the wind travels in the vampire world. This new Voltera, however, has a lot of impediments. Aro's death brought a new courage to those who seek power. Humans are in danger of those who want to reveal themselves to the world. The Queen instated a platoon of vampires with much experience of human interaction to persuade such vampires- if they cannot be controlled, then they will be killed.

Who am I fooling? Even if I want to, I can't leave Edward. I sighed. Looks like I'm stuck here with them, trying to give them a silent treatment. I opened my favorite book, "Wuthering Heights". I'm surprised Alice hasn't attacked me yet. I've been preparing myself for her cute little questions: Bella, do you love me? How much do you love me?

Edward didn't show up either. This is getting me really puzzled and irritated. What the hell is going on? No! I will not waver. They are plotting something- I am certain of it. Why does time pass by so slowly?

After a few more minutes, I closed my book. It's time to hunt. I left a note on the door in case they look for me. An Amazon rain forest. might be a good place to start. There's not much wild now a days but I need to live. It's better to endanger carnivores than to endanger humans. Besides, I only need one big predator to last for two weeks. Unlike the others, I have better control over my instincts. There were no sign of the Cullens or my coven outside the house. Maybe they're hunting on their own. That's odd. Edward would never hunt without me.

I crouched, waiting for my prey to distract itself with its own. A jaguar was hidden in the leaves sprouting from the grass. I've passed by a big one. It was waiting to pounce at a monkey going down a tree. I listened to its breathing and its low snarl. Its muzzle tensed as it moved forward. It went slowly. The monkey, although very cautiously scanning the forest floor, couldn't hear nor see the death that is to come. Impressive, isn't it? However, vampires are much more skilled and capable. I felt sorry for this almighty creature. Humans fear them because they are dangerous, keeping their distance but still they are amazed by this wild creature. If they knew about my kind or the Quileutes, would they keep their distance too?

Sometimes knowledge can consume one's life. Dig deeper into the mystery and it will haunt you. I hope the other vampires understood the law. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and bounded at my dinner.

I ran home for an hour. No one was there yet. I felt for the shields I've put on them instead. All their lights were on the school grounds. Why? It's not prom yet… or is it? I don't know. I don't care. They gave up on me and that's what I wanted, which is odd. Alice gave up? I don't think so. Is it safe to assume that she's changed through the years we've separated? Oh no. Definitely not. Also, Edward couldn't have left me here.

Guess what… there was a surprise. Lying on my coach is a box and on the floor just in front of it are gold stiletto shoes. This is, without a doubt, Edward's idea. Typical Edward, always giving me the chance to refuse but at the same time making it incredibly hard to resist. I walked over to the package. My hands nearly trembled as I reached to take the lid off.

Inside the box is a delicate green satin dress. The neck line was beaded, forming a pattern of vines and leaves. The strap was made to look like a continuation of the vines and is also bead.

I lifted the gown to see the hem. It was adorable. It flowed as I swung the dress. The layers of cloth gave out a beautiful effect. Each layer had a different shade and texture. It would be a shame not to wear this. Oh crap! I'm faltering. I thought I was resolved to not going. I shook my head and placed the gown back in the box.

I took my nightly bath and sat myself on the couch. I picked up one of my favorite books, "The Alchemist". That won't do. It's too short. I combed my hair with my hands. What should I do? If I could just sleep that would be helpful, but I can't, not for eternity. The wind blew at me. Wait! The wind? But I closed the window. I set my barrier, no one was around. I saw no light except for the squirrels and bugs in the trees.

My eye caught something on the window sill. There lied a 4 feet long box. What's this? It couldn't have been from any of the residents of this house. I would have known. Now that I think about it, there's no scent of any kind of creature. I scrutinized the package. My eyes narrowed. Written on its side was my name: Bella. Under that name is an insignia, the crest of Voltera. I couldn't help but smile. I thought I told her that I didn't want any presents. She's just as stubborn as Edward.

I ripped the paper. A wooden box? I wonder what's inside. How many mysterious boxes do I have to open today- tonight. I slid the top off and was surprised by the magnificence of what's inside. The hilt was threaded royal blue. The sheath had such intricate and beautiful carvings of pure silver. There were words inscribed on the guard. Around it were different gems stones, mostly aquamarine. It was Latin and it read, "lux lucis". It meant "light". Whatever does that mean?

Why a sword? I don't need it, I've had training but I was never as good as her. I don't have a use for it and I don't want to display a sword in the house. Besides, if Den sees this she'll be begging me to give it to her. That was for certain. The cabinet will be enough until I find a better hiding place.

It's been 3 hours but they still haven't returned. What could they be doing? This really bothers me so much. I don't like getting left behind. If they're planning a surprise, again, then count me out. I miss Edward already. Why does he have to leave with the other? He could have waited for me. I hugged my legs tightly. Come back Edward.

I wish I can fall asleep so that when I wake up he'll be beside me, waiting, like he used to do when I was still human. At the same time, I want to spend every second of my life with him, not sparing even a little of my time close to Edward. I didn't think I'd feel the same again but now that he's back, he brought my heart back with him.

If I go now, then I'll be admitting defeat. Maybe, a time with Jacob can…Oh! I can't. Never again…

Maybe Charlie can help. He's always there when you need him. His passing didn't change that. My father who everyone relies on. He's like my dear diary now. I tell him everything that has happened to me ever since I left him and my mom, my friends and every human attachment to Isabella Marie Swan. He knew about the Queen, the conflicts in Voltera, he knows about Sophie and a lot more of my friends. I knew he would be pleased to hear that I've killed other creatures but I told him anyway. I feel like I can spill all of my secrets on him. I just wished that I had done it sooner.

I went off. The sun seldom shines on Forks so there's no problem if I go almost everyday. His gravestone was the most taken care of- I do the cleaning. No mote can escape the eyes of a vampire.

"Hi, Dad," I greeted, sitting in front of him.

"I…I went to Leah's funeral the other day. Yeah, she's gone. Have you seen her, dad? I bet you have. I also bet she told you about what I did; how she came there. Will you tell her… will you tell her that I'm sorry? I know she won't forgive me but, all the same, I want her to know." Talking about this made me feel depressed. I want to cry but I can't.

Someone once told me that the inability to cry is a type of compensation. Upon becoming an immortal we get everything a human can wish for. Heightened physical abilities, breathtaking beauty, and the time to collect knowledge are ours. We can experience everything imaginable. With all these given to an immortal we have no right to weep. All we can do is rejoice. But that man loved his abilities so much, accepted and embraced them so much, lost himself to his greatness. He became a lunatic.

That man was Aro. I never understood and I don't want to understand but there were times when I want to think that I had no right to cry. I had no right yet I want to. All I could do was scream, scream until my lungs run out of air, until my tonsils hurt. But I'm not human- not anymore. I will never again run out of breath and never again will I feel pain because of exhaustion. I'll have to use my gift to feel exhausted but why should I?

"I'll stay with you for a few more moments, dad." I moved to the left of the gravestone and leaned on it. I stared up at the grey sky. "Do you think I can visit mom someday and talk to her like I do with you now? You're a good listener, dad, but I know you're not good with emotions. Mom does it better," I finished, closing my eyes, imagining how it would be like if I could talk to her as well. I visited her 10 years ago. I only got to see her grave briefly because of the sun. Of course she laid next to Phil. I was thankful when I saw that he had died after her. That would mean that mom didn't suffer too much depression other than her daughter abandoning her.

I heard something but I didn't move. I knew who it was. The familiar and intoxicating smell and the speed of his legs is something I absorb everyday.

"Bella?" he called from behind. I didn't move. I stayed there, leaning on the side of my father's gravestone, eyes closed. I fought the urge bound at Edward. In a flash, he was in front of me.

"Are you hurt?" he frantically asked. I felt his hand on my cheek and I leaned to it. I missed him. I slowly opened my eyes and stared at him. He was smiling his crooked smile and I returned the favor. He leaned to me and his lips brushed mine.

"I was worried. You weren't at home," he said.

"You weren't at home either," I countered. "What were you doing at school?"

"Alice wanted to see the decorations."

"Don't try to fool me Edward. Alice should have seen what the school would look like as soon as the committee made the decision. What did you really do there?" I pushed.

He sighed and said, "Lets go home?"

"Why are you avoiding my question?" I demanded. Instead of answering me, he stood up and gently pulled my arm up.

"We're in front of Charlie, Edward. You should know better than to trick me with my father present."

"I'll tell you when we get home," he said. I pouted, standing up so he'd quit pulling my arm.

'I swear Edward, if this is one of your surprises-"

I didn't finish. My lips were suddenly busy with his. He lifted me up to his arms without breaking the kiss. Other than his kissing expertise, my longing for him denied me the ability to stop. I felt him running. His muscles contracted at every bound. I snaked my arms to his neck to deepen the already passionate kiss.

I'm surprised we managed to stop the hungry lip-lock upon reaching the house.

I'm gonna ask you to guess again but you won't have to. Unsurprisingly enough, there was a surprise at home. There were lights and party decors around every corner of the house. Edward put me down and tugged at my hand for me to follow him. I stood, rooted to the spot. What the hell?!

I glowered at Edward. He is so going to be punished for this. He tricked me again. Sure it's obviously Alice's idea but he's unquestionably an accomplice to her plots.

People began streaming out of the house, wearing their prom dresses and tuxes. Don't tell me…

"Since we can't make you come to school, Alice had them hold the event here." I stared at Edward in disbelief. I'm sure I have my shield up. "Instead of you going to prom we brought prom to you."


This can't be happening. I have avoided this accursed event for 47 times so why not now? Please let me have a record of at least a hundred!

My room was completely blocked by Emmett and Spence. Every time I attempt to go in they appear out of nowhere to flank at the door. Alice handed me the dress and the shoes then she forced me to change in her room. She came in with me- obviously. In no more than two seconds I had everything on and my hair was fixed. Alice handled my hair because I insisted on letting it loose. It was fixed with a pin, twisted on one side and strands were loosened. None of us needed to put on cosmetics-that's overdoing it.

Edward was waiting at the door. He smiled at me and held his hand out for me to take. He wore a simple black long-sleeve polo shirt. with the first two buttons unfastened. He was plain gorgeous. I took his hand. Alice left us to go to Jasper. Edward led me to the balcony where I can see everyone. Rose and Emmett were dancing slowly in one corner while Den and Spence shared a drink near the forest.

Myra and Jesse were nowhere to be found. They must be in their room, enjoying each others' company. I felt Edward tug at my hand. "May I?" he asked. He placed his left hand on my hip and held my left hand with his right. We danced slowly that night. His steps were so graceful I had to forget my worries for the time being.

The best prom ever- amongst the little I have attended.

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