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AN2: This chapter is the most random of them all and was born of discussions on PRU about characters from different seasons dating. Also, The Bloody Chamber is an amazing book of short stories by Angela Carter. I highly recommend it to any lover of fairy tales (especially the darker fairy tales).

JF -- A Long-distance Valentine

Several hours before dawn, when all sane creatures with a meat delivery at four in the morning were sleeping, the phone rang. RJ moaned, sounding very much like an unhappy pup, and rolled over, groping blindly for the phone in the dark.

He tried to say "hello" but it came out sounding more like a "heh" with a whine tacked on the end.

"RJ," Dom sighed, obviously relieved, "listen, I need your help, man."

RJ opened his eyes just wide enough to see the glowing red numbers on the clock. "It is two in the morning," he hissed.

"Really? Sorry, you know I was never any good at remembering what time it is where, I just live by the sun."

"My meat delivery guy is going to be here in two hours. I would like to be conscious for that."

"I know, but I have a really big problem. I forgot about Valentine's Day."

RJ growled. "How is this my problem?"

"Well, because I forgot, I didn't realize that on the most romantic day of the year we would be in the most romantic city in the world."

The late hour and overall lack of sleep meant it took RJ longer than usual to realize what Dom was asking him to do.

"No," he said. "No, Dom, I am not calling her, especially not on Valentine's."

"But, RJ, you should hear Fran. She keeps humming all these songs from musicals and -- see, we have this game where we quote Shakespeare and, dude, she's quoting the anti-comedies. How can she find lovey-dovey stuff in the anti-comedies? You gotta help me out here."

RJ sighed. "You owe me. So big."

"Definitely. You'll be my best man at the wedding."

RJ sat straight up in bed. "You're proposing!" he demanded.

"No! Of course not, but eventually, when we find a country we love so much we can never dream of leaving. Or when her dad tracks us down and puts a gun to my head. I'm thinking that's a real possibility."

"They don't let people take guns on planes anymore, Dom," RJ sighed. "So you should be safe from the gun thing. Now, if you want me to go prostrate myself on the alter of humiliation, you'll have to hang up."

"Yeah, right. Thanks again."

RJ sighed, looking at the phone in his hand. He wouldn't be surprised if she dropped everything and caught a flight halfway around the world just to kick his ass for this. He quickly dialed her number before he woke up enough to realize just how bad an idea this was.

"Hello?" He hated how chipper she sounded.

"Hi, Kat. It's RJ."

God bless her, Katherine Hillard was not the type of girl to scream obscenities at a man over the phone.

"RJ," she said, her voice stiff, "to what do I owe this surprise?"

He sighed. "First off, let me say how … um, healthy you sound." He could practically hear her rolling her eyes. "Second, and I cannot emphasize this enough, it was not my idea to call you."

"Really?" she asked.

He paused. He knew that tone. It was the "be careful what you say next because it might be punctuated by a fist to your face" tone. Somehow, hearing that tone, the ocean and continent between them didn't seem like enough distance.

"Yeah," he said slowly. "See, my friend Dom, you remember him --"

"Uh huh." He had been afraid of that.

"-- he's globetrotting with this girl and he sort of forgot about Valentine's Day."

"How does this story end with you calling me?"

"They're in Paris."

"Wow," she said. "Dom's doomed."

"Is there any way you could help him … for old time's sake?"

"RJ … I have my own love life to deal with and I have three shows tonight. I cannot just --"

"I'm a Power Ranger!" He slapped a hand over his mouth. It had just come out, he didn't know why. He'd been thinking about her rejection and how sad Fran would be when she arrived on JKP's doorstep (because she would be sure to come straight home after this debacle) and he didn't think he could stand Dom's attempts to win her back and it had just come out! She was sure to help now, who wouldn't help a Power Ranger? But he'd revealed his secret identity, how would she take it? He waited, not daring to breathe.

Just when he thought she'd hung up or he'd lost the connection she asked, "What did you say?"

"I'm a Power Ranger," he said slowly.

"Which generation?" she asked.

"Um … Jungle Fury. Purple Wolf."

She hummed and he wondered what that meant. He'd never understood her hums when they were dating.

"Oh!" she cried suddenly. "You're that guy Adam was talking about!"

"What?" he asked, completely confused. He vaguely remembered that one of her friends was named Adam but what that had to do with him being a Power Ranger …

"Yeah, he was telling me about his compilation team -- they're still debating the name even though they haven't even fought together for more than a year and one of them's in the future -- and one of the girls was saying how her team's resident technician had been helping someone make new morphers. He only told us because the guy insisted they be sunglasses and none of us could imagine anything so stupid."

"Hey! Those morphers are cool! Way better than the one's Cam made for his team. I mean, they were huge and they wore them all the time!" RJ stopped, realizing that Kat somehow knew about the morphers, somehow knew someone who knew Cam, someone who was a Ranger. "How do you know all this?" he asked warily. Could he have been dating an evil villain and never known it?

"Oh please, RJ," she said. "I graduated from Angel Grove High School. I'm almost as good at martial arts as you, yet I have no real training. How do you think I know?"

"Are you gonna make me guess the color?" he asked.

"Pink, the second. I'm the one who picked Cassie Chan."

"I approve."

"Thanks. Now, we'll have to wait to catch up at the next reunion if I'm going to give your friends a Valentine's to remember."

He quickly gave her Dom's number so she could give him the details and she promised to use her power as a famous dancer to get him a room, dinner, and maybe tickets to her show if he was lucky. "Thank you so much, Kat."

"No problem. And don't think you're off the hook. I know you're the one who stole my copy of The Bloody Chamber. I expect to get it back sometime soon."

RJ huffed. "I like the Little Red rewrites. She really understands wolves."

"That may be the most horrifying thing I've ever heard you say. Happy Valentine's Day, RJ."

"Happy Valentine's, Kat."

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