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I have made several attempts to start a sequal to Phantom Diaries but I just can't seem to get it right but I'll keep trying.

So anyway here is a bit of the first chapter of a new idea that I have and your opinions would be greatly appreciated - I am hoping that this will maybe kick my brain into gear for a sequal for Phantom Diaries.

The full chapter should be up in a few days under the title "Phantom Legacy". It will be a bit of a time travel story (come on how many of us have honselty wanted to be zapped straight into the film or our favourite book :) - me me me)

If after the first chapter is up anyone has a better title idea I would be more than happy to hear it. we go...


Christine stood still as her loves lips trailed along her throat - leaving a trail of fire on her skin. She felt her breath hitch and her stomach tighten as he breathed in her ear, whispering his love to her.

His hands gripped her waist tightly – almost painfully – as he held her to his chest, her back pressed tightly to him. She could feel his heart beating strong and steady through the thick material of her gown and her own heart quickened in response both to his proximity and kisses.

She turned slowly in his arms and he raised his lips from her neck to smile down at her. She raised a hand and caressed his face, his eyes closing as he leaned into his touch. His mask glowed in the faint light that streamed through the window.

"I love you so much Erik, never doubt that,"

A smile covered the face of the man before her and she could only smile deeper in return. He took a deep breath as if to speak –

Beep, beep, beep.

Christine sprung awake as the incessant alarm of her bedside clock shattered her dream, breaking the spell that had been woven during her sleep. Brushing the hair irritably from her eyes she searched blindly for the button that would kill the horrible noise that had dragged her unceremoniously from her slumber.

"Stupid machine." she grumbled, her fumbling fingers finally finding the correct switch.

She slumped back onto her bed as the noise was cut off mid shriek.


She snuggled back into her duvet and burrowed into her pillow and began to focus her mind on her dream.

What was with the weird dreams lately?

They all seemed so real and when she woke in the morning she could feel her skin tingle where her dream man had touched her. She had never before dreamed of guys. The boys at school were so immature and young in their actions and speech that they only annoyed her and the younger teachers whom all the girls had crushes on didn't really appeal to her either.

"Christine get your backside out of bed this minute or you are going to be late for school," her mother's voice screamed to her up the stairs cutting through her thoughts and waking her more thoroughly than any alarm clock setting.

"Christine Chagny you get yourself down here now,"

She cringed and rolled out her bed making her way wearily to the bathroom and setting the shower running. Today was going to be a long day

Christine Chagny?? Hmm..?

I know it is a bit short but the actual chapter will be a lot longer as this is more like the skeleton of it.

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