Halloween: HP MAX BTVS

Hp trio in Sunnedale following lead on Horux and need to get into Library to check some books. Scoobies have kid duty. Both groups dress as killing heroes from comics and end up keeping skills and abilities for some reason. Scoobies leave hellmouth in Kendra's hands and join Hp trio in their quest. BS 1st Spiderwoman/ XHPunisher/ WRBlack Widow/HPWolverine/RWMoon Knight/HG Psylocke.

This was a part of my backburner series but I figured with some of the demands that i would at least try it out. The updates on this story will be slow folks I'm usually writing a couple sentances between classses on this one so don't expect quick updates.

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Harry sighed as he looked at the innocent looking building his black hair ruffled in the weak Californian wind. Getting to the point where they were now had been a lot harder than he had thought it might be. They had been forced to stow away on a cargo ship and then they had been forced to hitchhike or walk across the USA until they could reach this part of the world. They had also ridden on some muggle buses, but they to be careful that Ron was kept silent during those rides. It had taken them a lot longer than any of them liked, but they had finally arrived in Sunneydale California. A little outpost that seemed to be the most typical muggle place that Harry thought that maybe he had found the American version of Privet drive.

Their search throughout London had brought them to this lonely place where everyone seemed to be doing their best to act as if everything they saw and did was completely normal. Ron had made a number of blunders already, but instead of the unsure and suspicious looks that they had been afraid of they had merely gotten shakes of the head and mutterings of kids today. From what Hermione had been able to find out after Tom Riddles employment with Borgins and Burkes he had enough money saved up to go on a trip to explore the world like a number of rich purebloods did after their graduations. According to the sources that they had questioned Riddle had made a stop somewhere in this town and come out stronger than when he had entered it. It made sense then that Voldemort might leave behind one of his Horuxes in a place where he had become even more powerful than he already was.

Hermione had asked around, and they had learned of a dimensional weakness in the center of what appeared to be five different ley lines that formed a pentagram that was centered in the town. After consulting the various books, Hermione had found where all of these energies came together. Ron had been nearly unbearable since they had learned that it was a muggle school even going as far to tell the others that he always knew there was something wrong with muggle school. The others had ignored him, as they had been more interested in what was supposedly inside the school. According to the people that they had questioned their was quiet a collection of books on the Occult.

This library was supposed to be full of some of the best books in town on magic their sources had told them. Hermione was skeptical about their being anything of real worth in the collection at a muggle school, but had agreed that a search was required. Ron had gotten quiet a tongue lashing when he had commented that she just wanted to get back inside of a library. The trio expected that most of the collection would be the muggle ideas on how magic work without any real spell books, but still it couldn't hurt to look. Particularly since there was a good chance that there might be a Horux somewhere in there, and if they were really lucky they might even find something on how to destroy a Horux.

The trio needed a plan on how to slip into the school without anyone the wiser though. The invisibility cloak would allow for two of them at the most to slip in and unless they had Harry take Hermione then come back for Ron it would take longer than they really had to do the job. There was also the chance that someone might see them and they might get noticed. Ron had thought that they could just stun anyone that was in the library and do what they needed to do and then memory charming the people in there to forget them. Hermione had suggested that they pose as transfer or exchange students and that way they could come and go from the library as they pleased. Ron had shot that idea down when he asked if they would have to spend time in muggle classes as well. Harry had said that they could use Halloween as a cover and slip into the building at night and do their searching then. The others had reluctantly nodded, though Hermione did remind them that this was only going to help them for a couple of nights afterward they would need to think up something else. The plan unfortunately meant that no one could see what they really looked like. While it was true that they could use some self-transfiguration spells on themselves, a mask or something might work better, which is why they were currently on their way toward a Costume shop called Ethan's.

Hermione had approved the idea saying that they could even explain away their wands and any magic that they might be forced to perform that night away by the muggles as they would think it was some elaborate Halloween trick or other.

The trio ducked into the Halloween store and began rooting around for masks and other ways to disguise themselves. They were near the back and couldn't help but overhear the conversation of a guy and two girls as the blonde admired a costume dress. "I prefer my women in spandex." The guy said smiling innocently at the blonde that was regarding the dress.

Harry chuckled at the bold statement. "Not to mention that they look like they can take care of themselves when they're dressed in spandex as opposed to those frilly dress things which just scream damsel in distress."

"Exactly," the dark haired guy said in agreement as he turned to look at the figure that was behind him.

Hermione regarded the fancy looking gown before turning to the blonde with a curious expression. "Aren't you a little old to believe in fairy tale endings and happily ever after?"

The blonde blushed slightly at this till she noticed the witches' gear in the brunette's hands. "I don't know, aren't you a little old to be dressing up as a good little witch?" She shot back at her with a look.

"Perhaps I can be of some help before either of you burn up or attack each other." An amused voice from behind them all said. The three magic users barely managed to restrain themselves from drawing their wands as a man with slightly graying hair came up behind them.

"You know, I'm beginning to think that we're being slowly but surely taken over by the British." Xander cracked, "I mean seriously, how many British speaking people are there in this town these days anyways?"

"You know of other British speaking people in this town?" Harry asked with surprise. He had thought that they had just run into the only other British speaking for several miles.

"Yeah sure." The other teen said shrugging his shoulders. "The librarian at our school is British too." He added as if it was nothing.

"Your Librarian is British as well?" Hermione asked nervously, swallowing back anything else she might have to say about this revelation.

"That is what he said." The blonde said slipping between them. "You got something else you need to ask?" She asked looking at the girl as if expecting a challenge.

"Uh no." Hermione said in a daze.

"Ahem," the storeowner said drawing all of their attention back towards him causing blushes from both groups. "As I was saying before you got distracted. He said to them all dryly. "Perhaps I can be of some help." He undid the clasp on the dress and held it up to the blonde as she looked into a full-length mirror. "For you there lies the hidden princess." He then turned to Hermione who had only a handful of traditional magical items in her hands. "And as for you." He said as he placed the nylon witches hat on Hermione's head. "We have the beautiful and stunning enchantress."

The two girls stuttered slightly, but before they could form any words the jokesters from both groups snorted at the man and what he had said. "Bloody hell mate. Don't you think that you're laying it on the two of them a bit thick?" The red headed one asked, his blue eyes shining in amusement.

"Yeah, you'd have to be either pretty thick headed or pretty empty headed to fall for those kinds of lines." Xander added with a chuckle. "Unless of course you're really that desperate or it's been that long since you talked to a pretty girl."

"That, or he can't find any his own age who would even bother to give him the time of the day." Ron added with a grin.

"And I suppose that you can come up with better costumes then?" The man snapped at the pair of them.

"How about heroes that got the job done no matter what?" Xander asked, meeting the storeowner's challenge. "And not the really super powered kinds either, but the ones that have to deal with as much grief and crap as we do here in the real world and most of the times they win their fights that they're usually out match in by skill and blind luck?"

"And do any of you just know what it is that you would need for such costumes?" Ethan challenged, hoping that the boy would take a hint and shut up already. He was sure that Janus would find it particularly amusing if the Slayer, as a protector would be in need of a protector on this night.

Xander grinned at the man. "Sure that would not be a problem at all." His eyes scanned the rows of costumes before his eyes lit on one. "Here you go Buff." He said as he pulled out a red and yellow costume. "The original Spiderwoman costume." He explained to his friend. "She was supposed to be the ultimate weapon according to some people. Too bad for them she had a bit of a bad habit though."

"Really, and what might that bad habit be?" Buffy questioned him curiously.

"She had this horrid little problem of actually thinking for herself." Xander said, giving a mock shudder as if he had described something awful. "You'll need a dark haired wig to make the look though." He added. "Preferably black."

"Right." Buffy said, as she looked the costume over with a critical eye. It would show her curves off and let Angel get a look at what he could have if he stopped playing games with her she mused.

"Also, think of the blood vessel that Snyder will probably blow when he sees you in that." Xander added with a grin. "He didn't make a costume do and don't list after all so you can wear that and throw that little fact in the trolls face."

"You had me earlier, but now you've got me o so sold." Buffy said with a grin and gave her friend a quick hug. The guy gave a goofy grin and returned the hug.

"Ultimate weapon huh?" Harry said as he looked at the costume the girl was holding. "You wouldn't happen to be able to find a guy version of that would you?" He half-heartedly joked in a slightly sarcastic manner.

"Lets see, your short, dark haired and I bet that your temper is a lot like your height."

"Hey!" Harry growled in annoyance, while his friends snickered at him.

"You got to admit that he's got you down pretty well mate." Ron chuckled as he slapped his friend on the back.

"Good, glad to hear that." Xander said as he pulled another brightly colored costume out. "I give you the Wolverine." He explained to the oblivious wizard. "Short, quick, deadly and efficient. The best there is at what he does and what he does ain't pretty. The guy is probably equipped with more secrets than most people would like to believe."

"All right," Harry said as he took the costume not sure that there was much else he could do. He placed the long white beard back in the shelf where he had found it. He looked the costume over it was a yellow or gold color with blue and black in various other parts and a red belt with a giant X for a buckle. There were blue gloves with small areas on the knuckles for something and a half mask that would cover the top side of his face well.

"Now for you two girls." Xander said turning to the other female members of the group rubbing his hands in anticipation. "Will, with those eyes and hair you would make a great Mary Jane or Jean Grey." He told his friend honestly. "However, since we're going the whole dark hero route then you need something slightly different than those paragons of virtue." He produced a shiny black bodysuit from a rack and some bracelets and a belt from a bin of various odds and ends. "I give you the seductive, dangerous and very beautiful Black Widow the Russian super spy supreme." He said theatrically.

Willow blushed and mumbled something, and a smiling Buffy took the ghost costume out of the hands of her friend and placed it back in its rack as if nothing was happening.

"And now for you." Xander said turning to Hermione who had a deer caught in the headlights look as she watched the guy's eyes rove up and down her body. He peered particularly hard into her eyes before backing off from her. "You're the quiet prim and proper type right? Only problem is underneath all that good girl exterior is someone that gets off on the bad girl attitude and adrenaline rush." Hermione blushed even harder as she nodded in reluctant agreement.

"Whoa, how did you figure that one out?" Ron asked in disbelief.

"Simple really." Xander said shrugging a bit. "She's got all the classic bookworm attributes that I knows so well. But her eyes have a fire in there that looks kind of like the Buffsters, so I went with what I had and got lucky. You don't want people to think that about you all the time might I suggest that you have these two carry your books for you." Xander suggested with a grin, as he pointed to the book bag on Hermione's arm. "Willow uses me and Buffy has extra arms all the time."

"Hey! You trying to turn us into her pack mules mate?"

"Ron be quiet, I want to hear what kind of costume he can come up with." Hermione told her friend impatiently,

"Right." Xander said as his eyes scanned the costume racks till he spied a purple item. "Here we are!" He said happily. "The lovely and beautiful Psylocke, master ninja assassin and telepath. Raised to be the good girl, but has a wild streak a mile wide." He then plopped the costume in her hands along with a black wig for Buffy and a purple wig for Hermione.

"I don't know." Hermione said. "I mean its kind of revealing."

"Hey come on it could be worse." Buffy said with a grin. "You could have some sort of bikini combo. Take advantage of him while he's letting his comic boy thing go before the pervert side of him switches on." Hermione nodded, though she still looked unsure.

"And finally we have you." Xander said as he came down to Ron. Xander looked the guy over before nodding. "You're kind of like me aren't you? Not so much with the power or the skill, but you do what you got to do. We're the kind that if we ever do get some cool power or other it's more likely to be a curse than a blessing. I know just the thing, it'll take me a minute to find all of the pieces though." Xander said as he quickly ran around the store collecting a small bundle. He finally came back with a whole white outfit that had a cloak, mask, gloves; boot covers, a pair of toy rifles, and a half moon pendant. "Ladies and Brits! I give you Mark Spector the Moon Knight!" Xander said, as he slipped the mask and cloak on over the redheaded boy's head.

"And for yourself?" Ethan asked grudgingly, the boy had the gift of seeing the inner person instead of the façade that they normally hid behind. An extremely rare gift, all the more rare because unless he was mistaken the boy's gift wasn't mystical in nature at all but was completely natural. He wasn't too worried about that though as he was more interested in just what kinds of chaos such costumes as these would create tonight.

Willow grinned at them all. "He's the Punisher." She explained as she pulled a black shirt with a skull on it that Xander had been hiding behind his back. "Hurt his friends and family and he'll make you pay." Buffy looked skeptical for a moment before she nodded in agreement.

"So I guess it's the anti hero route for all of us tonight then?" Hermione questioned receiving nods from her two friends who were eyeing the costumes appreciatively.

"Yep, looks like it." Xander said with a grin at all of them and a mocking smirk at Ethan. "A whole band of heroes who aren't afraid to kill to save the lives of everybody else."

Ethan inwardly sighed before addressing the group. "Very well then is this what you all want then?" He asked them.

The group nodded and began paying for their things as Ethan rang them up. "Harry mate how, the hell am I supposed to pay for all of this stuff?" Ron hissed at his friend.

"Its to help us with our job, so I'll help out." Harry muttered at his friend.


"Shut it Ron." Harry hissed at his friend. "It's for a good cause." Harry growled as he took the pile of white items and guns and stacked his and Ron's stuff with Hermione's and paid for it all. "This has been interesting, I guess we'll see you." Harry said.

Ethan chuckled as he watched the group split up as they left. Tonight would be most interesting he thought. The last comments of the boy that had picked out the costumes had interested him. Heroes that killed when saving had quiet a it of potential for chaos. The potential chaos actually raised if they did something like killed an innocent while possessed. The combination of the blood of an innocent and chaos magic had so much potential that he could hardly wait to see what it was that would happen. It looks like of the two of them he would have the last laugh at the boy.

Dru gasped and screamed as she woke up. Spike was at her side in a moment as she raised her voice. "Easy there luv, easy." Spike soothed to his insane sire. "Its all right now. Just had a bit of a bad dream. Must have been that old man that you ate. Think we'll need to keep you away from the more aged types of food for a while and let your diet consist of some of the fresher and younger stuff for a while."

"No Spike, its changed it's all changed." The vampire seer whined at her childe. "The magic lion cubs have gone and changed it all. Made it so it won't be fun anymore." The vampiress tried to explain.

"Really, and how did they do that love?" Spike asked curiously. The vampire's curiosity had been raised after the warning he had been given by the seer earlier about something odd happening tonight of all nights, but now something big had changed it all it seemed. Now instead of laughing she was curled up into a ball how much could some wankers change things.

The vampire pouted at her protector. "The nasty slayer who stole daddy away from me won't be taught all sorts of manners like how to have a proper tea party. She's going to be a bright colored arachnid! The puny little kitten won't become an unthinking dog, but will become a jungle cat. The little sapling won't become a spirit she'll become a dancing killing tree."

"Well it don't sound all bad then right?" Spike said awkwardly trying to comfort her from the vision. "Those last two sound like they ought to be sort of interesting." He tried hoping that this was the right thing to say.

The vampire sobbed slightly. "There's more though Spike! The lighting cub will become the small man beast with claws forged from science. The brother cub will become an unwavering servant of the moon. Then there is the sage cub she'll become the mind ninja and go looking for the one who hurts the one she cares for." The vampire fussed for a few more minutes in Spikes arms. "We need to find the magic snake man that tells half truths and runs from death he'll help us." Dru said, before she finally passed out as the strain of the visions finally overtook her extremely weak body.

Spike just held her for a moment before easing her back onto the bed. He turned to one of his minions that had followed him in. "You there, I want you to go and keep an eye on the slayer and her pathetic little groupies. I want to know what it is that they're up to and who these magic lion cubs might be." Spike turned to look at his sire before noticing that the minion was still there. "What you still here? He asked as he looked at the vampire in disbelief. You waiting for an engraved invitation or something like that mate? Maybe I should find you some holy water to take a bath in." He threatened letting his game face show.

"Yes sir, I'm going sir." The vampire called out, making a run for the door before the blonde vampire decided to follow through on his threat.

Spike smirked as he watched the sodding idiot leave to go watch the Slayer. It was good being the big bad. The vampire thought as he returned to watch over Drusilla he had feeling that he would be here a while. Spike sat in a nearby arm chair and pulled a cigarette out and lit it and waited.

Sunnydale High

The trio watched the crowds of students as they began sorting out little children with who went with who. Ron listened intently as the guy that they had met and helped them with their costumes was talking to the children like he was issuing orders for a mission. He was even nodding along with the kids as the boy began giving off instructions on the best way to get candy. The boy was obviously a master at the art of acquiring candy on Halloween. The twins probably could learn a few things from him as well.

Hermione rolled her eyes as she saw that her friend was more intent on listening on how to get the best free candy instead of focusing on what they were supposed to be doing here. She was also a bit uncomfortable in the revealing outfit that she was currently wearing. "Ron," she hissed, "we don't have time for that, we don't want them to know why we're here."

"Huh? Oh right." The boy said a little bit disappointed that he wouldn't be able to take anymore notes on how best one could score on free candy.

Harry snickered at his friend and the way that he was being targeted by Hermione.

"Don't start Harry," she snapped at her other friend. Harry nodded in understanding. "Good, now Ron here you need to carry the pack," Hermione said as she tossed the pack to Ron.

"Me, why me?" Ron complained as he fumbled with the bag.

"Because you're the only one here who can hide it anywhere," Hermione growled, "does it look like I have anyplace where I can hide that?" She growled opening her arms to show off the purple skintight outfit that she was wearing that was closer to a one piece bathing suit than actual clothes as far as the conservative witch was concerned. She still wasn't sure how she had been talked into wearing this insane get up. She had also charmed her hair purple and managed straighten it long enough to last for a few hours though she doubted that it would last very long.

"Hey baby," a boy dressed as a pirate said, "would you like me to show you around? I'm sure that we could both show each other such interesting things." The boy said leering at the British teen.

"No, no thank you," a blushing Hermione said crossing her arms uncomfortably.

The boy not about to be deterred continued on as if he hadn't heard her. "We can view some of the great places that the school has after we're all done, who knows maybe I can even help you with your clothing problem to." The boy said with a smirk as his eyes ran up and down Hermione's body with a hungry look.

"Perhaps some other time," a now mortified Hermione said desperately wishing that she had something that she could cover herself up with. Unfortunately for her though there was no time to transfigure her clothes into something else as they were in the middle of the room where they could mingle without being noticed too much.

"You sure about that sweet thing? Cause I got to say that with you dressed like that it kind of lets me know what kind of a girl you really are." The boy said with a smirk before he began walking away.

Ron and Harry glared at the boy the moment his back was turned the boy seemed to have a problem walking. Hermione turned to look at him and smiled before nodding her thanks at her two friends who had both managed to cast the required spells to humiliate the muggle without drawing attention to themselves.

The group of friends began making their way around the hallway doing their best to stay as far away from a short balding man that appeared to be in charge. "That bloke looks like a cross between Filtch and Fudge," Ron muttered to his friends causing his friends to shake their heads at the way their friend was acting. The group slipped down into an unused hallway and made their way toward the library. The trio paused at the big double doors looking down to see that there was a light on underneath it.

"All right here's the plan," Harry said, "I'll take whatever's in front of us Ron you cover the left and Mione will cover the right."

"Sounds like a plan mate."

"Agreed, but hold off from firing until your close up," Hermione suggested, "they may not be expecting anything."

"Sounds like a plan," Harry nodded in agreement the three pushed the doors opened and walked their wands held at their sides as they moved in.

Giles looked up in surprise from his paperwork as three unknown teenagers entered his domain he was rather surprised to see the group. He almost never saw anyone in here besides Buffy and her friends. "Um hello, are you three lost? he questioned the group who were wearing ridiculous skin tight costumes, he really wondered how that young lady had managed to get away from her parents dressed like that. Not that some of Buffy or Cordellia's clothing was much better sometimes.

"I certainly hope so," the girl said, the man blinked in surprise at the British accent right before he was hit by a red beam of light that caused him to fall down. "Quick," Hermione told her friends, "we need to tie him up before he wakes up."

The boys nodded and rushed over to the man as Hermione conjured some ropes so that they could tie him up. After they were sure that he was secure the group began searching the room for any kind of magical items that might have clues to what he was doing here or about Horux's.

The three spent the next fifteen minutes scrounging through the various stacks of books. "I knew that this was just too bloody easy," Ron grumbled in annoyance. "I mean would it have been too much to ask for things to be easy? No, we got to find the blasted thing or something about it and hope that nothing on it tries to kill us."

"You're not helping all that much with your complaining Ron." Hermione snapped at the redhead in annoyance, "why don't you try looking? You can complain about it all later."

"Hey guys over here," Harry called out to the bickering pair, "I think I may have found something." The others joined their friend to see what he had found. The raven haired wizard was standing awe struck inside some kind of cage looking inside a trunk. The other two walked inside with him and peered in and looked in confusion as they noticed the pile of assorted weapons that were inside along with various old books that looked like they might have come out of the Black library, or Hogwarts restricted section.

"Incredible," Hermione muttered as she eyed the various books. "Some of these books are lost to the wizarding world or are supposed to only be myths yet here they are just lying in the library of a muggle high school. That's simply unbelievable even if it is the hellmouth."

"Yeah we're all so impressed," Ron groused, "but does any of this stuff help us?" He questioned as he struggled to lift a battle ax that was lying in the box. "Hey, I think this is a goblin made weapon." The boy said happily. "It might actually be worth something."

"Great, can we get back to the possible Horux that might be here?" Harry questioned them shaking his head at his friend's distractibility.

Hermione had the decency to blush at this as she tore herself away from looking at the books. "Err right, well this way isn't working we'll be at it all night at this rate."

"So what do you suggest, it's not like you can just ask the librarian after all." Ron snarked at the witch.

Hermione looked over at the unconscious man that they had tied to a chair. She bit her lip nervously before turning to look at the boys. "Actually Ron that might not be such a bad idea and if he doesn't cooperate we can always stun him again.

"What are you serious Hermione?" A shocked Ron questioned. "He's a bloody Death Eater even if he agrees to help us there's no way that you can trust a git like him to be honest with us.

"Do we even know if he is a Death Eater?" Harry questioned before the two could get started at each other again.

The two stared at him disbelief. "What, you need to see his sodding Dark Mark to be sure mate?" Ron asked rolling his eyes at his friend.

"It would let us know how much we can trust him," Hermione pointed out. "For all we know it could be that shop owner that is the Death Eater or it could be they are both here to get away from the Death Eaters."

"Fine," Ron grumbled, "but if he attacks us I get to say I told you so."

"Deal," Harry said nodding in agreement.

The three turned to the man the boys gave Hermione an expectant look and the witch waved her wand vanishing the man's jacket and vest. "You can roll his sleeves up to look," she told them pointedly. Harry nodded and quickly rolled his left sleeve up.

"Well?" Ron questioned.

"He's not wearing a dark mark. Harry said as he examined the arm he's got something on his arm but it sure isn't the Dark Mark." He turned to look at Hermione. "You might want to look at this thing it looks like some kind of Ancient Rune."

Hermione nodded and bent down and looked at the odd shaped mark that the man had tattooed on him, the two boys each held their wands on the man should he wake up and try anything. "I don't recognize the mark, she admitted, I don't think it's an ancient rune but it does have some magic in it. Maybe it's someone else's mark, She suggested, "or maybe it means something else entirely. It would take time for me to understand just what exactly it means."

"That's alright Hermione we'll figure something else out." Harry said tiredly, "how about you wake him up though so that we can get to the bottom of this."

The girl nodded and waved her wand at the man watching as the man started awake. "Uhh.. Who are you?" The man questioned.

"We were going to ask you that actually," Hermione said, "we were also going to ask just what that tattoo on your arm means as well."

Giles glanced down and saw that the mark on his arm that he went to great lengths to keep covered from all people was on display. "That's a personal item," the Watcher said stonily not wanting to talk about his misspent youth and what he had done with a bunch of children that were trying to scare him. "I don't suppose that you would mind horribly in telling me what this is all about?"

"As if you didn't already know," the boy dressed in white complained, "where's the stuff you been hiding for You-Know-Who?"

"Whom?" Giles asked in confusion, wondering what these children thought he was.

"You know, your Dark Lord." The other boy said stonily.

"I'm afraid that you have me mistaken for someone else, I have nothing to do with any Dark Lords. What's more I have nothing to do with wand wavers either." Giles said noticing the stick that the girl was holding in her hand.

"Then what are you doing here?" The girl questioned.

"I could ask you the same thing, since I notice that you don't exactly belong here I happen to know that there aren't any British students here."

"And how would you know that?"

"Well it helps that I'm a member of the faculty." Giles snapped out in annoyance, "I also happen to be the librarian and have to give all of the transfers the school books amongst other things so what is it that you want?"

"Think we can trust him?" The boy in the half mask asked the girl.

The girl looked uncertain. "Perhaps, but we might still need to be careful."

"I wouldn't," the one in white huffed at his companions crossing his arms and staring at the Watcher. Giles was sure that the figure was glaring at him however the mask that covered his whole face took away quiet a bit of the power it might otherwise have had.

The other two seemed lost in thought neither of them seeming for or against the idea of releasing him from the chair. The more the Watcher watched the group the more sure he was that they simply didn't know whom to trust he turned to the pair and was about to implore them when they all seemed to somehow change right before his eyes it was as if something had changed them right before his eyes. Giles watched in disbelief as they all seemed to gain muscle that hadn't seemed to be there a few moments ago.

"What the flaming heck just happened?" The shortest member of the group growled, his voice having changed to a much deeper and raspier sound than it had been before.

"Not a bloody clue Wolverine," the girl or maybe woman said as she began focusing on the Watcher. "Perhaps we should question our guest here."

"Sounds like a plan to me," the cloaked figure said as he drew a deadly looking knife from out of his belt.

"Can it Moon Knight," the one known as Wolverine grumbled as he turned to look at Giles. "Now then bub, how about ya tell me what the hell is goin on before I decide ta let these two go at ya?"

"I wish that I could," Giles said as he struggled against his bonds, "however I am afraid that I am as much in the dark as you are. One moment I going over the books next thing I know is that you lot have tied me up and are debating on whether or not to question me about something then just when it seems like some of you have come to a descision you all gain some muscle and new attitudes and we seem to be starting all over again. Off hand judging by the way your acting I would guess that there is a possession of some sort going on."


"He's telling the truth or as near to the truth as he can figure it, and I can hear someone that shouldn't be there in my head." The woman said as her hand flashed a bright pink color. "It will take time to figure out precisely what is going on."

"Agreed," Wolverine said.

"Now will you untie me?" Giles questioned.

"Not until we know for sure why the people who were here first tied you up." The Moon Knight said, "for all we know they had a very good reason for tying you up in that chair. For now I think it would be smarter to just leave him there."

"Agreed," Psylocke said.

Wolverine was saved from answering when they heard a roar and scream from outside. "Doesn't matter whether we want ta free him now or not folks we got people ta save." Wolverine ordered directing the others toward the large double doors. The other two nodded and raced after him as they all went through the door.

"Bugger," Giles said as he began working on untying himself fortunately whoever had tied him hadn't been that good with knots and the watcher was able to untie himself from the bonds using a few tricks that he had picked up when he was younger.

Wolverine growled as he exited the school the entire place smelled of death and decay he also thought he smelled some of the same scents as he did when he was in Limbo. Looking up he saw what appeared to be a group of demon and charged his claws sliced through them with ease as the demons hardly put up any fight at all. "Almost takes all of the fun out of it," Wolverine grumbled as he slid his claws in and out to get rid of the blood that coated his claws. Another group of demons dropped on top of him and the mutant grabbed them by the scruffs of their necks and tossed them off to the side. Psylocke and Moon Knight were there when they came down and with deadly precision Moon Knight sliced their throats open with a combat knife while Psylocke punched them in the throat or broke their necks with a quick twist.

Wolverine nodded at the pair in approval. "Moon Knight, I want ya to take yer gun and act as air support from the rooftops. Psylocke and I will take up point and try ta keep people all right from down here on street level."

"Understood," Moon Knight said as he cocked his gun before jumping between a house and a fence till he was on a roof.

"Let's hunt," Wolverine said with a feral grin that would have made a number of the X-Men worried about just what it was that he planned on doing tonight. He didn't need to worry about them though cause they weren't here he was. It was time to do what he did best.

Willow Rosenberg sighed as she watched the group of trick r treaters came gathered around an old woman's house. She wondered how long the woman had lived here to be so carefree with opening her door to what looked like demons. The redhead shook her head she was starting to think like Buffy, Angel, and Giles so not what she needed to be doing. She turned back to the group when she heard a voice in her head. "Janus, evoco vestram animam. Exaudi meam causam. Carpe noctem pro consilio vestro. Veni, appare et nobis monstra quod est infinita potestas. Persona in corpus et sanguinem commutanda est. Vestra sancta praesentia concrescet viscera. Janus! Sume noctem!" The red head stumbled for a moment vaguely aware that the old lady was being attacked. Darkness came next.

Natasha Romanoffblinked for a moment and noticed that she was dressed in her working clothes. Which considering she wasn't sure how she got here could be a good or bad thing. Someone had obviously wiped some of her memories. The last thing she remembered was that she had been fighting some rogue elements of the Hand at the ballet that had tracked her down for some reason or other. She was now in a small town with all of her gear. She saw a pair of monsters fighting it out on the ground with an old woman watching them fearfully. Her wonder at where she was and why would have to wait the woman decided. Without hesitating the woman shot the pair with a blast from one of her Widow's Bites. The energy bolt knocked the pair back giving her the time that she needed to push the old woman inside the house, and to kick at the demon on top. She smiled as she heard a squishy cracking sound. 'It was fun to do this sometimes,' she thought as she then dropped to her knees and shattered the windpipe of the second creature. Not even Captain America could completely blame her for what she had done besides the other Avengers weren't here right now anyways.

Natasha turned as she heard the report of a rifle and followed after it and sighed as she saw the familiar figure in all black with the death symbol on his shirt taking careful aim as he blasted into each of the various creatures that were running around the street chasing after what looked like parents of children. She watched as one came up behind the vigilante she fired at it and the blast caught the monster that had been hovering over his shoulders a solid shock giving her the chance to leap into the air and land on the shoulders before giving it a quick jerk breaking the creatures neck.


"Punisher." The two greeted each other Natasha slid a combat knife out of Castle's belt and leaped back into the fight.

Punisher chuckled a bit as he watched the woman go. He was glad that it was her here instead of some of the bleeding hearts that were under the mistaken belief that all beings deserved a chance. He really didn't feel like getting into a moral debate with the web slinger or someone like him right now. He turned away from where the Black Widow was slitting the throat of another monster and picked another target.

The pair turned as they saw two creatures get tossed through the window of one house, across the street, and through the door of another house. Looking up the pair saw Spiderwoman stride out of the wreckage of the first house her hands glowing with emerald energy as she glared at the large creatures that were climbing out of the other house. Spiderwoman leapt at them and ripped the throat out of the leader but was knocked down by the other one. The creature towered over her and roared and the stumbled as a bullet tore through each of its eyes and a knife embedded itself in its throat.

Spiderwoman nodded her thanks at the other two heroes and jumped back to her feet and went searching for any other monsters that were in the area. Jessica Drew wasn't sure how she had come to be here, one moment she had been swinging through her town of San Francisco and the next minute she was here fighting and killing monsters of some unknown type. She didn't know if they were supposed to be alien's dimensional travelers or demons of some kind. She hadn't found any gloating leaders to get the information from yet.

"Don't suppose that the two of you know what's going on by any chance?" The scarlet clad hero questioned curiously, as she broke the arm of a monster with claws and used its own claws to gut it.

"Not really," Punisher rasped as he drew a spare dagger and embedded it into the arm of a creature that had picked him up. The creature dropped him and roared in pain while Punisher picked his rifle up and gut shot the creature.

"Great, so all we can do for the time being is kill them before they kill us is that about it?" Spiderwoman question as she drove her elbow into the neck of another creature.

"Seems like it." Black Widow grunted as picked up an ax and threw it at another monster.

"Joy," the arachnid hero grumbled before jumping back into the fight focusing on the stronger looking creatures.

Giles grunted as he finally freed himself and managed to get out the door and saw all the damage that was rampaging through Sunnydale. He couldn't believe it he hadn't seen this much trouble through magic in years. Not even the Master had caused all that much damage and yet on Halloween, on a night when nothing was supposed to happen there was all of this. Someone was deliberately trying to cause troubles it seemed which meant it was two type of people. One was someone playing at magic and had lost control of the spell or even worse this had all been deliberate and a Chaos magic user had done all of this. He wasn't sure which of those he would actually prefer. Sighing the Watcher was tempted to perform a spell that he hadn't performed in years. With it he could track where the energy of the spell was being focused, but he would prefer to try other methods before trying that. It shouldn't be too hard to find someone that was unaffected enough by the spell to help him out either. The Watcher chose a direction and headed that way hoping he could get to the bottom of this problem.

Wolverine scowled at the girl in the cat costume that he had saved. The girl seemed to think fairly highly of herself unfortunately. In a way it was like dealing with Frost when she was on one of her power trips, or some of the villains he had fought who thought that they were the most important things in creation. Who would have thought that there was someone without superpowers as self centered as Magneto. It was kind of scary he was so glad that this girl didn't have any powers or she would be a real pain in the ass to deal with.

"Listen girl, I don't care about yer costume or your flamin deposit. Just tell me what the hell is going on here." Wolverine growled at the drama queen.

"Listen buster, I don't know who you are, but let me tell you something." The girl snapped, her eyes lighting up with rage as her finger began poking him in the chest. "No one talks to Cordellia Chase like that do you understand? "

The last part was dripping with scorn and superiority that Wolverine had to catch himself from breaking her hand. "Psylocke," he commanded, the purple haired ninja nodded and plunged her psychic knife into the head of the drama queen that they had saved.

The girl squeaked for a moment before falling boneless to the ground she would wake up later with a bad headache but this way she would at least still be alive and more importantly quiet and out of his way.

"She knows nothing about any of this, though she did think about someone that she thought of as a hero and loser at the same time. A girl that was called Buffy of all things." The ninja reported to her friend.

"Anything else?"

"Yes, we appear to be on a mystical convergence called a hellmouth, something that happens to match what the other set of memories that I sense within me."

"And what exactly is a hellmouth?" Moon Knight questioned the mutant ninja.

"A portal, or doorway between this world and a type of hell dimension possibly even Limbo."

"Great," Wolverine grumbled, "more good news. Anything else?"

"Yes, she knew the dog before he transformed he bought his outfit at a place known as Ethan's."

"We'll get there eventually, but we have to make sure the streets are safe."

"Anything else?"

"Nope, as much as I would like to help these folks there's no way we can save them all and stop the spell besides how many of em have we already killed? No we'll just have to hope that they stay out of our way."


They were stopped though as a new figure entered into sight. "You say that you know what is going on?"

The group of heroes turned and saw that the man that they had left tied to a chair was standing before them. "Yes, there's supposed to be a shop where all of these costumes came from." Psylocke said before Wolverine could say anything. "Perhaps you could go and check this out while we continue to patrol the streets and save whom we can."

"I Agree that is probably the best thing to do since I doubt you would really know just what it is that you are looking for with magical objects."

"Sounds like a plan," Moon Knight said turning away from the man so that they could get back to what they were doing before.

Spiderwoman, Black Widow, and Punisher had moved to the warehouse district they had picked up what seemed to be some kind of vampire who was working with them. He seemed to know them, but kept using names that were not theirs making them wonder what was going on. He looked torn as he watched them kill their enemies while he didn't seem to think that it was completely wrong he did seem to have some sort of reservations about them doing it.

Punisher was currently in the lead when they heard a screaming sound, they rushed down the alleyway. Punisher's eyes narrowed as he saw what looked like a pirate standing over what appeared to be a noble woman, he thought it was hard to tell when you considered the fact that all the girl was currently wearing was a slip and a shredded dress was lying tossed on the ground or being used to tie the girl's arms together. Punisher moved forward and pulled the pirate up by the scruff of his neck and then swung him into the wall. The pirate glared at the vigilante and drew his sword and charged at him. Punisher didn't even blink as got into a defensive crouch. The pirate laughed and lunged. Punisher moved with a speed that was hard for a normal person to follow, he caught the wrist holding the blade and twisted the arm. The two women watching, didn't react as they heard the bone snap. Grabbing him by the back of his head Punisher swung his head down and brought his knee up smashing the man's face against his knee.

"Not sure why but I really enjoyed that one," Punisher said as he looked down at beaten and broken figure on the ground. Not taking a chance he brought his foot down on the man's knee snapping the bone. The women shrugged and began checking on the woman in what used to be noble clothing. "Well?"

Black Widow shrugged emotionlessly. "The girl's been raped repeatedly the way I see it she would have spent the entire night in this alley until he grew tired of her or he passed out.

"I see," Punisher growled tempted to finish the piece of filth off when they looked up and saw a crowd heading their way.

"You lot sure do leave an easy trail to follow," a peroxide blonde that looked like an 80's rocker complimented from the head of the crowd which contained various monsters like they had been fighting ever since they got here. "Got to say I love a trail full of blood, makes me remember some of the old days with the poofter it does. The figure inhaled deeply as if it was catching some unknown scent. "Remember the Boxer Rebellion mate?" The blonde asked with a smirk. Caught me a Slayer there as I recall."

"Spike," Angel growled angrily as he glared at the blonde.

"I take it the two of you have history?" Black Widow questioned the dark haired vampire as she eyed the crowd of monsters that was eyeing them hungrily.

"You could say that, Angel said, "he's my responsibility too though."

"In other words you need to be the one to deal with him."

"Yeah," the vampire agreed.

"Fine, can you do it?"

"I don't think he'll be a problem," the vampire returned as he jerked a plank off a crate.

"Good, we'll handle the rest," Spiderwoman assured the dark haired vampire.

"You sure about that? There are an awful lot of them out there." Black Widow pointed out as she began assessing the various threats. "We also have her to deal with," she said nodding toward the woman who was finally starting to stir. "If this place was defendable then I'd be all for it."

"Fine, then let's take the fight inside," Punisher said as he opened fire with his rifle peppering the monsters and demons with bullets. Spiderwoman slung the girl over her shoulders while Black Widow and Angel pushed a door open and slipped into the warehouse with Punisher following after them. Once the soldier was inside the door was shut and lcoked.

"All right everybody better find places to deal with them." Angel suggested, "Because that won't keep any of them out for long." The others nodded, the two girls leaping into the air while Punisher ran toward the back where he could have the best field of fire before the creatures got to him.

"Who's got the girl?" Angel called out, as he found a shadow of his own to disappear into.

"I stored her in the office," Spiderwoman's voice called out.

Angel nodded in the direction of the figure before he checked his weapons he had his staff and two boot daggers. Xander seemed to have a small arsenal with him though after this fight they would probably have to get some more ammo, Willow had some odd type of wrist mounted taser, and Buffy had that poison and her powers seemed even stronger than they had before. Combined they just might live long enough to stop all of this or figure out what was going on.

The doors rattled a couple of times before breaking, two large creatures stood framed in the door before they were quickly shot down. Angel sighed as he watched would be hunters join them in the darkness soon there would be screams.

Giles found the store and shook his head as he calmly picked the lock on the costume shop. The name on the store sent a small chill down his spine as he considered the implications that this place could mean. He looked around the front and noticed that the place was empty and that only a handful of various costume types were decorating the racks. Without thought he moved forward into the back of the shop and paused as he saw a rather familiar looking statue with glowing green eyes. "Janus," Giles whispered glad that he was alone as he recalled everything that he knew about the bust and what it meant. "Two sides, division of self," he muttered to himself.

"Chunky and creamy," an amused voice said as Ethan stepped out of the shadows.


"Hullo Ripper," the Mage greeted with a smirk.

"I might have known it was you, I even suspected it when I heard what was going on. This entire Halloween stunt stinks of Ethan Rayne." Giles accused the other man.

"Yes it does doesn't it?" Ethan said now seeming less amused at the casual way Giles talked about him and what he had done. "Don't wish to blow my own trumpet, but it's genius. The very embodiment of 'be careful what you wish for'."

"It's sick, brutal, and it harms the innocent." Giles fired back at the other man.

Ethan sneered at the man. "Oh, and we all know that you are the champion of innocents and all things pure and good, Rupert. It's quite a little act you've got going here, old man."

"It's no act. It's who I am." Giles returned.

Ethan turned and faced the man in amusement. "Who you are? The Watcher, sniveling, tweed-clad guardian of the Slayer and her kin? I think not. I know who you are, Rupert, and I know what you're capable of. But they don't, do they? They have no idea where you come from. So tell me Rupert old mate. Do you really think that your little protégés will manage to keep their hands as silky white of human blood as you managed to keep them?" Ethan goaded his old friend. "After all, if anyone knows what would happen when you mix chaos magic and the death of innocents you would. Mind you I was never as powerful as you were in it all but you got to admit I have a certain amount of style."

"Why would they feel the need to kill?" Giles questioned doing his best to contain a growl. He had to find the way to end this blasted spell quickly before someone was hurt. He would deal with Ethan and his damned mind games later.

"Why didn't you know Ripper? They and another group put together some fairly deadly costumes. In fact as I recall while they were guys that fought on the side of the angels they were a far cry from being white hats that would understand why they shouldn't kill unless someone warned them not to that is. The results of all that should be pretty interesting if you know what I mean since quiet a number of the kids chose the monster mask. Personally I wanted to make the Slayer a damsel in distress this way might make it more interesting though. I'll have to come up with a way to thank that boy of hers sometime."

"The blood of an innocent." Giles said in disbelief ignoring the last part. "The consequences could be anything Ethan."

"That is why they call it chaos Ripper old boy. You remember all of the fun we used to have don't you? Think of it this way now you'll have more in common with those children." Ethan mocked at him. You can even compare who's meaner."

"Break the spell, Ethan. Then leave this place and never come back."

"Why should I? What's in the bargain for me?" Ethan challenged the man with a smirk.

"You get to live." Giles said coolly.

Ethan actually smiled at that response twenty years ago he might have been worried but not anymore. The man before him didn't have what Ripper had. "Oh, Rupert, you're scaring me." He mocked at the larger man. Giles punched him in the gut with a left, making him double over, and followed that up with a right to the face. 'Bugger,' the Mage thought, 'he had obviously misjudged the man.'

Spike cursed inwardly, he was busy fighting his grandsire of all people while the others were being picked off by the Slayer and her groupies. The only difference was that tonight her groupies actually had some teeth in them. The vampire ducked a punch watching a possessed monster that had been about to get a drop on the soul boy fall to the ground with a bullet in its head. As much as the vampire hated to admit it the easy hunt that Dru had told him had been cancelled just as she had foretold. It looked like it was time for him to make a strategic retreat. He snatched the arm of another monster and twirled so that the creature was now standing in front of Angel while he was a few steps away now. The vampire ran out the door already planning on suitable revenge on the entire lot of them for this embarrassment he had suffered.

Had the vampire stayed he would have seen the ceiling fall down and three new figures join the side of the angels. "Take em down!" Wolverine ordered, as he lunged at a creature around seven feet tall slashing the monster in the legs and then impaling it in the shoulders.

Moon Knight and Psylocke nodded and joined their leader in the destruction that he was raining down all around them. Moon Knight found himself beside his sometimes ally Punisher and the two each fired a stream of bullets at their enemies.

"So who started the party without us," Wolverine questioned, "and how come we didn't get an invitation?"

"You're joking right?" Spiderwoman questioned as she impaled two creatures on a pair of hooks. "This entire town is a party town as far as you're concerned, and you felt like you needed an invite for certain parts of it?"

"Good point," Wolverine conceded as he gutted another opponent.

The bloodbath continued and no matter how many of them they seemed to kill more always seem to come and replace the ranks of those that had already fallen. Most of the monsters had fallen though in the first few waves leaving only real demons and vampires for the group to fight the cries of pain and the scent of blood had driven many towards the warehouse district.

Giles kicks Ethan hoping that this would loosen the man's tongue. "Now, tell me how to stop the spell." Giles said still as coolly as can be as the other man was now bleeding.

"Janus. Break its statue." Ethan moaned out. Giles doesn't hesitate as he grabbed the statue and lifted it over his head to smashes it causing a blast of energy to erupt.

The scoobies and their allies collapse leaving Angel as the only one standing. He glares at the handful of vampires still standing who beat a quick retreat now that they have a moment to escape. He kneels down beside the Slayer and looks at her with interest. "Buffy?" He questions the scarlet clad figure.

"Yeah it's me," Buffy said she grimaced as he helped her up. The Slayer looked at all of the dead demons and Halloween wearing people and turned green the only reason she wasn't throwing up right now was because she had walked into rooms like this before. The two helped the other members of the group sit up and stood back as they emptied their stomachs. Buffy also ended up emptying hers as the realization that all of this was death was partly her fault.

The three unknowns mumble something and then before any of them can do anything the three unknowns disappear with a loud crack causing Buffy and Angel to grimace at the noise that they were making. "How in the heck did they do that?" Xander questioned in disbelief.

"They must have been wizards," Angel said looking around as if half expecting for the trio to reappear elsewhere.

"Oh that makes sense, well come on I want to go home. We all have about a couple gallons of blood we need to get off of us." Willow said, "also I wouldn't say no to water, lots of water cause I'd rather not be tasting everything I ate today."

"Right, so ah we regroup tomorrow and figure out just what happened then?" Buffy asked the others who all nodded in agreement. The group each headed for the door unaware of the arcane energies that they had gathered that night.

Harry, Hermione and Ron all shivered as they reappeared by the tent that they had pitched. The memory of what they had done that night still with them. "Bloody Hell!!" Ron shouted into the night.

Hermione merely shivered and didn't bother to correct her friends speech this one time. "It wasn't really us," she whispered in assurance to herself.

Harry merely looked on into the night feeling guilty that he had somewhat enjoyed the power strength and most importantly the confidence that Wolverine had. If he had that level of confidence all the time he would be unbeatable. The boy thought to himself as he removed his own mask. Dumbledore, Sirus, Moody, and Cedric would all be alive today if he had the strength and confidence of Wolverine. Harry shivered as he thought these thoughts as he looked at the mask that he had worn that night. The mask seemed to be talking to him, though he couldn't hear it.

That night as they all went to bed each of the teens found themselves looking at the pile of clothes laying on the floors of their rooms. None of them could quiet bring themselves to hide the clothes, and the memories of what they had done that night weighed on their minds. As they drifted away to sleep they never noticed the green glow of the piles of clothes as they glowed brighter and brighter throughout the night. As the sun climbed into the sky signaling the change of a new day the energy rose up and ghostly figures rose of the costumes. Each of the green spirit like figures looked at their hosts for a moment before looking toward the sun. Each of the heroes had gained the excess memories of their former hosts last night and they couldn't leave them to return to the way that they had. Each of them took one final look at the people that the kids were before plunging their hands into the chests of the children feeling themselves mingle with the body and souls of the young fighters. The energy was absorbed into the bodies without anyone being the wiser.

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