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Voldemort scowled as he listened to the report made by the armless Death Eater. This was the third such strike his forces had suffered by the mysterious figures since they had appeared. The scaled wizard dismissed the wizard waving his wand he replaced the destroyed limbs with bronze recreations. He ignored the thanks as he tuned to stare deep into the flames of the fireplace.

Thanks to the bugling of his followers he appeared to be unable to control the people and the uprisings were embarrassing. First there had been the explosion through the Ministry of Magic that had destroyed several key offices and easily controllable wizards and witches. Next had been the twin pronged attack that had destroyed his giants and killed Greyback. When Bella had returned a few minutes ago to tell him of the fate of the feral werewolf leader he had been shocked, added in with this and he was quickly losing control of the war here. Both of those losses had hurt him in ways that he did not like to think about. Without the giants he was stuck with nothing to lay waste to large amounts of area. They would have been crucial to any prolonged assault as they could take multiple spells before they were stopped. The loss of Greyback meant that he had lost his strongest supporter within the werewolf community. The wolfman had a rather unique hold over a majority of the werewolves in Britain, with only a few brave ones like Remus Lupin daring to defy him. Voldemort had doubts as to whether Greyback's second was capable of holding the werewolves to his cause. Scabior had never overly impressed him as a leader and he doubted that there were any others that he could get to do the job. Add in the rather brutal manner that Greyback had died, and it had many of the werewolves openly doubting his agreeing to protect them. All of that without counting Potter's mass breakout earlier in the year.

Despite his losses he had to admit to having a certain amount of appreciation and respect for this group's ability to cause the maximum amount of carnage to his forces. Voldemort had to admit that these people whoever they were had caused him a large amount of loss and embarrassment. While it was true that their first assault had failed, the second one had actually caused even more damage to his forces which made him wondering if the first attack hadn't merely been a test of the defenses. He had thought he had solved the problem by adding new guards, but somehow they had known exactly what was going on and were prepared for the guards.

The Dark Lord needed something to counter the losses before any others got the bright idea to resist him, or his followers faltered in their belief in his abilities and skills to lead them and they ran away or challenged him. Right now was a crucial time in his operations and he couldn't have people leaving before he had complete control over the country. He still had plans to deal with Potter before the powerful, if somewhat unskilled boy reappeared from wherever it was that he was hiding. He needed something to counter these costumed fools before they destroyed everything that he had planned. What he needed were warriors, not like his Death Eaters who were fighters he needed people that could face down anything. With the mudbloods changing the rules he had to change as well or he would lose everything that he had fought for.

As he stared into the flames he remembered some of the things that he had learned in travels across the world. He recalled that iin following the magical that he had that he had interacted with seeral beings some powerful some not. It was they that had introduced him to the world of even stronger and darker magic than what he had learned from some of the most powerful of wizards and spellbooks. Within the hidden layers of the muggle world there was another magical society, a supernatural society that housed many powerful beings and creatures. If he could reconnect with that part of the world he could find the right ones and then he would deal with these problems.

Decision made he stalked out of Malfoy Manor, the various Death Eaters bowing as he passed by them. Once he was outside he began rising until he was out of range of the wards that surrounded the house. With a thought and large crack he was gone. The Dark Lord reappeared in the streets of London. Going from old memories he quickly found a pub that was hidden away from view. He strode past another pub with the name Knights emblazoned on it that had numerous girls laughing and drinking as he entered the Hellfire Club. As he entered he let the hood to his cloak fall and all could see his red eyes and reptilian appearance.

This particular bar had been a place he had frequented while working for Borgin and Burkes. The number of cursed weapons and rare poisons he had dealed for in this place was near astronomical. Some of the most important business and supernatural lessons had happened for him in this place. It was they that had set him onto the path to becoming the wizard he was today. He had learned many rare and powerful rituals here that had increased his power to the point it was at now. When he had been stuck in his wraith form they had helped to get him out of the country and into Albania once his plan to ride within the pet of Travers squib relative had fallen through.

The weak willed man had actually thought that he had exorcised him from his pet, but had only made it so that the man himself was easier to posses. The man had many interesting connections though and perhaps he should use those contacts as well once he was done here. The weaker style of magic that this man and his companions in their Council used could be of some use to him in the future as it was rarely used amongst wizards anymore. He would consider that after he was done with his current task. He needed to find someone or something that would serve him and take care of the fools attacking his forces.

The bartender looked surprised to see him. Instead of confronting him though, he welcomed him as if he was unaware of the ease with which he could end his life. "I believe that your party is waiting in there." The man said, as he handed a drink of some sort to the wizard while nodding towards a side room.

Voldemort nodded as he took a cautious sniff of the drink he then let his tongue dart out to taste the air around the drink. The beverage had a sweet smell to it along with a hint of blood to it. The Dark Lord took a sip, and found the drink to be surprisingly good. He then walked towards the room that the bartender had indicated and looked to see who and what awaited him. He kept his hand on his wand as he remembered that there were many dangerous beings that entered this place. As he entered the room he saw a round table that filled most of the room leaving just enough room for a person to walk around it or for someone to stand guard behind someone.

"Come on in Mate," a cockney accent mixed with joy and danger greeted him.

A single light shown down on the table, leaving the rest of the room in shadows. Sitting opposite from the door was a figure dressed all in black with platinum blonde hair wearing a large coat that gave him an imposing air. A cigarette was placed lazily in his mouth as ice chip like eyes met his own fiery red ones. It was as if someone had placed Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy within a cauldron and somehow mixed the two wizards together. The being also looked like he could have been the elder son of Malfoy as well, or perhaps a squib son since he was dressed in form fitting muggle clothing. Sitting next to him was a dark haired beauty dressed in Victorian era clothing and had a porcelain doll at her side. The vacant expression was more disturbing in its own way than the demented grin that Bellatrix usually fixed on people.

The blonde figure stared at him for a moment before pulling his cigarette from his mouth and blowing a cloud of smoke into the air. He then turned to the childlike woman. "So this him then Pet? Is this the one that will help us deal with them?" The blonde questioned his companion hopefully. "If not I can go ahead and kill him, and we can go back to waiting for the one that we really want."

The casual and matter of fact manner that the person made the suggestion amused the Dark Lord and he decided to wait and see if these people decided that they wanted to start a fight with him or not.

The woman turned to look the Dark Lord over. Voldemort recognized the look in this woman's eyes. Just like Bellatrix, she could just as likely strike out at him as to offer him a seat. The Malfoy look alike actually seemed to be waiting on her decision on whether or not he was welcome amongst them. Considering the hard and calculating look in his eyes that would make the pair dangerous if he was as devoted to her as it appeared he was.

The pale woman rose from her seat and seemed to glide over towards him, her many skirts and petticoats rustling in the otherwise quiet room. Once she got near Voldemort she began walking around the wizard as she examined him.

The wizard had about as much as he could stand from the odd duo and was about to raise his wand when a cold voice echoed through the room.

"Don't try it scale face, you won't survive if you go and draw a weapon on Dru." The blonde figured threatened him darkly. "You draw on Dru there, I'll make you eat your intestines." The pair stared at each other as if daring the other to make the move that would start a fight between them.

The two were interrupted as the female began singing at the wizard. "Hiss, hiss little Snake Man." She crooned softly as she began to gleefully spin around the room. "You are the foe, the sweet Snake Man that doesn't want to die. You want to make a party for us all instead, so that we can bathe in the blood of the naughty heroes. The miserable little Golden Lions have nasty teeth and claws now and must be taught proper manners alongside of the Great Dane pups." Dru then turned to her companion. "This is the one that I've been waiting for my dear darling Spike."

'Spike?' Voldemort thought in surprise, he had heard of this creature before him. He was William the Bloody, one of the most ferocious of the European vampires of the 19th century. That would make the figure before him Drusilla the Mad. All that were missing were Darla the Seducer, and Angelus of the Angelic face. They were some of the most dangerous recorded vampires since the one known as the Master. "What is it that you want?" Voldemort questioned the pair carefully. While he was immortal, he did not relish the thought of having to repair his body or go through another ten years of being a Wraith when everything was going the way he wanted it to.

"Not much really," Spike returned shrugging somewhat casually as he settled back into his seat. "Just a chance to get some killing done is all. Word is that you're the one to talk to right now if it's a spot of violence that you be needing. First there's your whole take over the government thing you got going, then there's the rumors of you having some troubles with some people messing up your fun. That's where we come in. it'll simply be up to you to point us at the right ones that need killing." The blonde nodded to his traveling companion that was still twirling around the wizard. "Dru here has been working on a list for ya. She says that the ones you'll be wanting on for this group are on it. Took a bit oh doing, but I also managed to interrupt most of the list as well. There's me and Dru, the quiet one in the corner." He added nodding to one of the shadows where the Dark Lord could just make out a shifting figure. "And a few others from various places here and there to finish the band off."

"Who is he?" Voldemort questioned, as his eyes tried to pick out the features of the large figure that was hidden within the room's dark shadows.

"He's known as the Judge, not really a talkative one though." Spike returned to him carelessly. "He's got a real nifty trick though, so we keep him with us for now. That and he's Dru's latest birthday present as well." He added as an afterthought. "I've also found out where some of the others that Dru thinks might be helpful in this mess are. Thing is, they want to deal with you and not us. Figured you wouldn't have cared too much to pay for people ya didn't hire." Spike explained the wizard. "Their payment is either in money, or in favors from what I understand of em." The blonde then laid a piece of paper on the table and the wizard easily summoned it to his hand. Cute trick the vampire deadpanned as he saw the paper now on the other side of the room.

"Indeed it is," the wizard agreed with him. "Your companion is Drusilla the Mad," Voldemort said carefully as he finally voiced his identification of the pair of vampires. "That would make you Spike, or William the Bloody, the Slayer of Slayers. You are some of Europe's most feared and well known vampires."

"That we are mate, that we are." Spike said as he preened before the wizard. "So, you want our help or not? Rumor has it ya've recently lost yer hold on the wolves and the giants. Perhaps they need to know why it's better to have ya as a friend instead of an enemy." The vampire suggested with a knowing smile. "Hey bad news spread faster than anything else mate." Spike said as he saw the angered look of the Dark Lord. "There are those who's job it is to deal in information, and I always like to know just what it is that I'm dealing with. Someone saw yer lady bring in the body of yer werewolf king and the fight with the giants wasn't exactly quiet either. Helps to have eyes and ears all over. The whole mess with the giants actually had all of the weasels going and checking on all of yer bases to see what the response was. Now do ya want our help or not?" The vampire asked impatient at having to repeat himself.

Voldemort returned the smile with one of his own. "Yes, and while you do that, I shall investigate this." Voldemort said as scanned the list before him. The wizard's mind was already flashing into how this would best serve him. the remnants of the Ministry had said they were going to create a crack team to deal with the Muggleborn uprising and while they might have had one in mind this would work even better. With these beings he would release the nightmares that had worried Dumbledore onto them. He could also say that he was doing this to keep the purebloods safe and keep them happy. It would seem like he was protecting them when in reality the opportunity had merely fallen into his lap. While the line that usually separated the wizarding world and the supernatural word would be destroyed he could care less as long as he gained more power.

It also had the advantage that he would not be needlessly called back unless it was truly a problem. Without that distraction he would have more time to devote to his search for more power to use against Potter and his band as well.

"I shall have Lucius Malfoy arrange for a gathering of these beings and once you are together you can destroy those that have risen to try and stop my fun as you call it." The Dark Lord watched the pair hoping to see some recognition from the name and yet nothing came. It was times like these that he wished that vampires were not immune to mental arts. He did smile though as his mind began thinking of all of the targets a force like this would give him. Perhaps there were some more uses for Travers Squib relation. He knew the man was a player in the supernatural world, he would have to see if he had anything useful that he could use. "Follow me, I have to tell some of my followers of our alliance."

Spike nodded his head agreeably as he rose. "Sure thing, it'll be a real pleasure to meet with the minions. I'm sure that there will be someone interesting to play with as well." Spike added with a feral grin as his eyes glowed for a moment. The vampire's jacket billowed in an unfelt wind as he strode out of the room in a manner that was similar to Severus Snape. The vampire held his hand out to Drusilla who took the offered arm. "You coming or not big blue?" The vampire questioned over his shoulder. "I'm sure we can find you something nice to play with as well." The figure that had silently stayed in the shadows now moved into the light and the wizard saw a tall light blue skinned creature with a ring of horns around its head. The being paused in front of the wizard and looked at him curiously for a moment as if it was confused by something about the wizard before seeming to shrug it off and following after the pair of vampires

The Dark Lord nodded his agreement as he led the group out of the bar. He then created a portkey that whisked the group away from London and back to Malfoy Manor.

"Pretty fancy digs you got here." Spike noted as his eyes scanned the manor as they walked up the pathway.

Voldemort nodded as he led the trio up towards his current base. "All who work for are welcome here." He proclaimed to the pair. The vampires nodded and hesitantly entered the Manor. The wizard grinned as he saw that his invitation was enough to allow the vampires entrance. It seemed his take over of the Malfoy family home was much farther along than he had thought soon the very wards themselves would answer to his commands.

Spike looked around the wizard home carefully the moving pictures full of people that could have been relatives of his was a bit disturbing but it was nothing that he couldn't deal with. There was also something that he found annoying about them probably the I'm better than you way that they stuck their noses up at him similar to the way that Angelus used to do to him. He smirked back at the high and mighty portraits as he gave the group the finger. Several of the pictures actually understood the insult and visibly bristled at the vampire. He ignored the pictures of the nanc boys as he had other things to do. His eyes did bug out slightly when they entered a sitting room and he saw a figure that looked like it could be him if he could physically age another twenty years or so and beside him was a kid that could have been him as a teenager if he'd had natural platinum locks that is. Now if only they weren't both wearing poofter dresses or robes he might admit to them being some sort of relation.

The pair of knelt before Voldemort. "My Lord," the man greeted in a weak and defeated voice. His long hair hanging around his head hiding his face.

"Ah Lucius, meet our newest allies." Voldemort said waving towards the vampires and demon. "They shall be the ones to deal with the muggle borns that have risen up to challenge my rule that my Death Eater are unable to deal with."

Lucius raised his head to greet the Dark Lord's new followers and his eyes nearly bugged out in surprise as he saw a face so like his own staring back own at him. If one were to remove the filthy muggle clothing from this figure, and replace them with proper wizarding wear then he could be very well mistaken for a Malfoy. Normally the pureblood would have sneered at the lack of proper clothing of his guest or greeted him as a distant cousin but when those piercing blue eyes found him he froze. The eyes were hard chips without any mercy within them and were inspecting him like Greyback or Bella did. They were eyes that were thinking on the best way to kill him.

"Hello mate," the figure said as he drew out a long white object from a box and stuck the item between his lips. Then with a casual flip of his hand a silver lighter produced a flame and the figure lit the item up. "Names Spike."

The wizard realized that this must be one of those muggle cigarettes that he had heard of. He then realized that he knew that name as that of a famous vampire.

The man breathed in deeply before releasing a large cloud of smoke into the room. "So, you want to be a good little minion and show us around some." The figure demanded of him. "I need to know the layout after all just in case." He added absently.

The Malfoy head nodded after a confirming gesture from Voldemort. If he hadn't been so scared he might have taken offense of being given the job of a servant. Instead the wizard led the figure into the house. As the doors closed the group heard Voldemort snap orders towards Draco. "Boy summon Travers at once, I have a mission for him." The doors then shut cutting them off from whatever else they might have to say.

The group wandered the house with the two blonde men leading the way. Following behind them was a house elf cleaning up the ash and smoke damage that he was creating as he stomped through the manor. Spike paused in their discussion to examine the servant. "And what are you?" The vampire quizzed as he reached down and grabbed the elf by its towel and lifted it up to its face.

"I is being Nina, I is being a house elf and be doing the cleaning." The shaking elf returned to him.

"Some type of Brownie or some sort then?" Spike said, as he removed the cigarette and shoved the butt into the creature's head large bulbous nose grinding the cherry of the cigarette into the skin. The small creature howled in pain as it reached to grab at its face. The vampire used the moment of inattention to drop the creature and kick it across the room. I don't like being followed lets consider that a warning alright then? The vampire asked calmly as if it hadn't just attacked a defenseless creature.

"I understand sir." Lucius said, unsure what else the figure might do as he continued to lead them around the house hopefully they would leave his family alone.

Buffy looked down at the street below tossing her dark hair behind her back. She was currently dressed in her Spiderwoman gear which included black pants, jacket and boots with her uniform top, gloves, and mask being all that remained of the costume. Xander and Willow were dressed in their old costumes since they were actually good for sneaking around and Angel was dressed in all black with a belt full of infiltration equipment. The group was currently studying the small building that was a small distance away. Angel and Xander were located on opposite ends of the block while the girls held their posts directly opposite of the building.

According to the sources that they had this building was one of the safe houses that the Ministry had set up after their second attack on the Ministry. It seemed that even as arrogant as they were they learned from having most of their resources all confined to one area. After a jail break and a bombing even these guys were capable of learning from their mistakes and problems. Not that they would be able to bring back the ones that they had killed from the last visit's from the two groups. Of course it was a little to little to late they had already learned a lot about all of their operations before they began using decent security. The fact that between the two trio's they could now write a complete book set on the methods of espionage and combat. For every trick that the Ministry somehow managed to pick up from their experiences the group had about a dozen more that they could bring up against the Ministry. Their current target they had managed to get the confirmation from various sources. They had learned of the place through both the information that Moon Knight had managed to get from Greyback and then the information from Umbridge's files after that they had learned from the Weasley twins that a prisoner transfer was going to be happening this night. If they were lucky they would get the chance to deal with the prison transport as well. Each member of the group was currently stationed with M110 SASS. The automatic sniper rifles should allow them to take down anyone that got under their sights once their enemy showed up. The group now waited for when the Ministry Death Eaters would appear. Harry, Hermione, and Ron had opted out of the mission so that they could continue with their research on whatever it was that they needed to defeat Voldemort. It sure would make it easier if the Gryffindor trio would trust them with what they were looking for. The Gryffindor's seemed intent on keeping that particular aspect of their mission to themselves for the time being though. The fact that they didn't appear to have told anyone else about what they were looking for either helped some.

There was a large crack and Spiderwoman shrugged off her thoughts about the other half of their team and noticed that the double decker form of the Knight Bus had appeared. She quickly brought her comm to life. "Alright folks we got some action down there, let's see if we can't take them out of the game. Sound off."

"Punisher ready to go."

"Black Widow set."

"Angel here rifle is live."

"The only thing about you that is fang face." Punisher quipped at the vampire.

"Clear the air." Spiderwoman said before the pair could start bickering. "Giles, are you on air?" She questioned the Watcher.

"Yes, I am set for if anything should go wrong." The Watcher returned over the radio.

"Stand by then." Spiderwoman returned as she looked at what was going on through her scope. There was about eight wizards waiting outside of the giant bus while another group of about equal size were pushing a large crowd of people that contained men women and even a short green scaled figure that she presumed was one of the goblins that they had been informed about. Each of the prisoners was dirty from days of either living on the run or in prison cells, their hands were also bound by heavy manacles that weighted each of them down. Behind them came another set of guards that were about the same number as the ones already waiting outside. Combined they numbered nearly twenty witches and wizards one of the bigger one on one hits that they had done against the Ministry. The prisoners all appeared to be adequately cowed except for the goblin who kept flashing his fangs and speaking in its language.

"Fire," Spiderwoman commanded.

Four of the Ministry Aurors jerked as the bullets blasted through them. As the purebloods turned to check on their companions two more died while two of them spun as bullets sent them sailing into the ground with wounds that were now dripping blood. The remaining aurors hunkered down and raised their shields as they waited for the next attack leaving their prisoners to fend for themselves in finding some sort of safety from the attack.

"Let's go Black Widow." Spiderwoman said, the two arachnid themed heroines set their rifles down and leaped from the building. There were several screeches of fear as the witches and wizards saw the two approaching figures fall from the sky. One of the guards fell down and died when he rose to attack them forcing the other aurors to add more power to their shields. Once on the ground the pair moved to deal with the red robed wizards. Spiderwoman drew a pair of knives from her enchanted wristbands while Black Widow activated her Widow's Bite for lethal setting. Each girl took a target and fired on them, one wizard ended up with a knife in his arm and another in his gut. Two other wizards were thrown across the street as the giant electrical bursts burned through them. That was eight down permanently and three with severe injuries.

The Black Widow moved through the crowd giving her partner cover fire from her weapons while Spiderwoman moved through the crowd of prisoners and breaking the chains that they were wearing as the last chain fell the girls looked up as several beams of light impacted on the ground around them. The girls looked up to see more red robed figures boiling out of the building.

"Punisher, how man many?" Black Widow questioned, as she dodged several dangerous light beams while firing back with her weapons.

"There's about another ten or so in there." Punisher returned his friend. The two auror groups quickly regrouped and were now standing in apparent readiness for the fight.

"This just keeps getting better and better." The redhead muttered as she saw that the three that they had injured were being cared for the one Spiderwoman had injured with knives was being treated and the wizards were bumbling around the other two down members trying to figure what had happened to them to cause such large holes in their people. The dead were being ignored for the moment.

"We can worry about that later," Spiderwoman returned to her partner as she cartwheeled away from a spell. "Right now we need to stop them before they do anything else."

"Yeah hurry up, by our best estimates of their reactions we have anywhere from ten to thirty minutes before they send anyone to check out what's happening here." Another pair of bullets roared out and two holes now decorated the bus causing steam to shoot out as the radiator was destroyed. "Dang, I wanted to be the one to disable the bus." Punisher complained. Two bullets whizzed out taking out the tires though.

"Agreed, moving into engage," Black Widow said as she drew a gun and began firing on one of the aurors. The man looked scared for a moment as the hard hitting hollow tipped rounds blasted into his shield. It took three shots to break his shield and another two to the chest that laid him out. The redhead turned her sights on another red robed figure and repeated the process taking out another. The wizards turned to face the threat only for three more to fall to the sniper fire from the members up above. The girl dropped her gun though as the weapon was transfigured into a bird. The disgusted spy threw the animal to the side and drew another gun on the Death Eaters and resumed fire.

Spiderwoman took the moment of fear that the group had to pull another pair of combat knives and rush at the group as she got close the wizards noticed her and began firing at her. The girl responded by leaping over the group and landing behind them. As she came down she slashed a wizard in the back causing him to cry out in pain as he went down. Spinning the masked figure crossed her blades and took the throat out of another. While her blades were nowhere near as good as Wolverine's they still had enough of an edge on them to get the job done. She then flipped and landed on the shoulders of another auror. With a twist of her legs she broke his neck and then with a quick downward jab she drove her blades into the heads of two more. As she rode the wizard she had killed down an explosion hex caught her in the chest and sent her flying off of the wizard. She painfully slammed into a wall As she climbed back to her feet she saw that the others had rained bullet after bullet down on the shields of the remaining members of the Death Eaters. The goblin had even gotten into the rescue by driving its clawed hands forward and gutting two of the aurors.

The two girls looked around and realized that the only wizards still standing were the former prisoners. From start to finish the mission had taken nearly twenty minutes. There had simply been a lot more wizards inside than they had been expecting and had drawn the fight out a lot longer than they had expected. Many of the escapees were watching the pair with mixtures of distrust and revulsion.

"Why, did you do that?" One of them finally managed to croak out at them. "They're aurors, they were just doing their jobs. I'm sure that this is all some sort of misunderstanding and there was no reason to do that to them." There were subdued mutterings of agreement from all of the prisoners.

The goblin was the only one not doing that as it was busy slicing the ears off of its kills. "Well fought humans," the creature said, "I would love to bet on you in the arena." It cackled at the thought of the money that it would make from such a thing.

The girls smirked at the goblin before turning towards the humans. "We saved your lives is what we did. You might be in denial about it, but this country is at war." Spiderwoman reminded the group dryly as she looked them over. "I'm not going to argue over it either, you need to go now though before their backup arrives. Unless you think that they'll bother to listen to you."

Black Widow nodded her head in agreement. "I suggest that you try for muggle transportation and get out of the country. If you try any type of magical transport it would be dangerous as they're probably watching all magical methods right now. If you don't think that you can leave for whatever reason then you need to work on lying low."

"What can we do now though," a woman questioned in a meek voice, "the Ministry has gone crazy."

Black Widow rolled her eyes at this. "Your government has become blinded by its own power and prestige from having the likes of Dumbledore. Now you have to deal with the fall out of their decisions and choices having corrupted nearly all of you government. Get out of the country for now, or at the very least try and stay low. Now is not the time to confront them over everything. For the moment protect yourselves and your loved ones. If you think it would be better than get them out of the country. We gave you a chance to survive I hope that none of you decide to waste the chance that we have given you."

"Yeah, and then we can come back once Harry Potter deals with all this." One person said excitedly.

"Time to disappear Widow," Spiderwoman told her friend before she started saying anything else to the people.

The redhead nodded her head in understanding and joined her friend in scaling the walls of the building once they were at the top they looked down at the street full of witches and wizards and saw them either running or looking though the fallen bodies for wands or other supplies.

The four regrouped on a rooftop a few blocks away from where they had engaged the aurors. "Report," Spiderwoman said as she looked the others over.

"No damage," Punisher said.

"I'm good," Angel replied.

"Set," Black Widow returned.

"Great," Spiderwoman said, "we need to head back to the base. Punisher you take the rental," she said nodding toward the van. "Widow you've got the subway, Angel take the sewers, I'll take the rooftops. We'll meet back up at the base unless we need to use our emergency portkeys." The others nodded in agreement as they each began heading in their own directions to find their paths. "Giles I need you to keep an ear out for us in case something goes wrong." Spiderwoman said as she began bouncing from building to building.

"Understood," the Watcher returned to his Slayer.

Spiderwoman sighed as she began moving through the rooftops leaping and gliding from one building to the next hoping to drive anyone following them off their trail. It wouldn't surprise her if they had tried some sort of tracing device they needed to make sure that they were clean from being followed before they tried anything else. With that in mind each of them was doing their best to lose themselves into the hustle and bustle of the city. If there were any tracers on them then they would likely notice any wizards trying to follow them long before they got back to base and could get one of the Gryffindor trio to run a scan on them.

Spiderwoman was enjoying her trek through the rooftops, one of the things she had learned to love about her new powers and the city was the potential gymnastics that it gave her. She was in the middle of bouncing from one building to the next when a nearby window she had been next to a moment ago shattered as if from a bullet. The girl dove into a shadow as a bullet pierced a nearby brick. Having a spider sense would be so useful sometimes. While hiding in the shadows she followed the basic path such a bullet would have taken and found herself looking at a rooftop with several figures on it.

This Spiderwoman I am taking fire.

Acknowledged, switching to secondary route. Black Widow's voice returned to her friend.

"Confirm, do you require backup?" Punisher's voice crackled back at her over the radio.

"Neg that, appears to be a sniper team located on a building top. They're using hardware though instead of spellware though. This shouldn't take to long unless they have sort of surprise waiting for me up there." "Spiderwoman out."

Releasing the wall she dropped out of view and quickly made her way for the building. Once there she quickly began scaling the building as quickly as she could. Once she got to the top she slowly peeked over the edge of the building to see just who it was that was taking potshots at her.

"Do you see it?" A figure demanded as a small group appeared to be using night vision scopes to search for her.

"No sign sir, it looks like the creature has decided to flee from the area." Another man said.

Spiderwoman smirked if they were putting that much effort into looking for her the least she could is to greet them. Besides it wasn't like she was all that shy. Lifting herself with her hands she vaulted over the ledge and landed in the middle of the group. "Hey guys, miss me?" She questioned as she took the shock and surprise of her sudden appearance to get an idea as to who it was that she was dealing with. There were six guys in full commando gear and loaded down with weapons. There was a guy in a suit who was obviously acting as a director for them and finally there was a girl. Unlike the soldiers who looked like they were special forces or something. The girl was chocolate skinned, and was wearing Wal-Mart knockoffs. The only thing that gave a hint to the threat level that she actually represented was the giant machete that she wore on her back. The blade had a giant leather sheath and what appeared to be a bone handle either this girl was just for show or there was more to her than met the eyes. The fact that she was dressed as she was while the others were in state of the art equipment made one wonder.

"Catch you guys on the flip side." She said with a smile, as she flipped back over the group and sailed down the side of the building and into the alley.

"After it!" She heard the man in the suit order at the group.

Spiderwoman landed gracefully on her feet and turned to look up to see the group up above her dropping ropes over the edge and began rappelling down. Spiderwoman then watched as the girl merely grabbed one of the ropes in one hand and began running down the side of the building. Watching her she noticed that the girl had speed that was comparable to a vampire. As the girl got close the ground she leaped and landed on the ground.

"So I'm guessing you're the muscle to their guns?" Spiderwoman said as she sized the girl up trying to get a reading on the girl. The girl didn't say anything other than drawing her giant blade out and swung the blade at her. "Careful with that thing you'll knock someone's eyes out." Spiderwoman mocked as she ducked beneath a slash that would have taken her head off. Spinning on her heel she knocked the girl off her feet. She was forced to move back though as several bullets chewed the ground up at her feet. Turning the heroine noticed that the men had stopped their descent to cover the girl. The girl used her backing away to flip back up to her feet. Spiderwoman responded by leaping up onto the alley wall and tugging on the ropes forcing the men to focus on their grips instead of their weapons. Glaring the girl responded by clutching her sword and leaping at the meta-human with her sword raised over her head. Spiderwoman leaped out of the way before the girl got close enough. There was a grinding sound and a flash of sparks and when Spiderwoman looked she noticed that there was a jagged cut in the side of the building.

"That one way to get people's attention, or cut to the chase." Spiderwoman remarked dryly as she examined the damage. "Got to admit I've never had a need to attack a building though. Still better the wall than somebody. At least that's what my shrink used to say before I moved from the city, And trust me I've had a lot of people trying to get into my head." Spiderwoman landed on the ground and watched the girl warily as the dark skinned beauty lunged at her with an ax kick. The heroine caught the blow on her crossed arms and pushed her into the air.

While the girl sailed through the air she twisted her body so that her feet slammed into the wall and she quickly pushed off coming back at the costumed figure with her sword leading.

"You really take the whole silent and deadly stereotype to the extreme don't you?" Spiderwoman noted as she caught the extended weapon arm and rolled back planting her toe in the girl's stomach and then releasing sending her flying into the commando's that had finally landed.

The girl was the first one to get to her feet and put herself in a defensive position between Spiderwoman and the commando's.

"So do I even get a name, or are you guys going to keep up the silent and deadly routine?" Spiderwoman quizzed from her spot on the opposite end of the alley.

"Very well creature, if you tink you be needin to know who I am." The girl finally said with a heavy accent that Spiderwoman was fairly sure was French or Jamaican.

"She speaks," Spiderwoman said with mock surprise.

The girl ignored her and instead continued with what she had started saying. "I be Kendra, da Vampyre Slayer." She said stonily.

"I must have misheard you, cause I could have sworn you just called yourself the Vampire Slayer." Spiderwoman said as she eyed Kendra up and down. "Last I checked Buffy Summer's was the Slayer, and she's blonde, Californian, and has a reflection. At least she did the last time I checked that is." And she did have a reflection after all doing makeup right required a good mirror and reflection. She kind of wondered how vamps managed unless they had minions do it. Besides just because she was fighting an insane dark wizard in a hidden magical society didn't mean that she couldn't do it in style.

"What are ya talkin bout?" Kendra asked in obvious confusion. "Who be dis Buffy Summers?"

"Uh the Hellmouth Slayer," Spiderwoman returned to her, feeling somewhat indignant that the girl had never even heard of her. "She's short, blonde, lives in Sunnydale. You're saying that you've never even heard of her before? If you're going to be posing as a Slayer it helps if you know who the Slayer before you was at least." She lectured the girl in annoyance. She knew that India Cohen had come before her and liked to think that when the next Slayer came that the girl would know who she was.

"Ah ave nevah eard oh dis Buffy Summers." Kendra returned to her. "Now you shall be dyin me hand though so you will not hear of her again either." Saying this, the girl lunged at the other figure.

"Really?" Spiderwoman asked as she blocked the various punches and kicks being sent her way. "She only ever dealt with Lothos, the Master, Moloch, and kept the hellmouth from opening. You're sure none of this sounds familiar?"

"What Slayer Summers accomplished is of no concern for our mission tonight." One of the commando's said as they finally managed to get back to their feet. "Our orders, by the command of the Watchers Council and Director Travers is to stop the you strange beings that are attacking various places in England."

"If it be de will oh de Council." Kendra said in agreement as she increased her attack.

"Fine if that's the way that you guys want to play it." Spiderwoman said coldly.

The Council operatives nodded and raised their weapons three of them drew large knives while the other three drew back so that they could use their guns while Kendra readied her giant blade.

"Let's dance," Spiderwoman said as she got into her own position.

Kendra moved in first thrusting forward with her blade. Spiderwoman side stepped the attack then moved in trapping the sword arm under her own a head but surprised the girl and then a twist and the girl was disarmed. She took the sword and threw it at the wall smirking as she heard it drive itself into the brick. She then tossed the Slayer after the blade. She turned to face the wet works team and began running at them trying to keep the knife men in between herself and the gunmen. As she got closer, she had to admit these guys were a completely different type of Council folk than she was used to. Instead of the blustering, tea sipping, book reading, tweed wearing Watchers that she was used to dealing with. These guys were dangerous in ways that before she never would have understood before Halloween.

It did make her wonder about the Council though guys like these were not cheap to supply or train, and somehow the Council could field at least a half dozen of them. If they could do that she wondered where this money was when it came to her training and supplies since Merrick had only a knife and an abandoned warehouse and Giles equipment was actually stuff that he had brought with him. Why were Slayers denied this type of gear and equipment?

She shelved those thoughts away as she summoned another pair of her daggers and launched her weapons at the blade wielders. The first two dodged out of the way while the third tried to meet her. She leaned back and the blade passed over her head and a powerful punch to the gut lifted the man up and over the gunmen to slam painfully into the wall. She ducked as the knife men came at her from behind and landed on her hands spinning on her hands her outstretched feet slammed into the head of the other two men. She then did a handspring from the ground to the alley wall to avoid the bullet and began running at the gunmen who were trying to bring their weapons around to bear on their quick and agile target.

"You really need to learn how to aim those things the idea is to not shoot the people working with you." The vigilante said, as she dodged a couple of random shots. While running Spiderwoman fired a pair of bio blasts that knocked two of the gun men back into the wall as the poison flowed through them. She then performed a jump kick that nailed the last member of the commando's. not about to take any chances she then fired weak bio blasts at each of the Watchers to keep them down and out. A visit to the hospital would pump all of the toxins out of their systems.

Spiderwoman then turned to looked towards Kendra who had finally managed to King Arthur her machete. Well not quite, since the tip of the blade had been broken off instead of waiting to work the weapon free.

"Its just you and me now Kendra." The masked figure told her adversary. Kendra swung again only for Spiderwoman to catch her wrist and tear the blade out of her hands again only this time she tossed it farther down into the alley and shadows. "You wanted to prove what a big and bad Slayer you are well now's your chance." She informed the girl egging her on.

"I will kill ya," Kendra swore as she lunged forward, her fists swinging.

Spiderwoman nodded as she brought her own hands up and began blocking the attacks being launched at her. A spin kick to the gut sent the girl sprawling. The Slayer climbed back to her feet and lunged again. Spiderwoman sighed as she fought the girl. This wasn't even a contest for her. She was a lot faster and stronger than the Slayer was or could likely hope to be without some sort of magical upgrades of some sort. What she lacked in power and even skill though she more than made up for in bull headedness though. Spiderwoman almost growled as the girl shakily climbed back to her feet. It was time to stop playing with the girl she had other things to do than to play with the new slayer or whatever the hell she was. She had fought her originally to try and figure out what she was. Unfortunately her moves were almost exact replica's of hers hen she was just a Slayer. As far as she could tell she was really fighting with a Slayer, or the closest thing that there was to one. She backhanded the dark skinned Slayer into the wall. Play time was over she needed to finish this and get back to base. "Stay down, there's no reason for the two of us to be fighting." She told the slayer, before glancing at the Council wet team that had been sent along with the Slayer to take her down. You may not believe but you and I have more in common than you would think. I didn't want to fight, but you and your friends were the one that thought it was a good idea. The only people I've been hurting are dark wizards you should think on that."

She waited a moment before noticing that the Slayer had faded into unconsciousness. Two members of the wet team were unconscious due to her venom blasts and would be in the hospital for a while. Spiderwoman moved quickly and searched the Council team for anything of value taking the weapons and gear that they had. With this gear they would be saved the need in replacing some of their own equipment and it didn't matter if these guys were found since they were Council rejects and would probably be back out on the streets with all of the gear within an hour. The way they had the humiliation of having been beaten and a lot of lost gear that they would have to replace. Spiderwoman hesitated over the fallen Slayer before she left her with the rest of the Council team. They were too busy to babysit a Slayer who thought of them as the enemy.

The moment of hesitation was all that the girl needed to come out of her fake unconsciousness and try and use sheer muscle against her. Spiderwoman tossed the girl into the wall several times before she was sure the girl was out this time. She looked up to the top of the building and could see that there was a man standing there calmly watching as the final member of the group fell to the ground. She yanked on a couple of the ropes and tied Kendra's arms and legs together before shouldering the equipment and giving a mocking salute towards the command's. She then activated her portkey and disappeared.

She reappeared in the warehouse and quickly disarmed herself while under the watchful eyes of Punisher and Black Widow. She finally removed her mask and nodded to her friends. "Seems that the evil wizard of Oz has gone and done some recruiting outside of the usual lines." The blonde said.

"Is this our fault?" Punisher asked as he lowered the gun.

"I sincerely doubt that, at the most I would say that you advanced his time table for these sorts of things." Giles said as he walked toward the girl to examine her for injuries. "While going over the records of known Death Eaters and pureblood supporters I came across a rather disturbingly familiar name. Travers, is a marked Death Eater however he also happens to have an uncle. An uncle who just so happens to currently be leading the Watcher's Council right now." He added ominously as he nodded towards a folder that Angel was currently skimming through. "If I were to guess, I would hypothesize that the dark wizard is expanding his operations now by taking control of the various smaller mystical societies that operated somewhere between being normal and having magical powers. He's looking for extra power right now to ensure his win and he's looking everywhere for it. Whether he knows what it means exactly to control the Council is debatable. "

"Alright, how did everyone's extraction go?" Buffy asked as she looked at the others. Xander seemed alright, while Angel and Willow were both covered in what looked like sewage.

"Next time, I think I want the rooftop escape." The redhead grumbled to her friend as she ran the edge of her knife against the bottom of her boot wipe some of the muck off of them.

"I may just let you have it." Buffy returned as she began trying to think what it could be that Voldemort was searching for if he was willing to take on the societies that existed in between. She only hoped that there were no powerful supernatural communities near here right now or they would all be in trouble. She needed a shower and food though before she could decide whether or not they were in trouble. All of this made one wonder what else Voldemort would throw at them before they were through with all of this though.

Who knows when I'll update again hope it was worth the wait.