A/N: I was shocked when I saw that the F-Zero section of this site contained only 11 stories. ELEVEN!! And Sonic has over a thousand stories. Eh, go figure. I'm writing this story, which is the storyline of F-Zero GX, to support my favorite Nintendo series.

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Oh yeah, the disclaimer. I do not own Black Shadow, Deathborn, the Black Bull, the Dark Schneider, or the G-diffuser system used for the F-Zero Machines. If I did...


It was very dark on F-Zero track. So dark, that visibility would be at "0" if it weren't for the lights positioned on the sides of the road.

A roaring engine-two, in fact-were heard coming up the road. The first one was damaged. One could see from its erratic driving that the driver was trying to get away from something. The black vehicle drove with alacrity-that is to say, really fast speed.

Another, more imposing vehicle in gray came up behind the black one. It was heavily armored and looked all but indestructible. If one did not know any better, one would think that the gray vehicle was chasing the black one.

And that one would be right.

The gray vehicle-called the Dark Schneider-caught up to the black vehicle-called the Black Bull. The Dark Schneider rammed the Black Bull hard, causing several sparks to fly. The Black Bull was already damaged-it did not need a lot more to take it out. Another ram insured that the Black Bull would be out of commission. The Black Bull flipped across the track several times across the track before finally coming to a stop. It burst into flames (as all F-Zero machines do when they crash).

A dark figure emerged from the flames-it seemed to be injured somewhat from they way it was holding its shoulder. He was obviously trying to get away from whatever was chasing him as fast as he could, despite his injuries. But it was all in vain.

Someone grabbed him by the throat, the driver of the Dark Schneider. The person in black-named Black Shadow-pleaded with him. "Please," he said hoarsely. "Give me another chance."

"You get one more chance," Deathborn-the one who was holding him by the throat-said, in reverberating, menacing voice. "Win this Grand Prix or-" here, he paused and tightened his grip on Black Shadow's throat for extra effect. "-you know the price of failure."

"I promise," Black Shadow said desperately. Deathborn dropped him unceremoniously onto the ground and walked back toward his machine. "I'll win it this time."

"Remember," Deathborn threatened as he got into the Dark Schneider. "Don't fail me again." He then drove off in the direction that he came.