Alice and Bella

Alice P.O.V.

I got out of my last period trig class a few minutes late. I went to find Bella so I could take her shopping. For a girl with one of the best human bodies I've ever see she was really shy about showing it off.

As I was walking down the three stairs next to the ramp I got a short vision. Emmett and Jasper were throwing a foot ball and Emmett threw it over Jasper's head just higher than a normal could jump and Jasper was forced to let it sail past him in efforts to keep the human façade. Bella walked with her head in a book she had just checked out from the library. Oblivious to the foot ball careening toward her head at a speed that was sure to leaveher with a bruise if not knock her down and give her a concussion.

As I came out of my vision I searched for Edward surely if he was in the vicinity he saw my vision through my thoughts and was going to intervene. Edward isn't anywhere around. I saw Bella walking and reading like in her vision and she saw the football darting towards Bella. I ran as fast as I could without attracting attention.

I wrapped my arms around Bella's waist and lifted her while I spun us away from the impact site just as the football sailed past me.

Bella was completely lost at what had just happened and was slightly dizzy by the sudden swirling motion. I placed her on her feet but didn't let go of her waist. I had my body completely pressed into her back and I was suddenly hyper aware of every part of us that was connected. And her scent was one of the most tantalizing things I'd ever smelt.

As she finally regained her composure I loosened my grip but didn't completely take my hands off her was. I noticed how soft she felt even through her clothes. And the way her body seemed to relax against mine when she realized it was me holding her.

"Bella! Are you okay?" Emmett and jasper came over shouting at the same time. Jasper looked at me quizzically probably wondering about all the emotions being emitted from my body right now, but at the moment nothing was as important as Bella.

"I think so… what happened? I was just walking and then Alice had me and we were spinning I think…?" she trailed off looking back at me and noticing that my hands where still on her waist.

I looked down and dropped my hands ashamed of the thoughts running through my mind about my best friend. My Best Human Friend. My Best Human Friend and My Brother's Girlfriend.

"I had a vision of the football hitting you and you possibly getting a concussion." Although I didn't see the ball actually hit her it helped explain to her why I reacted so fast. I turned to Emmett and Jasper eyes blazing realizing that they where the reason my Bella almost got hurt… wait a minute did I just say my Bella. No she wasn't my Bella she was Edward's and I would berate the boys for almost causing him stress waiting for her to be patched up in the hospital.

"What the hell were you thinking throwing a football in a parking lot full of humans? Are you that dense? I mean I expect this kind of carelessness from Emmett but Jazz I thought you would have had more sense. Dammit!" Jasper looked slightly offended, and Emmett just looked taken aback at my reaction.

I turned back to Bella who was standing there still slightly confused. "Bella are you sure you're okay?" she nodded. "Where is Edward?"

"I cut my self and the smell hit him unexpectedly right before biology and he left to hunt he said he'd come by the house later."

"Oh. Well that's fine because now you can go shopping with me." I was using this shopping trip to get away from the guys now. I didn't know what I was feeling and I felt uneasy being around jasper while I was feeling it.

"ALICE! We just went shopping last week. There is no possible way that you could need anything else. I refuse to go on another one of your shopping expeditions. They called the credit card company to make sure you hadn't stolen the card because they were suspicious of the amount of money you seemed to be spending. You bought more than enough stuff more an army of pixie to wear what else could you possibly need?"

"I don't need anything, that's why we're going shopping for you. There's no use in arguing because I've already seen your arguments and I also saw you agree so can we just go." I looked up at her with my trade mark pout just to make sure there was no argument. She agreed.

I turned to jasper and Emmett. "Please let Esme know that I took Bella shopping in Port Angeles and I'll be home later."

Emmett who was already backing away, scared that I might try to get him to come along and carry the bags stopped and said "sure sprite." Then he looked at Bella and grinned "hope you have a good time" and with that he walked away. I heard Bella groan behind me.

"Jazz can you take Bella's truck home. We're taking the Volvo seeing as Edward is gone." He nodded still looking at me with that quizzical look.

I reached to give jasper a hug and he, to my surprise, he wrapped both arms around me, picked me up and kissed me with more passion than I was used to him showing in public. Then he whispered so softly in my ear "when you get home I think we should talk." I noticed Jasper holding me didn't have the same calming effect that it had so many times before. And as ashamed as I am to admit it, I was longing for the arms of another.