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The Party

Baby steps into exhibitionism


We had been lying together on my bed, getting further acquainted with one another when Charlie had burst through the front door. I hadn't heard him, but the sudden tensing of Edwards shoulders alerted me. Edward muttered between butterfly kisses against my neck that Charlie had become suspicious of what we were doing shut away in my bedroom together and had come home earlier in attempts to catch us out.

I was muttering Edward's name; already lamenting his necessary absence; when Charlie practically lunged through my bedroom door, all but shouting, his voice was so loud. It was all nonsensical babble. I barely fathomed the words, peckish and thirsty before he cut himself off.

Whatever he was expecting to find, I'm sure that reality left him disappointed.

Edward had already climbed through my window and was perched comfortably on the roof, listening. And I, I was sprawled face down on my bed, feigning sleep. His sudden arrival hadn't given me much time to cover myself, so I lay there with the sheets pooled at my feet, and my vest top hitched to high.

I was desperate for him to leave and for Edward to come back; I had been enjoying his kisses and Charlie's arrival had interrupted the promise of what they were leading up to.

My father may think he was devious and sneaky in his attempts to catch me red handed, but I had learnt from the best.

I knew assuredly of what would get him to leave and not come back anytime soon.

He started to talk to me, so I set my plan into action. It would take longer for him to leave me alone, if he realised I was awake.

"Bella I was just w..."

"Mmm" I moaned, sleepily.

"Well. Shit..."

I smiled at my fathers cursing. Time to step it up.

"Mmm. Please". I sighed.

I heard him chuckle to himself.

"Sleep talking. Just like her bloody mother that one".

"Mmm", I moaned again, rubbing my thighs together, pressing my hips into the bed.

I heard Charlie clear his throat.

"Huhhmm, a bit too much like her mother perhaps".

Well that was just too much information!

I heard him shuffle out of my room, and his footfall muffle along the hall. I stayed still knowing he had left my door open; he was planning on coming back again. It took a little less than a minute for him to return, and a small smile pulled at my lips when he placed a heavy comforter over me. He dropped a kiss to my forehead and moved to close my window down. I heard him whisper good night as he pulled my door shut.

I lay still for a few extra moments and was startled when I felt the mattress dip at my side.

"Isabella Swan. You are a naughty little thing aren't you?"

I grinned up into his beautiful topaz eyes, feigning innocence.

"I don't know what you m-me-mean".

I think my statement lost affect, as lost in my yawn as it was.

"Hmm. Sleep. My beautiful human" he chuckled quietly, as he nuzzled and kissed my neck, his lips never ceasing.

"Ungh. How am I supposed to sleep when you have your amazing mouth on me?" I asked leaning closer to his touch.

With a heavy sigh he pulled back, and lay next to me. "We have school tomorrow Bella. So please, sleep. I will try to keep my hands to myself".

I sighed as I nestled into his side, cocooning him into the blankets with me, "I wish you wouldn't".

He snickered at my grumble and pulled me closer to him; so I was lying across his chest. Despite the thickness and heat of the blanket I was more than comfortable encased with Edward as we were, and it wasn't long before I was falling asleep, my hummed lullaby vibrating the chest beneath me.


I dozed in and out of sleep waiting impatiently for Charlie to leave. It would have been humorous watching as Edward darted in and out of my closet; trying to avoid Charlie's suddenly watchful eye; if I weren't so desperate for him. I cursed my incessant need to sleep.

As soon as the front door closed; much later than was usual for Charlie; our lips met in a frantic and hungry kiss. It was so easy to lose myself in Edward that his lips were trailing down my neck before my brain finally engaged.

"Edward… wait… I. I need a shower and clothes and... Hmmm".

What was I saying?

I was helpless when his lips and tongue were on me that the world around me withered away into nothingness. I was barely aware of my phone ring, nor did I recognise the fact that it stopped when I threw it at the wall. The only things that mattered in my world was his mouth skimming the neck line of my vest, our unified moans and his hands sliding my shirt up my torso.

I almost jumped out of my skin when a screeching shrill tore through the room.


Both Edward and my eyes snapped towards the open window to see Alice perched on the ledge, her feet dangling above my floor. Bloody annoying pixie!

"Hey nympho's. Edward your car is out front, I won't even bother asking why you didn't hear me coming nor will I ask why Bella's phone is smashed to bits in the corner. I would love to stay and chat but we have school in fifteen minutes. Rose has just pulled up out front, and we all know how much she loves to be kept waiting, so. Bye-bye".

With a tiny wave of her hand, the tiny girl swung her feet out the window and jumped gracefully to the ground below.

With a frantic glance at Edward I leapt from the bed, snatching at my toiletries bag and grabbing a folded pile of clothes from the desk. I didn't remember putting them there, but whatever they were they'd have to do. I began cursing loudly as I jumped into the too cold shower.


Ten minutes later we were speeding our way towards school, with me attempting to choke down a piece of burnt toast. Given our haste you would have thought I'd have known better than to kiss Edward while making breakfast but no.

His eyes were back to their stunning honeyed topaz as he parked the car but I knew he was just as frustrated and just as aroused as I was. It wasn't difficult to interpret his huffs, groans and mumbling; almost all centred on the girl rapidly becoming known as the 'god damn pixie'; as such.

The day was passing excruciatingly slow; even with Edward in all my classes. The chaste touches and longing glances were just adding fuel to the fire.

I had never found the structured school environment more torturous.

At lunch Edward slammed my tray down on the table with such force I was stunned the table didn't shatter. I was annoyed when the rest of the Cullen's began laughing.

"Why so tense Edward?" Jasper laughed, easily picking up on the tension we both shared. Needless to say that our multiple disturbances and the tedious slowness of today had both of us on a knives edge.

"Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Jasper" Edward growled.

His brothers and sisters openly gaped at him.

I wasn't really surprised. I had discovered a vital bit of information that was still unbeknown to them. An unsatisfied and horny Edward is a cranky and bad-tempered Edward. Obvious, you'd think, but given that they had known him for almost a century this disclosure was shocking. There was little of gentlemanly Edward left in him right now. And I fucking loved it!

I found my new revelation to be adorably cute and endearing. It made him more of the man I knew he was.

Dropping down heavily into his chair, he folded his arms on the table and rested his head against them. I knew he was watching me, his family knew he was watching me but to everyone else he appeared to be sleepy or sick.

As always Emmett was the first to open his mouth, "Christ Eddie! You should come hunting with us this afternoon dude. Might chill you out a little".

It was unexpected when he ignored Emmett and turned to face Alice.

"You're not going to be in school this afternoon? Why?"

Rosalie jumped in before Alice had chance to reply. She met Edward's piercing glare, and by the frown creasing his brows I knew she was blocking him from her thoughts.

"Edward. just because your not getting any stress relief don't take it out on us, it does not mean you can act like a petulant toddler when real life ensues. Smashing stuff about; I mean seriously. How very mature of you! You are only embarrassing yourself and Bella, and if there is much more of that shit you're going to end up exposing us all. Why are we ditching out of school today? Well, actually that would be all down to you. You and the boys were meant to be away all weekend, hunting. But as usual you couldn't go a whole two days without pouting and pining and ended the trip prematurely. So we are taking off; and no, you are not invited".

Although none of that had been directed at me, I could still feel the sting of her words. I looked at the faces of the others at our table; to gage their reactions to her whispered discourse. Alice looked apologetic. Jasper and Emmett were practically beaming; I couldn't figure if it was because of what Rosalie had said or if it was because they got to ditch out. And Edward, Edward just looked nonplussed by the whole thing. He was looking at Rosalie, as if waiting for her rant to begin again. When it didn't he took a depth breath before replying.

"If you say so Rose. Have fun", he stood promptly and offered his hand to me, "Are you finished eating?"

I tossed my half eaten bagel onto the tray and took his hand, allowing him to pull me to my feet. Once free of the cafeteria he quickly; almost too quickly to pass for human; lifted me and ran us to the Band's Instrumental Storeroom.

Once the door had swung closed and its lock had been clicked, I found myself pressed up against the cases of stored instruments.

I heard a primal growl tear through the dark before I felt his cool breath was over my face.

"I want you, right here, right now".

I whimpered as his mouth crashed against mine, the suddenness of his approach startling, despite how much I was anticipating it. As always it only took mere moments for me to lose myself in him. In his cool touch, and his marble hard lips.

I was acutely aware of his fingers slipping under the fabric of my shirt, leaving a tingling trail in their wake. I sighed blissfully as his lips ghosted a path to my jaw, his tongue tasting my skin. I moaned when he reached my collarbone, sucking the sensitive skin into his mouth. I almost cried out when I felt his hands cup my breasts over the fabric of my bra. Swallowing back the urge I let my head loll, exposing more of my throat for him to lavish attention on.

Threading my fingers into his hair I tugged on it, a flood of moisture seeping from me as he growled again. Nothing could have stopped my moan when I felt his teeth craze over the skin he had just released from his mouth.

"Mmm. Oh! Edward"

I could feel him pressing into my belly, and damn it, it wasn't enough. I hitched my leg around his hips, forcing him to grind against me. I almost came undone when he moaned into my ear as his erection pressed against my heated core.

"Oh! Fuck me! Bella!"

And the gentleman was gone.

I issued a silent prayer to the heavens as I felt his amazing fingers tear the fabric of my bra away, exposing my pebbled nipples to his desperate touch.

I literally screamed when he pinched them between his thumbs and fore fingers.

"Oh! Shit! Yes!"

*** ring *** ring *** ring *** ring *** ring *** ring *** ring *** ring *** ring ***

"Fuck Sake! You have got to be kidding me!" I couldn't stifle my laugh as Edward cried out in exasperation.

After straightening myself out the best I could, I took his hand in mine and unlocked the door. Stepping out into the hall way I sighed wistfully; already missing the darkened room, "Come on, time for Biology".

It was then that I caught sight of his eyes.

"Oh shit! Baby your eyes are black. Really, really black! Are you going to be alright to go to class?"

He nodded his head in resignation as he pinched the bridge of his nose, taking deep steadying breaths.

We were about ten minutes late by the time we reached biology, and Mr. Banner was less than impressed by our tardiness and lack lustre excuses.

His aggravated glare followed us as we took our seats at the back of the room. With one last pointed frown he continued his lesson from

"What a fantastic scientific age we live in! Medicinal discoveries are being made more and more frequently, we have a better understanding of cloning sciences and let us all not forget the wonder of Stem Cell research. It is astounding how many advances have been made in the last century due to science".

Edward snorted loudly, grumbling under his breath, "What did he do, read that in a book?"

I laced my fingers through his and rested my head on his shoulder, before I scolded jokingly, "We can't all live through it Baby. Be nice".

Edward huffed in response.

I noticed then that the class was silent and Mr. Banner was glaring at us again. Shit!

"Just a reminder for those who didn't hear me or were too busy to attend the start of class Coach Clapp has gone home ill, so this will be a double lesson. After the lecture is over you are to copy down the notes from the board. For the second hour I will be showing a movie relevant to the subject of Cell Division".

He was utterly oblivious to the disinterest of the class as he droned on and on in his dreary and monotone voice.

As the first hour was finally coming to a close, he excused himself and directed us all to quickly take down the notes on the board. I could hear Edward's continued groaning in my ear as I scribbled them out.

'Cell Division. In organisms that reproduce sexually, a process of cell division takes place. This process is called meiosis. During Meiosis the nucleus divides into four nuclei, each of which contains half the usual number of chromosomes. Human body cells contain 23 pairs of chromosomes while the human gamete contains only 23 single chromosomes. Blah… Blah… Blah!

Just when I thought my brain would turn to complete mush Mr. Banner finally returned wheeling the ancient television and VCR behind him. I almost cried out in joy as the room was plunged into darkness, but that faded fast when he pressed the play button and the small white letters on the screen happily spelled out what we would spend the next hour learning about. Mitosis.

'Was this man trying to be funny?! I think I watched this actual video what? Two years ago!'

I slumped down in my chair sliding my ass to the very edge before sighing with annoyance. I would give anything to be back in that storeroom with Edward.

Closing my eyes, I remembered how his hands had felt on my naked skin; it was a sensation I was sure I would never get used to. I remembered the low feral noises he made, and the way they straight to my core. I could feel the moisture seeping from me as I remembered the feeling of his arousal pressing against me.

I shivered as I felt Edwards's cool breath wash over my suddenly flushed skin.

"You're killing me here Bella. I can smell you. It's fucking tortuous".

I almost fell out of my chair when he sucked my earlobe into his mouth.

"Edward Anthony Masen Cullen! Behave yourself, please! Have you forgotten that we are in a lesson? Mr. Banner is right there" I hissed.

He chuckled.

"Mr. Banner is sat all the way over there in the corner. Besides, since the lights went out he has been otherwise occupied by the Playboy which is hidden in his outstandingly discrete Science Monthly Journal. So…"

My breathing hitched as his fingers began brushing up and down my spine. For an instant I was confused, I hadn't even noticed that his hand had moved inside my shirt. And then I stopped caring. Using his one free hand he pulled my chair closer to his and began tracing the shell of my ear with his tongue. I think I literally melted when he started talking again.

"Bella, I want you. I want you so bad. I want to taste you",

I moaned as he pressed the flat of his tongue against my collar, licking the length of my neck up to my ear.

"I want to touch you, caress you. I want to please you. I want to feel you",

I could feel his cold fingers sliding my skirt higher up my legs.

"I want to be inside of you. I have to feel how wet I make you".

As his fingers skimmed the top of my thigh; searching for the hem of my panties; I smirked in triumph as I heard him suck in a sharp breath.

"Bella", he moaned as his fingers traced my bare core, "God! I wasn't expecting that".

"Well, if I am rushed in the mornings I will forget these things".

As he caressed my outer lips, I dug my nails into his jean covered thigh, dragging them up towards his hard member. Ripples of desire ran through me as I felt him tremble in anticipation.

"Bella, I want you so bad right now. Do you know what you're doing to me?"

I swear hearing him talk like that was the sexiest thing I have heard in my whole life. Increasingly louder moans were trying to force themselves from my throat; I had to bite my hand just to keep them in. I slid my hand over his erection, palming him through his trousers.

"Oh God! Please, hmm, right there".

His moan was one I found myself repeating seconds later when he pushed a finger into my wet waiting core.

I had to touch him, like he was touching me, so I moved my hand to unbutton his jeans. He beat me to it. As soon as his zipper was down, I was slipping my hand into his boxers and grasping his rigid length.

I had never been grateful to Mike Newton for anything until he coughed out loud; the sound masking Edwards's guttural moan. As I gripped him tighter and began sliding my hand up and down him he resumed his naughty whispering.

"That feels so good Love. I've needed to feel you all day. I want you. I want to do things to you. Oh God! The things I want to do to you. I want to pull you into my lap and slide my cock inside of you Bella. I want to bend you over this desk and fuck you. I want to make you mine. I want to show you how much I need you Bella. I want to show you how much I love you. I want to fill you with my seed".

I dug my teeth deeper into my palm as I felt him push another finger into me; instinctively I pushed against his hand, begging him not to stop. To never stop.

I pulled him free of the confines of his trousers then; I needed to see him; I could see his pre-cum seeping from him, so I ran my thumb across the tip, coating his length. The moisture made it easier to stroke him faster, harder.

"Oh fuck! Yes!"

His fingers curled inside of me, hitting a spot that made my body rock and tremble. As heat pooled deep inside of me I felt my whole body begin to burn.

I pumped Edward harder, my pace unwavering, my grip tightening.

I moaned into my hand when I felt him cum, his cool release spilling over my hand. He was quick to push me over the brink with him, his skilled fingers working me to completion. My whole body trembled and my core clenched his fingers as I rode out my orgasm.

It was as pulled my hand from my mouth that I realised my teeth had pierced the skin. I could taste the metallic twang on my lips. I was suddenly frantic, my heart beating faster than humming birds wings.

"Bella. Are you alright?" Edward whispered worriedly, concern flooding his paling eyes.

I was only capable of mumbling in my panic, "I, um. Yes. No. That was so fantastically good. I just… um. Blood".

Edward chuckled at my babbling. Leaning closer to me he gently brought his lips to mine, his tongue tracing my lips before slipping into my mouth, tasting every inch of me. He pulled away after a minute leaving me completely breathless.

"You taste absolutely fucking delicious".

He raised the hand I used to silence myself from my lap, cradling it in his palms. Even in the darkened classroom I could see the Ruby trails of blood.

"Bella..." Edward breathed.

"Yes?" I asked, my voice croaking.

"Do you trust me Love?"

"Yes" I nodded, not understanding the relevance of his question. I sucked in a sharp breath as he lifted my hand to his lips.

"I am not going to hurt you Bella. I promise. I am going to heal the wound. Is that alright?"

I nodded my head mutely.

With darkening eyes he lapped up the trails my blood had left as it seeped from my wound. As he sucked my bite mark into his mouth, I felt his hands tighten on my wrist, his grip inescapable. It was no secret to me what my blood did to him; I knew that he burned for it. He was walking on a knife edge; testing his control; pushing his limits further than he ever had before. I held my breath waiting to see if he would fall.

I should have been scared, that would have been the sensible reaction to have, but I was anything but. Feeling his cold tongue against my tender flesh was the most sensual and erotic thing I had experienced in my life.

Knowing he was tasting me, enjoying me. I moaned as a shiver tore through me.

The experience was over in seconds; despite feeling like it lasted for hours; and he was once again whispering in my ear. He voice sounded deeper, thicker, huskier than ever before. Apparently I wasn't the only one to find the experience pleasurable.

"Was that alright Bella?"

"Y-Yes, that was f- . That felt wonderful Edward", I couldn't help my blush for admitting that.

"You liked me tasting you? You liked having my tongue on your skin?"

Closing my eyes, I pulled my bottom lip into my mouth groaning "Yes. Oh God yes". "You my love are beyond sinful. I want my tongue all over your body. Inside your body. I want to taste you when you cum".

It was my luck that the lights overhead flickered to life just then. My face had turned ten different shades of red and all I could see in front of me were wild stormy topaz eyes. I wasn't even aware that the film we were supposed to be watching had ended.

As my mind stuttered over a legible response to Edwards's statement, Mr. Banner's flustered voice broke the silence in the room. He practically ordered everyone out of the room; those who were already packed up were quick to exit. He didn't even wait for the room to empty; as was expected of him; before he took off out of the door, his Science Journal clutched tightly in his hands. I made a deliberate show of packing up my things as the other students filed out of the room, leaving Edward and I alone. I rose from my seat with the intention of filing out of the room too. I didn't get far. Ice cold fingers had wrapped themselves around me wrist and were pulling me back.

"You're not going anywhere. I want you and I want you now".

I gulped audibly as he stalked past me closing the door. My compulsive swallow got stuck in my throat as he effortlessly pushed a desk in front of it.

"Edward. We- we can't! What about Mr. Banner? The other students? We can't do this here!"

He stalked towards me with a predatory gait, his eyes darkening with lust and desire.

"Edward, we can't. We'll get into trouble!" I tried to force conviction into my voice but failed. Spectacularly.

He smirked at the obvious weakening of my resistance. My resolve faltered greatly as I thought about what we had just done in a room full of people.

'I hadn't paid them any heed then so why should I give a damn now?'

"Banners in the bathroom. The students are already making their way to the parking lot. The teachers are all too wrapped up in getting home, or gone already. We are alone, Bella. And I have the taste of you on my tongue".

In a blur of movement too fast for my eyes to focus on he was standing right in front of me, his hands resting on my hips and a crooked smile tugging at his lips. I was lost in his eyes as I watched the last of the warm honey darken into black.

With his lips hovering over mine he whispered softly, "I am going to taste you Bella. I am going to devour every inch of you. I want you to fill my mouth when I make you cum".

I hadn't noticed he had been moving me further back into the room until my back hit the table's edge. With a quick glance behind me I recognised that we were back at our table. He wasted no time in lifting me up onto it, nor did he hesitate in fanning his fingers over my exposed thighs; pushing my skirt up exposing me. With his lips millimetres from my skin he descended slowly down my body.

Resigning myself I leant back on my elbows and slid my ass to the very edge of the table.

'Fuck Bella! You smell delicious. I want you right now!"

With confidence I didn't know I possessed I lifted my leg over his shoulder, before smirking down at him,

"So take me then".

A growl issued from Edward as he instantly dropped his head between my thighs. I was so incredibly aroused, I wanted; needed; this from Edward. I briefly entertained the concern of his mouth; his teeth; being so close to my fragile skin but dismissed the though instantly.

How was I supposed to concentrate when his tongue was tracing my soaking wet folds? It felt like wet ice caressing me and I never wanted it to stop. I could feel his fingertips parting my lips, and the tip of his tongue exploring the most intimate parts of me. I dropped my head back onto the desk as he flicked his tongue across my clit, and moaned throatily when he sucked it into his mouth. 'That was the best fucking feeling ever!' As my body began to tremble, he pulled his mouth away; licking his lips hungrily. I was about to protest when he began to draw small circles with the pad of his thumb over my swollen clit.

I wanted, needed, more so I told him so. Loudly.

"Oh Fuck! More Edward! More!"

I heard a rumble tear through his chest seconds before his tongue drove into me. The combination of the both caused me to arch violently off the desk top. He pressed a hand against the taut skin below my belly button, restraining me, holding me in place. I was writhing beneath him as his thumb and tongue moved in sync, working my body into a blissful frenzy. I moaned and I begged for more, and with a last swirl of his tongue I screamed my throat raw as the tightly wound ball in my stomach unravelled.

"Oh fuck! Yes! Yes baby! Yes! Ungh!"

With trembling thighs, and laboured breaths I lifted my head to watch the beautiful man between my thighs tasting me; licking me. He didn't stop until the last twitch of my orgasm faded.

When my body had finally regained some of its control, he stood up lazily, grinning as he took in my flushed face.

"I have wanted to do that since your little performance last night, I just never thought I would have had the control to do it. That was so much better than anything I could have ever imagined. If it is at all possible I think I have just found something far more tempting to me than your blood".

"Well, just let me know the next time your tempted. I'm sure I can arrange for a tasting".

'Well hell'. Where the hell was all this bravery coming from?

The shocked look on Edwards face was priceless. He seemed to be wondering the same thing too.

Taking advantage of his dazed state I slid from the edge of the table, smoothing my skirt back down into place. He didn't seem to notice I had moved so I began waving my hand in front of his eyes, calling his name.

"You are a wicked woman Isabella Swan. You know that? Tempting a Vampire with such delicious offers, do you know how dangerous such an offer is?"

His words could have been mistaken as menacing were it not for the lecherous smile on his face.

I smiled coyly back as I walked towards the door, "Yep".

Shaking his head at me he rolled his eyes, before moving his feet to follow me. Once he had pulled the desk away from the door, he took my hand in his, lacing our fingers together.

"How about I get you home, before I get into trouble for kidnapping you?"

I nodded my agreement, and then smiling like a pair of fools we walked the empty halls. Once we were outside I finally noticed how dark it had gotten. 'How long had we been locked in that room?' The completely deserted parking lot told me it had been a while, but as Edward; more calm than he had been all day; and myself; finally and utterly sated; climbed into his car I couldn't care less.

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