What the Soul wants



Part One

"Kendall, are you serious?" Greenlee asked and Kendall responded, "I want us to do Billie, Draco's book." "You know how he feels about it and he is not acting in it." Greenlee said and Kendall responded, "I'm shopping for a new director." "Why not Jenny, what's wrong with her?" Greenlee asked and Kendall responded, "She doesn't belong with my sister, it's just a feeling I have." Greenlee rolled her eyes and got on the phone with Draco. "What's up beautiful?" Draco asked and Greenlee responded, "My partner and friend would like to inform you that she wants to do Billie and she doesn't want Jenny has director." Kendall rolled her eyes and Draco quietly said, "I'll be right there." Greenlee knew her husband when he got that quiet tone.

Jenny had a call from Draco talking about doing Billie and so she was taking notes on the book to see how to do a very good adaption. Miranda was watching cartoons and quiet…However, if she came over Jenny knew how to distract her.. Bianca saw Jenny working and got Miranda ready for school. Jenny was staring at Bianca and she couldn't believe how much she really does love her. Jenny had gotten a new house with her part of the payoff of Two Against the World and there would a lot of offer to do other things. Bianca and Miranda had their own house but slept over every now and then.

Jenny had finished writing notes but then stripped off her clothes and took a long shower with Bianca.

Tina Kennard knew there was a bidding war for Billie and it helped that Helena is a big fan of the book. It was a stripper/hooker of the vampire nature taking out a copy-cat killer of Jack the ripper. Tina wanted Jenny to direct it and had another ace in the hole, a well recommended set designer and Architect named Reese Williams