What the Soul Wants



Part Eight

Nikki had a visit and it was a pissed off Reese. "They know." Reese said and Nikki responded, "Why did you tell them". "You know how I feel about children getting hurt or….You fuck up." Reese said and Nikki responded, "They hate me now." Reese looked at Nikki and said, "Go there and not have them come to you. Go there please. If for nothing else to save your career when this gets out, all the people are going to see the movie is for the fact of what you did. Do you really want people to not take you seriously?" Nikki paused and said, "You pushed me…" "Whatever?" Reese said and Nikki responded, "When Grace told you that she was fucking around you, do you believe it gave you the damn right to have everyone tell the truth?" Reese paused and looked at Nikki then said, "You don't get it. When Grace did that I felt alone and I know I don't deserve it. Nikki you tell me how alone you feel because everyone around you is there for your popularity and Jenny didn't like you at first. You won that, you told me that it was first real moment you felt. Don't take that the easy way." Reese said and Nikki then ten minutes later knocked on the door. Kit opened it and Nikki walked in.

Nikki paused and said, "I had this speech I wanted to say and this….I didn't know you had your beautiful little girl with you that day, when I found out, I live with that Bianca. I was so pissed at you that you had Jenny. I wanted you to know what our life, my life is like. I didn't care about anything you have."

As Nikki turned to Jenny, Jenny punched her right in the face and Nikki paused then touched her face. She saw Jenny really upset and Nikki got up, she saw the door then looked at Jenny and walked to her then said, "You hurt the ones you love." Nikki walked away and out the door. Jenny screamed in pain and shook her hand out. Bianca ran to her and consoles her, both women knew that....

It was the last night together, Jenny and Bianca mutually agreed for a split and the grounds would Bianca didn't want this to happened again. Jenny was because she didn't want a child to have to compete for Miranda's attention. They held each other one last night as girlfriends and then had good break-up sex.