Authours note: I just wan´t to say this. I don´t own princess tutu in anyway. But I didin´t like the end, so I decided to re-write a bit!^^


Princess Rose

Ahiru snoared loudly as she slept in her bed. At first sight this little readheaded girl was nothing out of the ordinary. Just a normal but clumsy girl, who went to ballet class. But beaneath this facade she was something more she was a princess.

A princess who could fill anyones heart with love and hope. But sadly enough this other part was not the real her. The girl would love that to be the truth, but the truth was that she was not even a girl. She was a duck, a mere, nothing out of the ordinary, duck. Or was she? Wich of the three parts of her were the real Ahiru? Was it the girl, the duck or the princess?

What the little sleeping girl wouldn´t know, she was going to find out who she had been before the story took over. Would she be happily surprised, sad or maybe....?

RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!! Ahiru fell out of bed and hitted the floor with a load ´´Quack!´´. She emedeatly transformed in to a duck. She looked at the alarm clock, that had stopped ringing or maybe just deatroyed her hearing..

The little duckling started to spin around in circles, quacking loudly as she did so. The little duck had seen the numbers on the alarm clock and was now in panic mode. ´´Quack, qua, quack, quack quack, qua!´´ I´m late, oh no, not again! What am I going to do? What am I going to do?!

Suddenly the sweet little duckling rushed over to the half dead flower that stood on her window still. If the duck had looked out the window, she would have seen a clear blue sky, but she didn´t. She dashed for the plant and tipped it over, causing the water to spill over her head. This might seem like an odd thing to you, but for this girl, it was just like any other day.

A strange light errupted from the red pendant thet hung from the ducks neck, this might seem unneccisary, but the pendant is very important to the story. The duck changed back in to her human form, Ahiru. The readheaded girl sighed and quickly putted on her clothers. She had to run!

The small girl tried to sneak in to the class, wich was currently sitting in a circle listening to Neko-sensei. As soon as she opened the door, everyone´s heads turned to face her, excep Neko-sensei, who was sweating and a darkblue aura was surronding him.

´´Nyaaaaaa...MS. AHIRU...Your late AGAIN! Maybe I should have you..MARRY ME!!!!´´ Neko-sensei said to poor Ahiru. No matter how many times Ahiru saw one of her marrige-crazed teachers outbursts, they never stopped shocking her.

´´I`M SO SORRY NEKO-SENSEI, IT WON´T HAPPEN AGAIN!!´´ Ahiru said waving her arms like crazy, it reminded a bit of her duck form. Her two ´best friends´, Pique and Lillie, cut in to help her.

´´She´s going to work extra hard. Starting right now!´´ Pique said, pushing her down in to a split. Ahiru had to concentrate on not screaming. Her friends could be a little pushy sometimes..

´´She can even take a role in the play, please give her an other chance!´´ Lillie begged, her pink eyes sparkling.

The mention of a play made Ahiru forget that she was sitting in slpit. What play?

Neko-sensei seemed to be reconsidering it. ´´I have made a decision.´´ Neko-sensei said dramatically. ´´Ahiru, since you have been late so many times and need to catch up, I here by give you...´´ It was a dramatic pause, why so much drama? ´´ The role off...Princess Rose!´´ The whole room gasped. Was it that bad, who is princess Rose?!

Ahiru didn´t get anything, since she had been late, she hadn´t heard the script yet. People started to mumble and wishper, Ahiru looked confused around in the room. Rue, or princess Krahe, as she always tried to convince Ahiru that her name was, was giving her death glares.

Fakir looked shocked and Mytho was smirking evilly. Poor, Mytho... If only she had known that the emotion had been bathed in ravens blood, then Mytho wouldn´t have turned in to this.

She still couldn´t belive what he and Rue were doing, trying to steal innocent people´s hearts...

Princess Tutu had been able to stop them before, what if she would be to late?

She had to find a way to brake the spell, but how?

She knew that the real Mytho was in there, she just had to find him.

´´AHIRU ARE YOU LISTENING OR SHALL I HAVE YOU MARRY ME?!´´ The outburst snapped her back to reality.

´´Yes, Neko-sensei!´´ Ahiru panicked, she realised she was still sitting in split. Her ´friends´ pulled her up. Neko-sensei calmed down and continued.

`` As I was saying...It´s the perfect role for you. Since princess Rose is one of the main roles, you will have to work extra hard, your dance has to be perfect! You and Mytho will have to get to work at once. Here´s the script.´´ Neko-sensei said as he handed her a copy of the script, it had a picture of a red rose on the cover and over it, it said; The princess of roses, in shiny gold letters.

Ahiru was in shock, her as the main charakter and with Mytho?

She wasn´t sure if it was a dream or a nightmare come true...

Her friends dragged her away from Neko-sensei. ´´This is so romantic! You and Mytho as prince and princess in the play! Maybe you´ll trip in front of the whole school and your love, how wonderfully cute! We will comfort you when you make you trip Ahiru!´´ Lillie said, her pink eyes sparkling again. ´´It really is romantic!´´ Pique sighed. Ahiru was still frozen as she looked down at the page Neko-sensei said she would look at. She would dance a pas deux, with Mytho!!!

´´Ahiru, have you read page 46 yet. It´s the scene when princess Rose admits her love for the prince!´´ Lillie said exictingly. Ahiru froze, this was defienatly a nightmare come true, she couldn´t say no to the part, but she couldn´t confess her love for Mytho..Then she would...

Ahiru shivered, she didn´t want to dissapear!

Suddenly she was inerrupted by a light voice, she knew that voice very well... She looked up, Mytho!

Ahiru froze, he had that evil smirk on his face, to think that she nearly forgot. ´´May I ask ou to dance?´´ he said and reached out his hand. ´´I..was just..´´Ahiru looked around for her two best friends, they were gone, again. His purple swirled eyes where nearly hypnotic.

Seeing she had no other option she smiled, took his hand and said; ´´ Yes.´´ This was still Mytho after all, she loved him no matter what and she could atleast dance with him!

But she had to be careful, she couldn´t let him take her heart, even though it belonged to him, he would get it, but only after she had collect all of his heart and deafeted the monster raven.

First she felt kind of akward, she had danced with him many times before as princess Tutu, but as Ahiru...

She twirled around in a circle and suddenly the akwardness was gone. Ahiru realaxed, she didn´t need to worry, he made her dance beautifully, he always had, in every form she had been.

The akwardness was gone, she felt safe in his arms, it was like she had always dreamed off. The prince seemed to realax to, wich was weird, she hadn´t seen him realaxed since the raven-thing.. But that didn´t worry her. She smiled and opened her eyes. To her surprise a beautiful pair of honey brown eyes met hers. They were filled with joy and... confusion?

He lifted her over his head, she closed her eyes and imagined that she was soaring. They danced for what seemed to be an eternity. They ended their dance with their faces so close that they could feel eachothers breath. Ahiru gazed in to the prince´s eyes, she had thought only Tutu could save him!

Now that she gazed in to his eyes, she felt more confident, like she this, her dance, could save him.

Their gaze were interuppted by a loud clapping. Ahiru parctically jumped away from Mytho, who just looked surprised at her. She was red like a tomato. Calls were heard in the class most of them were along these lines; ´´That was wonderful!´´ ´´Áhiru and Mytho is a great pair.´´ They dance like they had nothing else in their whole lives!´´

Ahiru laughed nervously. She noticed that two people weren´t clapping, Fakir and Rue. Rue was galring at her so intensly that you could probably cut the tension with a knife. Fakir just stood there with his arms crossed. Suddenly, Rue made her way through the crowd and dragged poor Mytho out the door, who was casting a begging look at Ahiru; ´Help me´, it said. She had made a decision, she was going to do this, she would save him and brake the curse, she would practice more than ever, she would become princess Rose!