Auothors Note: I HATE Fakir x Ahiru, but this is necissary fo the story...Stay calm the next chappie will contain a LOT more Ahiru x Mytho^^ I was a bit inspired by the jap. Intro^^ P.S I know the end sucked, I had a lot of homework to do...XD

Seduction on the dancefloor

It was time to set their plan in motion. Fakir hated himself for what he had to do. Why wouldn´t she just forget about Mytho?

They had taken the roles off the evil princess and the assaint. He was the assaint ofcourse. This was the perfect oppertunity since he and Ahiru had to ´practice´ on the dance of death. He would not fail, he had to do this, he had to get his happy ending. But while he was doing his part, he could only hope for that Rue, wait, since when did he call her Rue? She was a evil witch, a product of the monster raven, the discrace princess Krahe, not Rue!

Even so, that didn´t matter, he could only hope that she could seduce the prince. It was to much to ask for, from both of them. But you just had to do what you had to do. He slowly aproached Ahiru, who was talking to some of her annoying friends. Lillie and Pique he assumed. They had, by the way, started to freak out, then they grinned and slowly krept away as he aproached.

´´Fakir?´´ Ahiru asked confused. Shock was written over her face. I guess she expected him..

He hid his dissapointment and reached out his hand, ´´May I have this dance?´´ Before she had a chance to answer he had already taken her hand and stared to spin her around. What is he doing?! First he nearly gave such a big shock that I nearly quacked and now he´s dancing with me?

No I don´t want to!

As our heronie realised that, she tried to break free, but to no avail. He just spun her faster. He lifted her over his head, evrything was spinning, she had to dance. Juast like a puppet. I don´t want to be a pupppet!

Suddenly the little girl stopped dancingand was locked in to the end position. He saw him trace her lips, he came closer. No!

She did everything to break free, people had started to stare, as usual. But they shared the spotlight with an other couple, who both had evil eyes.

Krahe had walked over to Mytho, who said that he would gladly dance with his princess. But something told her that he was lying. But she had to keep him from looking over to Ahiru and Fakir. She danced her beast, did jumps and piruettes, even though everyone´s eyes seeemed to go to her. She was just wishing for one person´s attention, she didn´t care if others looked at her. The only one that mattered stood in front of her.

Krahe tried her best to keep Mytho from looking at her. But no matter how much she loved him and how much she tried to catch his attention in the dance. He eventually looked over to her.

She felt her heart breaking. The look in Mythos eyes were pure rage as he looked over at the kissing Ahiru. Why?!

The only thing that had stopped him before was the Raven´s blood. It was supposed to drag him towards his true princess. But his newfound heart was reacting and together the created a wonderfully dramatic mix of emotions. This won´t stop me, I will have her heart!

Mytho emedeatly let go of the now slowly spinning Krahe and let her drop to the ground. He didn´t even care about her sad experssion as he walked over to the other pair. Fakir had stopped kissing the terrified Ahiru. Why?!

Fakir glared at Mytho, who glared back with a force that could make anyone melt, except for this knight ofcourse..

Mytho grabbed Ahiru´s arm and started to drag her away. But Fakir wouldn´t give up that easily, he grabbed hold of Ahiru´s other arm. Mytho just turned around and without a word he slapped Fakir!

Everyone gasped, Ahiru just looked shocked at the two. But Fakir was the one who was looking the most shocked. ´´Don´t touch her!´´ Mytho said, his voice filled with anger. Then he started to drag Ahiru out the room. Ahiru just followed him out. What just happened?