A Snape/Hermione fic.

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Birthday: September 19, 1979

Hermione graduates June 20, 1997

On the night of her 18th birthday (September 19, 1997) Hermione gets pregnant. This is 3 months after graduation.

January 23rd, 1998, Harry and Ginny get married at the burrow.

Hermione gives birth on June 13th, 1998 to Samantha Ginevra Molly Granger.

August 1st, 2001, receives first letter from Headmistress McGonagall to take over the Muggle Studies job.

August 20th 2001, arrives at Hogwarts to begin preparations for the school year.

A/N: Okay, so I got the idea for this story from reading another fic by "fervesco". Great story, I loved it, and it brought about this story. Woot, woot!

So … background: Hermione comes back to Hogwarts to take over Muggle Studies. She's been out of school 4 years and has a 3-year old daughter. For the purposes of the Final Battle and all, in my story, they were able to do a "crash course" for the classes they'd missed their last year, and take the final exams on time.

This is obviously going to be AU, since Snape is alive, but I'm not bringing back Dumbledore, as much as I love the old man, I like McGonagall better. Anyway, if you happen to see other characters that are supposed to be dead, that aren't in my fic, it's probably because I decided they're not dead in my world, and that's just that.

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"Are you almost ready Sweetie?" the woman asked her daughter, helping her zip up her coat.

"Yes, Mummy," the little girl answered, picking up her favorite toy and smiling at her mother.

Hermione smiled, shrinking their luggage and sticking it in her pocket. "Alright then, Sweetie, hold onto my hand."

Holding the small girl's hand tightly in hers, Hermione threw a generous amount of Floo Powder into the fire before they both stepped in.

"Hogwarts, Hermione Granger's rooms," Hermione directed, and when she opened them again, they were in a new room.

Stepping out and brushing the soot off her daughter, Hermione looked around her new home, resisting the urge to whistle. Oh, hell, it is my rooms after all! So, she whistled her appreciation.

Their last apartment had been tiny. It was a fact that Hermione had come to terms with: being poor meant living in a poor neighborhood. Being a single mum at 21 was never her plan, but here they were and that was life. Looking around their new home, Hermione forgot all that, and was simply in awe. She wondered how, for the life of her, she'd never seen the staff living quarters at Hogwarts before. They were incredible, if her rooms were anything to go by.

She remembered her last day at Hogwarts, the Convocation Ceremony, the indoor Fireworks courtesy of Fred and George's merchandise, the laughter and the tears, the farewell's with promises to write every day. Harry had gone to live with Sirius at Grimmauld Place, and he and Ginny had gotten engaged 6 months later (Which reminded Hermione that she should hurry up and get her new place set up so Ginny could bring Crookshanks back. He hated moving, so Harry and Ginny were "cat-sitting" until the new place was set up). The wedding had been beautiful, and Hermione had barely squeezed into her bridesmaid dress – being 4 months pregnant didn't help – but she'd managed it, and had even managed to have a fairly enjoyable evening.

When she'd told her friends she was pregnant, they all tried to be supportive, Ron had even offered to marry her, especially when they learned of the circumstances under which she'd become pregnant, but she'd insisted she would be fine on her own.

Even now she was wondering if they didn't have something to do with her new job at Hogwarts.

She'd been shocked when she'd received an owl from Minerva McGonagall asking her if she would be interested in teaching Muggle Studies, as the new teacher they'd hired after the war evidently "couldn't hack it", and had to be replaced. She had replied immediately that she would love the opportunity, but her living situation was a bit awkward now that she had a child.

Before the Headmistress could inquire as to why the child couldn't stay home with her father, Hermione had filled her in on her "situation", and explained why she couldn't take a job away from her daughter.

The other woman assured her that there was no reason why the girl couldn't stay with her mother at Hogwarts, so long as she was properly supervised, and in the end Hermione had agreed to receiving help from the house elves whenever a sitter couldn't be found.

So, here she was, in a school she hadn't stepped foot in for 4 years, and it still felt huge to her.

Hermione checked her watch. Molly would be arriving in a few minutes to watch Samantha so she could meet with the Headmistress, so she helped her daughter out of her traveling clothes and let her go play, intent on getting their basic furniture set up before she left.

The rooms felt as though they'd been made for them, as Hermione found a large master bedroom with a smaller bedroom right beside it, with enough room for all of their things and then some, and close enough that Samantha wouldn't get scared at night.

She set up hers and her daughter's beds, and was just finishing decorating Samantha's room when she heard the fireplace activate, and she knew that Molly Weasley was here.

"Hello? Hermione?" she heard the older woman call, and she stepped out of Samantha's room and made her way to the living room.

"Hello, Molly," Hermione said, and the other woman hugged her in greeting. "Good to see you. Thanks for coming on such short notice."

Molly waved her off. "Nonsense! Happy to do it! I've been itching to take care of youngin's again. Now that Ginny's pregnant I can hardly wait!"

"I bet," Hermione agreed. Spotting her daughter playing with her favorite stuffed animal, she called her over. "Sammy, come say hello to your Auntie Molly."

The little girl picked up her toy and walked over, hugging Mrs. Weasley's leg. "Hello Auntie Molly. It's nice to see you," she said.

"Oh my, she's gotten so much bigger since her birthday party!" Mrs. Weasley exclaimed, picking the child up to give her a proper hug.

"Let's just hope she grows up to be taller than her mum," Hermione commented, though she secretly wished she took after her completely.

Samantha was the proper size for her age; a good 40 inches tall, with long brown hair, bushy just like her mother's. Her eyes were a deep brown, and she had a light smattering of freckles across her nose and down her arms. Hermione hoped she'd grow out of them as she got older, as Hermione herself didn't have a freckle on her. A few birthmarks, but no freckles.

"You'd better get going, yeah? Don't want to be late meeting the Headmistress," Molly reminded her, snapping Hermione out of her daze.

"Of course," she replied. Crouching down to her daughter's height, she said, "Mummy has to go for a while, but Auntie Molly is going to stay with you. I'll see you when I get back, okay?"

Samantha nodded, giving her mother a quick hug and a kiss on the nose.

Hermione smiled. "Thank you, Sweetie."

"You're welcome, Mummy. Bye-bye," she said, walking away to play with her toy again.

The two women shared a look of adoration after the little girl, and then Hermione left to meet Minerva.


"So, everything's in order, then," Minerva McGonagall finished, sending the last of the paperwork into a file cabinet with a flick of her wand.

"Great," Hermione said. "I can't wait to start."

Minerva nodded, standing up. "And I can't wait to meet this charming daughter of yours."

Hermione smiled. "Do you have time now?"

"Of course," her old professor agreed, and they made their way back to Hermione's rooms.

Hermione was expecting to run into more of her old teachers, but the only person she saw on her way back to her rooms was Nearly-Headless Nick. He patted her shoulder in welcome, and she instantly felt the cold seep into her arm, but smiled anyway.

"Great to see you, Nick. I'll be seeing a lot more of you now," she said, and they chatted shortly about her becoming the new Muggle Studies Professor.

They said their goodbyes, and made the rest of the trip uninterrupted.

Hermione was almost amazed at how easy-going Minerva McGonagall was once you got to know her. When she'd first met her, she'd seemed very intimidating, even to a brainiac like her. The war had hardened her, as well as her worry for those around her, and she'd never seemed very approachable until now.

Now that the war was over, and all she had to worry about was Hogwarts and everything that went along with that, she seemed much more at ease. That didn't mean that she "let her hair down", of course. She just seemed much more cheerful. Or maybe that's just because she's cooing over an adorable 3-year old.

Samantha loved Professor McGonagall, though she couldn't pronounce her name, so she called her Miss Minnie. All the women in the room found it adorable.

Molly had unpacked the kitchen while she'd been watching Samantha, and the four of them had a "tea-party" while they caught up, and Samantha got to know their new home.

Hermione kept them talking about their news and Ginny's pregnancy to keep the questions off her and her life, and managed to stall them until it was time for Samantha's supper. She said goodbye to the women as Molly left through the fireplace and Minerva made her promise to come see her if she had any questions or concerns.

After dinner Samantha asked if they could go for a walk, and Hermione agreed so she grabbed their coats and they made their way out to the lake.

They walked by the edge of the lake for a while, and were about to head back in when they heard a dog barking and coming closer to them.

Samantha had never seen such a big dog as Fang, and she shrieked, jumping into her mother's arms. Hermione soothed her, petting Fang with her free hand as he stopped in front of them.

"What're yeh barkin' at there Fang?" she heard Hagrid call, and smiled.

"Hello, Hagrid. It's just me, Hermione," she said, and made her way over to him.

"Blimey, no one told me yeh were comin'!" He said, and moved to give her a crushing hug, but then noticed the child in her arms. "And this is young Miss Samantha?"

Hermione nodded, knowing Harry had told Hagrid about her. "Fang gave her a bit of a startle."

"Oh, sorry 'bout that. He didn't mean no harm," Hagrid said.

"I know, it's okay," Hermione insisted. "Sammy, look who's here? You remember Mummy told you about your Uncle Hagrid? Have a look."

Hagrid's eyes brimmed with tears at being called "Uncle", and Samantha slowly uncovered her face to look at him.

Hermione set her down, and watched Samantha's eyes get huge.

"Wow, you're big, Uncle Haggid!"

Hermione chuckled, and they were ushered into Hagrid's hut for some tea. He offered them some rock cakes, but Hermione declined … they had just finished supper, after all.

Samantha had gotten used to Fang, and was now happily scratching his head while Hagrid told her about the first time her mummy and her friends went into the Forbidden Forest.

Hermione excused herself from the trip down memory lane, and went outside for some fresh air. She looked over at the pumpkin patch as she walked a couple feet from his hut, and smiled, remembering the night she and Harry had liberated Buckbeak and Sirius.

She was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn't notice someone else walking up to her.

"I was told we had a new staff member, but I was expecting someone actually old enough to not be confused with a student," came the thick drawl from behind her.

Hermione sighed, turning to face her old Potions professor.

"Nice to see you too, Professor Snape," Hermione greeted. She felt suddenly nervous, but couldn't explain why. "What brings you here?"

"Aside from the fact that I live here?" he wondered, crossing his arms over his chest.

She rolled her eyes, mimicking his movements.

"I meant at Hagrid's cabin," she explained slowly, patronizingly.

"The Headmistress asked me to summon Hagrid to the castle, not that I have to explain myself to you, Miss Granger," he informed her, then moved to step around her to go into Hagrid's cabin.

Hermione found herself blocking his path, then hurriedly said, "It's okay, I can tell him."

Snape eyed her suspiciously, figuring out too quickly that she didn't want him to go into the hut.

"Nonsense, if I left it to you, he'd show up some time tomorrow," Snape insisted, his voice dripping with disdain.

Hermione found herself wondering what she ever did to make the Potions Master hate her so much, for as rude as he was, he never spoke to any other students with that much animosity.

"I am fully capable of passing on a message, you can even wait out here while I do it," she offered, still unsure of why she didn't want him going in.

He set her with his penetrating gaze. "Miss Granger, is there some particular reason you do not wish for me to enter the gamekeeper's hut?"

Hermione was saved from answering by the door opening.

"Mummy, Uncle Haggid wants us to have tea with him tomorrow?" Samantha asked, and Hermione closed her eyes with a sigh.

She turned away from Snape, walking over to her daughter. "Sure, Sweetie. Say goodbye to Uncle Hagrid, we're gonna head back now."

Her daughter nodded, closing the door again while she went and said her goodbyes.

She took another breath before turning around to face Snape. His normally calm and collected face was covered in shock, or something like it. His eyes were wide, his eyebrows inclined, his mouth parted slightly, and if she didn't know any better, she'd say he even looked a bit paler.

Hermione waited for him to speak, but he never did, so she just waited for Samantha to come back out again.

When the door opened next, Samantha was sitting on Fang's back as he walked them out the door.

"Mummy, look at me!" Samantha giggled, holding onto Fang's collar as though her life depended on it, but clearly enjoying herself.

"Careful, Sammy," Hermione said, her maternal instincts kicking in and walking up beside her daughter. She held her hands out, and Samantha reluctantly let go of Fang's collar and allowed her mother to pick her up, then latched onto her hip.

Hermione looked at the still speechless Snape and then with a slight smirk said to Hagrid, "Minerva wants to see you up at the castle, Hagrid. Thanks for the tea, we'll see you tomorrow."

Hagrid nodded, patting Hermione on the shoulder a little to forcefully then made his way up to the castle to see the Headmistress.

Hermione closed Hagrid's forgotten door, then turned to head back to the castle.

"Mummy, who's that?" Samantha asked, and Hermione stopped with another heavy sigh.

"This is Mummy's old teacher, Professor Snape," she explained.

"Your name is Perfesser?" Samantha asked him while crinkling her nose, and Hermione chuckled, letting Samantha slide off her hip and set her down on the ground.

Snape seemed to snap out of his trance, and looked down at the small child.

"No, that is my title. My name is … Severus," he answered, wondering why he didn't just insist he call her Mister Snape.

"Hello, Severus. My name is Samantha," she told him, holding her arm out for him to shake.

Snape flicked his eyes to Hermione's, almost seeming to ask permission, and when she shrugged, he reached down and grasped the tiny hand in his calloused, much bigger one.

He held back a chuckle as she gave him her best firm shake, then let go of her hand.

"You used to teach my Mummy?" Samantha asked him.

Mummy? She's only been out of school 4 years. How old is this girl? I didn't see a wedding ring on Granger's finger. Perhaps she is divorced or widowed. She certainly doesn't look old enough to have a daughter, though she certainly has matured since she was last here … get a grip, old man! Oh, jeeze, the small one asked you a question!

"Yes, for some time I was one of your mother's teachers," he answered smoothly, nothing in his voice to betray his thoughts.

He regarded Hermione for a second before fixing his gaze on Samantha again. "And how old are you?"

Hermione rolled her eyes at his lack of subtlety. It wouldn't be very Slytherin to just come out and ask her when she got pregnant.

"I just turned 3 in June!" Samantha answered, excited at the memory of her birthday. "I had a great party! There were balloons and cake and presents and guess what? Mummy said next year I can get my own cat like she has Crooks!"

Snape fought very hard to hold back a sneer as he said, "How lovely."

That reminds me, I should make sure Crookshanks is doing okay with Harry and Ginny. I do hope Sirius isn't terrorizing him too fiercely.

"Well, it's been swell catching up and all, but -"

Severus cut her off, directing his next question at Samantha once again.

"So, you and your mother are living at the castle now?"

"Uh huh, I like it here! Apparently there's a huge squid in the lake, and if you're really quiet you can see it, and the stairs move, and the ceiling changes!"

"Indeed," Severus agreed. "So, I take it your father will be joining you here as well?"

Hermione was practically growling at him, but he took no notice, and she didn't want to make a scene in front of her daughter. At least, not while Snape was being "nice" to her.

"No, silly, I don't have a daddy," Samantha explained.

Odd, but at least it's not that Weasley prat.

Hermione opened her mouth once more to end the conversation, but once again, Snape beat her to it.

"How come?" he inquired, his eyes lingering momentarily on Hermione's reddening face.

Samantha shrugged. "Mummy doesn't like to talk about it, but my Auntie Molly says it's 'cause I got such a great Mummy, I didn't need a Daddy. So I got lots of Uncles instead," she explained. With a shy smile, she added, "My favorites are my Uncle Fred and Uncle George. But don't tell the other ones!"

Snape allowed himself to smirk at that. "Your secret's safe with me."

"Thanks, Severus!" Samantha said with a toothy smile. She turned to her mother. "Mummy, can Severus walk back with us?"

Hermione immediately balked at the idea. "Oh, honey, I'm sure he has other things he has to be doing. Teacher things," she said forcefully, hinting at him to leave.

He acted as though he misunderstood her. "Nonsense. I would love to accompany you back to your rooms. Lead the way, Miss Samantha."

Of course, Samantha didn't know the way back, so Hermione led the way, all the while fuming at her nosy former professor.

They reached their rooms and Hermione was prepared to say goodbye to the man but Samantha had other ideas.

"Severus, would you come have juice with me?" the girl asked, and not even Voldemort could have been able to say no to that voice and those eyes.

"Uh … sure," Snape said, and followed them into their rooms.

Hermione closed the door behind them, resisting the urge the bang her head against the wall.


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