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The Perfections of Imperfections

Chapter 1

Sora didn't want to be there. But he didn't want to be back there either because cousins are a frightful thing, especially cousins the same age as you who are engaged and all grown up and waiting to brag for some reason he didn't fully understand. So there he was; sitting in a car of the only friend who could get him out of his house, late notice and quick, speeding down the highway with the music blasting. Oh, there were some other loud teens there too.

The car's engine revved and Sora found his heart thriving with it; something about driving so quickly that if you crashed you knew the car would do a few twirls in the air and give you a broken bone at some point (or brain damage) gave him an odd gleeful buzz. Perhaps he was facing that electric teenage rebellion his parents often warned him against? But still… he didn't want to be there.

The music pulsed and the singer's strained voice sang so that feeling spilled from the melody and coated Sora's tingling fingertips. He drummed his fingers on his knees in beat to the music and gazed out of the front window screen from the beck seat (it was the best view he was gonna get from sitting in the middle seat) and happily watched the orange lit highway slip under the car. But still… he didn't want to be there.

The car's dangerous speed didn't bother him, the deafening music didn't bother him: it was the people or to be more precise a certain person, sitting on his right.

Sora didn't dare look because what he saw (felt) frightened (confused) him far too much. But despite the fear, Sora found curiosity and interest overpowering him to the point of insanity. And so giving into the nagging awareness inside of him, Sora let his eyes drop to his right for an instant so he could look…at… him.

And right on queue terror, overwhelming curiosity and interest hit the brunette square on the face forcing him to tear his eyes away. However, although his eyes had been ripped away from the boy on his right the image stayed intensely clear in his mind and Sora found his eyes drooping slightly so he could picture that image in concentration.

Sunshine hair curling up in odd flicks, wide blue eyes and pale skin. His heart thrummed curiously in reaction to the image. The boy was not what people would call traditionally handsome but Sora found himself completely mesmerised by him none the less, slightly crooked teeth and all. But Sora wanted to know more about this boy. He wanted to know where he lived, what he liked to do, what music he liked, if he had life goals, what they were, if he had any life motto's, where he wanted to be in ten years, who he loved the most in the world, who he hated the most, where or how he wanted to die …what his name was.

Perhaps Sora simply really, really, really (really) wanted to be friends with this boy?

Frustration suddenly ignited within him when his heart jumped at a brush of skin which occurred as the boy on Sora's right shifted his arms slightly. Sora swallowed a shiver and an enraged growl. He could feel his teeth grit in annoyance; this was the first time he could not understand his heart's actions. He had always been good at understanding his heart and accepting whatever his heart truly wanted. But this… Maybe seventeen years of knowing his own heart just wasn't enough for this situation.

He didn't understand the ferocious interest he had for the boy sitting so closely to him. So, like a true primeval man, he got angry. He decided he didn't want to be that boy's friend, he wanted to hate him, push him away, no, punch him for making him think he didn't know his own heart.

This didn't make sense. Sora was the one who always wanted to be friends with everyone and make people smile and laugh and now he couldn't decide whether to be best friends with this boy or to gave him a Chinese burn when the boy hadn't done a single thing right or wrong to the brunette.

"Roxas?" Kairi called from the driver's seat.

And when said boy to Sora's right looked up and gave a clipped 'Yeah?', Sora's breath caught in a way he thought he may choke but he quickly and irritably brushed it off and attempted to shove 'Roxas' from his mind.

However as Sora focused completely on stamping out the intensive awareness and slight high he was facing from learning the boy's name, Roxas was asked to look for a CD on the car floor meaning the widening of his legs was necessary and meaning his knee was forced to push against Sora's.

"IWANNASTOPFORAWHILE!" Sora blurted out on feeling the contact, shakily, breathlessly and abruptly enough to cause Roxas to jump and move his knee away from Sora.

"What? Why do you want to stop?" Kairi called back, confused as the other two teens joined in with the quizzing.

"I'm hungry!" Sora tried, eyes locked onto the back of Kairi's head.

He could almost see Kairi's amused expression as she rolled her eyes and replied, "Fine, fine. I was thinking of stopping for a little while anyway."

And after a few demanding suggestions from the other members of the cramped car, they were pulling into a nearby fast food restaurant and Sora (despite the clumsy crouched leap he had to take over the person on his left) was first out the car, gulped in the fresh icy air by the lung-full in an attempt to calm his body. The rest slowly followed, shuffling into the warm building and Sora ignored the deepest instinct he felt he had ever had, he didn't look to check Roxas was there, he only kept his eyes on his shoes.

"Sora?" Kairi asked, snapping the brunette from his concentrated shoe gaze, "What you ordering?"

"Oh, erm…" Sora peered up to the glowing menu while digging through his pockets in search for coins but to his dismay and much rushed exit from his home, he only found one ugly rusted brown coin and with a slight chuckle he sighed, "Nothing by the looks of it."

"Sora! You ask me to pull over so you can get food and you have no money?" Kairi huffed, blowing shiny red locks from her face before rolling her eyes with a slight smile and mumbling, "I'll give you some money then, I suppose."

"Nah its alright, thanks though, Kai. I owe you gas money and I'm not that hungry, I just wanted to-"

"You need money?"

Sora never didn't know that three little, unimportant words could send his heart, mind and body into overdrive. Although he did know why they sent his body berserk, it wasn't the words that were uttered so casually that it sent anger firing through his fingertips, it was the person who had uttered them.

With palms dampened already, Sora let his eyes meet those wide dilated blues which patiently watched him in return and the brunette felt his jaw tighten in defence of the threat of it dropping. Roxas was even more interesting up close. The hypnotic features Sora had noticed in the dim car light had become a thousand times more curious and appealing. Roxas' hair was shiny and smooth in its odd flicks, his skin was pale and perfect and even his limp posture, dropped shoulders and slightly raised chin had Sora in internal fits of thirst for knowledge about this boy.

"Well?" Roxas pressed, the edge of his lips curling as his eyes darted to Kairi in amusement.

"Eh?" Sora merely squeaked, blinking a few times to get his focus back and to still his quivering hands.

"M-O-N-EEEEEY?" Roxas enunciated with a smug grin, "You want it?"

Sora's brow dropped at the patronising tone Roxas had chosen as Kairi stifled a giggle behind him.

"No." Sora snapped brushing past Roxas, making sure he knocked shoulders with the blonde but as Sora stalked to the nearest seats he discovered that making contact with Roxas had been a very, very bad idea because the world seemed to be upside down now, nothing felt stable and Sora realised he had no idea whether he wanted to go back to Roxas to punch him or to just ask the blonde questions about his entire life.

Either way; he wanted to be a couple of steps away from him again.

Tugging at his chocolate spikes, Sora let out a tight sigh through his gritted teeth and threw his head onto the table until he felt a small tap on the crown of his head. Bracing himself for the worst (best): Roxas: Sora placed a scowl on his face and lifted his head to meet the perpetrator. However when he met Kairi he didn't know what expression to use that pronounced disappointment and relief.

Kairi raised an eyebrow at him and sat across from the brunette, "What a strange face."

Sora wiped any emotion from his face at that instant only to receive a frown from Kairi and a glisten of worry in her violet eyes, "Sora, are you alright?"

"Yeah, of course, Kai." Sora smiled, through puzzlement, as he wondered what Roxas was getting to eat.

"I'm not sure." Kairi pondered, as she began her meal, "Are you really that sad your cousins are visiting?"

"I'm not sad about it, just can't be bothered really…." Sora shrugged, "Plus, I tried to be friends with them when I was younger and they were the ones who played tricks on me!" Sora exclaimed as he pinched a quick sip of Kairi's drink.

Snapping her drink away, Kairi watched Sora quietly in concentration and feeling nervous under her undivided focus Sora fidgeted and shifted his gaze around, mumbling, "What? Why're you staring?"

"Is it Roxas?" Kairi bluntly asked making Sora's insides leap and twist in knots of nerves and bliss. How could someone's name have that effect?

"What're you talking about?" The internal hitches of Sora's organs showed through his voice as he shyly threw his gaze around to check if the blonde was in ear-shot.

"They are all sitting at that other table over there," Kairi dismissed, answering Sora's unasked question.

There a thick moment of silence and a staring contest which Sora lost and in defeat he grumbled, "It isn't him. I'm fine, Kairi."
But the feisty red-head was having none of it, "Because if it is, he wasn't trying to annoy you or anything before, he is just a little sarcastic."
"It isn't Roxas." Another lie.

"It must be him that is making you act weird. You are never usually this… thoughtful."

"Thanks." Sora muttered.

"Oh, sarcasm! See, you and Roxas can be friends!" Kairi happily exclaimed a little too loudly.

Feeling alarm and embarrassment shoot through his veins, Sora flicked a paranoid gaze to the reflection on the window of the table Roxas was sitting at with the others (like he had been doing constantly while Kairi babbled on) and he spotted Roxas curiously watching the brunette's back and Kairi on mention of his name. Sora had no idea how just a person looking at him could make vitality burst in tickly sparks all over his body, but it did. He didn't know what to do with this new found energy and so he found himself chuckling quietly as he noticed Roxas was still trying to figure out what Sora and Kairi where talking about.

"Why're you laughing?" Kairi asked, amused and waiting to hear the joke.

At that Sora felt embarrassment coil in his stomach and kill the laughter, "N-nothing."

Shaking her head slightly, Kairi sighed, "Maybe there is nothing wrong with you; maybe you're just finally going through those insane teenage hormones that you seemed to bypass before."

That caught Sora's attention but before he could further quiz Kairi for a solution as to why he had been acting so strangely and been so interested in Roxas, a blonde flick of hair captured his sight in the reflection and when he whipped his neck around, Sora found Roxas standing right behind him, looking bored yet waiting for information.

Another thick silence dragged past in which Sora found himself becoming increasingly irritated with the blonde's odd silence which gave the brunette time to internally question and wonder about everything Roxas could have ever been involved with…and curse himself for doing so.

"What?" Finally hissed from Sora as he glared up to those openly big eyes.

Roxas squinted back, slightly insulted.

Sora felt his insides plummet painfully at that mere quirk of the blonde's eyebrow, the narrowing of his clear eyes and the frown that met his lips and before Sora could stop himself he had given Roxas a shame-filled 'sorry' which the blonde casually shrugged off.

"Kairi, we leaving? I have to be back home soon." Roxas asked Kairi, not giving Sora any of the attention he wasn't sure he liked or not.

"Oh, sure, Roxas." Kairi chirped standing up and heading out with the rest of the group.

But Roxas didn't move, he stood at the side of Sora as if waiting for something and with each quiet second passing Sora found his heartbeat annoyingly increasing in speed. The silence was stupidly heavy and Sora could feel the millions of questions he had already made for Roxas sitting at the tip of his tongue. The brunette bit his tongue. And the blonde finally shuffled off with the rest of the group.

They drove for another intense, heavy fifteen minutes but this time, to Sora's hatred and sheer delight, Roxas and him sat at opposite ends of the car with another teen sitting in between, blocking Sora's real view of Roxas but still allowing the one in his mind to replay the image of that half-assed sneer Roxas had given Sora after the brunette snapped at him.

The car halted eventually outside a normal house, nothing fancy, nothing exciting yet Sora soaked in every detail of it, even attempting to guess which room was Roxas', and with a mumbly farewell, Roxas got out the car and strolled to his door.

But that must have been a little too simple because a nano-second later, the shy(ish) blonde, Naminé, that had been sitting in the front seat had zipped out of the car and straight up to Roxas, touching his arm lightly for him to acknowledge her presence. And he did acknowledge her. And with a smile.

A smile, that despite the reasons it had shown itself, was fantastic. It flashed those slightly crooked pearly whites as the blonde's lips edged into a half-grin. Sora mentally noted how most things about Roxas were 'half', he hadn't seen anything out of the two hours and thirty-five minutes he had been a minor part of the blonde's life from him that showed an entire effort, his shrugs weren't even full.

"Roxas was a little quiet today." Pence randomly mused from beside Sora, catching the brunette's ear.

"He isn't usually like that?" Sora drawled to his right, keeping his eyes on the two blondes outside, now wondering about Naminé and her life with Roxas.

"Well, he is quiet but… not that quiet."

Sora nodded slowly, not fully understanding but restraining his urge to fire questions at Pence; he wanted to know exactly how Roxas was quiet, like was it a thoughtful quiet, an amused quiet, bored, content, sad, controlled quiet? He wanted to know when Roxas spoke the most, the least and so on…

Sora quietly sighed and felt a childish pout scrunch his lips as he watched Naminé skip back to the car and Roxas sulk into his house after giving a final wave to the car. Just a flick of the wrist from Roxas and the feeling that said boy's eyes had landed on Sora's own eyes for an instant, had the brunette's heart thrumming sweetly in his chest making his breath stick in the back of his throat. Sora grumbled lowly at the reaction.

And soon after that Sora simply didn't feel up to much. He politely asked Kairi to drop him off and soon after he was storming through his house (avoiding visiting family to which he was completely successful) and to his room where he remained on his bed, ranting and raging to himself, completely pissed off all because of that freaking blonde boy, Roxas, until he heard the knock at his door and faced the family that had found him.

He had never thought today was going to be so long when he woke up that morning.

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