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The Perfections of Imperfections

Chapter 14

When Sora got home, out of the cold night, he broke down immediately. The teen slumped against the inside of the front door, sinking down to the floor. He sucked in deep breaths, hoping somehow, the air would dry out the sting behind his eyes. He felt silly and embarrassed. Sora could smell alcohol on his own breath and his actions were still slightly blurred. Holding up his head, he clutched onto his spikes and continued breathing.

In and out, in and out, he breathed.

He hadn't been running, his walking pace hadn't even been quick, but he just felt the need to breathe. He didn't know what else to do. Everything was silent bar his breathing and he could only remember one other time when his home had been this quiet and empty-like before: he had been young and had woken up from a nightmare but not wanting to wake his parents, he lay in the dark and listened to the nothingness. That was the first time he had realised that to oppose something, everything, there was nothing.

Sora sat for, who knows how long, and thought about everything. Roxas. And how he would feel if it became nothing. But then again, to Roxas, it already was nothing. That stupid drunk grin flashed in Sora's mind; the brunette was nothing he took seriously. The teen's expression crumpled as his heart gave a slow numb thump.

Sora didn't know what to do... he needed a sign, help from a friend ... something. It wasn't that he couldn't find the courage to push on with the future it was that he didn't know what the future was for him. Could someone not nudge him in the right direction before he disrupted any more of his friend's lives? The eternal optimistic held his breath and waited, maybe something would happen and it would help him decide what to do next. Should he keep hope for Roxas or go cold turkey from the blonde?

Sora waited for a moment, listening intently to the silence; searching for a small sound that would signify that help was coming. No such sound came and he was left in the dark, drunk and lonely. After a moment, Sora heaved himself up with a sigh.

He shuffled over to the kitchen, quietly pouring himself a glass of water and wondering about his slumbering parents upstairs. They would be getting up for work in a few hours and they would try to wake him for class. Sora felt himself smile slightly; there was no way he was getting up tomorrow.

The wobbly teen leaned on the counter and sipped at his water, thinking about just going to sleep, leaving complicated thoughts till the morning but he wasn't tired at all.

What if he moved away? Got some money together, rented some apartment in the city and started fresh? He was nearly 19, he was old enough. Maybe he would have to learn how to make decent dinners and how to use a washing machine but he could move out. It would be a little scary at first but anything worth doing was.

Sora meandered through to the dark living room, flopping down onto the sofa and piecing together the life he could have if he moved out. A cool apartment in the city, a stone's throw away from his favourite bars and clubs so when the clock struck 4am and the lights came on in said clubs, he could stumble home in twenty steps, his kebab still warm in his hands when he would pass out in his moderately decorated living room with all the friends he invited to stay back at his. Then, he would wake up and drink a big glass of Tropicana while looking out to the sunny morning with a smile; proud of his modern flat.

And the days would go by where he would go food shopping, maybe some days he wouldn't be able to afford dinner but it would be alright, his desk in his spacious room would be a tip of uni work and he probably wouldn't have a house phone but he'd use his mobile. He would put up pictures of his friends and family, his mother and father would visit him a lot. He could even make them dinner!

And then on other nights, he would have parties. Amazing parties that lasted for days. He could imagine himself, Kairi and Riku cleaning up the mess afterwards, Riku complaining but Sora and Kairi still reeling from the party and its awesomeness. Yeah, even if he had to clean up, these parties would be worth it. Maybe Kairi and Riku and him could get a flat? They could split the rent. Sora liked that idea and he could see the three of them sneaking stuff they would need for the apartment from their parent's houses and then out buying kitchen appliances, furniture and even curtains! Sora smiled to himself; this was the first time that anything involving curtains seemed fun to him. God, he must be growing up or something.

It would be a whole new life where he would enjoy food shopping, decorating and painting rooms in dungarees like on the commercials and buying dinner plates and dishes. He would fall in love with a new, more mature life where he could say things like 'I just paid the electricity bill' and 'should we re-decorate?' His parents may be a little sad that he was moving out, they would miss him and he would miss them but this would be what he had to do to start fresh from his old life.

His old life... Roxas would be his old life. Moving out would finally cut him out of his life. Sora couldn't hope they would accidently meet because they would live too far apart for that, there wouldn't be streets and spots everywhere that were drenched in memories and feelings and landmarks in their relationship...or whatever they had. And without all those reminders, Sora would have the opportunity to forget and if he forgot he would stop hoping. It would be a clean break that took time but it would happen eventually.

But then, the brunette thought for a minute as he settled into the sofa, what if Roxas was part of that new mature life?

Suddenly his phone, uncaring of disrupting the silence, blurted out a tune and buzzed in his pocket. Jumping slightly in fright, Sora dug through his pocket, stretching his body out so his hand could squeeze into said pocket and yanked his phone out, shushing it and slamming on the 'End Call' button. The house fell oddly silent again and Sora almost missed the intruding tune that had been clumsily bellowing out of the device a moment ago. Looking at the glowing screen and wincing at the sudden brightness compared to the dark room, the teen let his eyes adjust.

1 Missed Call: Roxas

Sora blinked and re-read the name, checked the time it was missed, the date, the name again, the date again. Roxas really did just phone him. Should he call back? Sora stared up into the black of the room as his eyes re-adjusted once more, was he not just planning his new life?

His thoughts were cut short for a second time when his phone lit up and buzzed again, an abrupt chime rang obnoxiously loud once; it was a text.

1 New Message:


What was so urgent? Sora was used to the months of complete denial that he even existed from Roxas after anything like this happened between them.

im outside yourhouse i didnt wanna,rung teh doorbell

Sora felt his jaw drop. Roxas was outside? What the fuck? He never did anything like this, Roxas was the person that you were never sure if they would come to the night out and if they didn't and you asked why, their answer wouldn't be that they got caught up in a wonderful adventure, it would be 'Well, I was going to but then I thought about the money I could save' or just a flat 'I couldn't be bothered'.

Sora felt a steely panic pulse in his stomach as he imagined Roxas drunkenly swaying out on the street.

His phone blasted a tune again and following his first instinct Sora mashed the 'End Call' with a yelp of fright. It was Roxas again and Sora could feel himself break out in nervous sweat as his heart hammered away; he felt as though he had just been caught skipping class.

But Sora stood up and quietly marched over to his front door, embracing the nerves and waiting for the adrenaline. He swung the sturdy door open and a cold air swirled around him.

And there Roxas was. Sora could hardly believe it, he found it easier to believe that the blonde boy standing on the street was Roxas' long lost twin who had the exact amount of luck required to end up outside Sora's house, despite being a complete stranger to the brunette. Roxas turned as he heard the door click open and greeted Sora with flimsy wave. The full picture reminded Sora of awkwardly seeing someone you know not too well in a loud club. Roxas was barely standing under an orange sodium street lamp, interrupting the still night air with his swaying and his ash spikes sprawled upwards and out of his face.

"Roxas!" Sora hissed from his front door waving the other teen to come closer.

Roxas nodded and began his woozy way up to Sora. The brunette, dumbfounded and with a swelling irritation at the blonde, watched Roxas struggle to make it from the street to the front door, tipping to the side and tripping over his own feet.

Sora huffed, rolling his eyes as he tried to make a self righteous march to Roxas. However a self righteous march needs full sobriety and Sora's had become only half full a while ago and his march of annoyance became a quick overly self conscious scamper to the staggering blonde.

Once reaching the other, their last conversation echoing in Sora's mind, he made no hesitation to give Roxas an abrupt shove, snapping his arms back to his sides immediately as though too much contact was forbidden. Roxas, taken aback, fell backwards onto the cement of the path.

An instant afterward hearing Roxas mumble 'ow', Sora felt plagued by guilt but he held his scowl as he glared down at the boy.

"What're you doing here, Roxas?" Sora indignantly snapped down to the blonde who made no effort to get back up.

Roxas attempted to gather himself as he slowly blinked and looked up to Sora and then with a stiff jaw he muttered, "I...I deserved that" With a few self approving nods, "But the.." Roxas swallowed and took a deep breath "the reason as to why I'm here...at your house" his hands swung up like they had in the bathroom, gesturing to the dark house in front of him, "is because... you're here." A finger pointed up at Sora along with a hazy straight stare.

Sora waited for Roxas to continue but after a moment consisting of the blonde's out of sync blinks, the drunken teen's hand fell limp with the rest of his body and the boy was passed out on the ground.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Sora gawked, stepping next to Roxas, the blonde's body loose and his knees still propped up slightly from how he had landed when the brunette had shoved him "Roxas...Roxas...get up!" Sora kneeled next to the boy and gave him a gentle nudge with his foot "Roxas!" He pushed at the unconscious' shoulder now and it seemed to stir the blonde (calming the steady panic that Sora was pretending wasn't rising in his gut) , "Wake up! I'm not carrying you." The brunette was starting to worry that the neighbours may wake soon now and then he would be in deep shit with his parents, "Roxas!" Said boy stirred again, "We have to get you home, you idiot!"

Hearing that Roxas slowly sat up and registered his surroundings again before mumbling, "No..."

"No?" Sora retorted through gritted teeth, "No what?"

"I just... got here!" Roxas sighed mirroring some of Sora's irritation and impatience as he gave the other teen a shameless look of expectation.

Sora glared back.

Seeing this and realising he had made a mistake, Roxas tone changed and his gaze averted from Sora's and holding his head he breathed out, "We should talk or something?"

"No." Sora answered flatly and he roughly stood up, turning from the blonde boy and keeping that new life, his cool new apartment with Kairi and Riku firmly in his mind.

The brunette got five steps away before he stopped and found himself slowly turning on his heel to glower at Roxas, who was still clumsily sitting on the concrete path.

"I'm calling you a taxi."

"Ha!" Roxas mockingly barked.

Sora sighed and looked around, searching for someone to take the blonde away, "...ha?"

"Yes: ha!" Roxas smugly replied, slowly standing up, "I have no money for a taxi! Or my house keys!"

"So? Why are you 'HA'ing at me?" The brunette already knew exactly why.

"Well...because," The drunk was suddenly sincere and humble, "I sorta need a place to stay."

Sora felt desperation seep through his facade as he openly gawked at Roxas, astonished that he would expect the brunette to give him a place to stay after what had happen not two hours ago. The teen looked around again, trying to take in Roxas' sheer cheek and selfishness.

"Your parents aren't in? You really need somewhere to stay?" Sora asked, his voice breaking in shock as he squinted at Roxas who was taking slow blinks. "Really?"

Roxas nodded while Sora thought that the blonde was quite good at acting solemn, as though this was an issue of moral for him too. Sora huffed in disappointment turned and stalked back to his house.

"Come on."

The pair entered the dark house, Sora fairly quietly and Roxas shuffling loudly. The blonde pushed the door shut a little too hard too.

"So this is Sora's house?" Roxas murmured, staggering through to the living room as Sora carefully followed him.

"You've been here before, Roxas." Sora sighed. He still couldn't believe this was happening, how did it all come to this?

Falling back down onto the sofa, Sora heaved a big breath, wishing his dizzy drunkenness away and sunk into the soft cushions, "You can sleep in my room."

"Do I get the bed?" Roxas tried and Sora could hear the smirk on his lips, while the blonde pushed the brunette's legs off the sofa and plonked down on the couch next to him.

Grumpy at the sudden disruption of his comfort, Sora huffed, "No. The floor."

Sora closed his eyes from the dark room and sunk further into the cushions as he stifled a yawn. The room was silent until Roxas let out a tight breath of air. If Sora wasn't drunk he would consider not answering Roxas' little attention seeking act but he was.

Opening his eyes, Sora looked to the slumped Roxas who even in the dark Sora could see was glowering, "What's wrong?"

"When...When did we stop being friends?" Roxas muttered like a moody kid.

However Sora had already had enough of this and he was half way in love with the idea of starting fresh, "We've argued about that already, Roxas." The brunette thought about that kiss they had shared and a tingle tickled his spine. "We should go to sleep before-"

"Don't ignore my question." Roxas suddenly nipped and Sora looked to him, insulted.

"Oi, if anyone can act pissed off, it's me, Roxas. I'm giving you somewhere to crash when you're being a dick!" Sora threw back as he unsteadily stood up and stomped back to his kitchen but Roxas was scrambling right behind him with a determined desire to argue.

"Well, if giving me somewhere to sleep...is-is such a BIG deal just kick me out, Sora!" Roxas slurred noisily.

Sora turned on his heel and watched Roxas for a moment. The blonde's eyes had a lazy glare and his expression didn't have a coherent thought to it, he was having a hard time standing straight too and was leaning on the counter. The teen knew the blonde's loud voice could have easily woken his parents and if he argued back, they would definitely be up but like hell he was backing down.

"Maybe I will!" Sora, never the less, growled back.

"Maybe you should!"

"Maybe I will!"





The lights in the kitchen suddenly flicked on and both boys cringed at the sudden brightness. Sora turned and found his father standing, furious.

"Sora." Said boy put on his best 'I'm-definitely-not-drunk' face, "Get. To. Bed." His exhausted looking father then gave Roxas the once over and looked to Sora again, his voice low yet booming authority, "We," He paused and hardened his glare on the brunette, "Will talk in the morning."

Sora and Roxas waited in silence and stillness as the man shuffled from the room and up the creaky stairs. Hearing his parent's bedroom door close Sora let go his breath. He deserved that...that would be another positive when he moved out; no one to tell him it was 'bedtime'.

"Sorry." Roxas whispered ruffling his own hair in frustration, "I didn't mean to wake your parents..." he took a long blink and swallowed "or get you in trouble or anything."

"It's fine." Sora offered with a small smile (he had gotten in trouble before and the smart bet was that he would again, wait till they found out he had quit his job!) "I was shouting too, right?"

Roxas nodded back and gave a dopey grin, his body relaxing and Sora felt a nostalgic fondness for the blonde fill him to the top. The teen considered hugging the other for a moment and telling him everything that he felt. But he also felt like punching him.

"Right," Sora said instead, "We should...um" He knew what he was about to say sounded awkward, "Go to bed," they shared a glance, "before my mum gets up too."

"So... you're not kicking me out?" Roxas laughed.

Sora felt a giddy grin spilt his features as he watched Roxas in content, "No, not this time."

Half an hour later, the teens hadn't found their way to sleep yet. Instead, they sat on the sofa talking in whispers and hushing each other's laughter about nearly everything while late night TV played in the background, neither listened to the quiet audio, only idly watching the woman in the corner of the screen using sign language, the alcohol seemed to be wearing off on the blonde. After everything he had said to Roxas, Sora thought they would never see each other again and if they did, it would be awkward at the very least. But here they were.

However every now and then one of them would turn from the screen and look to the other. Sora still didn't know how it had come to this. And every time he snuck a side way glance at Roxas, noting how the light from the television made the boy's eyes glow in their blueness and shine, he couldn't help but think, did they really make out just three hours ago? At the moment it felt as though none of that had ever happened. Maybe someone slipped something in his drink and he had a brief hallucination?

But life was like this; people pretending and denying with all their might the instances in life that made it all worth it because people liked the difficulty, the struggle and the chance to desire something.

But Sora could feel it! What he could feel? He wasn't sure. Everything! He could feel it all hovering just below the surface. The elephant in the room was ready to come out of hiding or was Sora just running out of patience?

"Sora? Roxas whispered from the opposite site of the sofa, his eyes fixed on the screen.


"You gunna tell me about this girl you were with last night anytime soon?" Roxas mumbled, shifting in his seat.

Sora blinked, sitting up to attention and turning his head to the blonde, who, after a moment, turned to the puzzled brunette and smiled knowingly.

"How'd you know about that?" Sora asked, trying to think back in case he had mentioned it at his peak drunkenness.

"I asked Kairi why she was picking you up." Roxas laughed, sitting up now and facing Sora, ready for the story.

"Oh," Sora breathed, "What did she tell you?"

"You were out, stayed with a girl and needed a ride home because you had no money."

"Oh." Sora sighed, relief relaxing him; Kairi had left out his ignorance to who the girl was exactly and the fact he had gotten out of there as quickly as possible.

"Oh?" Roxas repeated, curious and digging for dirt with a smirk.

Sora took a breath and hope his cheeks weren't burning pink, "Yeah, oh. So what do you wanna know?" Sora turned back to the television screen, trying to push out thoughts of why Roxas would want to know.

"I dunno...good night?" The blonde grinned, wiggling his eyebrows.

Sora looked to him briefly and rolled his eyes, laughing. Roxas was definitely still drunk.

"That's a yes." Roxas decided, turning back to the screen.

A moment of silence passed, the television was showing some documentary about some z-list celebrity acting as though they cared and wanted to learn more about something to do with some country or-

"Is she your girlfriend?"

Sora looked up again, thinking about telling Roxas the truth, the whole truth, but there was a part of Sora that didn't want Roxas to see him in that light; a light which made is dark shadow stretch and his personality tint with the dreary colour of a sleaze ball.

So he lied, "Yeah," He turned back to the screen in case Roxas could see the shameful truth in his eyes, "She's my girlfriend." At least this way he was sort of defending the girl's dignity.

"Oh, cool." He heard Roxas' calm reply. For a silly instant the brunette tried to pry some emotion out of the two words but then released just how silly that instant was. Roxas didn't care!

Sora went back to lazily watching the screen, credits for whatever had been on slowly were rolling up the screen, the room darker now. Seeing the names disappear at the top of the picture, Sora barely stifled a yawn as he felt a tiredness he had been repressing take over. His body felt warm and heavy as he sunk further into the sofa, his eyes drooping. The teen, tired of restraining the urge, watched Roxas from the corner of his eye for a moment and his heart gave loud steady thumps, making his skin tingle. The blonde had a hard stare, pointed at the television but not looking at it, his posture was still and slightly rigid too. He had a thoughtful expression matched with a stiff jaw.

Sitting there, stealing glances at the blonde, Sora thought back to the day he had first met the other. Was it normal for that to feel like a million years ago but still as though it had happened an hour ago as well? The teen felt lost on a timeline which had no tent poles to reality, only feelings. Back then, he was a pool of fizzy feelings and now, here he was; able to think coherently to some extent with Roxas an arm reach away.

"Roxas?" Sora softly said, "My parents will be getting up soon so we should go to sleep..."

"Oh right, yeah." Roxas answered, blinking and coming back into reality as he stood up and stretched.

Sora watched the blonde's shirt rise and reveal skin. Calm down, he told himself, it's just skin, Roxas' skin, the same sort of skin anyone else has. Sora heaved himself up and shuffled around the sofa, heading for the stairs with Roxas following behind.

"Wait, Sora." Roxas piped up uneasily as Sora stepped onto the staircase; a hand paused on the handrail, "Can I get a glass of water? Just to help with the hangover I'll have tomorrow?"
Sora turned with an overdramatic sigh and a grin, "Fine! I only let you in my house at the middle of the night, give you somewhere to sleep and now you need water too?"

"I'll owe you with my life" Roxas, catching on, smirked as they made their way into the kitchen.

"You better because I'm starting to think it's never gunna end with you." Sora laughed as reached up to a shelf and brought down one of the best glasses his house had to offer (Roxas didn't have to know that).

"Here." Sora said as he passed the glass to the blonde, their fingertips brushing, Sora looked up and was sure he had just caught the others' eyes before they looked elsewhere.

Shaking off the burning in his fingertips, Sora sat down at the table and avoided watching Roxas pour himself a glass of water. The blonde soon turned and the air was filled with a presence. It took Sora a second to recognise it; electricity. And the brunette had no idea if it was just coming from him or if it was mutual.

But as Roxas leaned on the counter, sipping at his water like Sora had done a few hours ago, the brunette was reminded of that new life he was supposed to be starting and this was not the way to do it. The teen was nervous now, he didn't trust himself; he was one to let his emotions get the better of him. He shifted in his seat, ready to stand until Roxas spoke.

"So...um you have a girlfriend?" The other teen said as though picking a random subject to fill the air.

Sora watched the tipsy teen for a moment, there was something about the way Roxas had asked that; his eyes had averted from Sora, his voice was too aware of being casual too.

"Yeah." Sora lied again.

"Hm." Roxas hummed, his lips pursed, head nodding.

The brunette took a deep breath as he felt that electricity nip and tease his skin, his knees felt weak too; Roxas wanted more information. But he wouldn't give it; whatever they had had, it was over.

"You know, you can take the water upstairs."

Roxas looked up, his expression...disappointed? Sora didn't have a clue how to read this boy anymore. These thoughts had to be him just fishing for hope of the blonde having feelings for him, right? Did a part of him not want to move on?

"Its fine, I don't think I need anymore." Roxas muttered a small smile on his lips as he poured the water down the drain and put the empty glass in the sink.

Both teens then proceeded to the hallway, Sora all too aware of Roxas behind him: he could practically feel the boy's warmth.

"Sora?" Roxas asked, his voice quiet, as Sora's hand reached for the handrail of the staircase.

Sora turned back to the other with a smile, "Decide you need the water after all?"

Roxas blinked and a bright smile lit up his expression, a mischievousness tinting his eyes too, making Sora catch his breath, "Why won't you tell me about your girlfriend?" His fantastical smile faded as he spoke.

"Oh, that." Sora stepped down from the stairs to be level with the waiting teen.

As the brunette attempted to think of a believable reason, he noticed how Roxas hadn't stepped back to give him more room, they were half a step away and Sora was half a step close to caving in. Roxas' aftershave was swirling around him, pulling him in like a magnet.


Said boy snapped from his thoughts to find Roxas' waiting eyes and he suddenly found himself back at the very beginning; a fizzy pool of feelings at the blonde's whim.

"Um, "Sora stalled with a stutter, was Roxas closer? Or was Sora just looking closer at his eyes? "I- I never told you more about her because..." The brunette was struggling to breath with Roxas looking into his eyes like that, Sora unintentionally licked his lips, cheeks burning once he realised he had.

"Yeah?" Roxas pressed, his eyes watching the brunette's expression.

Sora couldn't string words together now, in thought or speech, all he knew was his heart was humming like a bird and his body was fanatical with the need for physical contact.

"Uh..." Was all he could mummer as he inhaled Roxas' scent for the second time.

"Is it some sort of pay back?" Roxas suddenly inquired, moving his torso back not too much but too much for Sora.

"What?" Sora replied, puzzled and moving towards Roxas.

"Because I didn't tell you about my girlfriend?"

"What? Oh." Sora thought back briefly to that time and his yearning for touch dimmed slightly, "No, no, it's not that."

"Then what?" Roxas asked, his frustrated voice craving the answer, his clear blue eyes wide with impatience.

Sora swallowed and choked out the first thing that came into his head, "Because I haven't told her about you so why would I tell you about her?"

Sora took a breath and watched Roxas process the information. His eyes flooded with thought and flicked around Sora's expression as he bit his lip. The brunette's heart thundered as he felt that storm of energy and electricity swarm around him; desire struck his mind once more when he breathed in Roxas' smell, he could feel his skin become soaked in tickles and shocks of static that were drawing him towards the magnet that was Roxas.

Roxas had inched closer and Sora's muscles were quivering with want as he could literally feel the warmth radiating from the blonde. Sora briefly thought back to a few hours ago when they had kissed and how he shouldn't let Roxas think he could do whatever he wanted but...He suddenly felt Roxas' hands gently move to his sides with a feather touch and his knees loosened as well as his logic.

"Well," Roxas whispered, eyes locking onto Sora's, "That's sorta perfect."

Roxas suddenly pressed his lips to Sora's and all the brunette could do was whimper with want. The blonde pressed another hard kiss against Sora's lips and wasting no time licked the parting, looking for entry. Sora, didn't allow it however. Instead he moved his head to the side to catch his breath and to question what Roxas had said. The brunette breathing heavily suddenly found himself pressed up against the wall, one foot on the first step of his staircase and his hands wound in Roxas' spikes.

The blonde was busying himself with Sora's neck, his hands sliding under the brunette's shirt and clutching at his sides and pressing their torsos together while Sora was having trouble not vocalising his appreciation.

"Now... she won't have... to know about this," Roxas growled in between scrapes of his teeth and bruising kisses on the brunette's neck, Sora was only vaguely listening, "...because she doesn't... know about me...If you let me... we can do this," Roxas stopped and looked up to Sora, stroking his sides, "all the time."

Sora knew something about what Roxas had said wasn't right but anytime he went to open his mouth a moan of pleasure shot up his throat, begging to get out. Roxas was back up at the other's mouth now, the kisses were soft and leisurely, teasing almost as he slowly moved his hips to meet Sora's. Feeling the pressure against his groin, a gasp of euphoria escaped his lips and Roxas was quick to deepen the kiss. But Sora was quick too and just as Roxas' tongue touched the tip of his, the brunette had flipped the both of them around.

Panting and trying to calm his lust crazed body from the longing to continue, Sora stared at the taken a back Roxas, his hair a mess from Sora's rough hands and lips red. The brunette could only imagine what he looked like at that moment, hair messy too probably, cheeks flushed and with a fake glare that screamed out the ache he was feeling to keep going. But he knew he had to find this out.

"What are you talking about?" Sora asked, perturbed and just wanting to keep fucking kissing, "She won't have to know?"

Roxas shrugged and stepped away from the wall, moving temptingly close to the brunette now, "Yeah, she won't."

"What? Like an affair?" Sora hissed, his lust still growing.

"All I know is that I wanna be able to do this with you all the time." Roxas smirked, suddenly full of confidence. "And I don't want to hold back anymore."

"But...earlier..." Sora muttered, eyeing Roxas with suspicion, "At the bar."

"I'm sorry, I just wanted to...I dunno... I was drunk."

"And you're not now?"

"Well, a little but-"

"What? Are you doing this because you suddenly can't have me?" With every word Sora spoke, the less he cared what they were talking about and the more he wanted to kiss Roxas.


"So would I just come home from seeing her and then tongue tango with you for a bit?" Sora sarcastically threw letting the lie snowball while trying to calm his breathing, his blood was pumping furiously now, his mind clouding with desire.

"I just-"

"Oh, fuck it."

Sora kissed Roxas was a crushing force, the blonde immediately reacted, settling into the kiss and pulling at Sora's hips as the brunette dominated the lip-lock. Sora could hear his own embarrassing heavy breathing and tried to ignore it as he teasingly let his thumb brush the skin under Roxas' shirt. Skin he had drooled over half an hour ago. He felt Roxas shudder and press his body closer to the brunette's, Sora laughed into the kiss, enjoying this dominance. But soon Roxas' hands had travelled down to Sora's ass and were squeezing making the teen whimper and wiggle at the touch, at this moment of disorientation, Roxas had won control of the kiss back.

"Sora," He whispered as he moved to said boy's neck again.

"Uh?" Was all Sora could manage as his eyes rolled and he moved his hips to Roxas' again.

"Please..." He started breathlessly and to toy with the blonde Sora grinded his groin even harder against the other's crotch, "Uh..um, please let me... be in control right now."

"If you can get control, fine." Sora murmured into the blonde's ear with challenge and the other slowly dragged his hands from the brunette's backside to the skin under his shirt.

"I don't think that'll be a problem." Roxas slurred back, swaying his hips and nipping at the other's ear in equal challenge, "It's just that," Roxas gave a slow, deep kiss, making Sora's stomach wobble in excitement, "It feels like you're in control all the time and-"

Sora moved from Roxas for a moment to give him a look of disgruntled disbelief, "You're kidding, right?"

"What?" Roxas smiled, wriggling his fingers against Sora's sides making him wriggle just the same.

"I'm in control?" Sora gawked, the entire time he had known Roxas he felt like the boy had him tied to an invisible leash!

Roxas raised an eyebrow in question and laughed, "Just let me do this, Sora!"

And with that Sora was being kissed, smothered and dominated. Slight touches that never had an effect on Sora before were fast becoming his crucial weaknesses like the way Roxas would bite the tip of his tongue, tease his skin with smooth caresses, pull on his hips, press him against the wall, pull his leg at the bend till it hiked up against the others waist and how he murmured the brunette's name in that flat, breathless voice. Sora shuddered when Roxas ravished his mouth once more, the brunette pressed back with as much passion and the two made a kiss that had Sora's spine ready to crumble.

Suddenly Sora found himself being lead over to the sofa and the two clumsily dropped down onto the cushions. In that short second of separation, Sora skin burned with longing, his insides trembled in a panicked need for Roxas and his libido took over his mind. And as soon as Roxas was there, climbing on top of the brunette and guiding him down, Sora's body was alive with electricity, he could almost see sparks fly between himself and the blonde. He was crazy with a hunger for more. More anything. As the teen clutched onto the blonde's sunshine spikes, Roxas gave him a deliberate slow kiss, teasing the brunette's nerves with ghost touches over his shirt and keeping his hips away.

But Sora, having no more patience for this, lifted his hips to meet Roxas' and he felt the blonde smile into the kiss. But it worked, because suddenly Sora was pushed back down into the cushions and one of Roxas' hands was trailing under and up Sora's shirt.

"Man... thinking you have a girlfriend" Roxas abruptly muttered in between a scatter of kisses.

Sora ignored the comment and scraped his fingertips from Roxas' hair, over his neck, to his collar and down to the buttons.

"She is so lucky." The blonde muttered as he laid his hips on Sora's and watched him unbutton his shirt. The brunette briefly wondered if Roxas really wanted the other to listen to what he was saying before the teen's eyes fluttered in ecstasy when he shifted his hips.

Roxas then leaned down and placed a chaste kiss on the others lips, whispering, as if to himself, "It makes me so jealous."

And for a small moment everything tasted different than that hot, heavy addictive flavour that had been overwhelming his senses and became sweet and refreshing when Sora looked up into Roxas' eyes. For a second, all that lust that had been disguising the true initial fondness Sora felt for the boy above him melted away and the teen met Roxas' eyes, he even forgot about the others body and his own for a moment, and he was greeted with warmth. Madness and dark desire escaped his mind and the warmth that he had longed to see and kindness that he had seen in glimpses and mistakes washed over him, cleansing him.

But that light in his mind flickered to a deep, hot colour when the thought of Roxas being jealous returned and Sora was suddenly plunged back into the thick, smothering sea of hormones, lust and want. His mind and body burst out in the wildness that was teenage passion and he had pushed his hips back up to Roxas' while watching the boy's eyes spark alive as a wave of covet reached him once more.

Sora was hard and feeling Roxas hard too nearly pushed the brunette into a frenzy of madness.

They became rougher after the brief pause, Roxas bit at Sora's lips and growled into the kiss when the brunette's hands finished with the buttons on his shirt and started on his chest. The blonde grinded down onto Sora's hips and the teen begged with gasps and moans for more friction.

That was until Roxas' hands were suddenly down at the brunette's crotch, fumbling with the zipper and button. Sora, feeling his jeans hastily becoming too tight and with Roxas' eagerness to encourage him, he lifted his hips as Roxas moved to stand on his knees and undid the jeans himself. As soon as the pants were open, the blonde's torso was pressed against Sora's once more and his hands were yanking the trousers down. But it seemed neither had enough patience because once the jeans had reached the boy's knees, Roxas had enough of them and his hands were slowly trailing up Sora's thighs as he overwhelmed Sora with another kiss. The brunette's lungs were burning for air but the burn at the pit of his stomach was far greater.

And then, Sora felt hands at his pelvis, fingertips brushing the skin. His mind crumbled and nerves exploded with a maddening thrill. If this was what going crazy was like, he wouldn't mind that at all. He desperately held onto Roxas' spikes and took shallow breaths when said boy moved to his neck. But all he could smell was Roxas and breathing was impossible again.

Fingertips teased the elastic of his boxers, his face flushed with anticipation and the complete inability to think sanely anymore. There was a beeping coming from somewhere. Roxas was all around him again and slowly fingers sunk under the fabric. Damn beeping... it sounded like something. The frantic and desperate teen, filled with a lunatic lust, raised his hips.

"Roxas." Sora hissed, no other word made sense in his mind.

The beeping still went off.

"Ha," Roxas breathed seductively, " you're all 'please'." Roxas grinned as his hand wound around Sora and squeezed the brunette's backside, making him sigh in a hellish desire.

"I didn't say please." Sora muttered back into Roxas' spikes as his hands reached for the pillows above him to restrain himself from clawing the blonde's back.

More beeping.

The fingers movedfurther down, into his boxers, and Sora would have bit his lip but Roxas did it for him.

Be-beep. Be-beep. Be-beep.

And then, Sora held his breath to prevent him from panting the blonde's name in wanton... Roxas' fingertips curled around his arousal.

Be-beep. Be-beep. Be-beep.

Sora's eyes snapped open and the mist of passion scattered, leaving a steely panic in its place. He looked up to Roxas, frantically pushing the confused blonde away and yanked up his jeans. The horrible feeling of people being around polluted him and made him feel embarrassed.

"What's wrong? Should I not have-"

"My parent's alarm is going off!" Sora hissed to Roxas.

Be-beep. Be-beep. Be-beep.

"Shit." Roxas blurted in a whisper, jumping over the back of the sofa, Sora hastily followed him.

The two clambered up the stairs as quietly and quickly as they could while Sora tried to keep his jeans up and ignore the inhumane horniness he was still experiencing. The two stopped at the top of the stairs, taking a moment to examine the situation; the beeping had stopped. However, instead of focusing on the more nerve wrecking problem, Sora was just enjoying the closeness of his arm to Roxas' as they leaned over the top stair.

"Do you think they put the alarm on snooze?" Roxas asked in a hushed voice, eyes focused down the silent and darkened hall.

"What? Oh," Sora stuttered, making himself focus on the task at hand, "I dunno, let's just go for it."

At that, the brunette leapt up and scampered down the hallway, hauling his jeans up too, as he hurried to his room he was sure he could hear the blonde snickering behind him. Once he had reached his door, the brunette waved Roxas down and soon they were safely in the room, listening intently for any movement. But Sora soon forgot that; his mind wandering south and if it was stupid to ask if they were done for the night?

Sora watched Roxas sitting on the floor, still and listening with his eyes on the door, finding him quite cute at that moment, and just as he opened his mouth to say something which had a good chance of being very stupid, his father's coughing stopped him.

Sora and Roxas locked a panicky stare and started fumbling around as Sora threw a pillow down to the blonde and a sheet from his bed, both, catching each other's drift and obviously having done this before, fell into limp sleeping poses. Sora, sprawled on the bed, Roxas, the floor.

Listening to his father cough and try to bring something up from the back of his throat, Sora could just picture him, clad in his pyjamas, with blood shot eyes and pulling his squidgy ear plugs out. Suddenly his hormones weren't as mad and on fire from hot electricity anymore. It was harsh but Sora couldn't understand how his mother could possibly find his dad attractive. He heard his mother and father talking now, doors opening and the shower turning on.

The brunette stayed still with his eyes closed and waited for his father to come into the room and "wake him up" to give him a lecture. Slyly, Sora peeked down to Roxas, checking he wasn't so close to the door it would hit him. The blonde was lying on his stomach, facing Sora's bed and looked as though he was deep in sleep and for a moment Sora wasn't sure if he was acting or not. But seeing the blonde like that, Sora was filled with a love for Roxas again. There was just something about him and at that moment there was something else that made it hard for Sora not to jump right next to him and hope he slept as well as Roxas made sleep look.

Yawning, Sora turned back to the ceiling, closing his eyes and letting his exhausted, frustrated body fall to sleep. Just for a minute, he would sleep, and after the minute was up he would face his parents and worry about and relish in what had just happened between him and the love of his life that was currently asleep on his floor.

What felt like a second later, "Sora."

The brunette, forgetful to why he was being woken up by his father's livid voice, dismissed the calling and stuck his head under his pillow mumbling, "I'm not going to class today."

"Ha," Came his father's short, humourless laugh, "Do you wanna bet?"

At that, Sora realised he was in trouble and what he was in trouble for. But that icky fright passed as soon as he remembered the rest; touches, whispers, fizzing electricity and kissing. On instinct, the teen moved his head from its hiding spot and glanced down to the floor looking for a blonde head of what he presumed would be bed-head spikes. And in all honesty, that moment of panic he experienced searching for the blonde was far greater than the one his father had just exposed him to. Sora took a small breath of victory and relief when he spotted Roxas, still asleep, on the floor looking comatose.

"Sora," His father indignantly pressed, "Come here."

Sora looked up and away from Roxas and saw his father, half way in the door, dressed for work and with an expression that looked like he was trying to pass a brick. Amused, Sora obeyed; carefully getting out of bed and stepping around the slumbering blonde.

As he quietly and carefully closed the door and was in the cold air of the hallway, Sora wished he could be sleeping right next to Roxas, marvelling at how much the blonde suited sleep.

Once out of the room, the brunette was marched down the hall and stairs in a foreboding silence and to the kitchen where his mother sat, dressed for work too, waiting with her hands neatly clasped on the tale top. The kitchen was lit with bright mocking rays of light: the freshness of the morning poked fun at the teen's heavy headache and nauseous gut.

"Have a seat, Sora." His father muttered, stepping around the table to lean in the corner of the countertops.

Sora sat across from his mother, thinking what is this, an intervention?

But then a horrible thought struck him in the chest. What if they knew about Roxas? What would he say? He was going to tell them if anything actually came from it but what were the chances of that when it came to Roxas? The brunette then swirled down the drain of what had happened the night before, it was confusing and he didn't understand the blonde. He could even imagine Roxas coming down the stairs saying 'Gosh! I can't remember a thing from last night!'... okay, maybe not the 'gosh' part.

"Sora?" His mother's irritated tone brought him back and Sora awaited his death sentence.

She gave him a sympathetic look, "I understand that you're young and want to have a good time but you have to give your Dad and I noticed if you're letting people stay here and when you come in you can't be noisy-"

"We have work to go to, Sora!" His father interjected, awkwardly.

Sora felt a pang of guilt, he knew his parents didn't like pulling him up and grounding him and stuff.

"Yes, we do, Sora." His mother added, her tone turning stern, "And about work."

The brunette cringed, he knew this would come around at some point, his mother continued, "You haven't been at work for the past few days...any reason?" She knew the reason.

Sora swallowed and muttered, "I ...may have quit."

"What?" His father growled through gritted teeth, "That's two jobs you've quit in the past year!"

He was really in the shit now.

"Right, Sora." His mother breathed, trying to keep calm, "I don't care why you quit this job but you're going to find another because we " She indicated between herself and his father, " are not financing you: you're nearly 19!"

And moving out soon, Sora wanted to retort.

"So after you go to class today, yes, you're going even if you're hung over, " It was his father's turn to scold him now, " You're going to go job hunting."

"But I only have one lecture today and it starts in," Sora looked to the clock, "Half an hour! It takes 40 minutes to get to the city!" It was true.

Both of his parents looked to each other in defeat, "Well," His father sighed, "Since we got up in time for our responsibilities and you didn't, you can scrub the entire house clean and then go look for a job."

His mother nodded and stood up, "We're leaving for work the now so you can get started."

And in five minutes time, both of his parents were out of the house and Sora stopped pretending to do the dishes and made his way to the living room, falling down onto the sofa. Flicking through channels, knowing that the constantly changing picture wasn't helping his headache, but he kept going, his mind elsewhere.

The last time he lay on this sofa, Roxas was on top of him...

Sora, taking a deep breath closed his eyes and thought back. He shifted slightly in his position, as he re-lived those moments, silencing out the present day noises. He could almost feel those touches, Roxas' breath and smell all again. The teen's stomach was bubbling and his heart thumping, pumping hot blood throughout his tingling body. Concentrating, he tried with all his imagination to be in those instances again. Sora was addicted to them, to him.

The brunette's eyes opened: a familiar song was playing on the television, waking him from dreamland and bringing him back to reality and suddenly the group of singers on the screen were watching him, they knew about his feelings for Roxas and they knew he was in too deep.

Throwing a sad glare at the screen, Sora heaved himself up from the couch and strolled through to the kitchen, he smiled into the sunlight as it warmed and comforted him instead of teasing him now. The teen looked over the dishes once and kept going, heading for the medicine cabinet: some pain killers were needed if he was going to get anything done. Sora briefly wondered when Roxas would be up.

Eyeing the small pills the brunette had another thought, he should really have breakfast before taking medicine and then he would clean up. Telling himself that he really wasn't putting off work, he was being efficient; Sora set to work on some toast. But his effort on food was short-lived when he heard movement upstairs and he suddenly felt awkward.

Not sure what to do, he patted down the crumpled clothes he had fell asleep in the previous night and ran a hand through his hair, wishing he had showered before Roxas had woke up. There was a moment of silence from upstairs and Sora waited, he was breaking out in a nervous sweat and really wishing he could go shower.

He could hear the stairs creaking now and imagined Roxas shuffling down them, as hung over as they came. Sora turned, busying himself with the dishes as he heard Roxas walking into the kitchen.

"Hey." The brunette heard Roxas croak from behind him.

"Hey," He replied, inclining his head to the side.

But Sora had to double-take what he had seen. He had expected Roxas to look rough, to say the least but instead he was met with skin that glowed with refreshment, coloured cheeks, bright lips and lively eyes. His clothes from last night even looked somehow cosy and fresh from sleep! The only flaw was his usually smooth spikes where slightly flat and not with their usual look of silky softness.

"What?" Roxas, self conscious and fidgeting, asked.

"N-nothing." Sora stammered, turning back to the sink and feeling his cheeks prickling.

As the teen busied himself with the dishes, he heard the scrape of a chair signalling Roxas had sit down. Everything was tense: Sora wasn't even sure how to stand. As long as he kept everything casual, it would be alright.

"So," Roxas awkwardly began from behind him, "You grounded or...?"

"Nah: just to scrub the kitchen and the rest of the house." Sora returned, trying to sound distant. He decided to leave out the job part; finding it embarrassing.

"Well, that isn't that bad, better than being locked in, right?"


Sora frowned as he placed a plate on the drying rack, he didn't like this small talk: it didn't suit either of them and was uncomfortable to try and pull off. He wanted to bring up the night before or even just kiss again, he was game for both.

Turning around and leaning on the counter, his hands still soaked in warm soapy water, Sora looked to Roxas who was sitting tidily and patient. The brunette could tell the blonde wasn't entirely comfortable and looked like he was too aware of being a guest. Seeing Roxas like that made the other hardly want to bring the previous night up, he had a feeling the blonde was internally begging he wouldn't. So he didn't.

Sora and Roxas exchanged a glance, a tentative one with on Sora's side a smile, and the brunette turned back to the sink. As he scrubbed at a stubborn burn on a dish, he realised that he had expected this to happen again: for Roxas to put a tiny part of himself out there, for his stupid self to lunge at it with a lunatic need and then for the blonde to change his mind. It had happened so many times before and Sora had fell for it each time, last night must have been a record breaker though: twice in one day.

Restraining the urge to sigh, Sora knew he should be upset but after so many times of this happening he was tougher and with an edge of cynicism now. And with this harder outer shell he found it more difficult to be disappointed with the situation and Roxas. Still, the sigh slipped out.

"Sora?" Roxas asked, his voice cracking a little at the end.

Said boy turned, curious to what had made the other's voice sound so serious, "Yeah?"

"Um..." Roxas started, his gaze away from Sora's concerned one.

The blonde was clearly having a hard time with saying what he had to say so Sora presumed it was something bad. Roxas tore his hands through his flattened hair and took a breath before moving his hands to clutch at his knees. The brunette eyed him carefully now, not sure if the hangover was a little too much for the other now, he looked like he may throw up. Sora discreetly put a hand on the basin of water, just in case.

But a shaky breath later Roxas was talking again, "Um...look."

Suddenly Sora had a horrible vision of Roxas giving him the 'it's not you, it's me' speech.

However, the blonde had his hand in his pocket now and was digging a fistful of something out. Keeping his hand curled around the object, he brought it to the table top and stretched his fingers. A few coins dropped along with a couple of crushed cash notes. Roxas' hand hovered over the money for a moment and he looked up to Sora with hope that the brunette would understand.

But Sora didn't. He stared at the money, trying to think what it could mean but nothing came to mind. The teen looked to Roxas for guidance but the blonde wasn't giving out any extra information, just wide eyes that were cautious and a little apologetic. Sora shrugged to the other giving him a dumbfounded look.

Roxas' brow dropped slightly and he gave the brunette a desperate look before sighing and digging in his other pocket and sitting a set of keys on the tabletop.

Sora, suddenly enlightened at the sight of the house keys, glanced between the money, keys and Roxas, trying to think if he had misunderstood the situation or was on the nail's head. Roxas was watched him think, wary of what the brunette could or would do next.

"I..." Sora trailed out, still thinking, "I thought you didn't have your keys... or money?" He raised a hand to loosely point at the contradicting evidence, "And that's why you had to stay here?"

"I lied." Roxas simply stated, his eyes still locked on Sora's as though he was waiting for the gasket to blow.

But all that blew was Sora's mind, as his heart hammered and palms misted in perspiration, and in an instant of looking into Roxas' clear blues his body was on fire again. He had mistaken the tense atmosphere for shame when it was anxiousness and nerves.

Sora waited for the blonde to further explain but he never did and the brunette realised it was because Roxas was fully aware that Sora understood the situation completely. Nothing wrong with wanting the blonde to say it out loud though? Another thump of hot desire pulsed through Sora as he watched Roxas in return.

"I don't have a girlfriend." Sora replied with a small shrug and a sheepish smile.

Roxas' eyes widened slightly and he nodded slowly showing he understood.

An air was building in the room now, a suffocating air of impatience and excitement for what could happen next. Sora settled into his standing position and smiled to Roxas who grinned back. And suddenly Sora couldn't believe the swelling of happiness in his every fibre!

He couldn't contain his cheesy grin and he had a feeling if he started laughing he would never stop, just like love.

Roxas smile was smug and showed that slight crook in one of his teeth as he leaned on the palm of his hand. Sora had never seen him so content looking.

Everything and anything was so optimistic like the start of the summer holidays. And Sora couldn't believe that summer had finally come!

Roxas was here, admitting to the fact that he had just wanted to be with Sora last night, he wasn't hiding or denying it. And the brunette, in return had admitted he had been lying too and here they were... at the first day of the rest of their lives with the sun shining through the windows.

"So..." Roxas trailed, standing up and making his way over to Sora.

The brunette felt a wave of excitement tear over him, making his smile stretch, "So."

The blonde stopped half a step away from him and looked down, he seemed a little embarrassed, "I could help you clean or something?"

Sora watched Roxas in glee when the blonde brought his bright wide blues back up to meet him, "Yeah, sure."

A moment passed and Sora became too aware of the short space between them, he wanted to fill the silence with a kiss but the urge to laugh out loud wouldn't leave him and Roxas kept on smiling too and that was something he hardly wanted to interrupt.

"But...um," Roxas mumbled, looking away again, "I was going to go home and get changed and stuff first."

"Oh, right, yeah." Sora replied, still grinning.

"And..." Roxas paused, a flirty smile stretching his lips, "I'll come back later?"

Sora beamed, leaning back on the counter and Roxas laughed. Hearing the blonde's laughter, Sora felt his insides bubble. Everything was suddenly so funny and the world was a million times easier to smile at with Roxas half a step away.

Soon, Roxas was at the door and Sora was seeing him out, both still grinning like maniacs.

"I'll be back in like half an hour, is that alright?" Roxas asked standing with a hand on the door, the sun bursting all around him.

Sora wanted to say 'the sooner, the better' but didn't want to be too cocky so instead smiled a small smile and nodded. However Roxas wasn't satisfied with that because smirking, he shook his head at the brunette and moved back into the house and closer to Sora whose cheeks were beginning to fill with colour from the sudden closeness.

"Aw, what's wrong?" Roxas teased, looking up to the flustered teen through brown eyelashes.

"What? Nothing." Sora stuttered, averting his gaze.

"Yeah, sure." Roxas chuckled mischievously raising his eyebrows.

Sora looked back, unable to stop the grin that split his features when he looked at Roxas. And all the fondness he had every felt for the blonde hit him in one heavenly rush and he felt like he had just woken up from a deep sleep. Hell, he wasn't sure if he had even woken up yet!

Then a sweet, chaste kiss brushed his lips and he could see Roxas' full smile again, everything was so unbelievable. The brunette licked his lips, trying to keep the blonde's taste while Roxas threw him a wink and strolled out the door calling, "30 minutes!"

Closing the door, Sora realised just how light headed he felt from one kiss and couldn't help but fantasize about how he would feel if say... more happened when the blonde back. The brunette felt as though he could wiggle with glee and excitement for the rest of the day. His heart was jumping, his mind bubbling with thoughts like: what if he comes earlier? Should I change my clothes? Should I clean the house or wait for him? Will it be awkward when he comes back? Will it be alright just to kiss him as soon as he walks through the door? Is aftershave cheesy during the daytime?

Bounding up the stairs in giant leaps, Sora rushed to the shower and feeling as though he could laugh out loud. Warm water shot through the shower head and drizzled over his body while the teen found it hard to stay in one place: constantly moving and feeling the urge to run around in the sun like a born again child.

Taking a deep breath to calm his excitement, Sora smiled into the stream of water from the shower, thinking how in less than thirty minutes Roxas would be back and all his.

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