I do not own any character from the series of Heroes, and neither do I make any monies from the writing of this story. It is purely for my, and hopefully your, enjoyment.

This story starts after episode 3.16: Building 26, when Sylar rescues Luke from the government agents.


Chapter one

"Hey! What d'you think's going down?" Luke asked as they watched, from their car, a now familiar black van squeal to a halt outside a grocery store, and the back door burst open, spewing forth several black clad men, all armed.

"That," Sylar replied with a shrug. "Time to go..."

"Wait!" Luke urged. "They're gonna get that woman!"

"So? She's not our concern."

"She's obviously one of us," the youth argued. "And it'd be a chance to take out another team... just think, that'd be three nil to us."

"Ah, me actually," Sylar corrected as he watched the scene unfold; the fear and panic of the slim, dark haired woman as she found herself surrounded by the men and then shot with a taser, and to his surprise he flinched as she jerked in reaction, then found a dark anger rising inside as she fell. "Bastards..." he muttered beneath his breath, but not soft enough to prevent his companion from hearing.

"So come on!" Luke pressed already halfway out of the door. "Let's get the bastards!"

"You get yourself caught, I am not saving your ass again!" Sylar snapped, sighing heavily as Luke shot a microwave from his hand, towards the van. "Fucking kid..." he cursed, climbing out of the car and sending two of them men flying before running over, using both his telekinesis and electrical powers to kill the remaining men. He glowered at Luke as the youngster joined him, and sighed again at the crowd their activities had attracted. "Come on, now we're going."

"But what about her?" Luke asked, looking down at the unconscious woman. "We can't just leave her there; the crowd look like they could turn into a lynch mob. Besides, she's a babe, ain't she?"

Sylar looked again at the prone figure, taking in her elfin features, her auburn, shoulder length hair strewn around her face, and her slightly boyish figure.

"Freaks!" a voice in the crowd cried. "You're all God-damned freaks!"

"I'm not leaving her!" Luke hissed, shooting an angry glare at the older man before bending down and trying to lift the dead weight of the woman.

"I should kill you at the first opportunity!" Sylar snarled in reply as he shoved Luke out of the way, hauled the woman over his shoulder, and headed back towards their car.

"Yeah, yeah; so you keep threatening," Luke sneered as he followed, sending a microwave pulse at a waste bin and melting it, laughing at the shocked reactions of the crowd who had been about to follow them.

Sylar put the woman on the back seat and jumped into the drivers seat, throwing the car into reverse almost before Luke had chance to shut his door.

"Hey! I almost fell out then!"

"Damn!" Sylar taunted. "Better luck next time, eh?"

"So, what d'you reckon she'll do to thank us for saving her life?" Luke grinned, glancing over his shoulder. "A threesome, huh?"

"A what?" Sylar exclaimed, looking at Luke and shaking his head. "A black eye, more than likely; for you, anyway."

"So, you admit she's a babe then?"

Sylar shook his head once more without replying, and concentrated on getting as far away from whatever nondescript town they had found themselves in, long before the police could give chase.

"Who the hell are you?" a voice demanded after a short time had passed. "And what the hell are you doing with me?"

"Hi; I'm Luke, this is Sylar. We rescued you from the hit squad!"

"The what?" the woman demanded, sitting up gingerly as a wave of nausea washed over her. "Stop the car!"

"No can do..." Sylar began.

"Stop, or you'll be cleaning puke!"

"Fuck!" he swore as he pulled over to the side of the road and watched as she ran out and dived behind some bushes, retching hard.

"You okay?" Luke asked as she re-appeared, wiping her mouth on her sleeve.

"Do I look it?" she snapped. "You go on, I'll take care of myself now."

"Sure, no problem, lady. It was a pleasure rescuing you..." Sylar remarked sarcastically.

"Yeah... whatever," she snorted, frowning at him.

"Those men were government agents targeting those with abilities," Sylar informed her. "So, what's yours?"

"Oooh... I wouldn't tell him if I were you," Luke chuckled. "He'll slice your head open."

"I'll fucking slice yours if you don't shut it!" Sylar snarled, glowering at the youth.

"What do you mean, abilities?" she evaded, backing away slowly.

"Don't play cute," Sylar sighed. "They only go after those with powers, and they know exactly who has powers. So, what's yours?"

"Then they must've made a mistake this time, 'cos I don't have a power."

"Sure... one of mine is the ability to detect lies, and you are lying through your teeth." Sylar rolled his eyes as she turned to run, and stopped her with his telekinesis ability. He got out of the car and walked around her, slowly. "You mean do can't do anything like this?" he asked, his voice menacingly low. "Or this?" he asked, making a crackling ball of electricity appear in his hand.

"Some damned incentive for me to tell you!" she hissed through gritted teeth. "Go to hell!"

"That's pretty much assured," Sylar shrugged. "Can you fly, heal, phase through walls, turn metal into gold? What?" he demanded.

"Let me go and I'll show you," she sneered, straining against his hold, wanting nothing more than to punch him, hard.

"I'm not that stupid..."

"Police! Freeze!"

"Shit!" Sylar cursed, releasing her and turning his power on the nearest of several police officers as Luke used his power to liquefy the weapon of one approaching him.

Megan Jackson stood, torn between wanting to jump into the car belonging to her would be rescuers and trying to escape, and helping them fight. 'Dammit!' she thought as she concentrated her power on two police cars parked next to each other. 'One good turn deserves another, I guess...' Luke jumped as the cars shattered into tiny pieces, showering everyone with debris. She concentrated on the next car, deliberately avoiding human targets. She had accidentally killed several people before she had learned to control her ability, and had spent the subsequent months on the run. The sight of exploding bodies was not one she ever wanted to see again.

"That's useful..." Sylar remarked, glancing sideways at her with a smirk, as they continued to fend off the police officers until they either ran away or were dead.

"Who the hell are you?" Megan snarled, moving away from him. "Sylar, or something?"

"Ten out of ten," Sylar remarked, applauding in a sardonic manner.

"Fuck..."Megan gasped, going pale, then turning to run. She let out a scream partly of fear, partly of frustration as he caught her with his power once again. "So you rescued me just so you can cut me open? That's a good one, Sylar," she retorted with more confidence than she felt. "I just hope I'm worth all the effort."

"I'm sure you are..." Sylar crooned, a smile tugging the corners of his lips.

"Hey, man! You can't kill her!" Luke protested, standing by them and glowering at his companion.

"At least someone cares about me..."

"Only because he fancies his chances at a threesome," Sylar grinned, laughing out loud at the respective looks on the faces of Megan and Luke.

"Like fuck you will!" Megan snapped. "I don't do boys!"

"I'm experienced enough..." Luke defended hotly, scowling at Sylar as the older man continued to enjoy his discomfort.

"Let me go, Sylar," Megan insisted, still pushing against his hold, yelping with shock as she suddenly found herself pitching forwards, saved only when Sylar caught her. "Bastard!"

"Come on, we've gotta go," Sylar sighed, realising that they had wasted far too much time, and that police back-up, or worse, would doubtlessly be on their way by now.

"I am not going anywhere with you!" Megan declared, backing away. "I'll take my chances on my own, thanks."

"I'll give you an hour, max," he shrugged as he climbed into the drivers seat.

"Come on!" Luke urged. "They'll catch you and do fuck knows what to you!"

"Oh, I know what they do..." Megan replied heavily. "Exactly what they do..."

"So get in!" Sylar pressed, starting the engine up. "You both have five seconds..."

Megan went to get into the back of the car, pausing when Luke jumped in, obviously hoping to sit next to her, and despite her misgivings, went and sat in the front, next to the infamous Sylar.

"How do you know what they do?" Sylar frowned, looking at her as he drove away.

"I was captured a few weeks ago..." Megan began, shuddering at the memory. "They drug you to make you compliant, put you in Guantanamo Bay orange boiler suits, hood you, and muff your ears, so you can see, hear, and feel fuck all!" she spat.

"How did you escape? And what's your name?" Luke asked.

"Megan. These people, dunno who, caused the plane we were being transported on, to crash. Some of the others died, some were re-captured, and some escaped. I was one of the lucky ones."

"So how did they catch up with you today?" Sylar wondered. "Careless?"

"I don't see how I was," Megan frowned. "They must have tracked me on CCTV systems; you can't exactly avoid them."

"Yeah, that's what I figure," he agreed, nodding at the laptop he had taken when he had rescued Luke. "Haven't had chance to really look through that yet. They tracked me twice in a week, and I'm off the radar. I wanna know how."

"Wait," Megan urged. "Stop the car."

"What for?" Sylar frowned.

"This is the only road out of town in this direction," she explained. "If I can block it, it should buy us a little time."

"Okay," he nodded, pulling over to the side of the road and watching Megan as she got out of the car and looked at a rock-face a couple of hundred metres down the road, smiling as he realised what she had in mind. He climbed out and leaned against the vehicle as he watched her concentrate her power on the rock overhanging the road, jumping in spite of himself as it exploded, and rocks and boulders of all sizes came tumbling down the hill-side and across the highway, blocking it.

"Good idea," he commented as she returned to the car. "Good power..."

"Fuck you," Megan hissed, glaring at him contemptuously. "I'm jumping ship just as soon as I can."

"Then I had better kill you soon, hadn't I?" Sylar taunted with a sly smile.

"Ignore him," Luke told her. "He's bluffing."

"Yeah? What makes you so sure?" Sylar demanded as they all got back into the car, and he drove off once more.

"I ain't dead yet; in fact, you even went so far as to rescue me when you didn't have to."

"I wanted the laptop, you happened to be there," Sylar evaded with a shrug.

"As I said before, you coulda left me..."

"What's the story with you two?" Megan frowned. "You related or what?"

"No!" they both protested at once.

"I'm helping Sylar find his dad," Luke explained, grinning as the older man shot him a dark look.

"Why?" Megan wondered, looking at her companion in the front of the car. "And why do you need Luke to help you?"

"God knows," Sylar muttered, frowning as he concentrated on the road ahead. He was having enough problems trying to sort out his feelings without sharing them with yet another complete stranger, and an attractive one at that.

"So, what did you find on the laptop?" Megan asked, feeling that a change of subject was called for.

"Enough. Enough to know that they're not following me; at least not yet."

"Why are they doing it?"

"Now that is the sixty four thousand dollar question," Sylar shrugged. "But it's nothing to do with me, so I'm not losing any sleep over it..."

"It's everything to do with you!" Megan protested. "You're one of us!"

"Yeah, the top man," Luke agreed. "I guess they want you more than anyone."

"Too bad they won't get me then, isn't it," Sylar replied sharply.

"No-one is that invincible," Megan snorted, giving a sideways look at the man in the drivers seat. "I don't care what damned powers you have!"

"They can't taser me as they don't work, they can't shoot me..."

"They can, actually..." Luke butted in, putting his hands up in a gesture of surrender as Sylar turned and gave him a dark look. "Okay, okay..."

"You are not invincible," Megan insisted. "If I were to land you a good hook, you'd be out cold, right?"

"You wanna try that?" Sylar mused, looking at her and arching an eyebrow.

"Depends!" Megan shot back. "And if you were out cold, you could be drugged, restrained, shot wherever you're obviously vulnerable to being shot... and believe me, Sylar, these guys are persistent! Is it really so important that you find your father?" Megan sighed and shook her head as Sylar stared moodily ahead, without replying. "Fine, have it your way..."

"We sleeping rough again tonight, man? I could use a bed..." Luke complained, theatrically stretching as much as he could on the back seat of the vehicle.

"We'll sleep wherever is safe!" Sylar snapped.

"It ain't safe sleeping in here out in the open!" Luke continued, adding a whining pitch to his voice for effect.

"Luke, shut the fuck up!" Megan rebuked, shifting nervously in her seat at the dangerous, angry glint in the eyes of the infamous Sylar.


"You heard her!" Sylar snapped through gritted teeth. "Now shut the fuck up or get out and walk!"

Megan glanced sharply around at Luke, glaring at him to do as he was told, but the uneasy look in his eyes told her that they would not be hearing anything out of him for a while. It seemed, that despite his bravura, the younger was probably as scared of Sylar as she was.