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This is a short chapter – sorry! Mike's ability is one I borrowed from a character in the graphic novels. And I nearly had a fit in I Am Sylar when he took the ability off that man who had the same power as Megan! I reckon they've been pinching my ideas... joke, joke! ;)


Chapter four

"Need a lift?"

Megan tensed up and glanced at Luke as the vehicle they had heard approaching, pulled up alongside them.

"It's a long way to town..."

"Yeah, we already walked most of it," Luke remarked dryly.

Megan glanced in to the cab of the truck, noting the two men inside. "We'll be okay, thanks," she smiled, musing to herself how she came to think little of sitting next to Sylar, and yet was unwilling to trust these two, seemingly decent men.

"You sure? There's a lot of enemies out there..." The driver warned. "Including Sylar, apparently..."

"W-what do you mean?" Megan frowned, grabbing Luke's arm and starting to back away. 'We're gonna have to fight our way out of this...' she thought to herself.

"No, you're not. We don't want to fight you... we'll have enough of a fight with the bastard government agents."

"How did you...?" Megan gulped. 'Can you read my mind?'

"Yeah..." he laughed. "Brett Sumner, and this is Mike D'Tengo. You're.... Luke, and...?"


"Megan, huh? So, you coming with us, or not?"

"How the hell did he know our names? What's going on, Meg?" Luke frowned.

"He's apparently a telepath," Megan explained. "How did you know that we were...?" she frowned, looking back to the two men.

"We've picked up so many people on the road," Mike told her. "So many people are on the run because of what the government are doing to us."

"And if we hadn't had powers?"

"We'd have driven on and left you to walk the rest of the way."

"What do you think, Luke? Should we risk it?"

"And what risks will you find in town?" Brett pointed out. "The agents could be there already; people could be suspicious of strangers and report you..."

"And God knows, you guys left a helluva trail of destruction in your wake..." Mike mused sarcastically. "Did you say Sylar?" he frowned, looking to his friend.

"Yeah... you were with Sylar?"


"Doesn't he usually...?"

"I guess everyone's game plan has changed," Megan evaded, giving Luke a little nudge to warn him to keep quiet.

"Come on, we might as well," Luke shrugged, already opening the back door of the truck. "Beats walking, anyway."

"And don't even think about microwaving us, kid," Brett warned, winking at Luke's raised eyebrows. "Mike here has accelerated probability..."

"Which is?" Megan frowned as she too climbed on board.

"I can slow down time, decide on what you're gonna do next, then react with superhuman speed," Mike grinned. "Thank God you don't have Sylar with you any more..."

"How did you hook up with him, anyway?" Brett frowned as he pulled away.

"Sorry, but he helped me and I'm not gonna pay him back by talking about him, okay?"

"Sylar? Helped you? You sure it was the same guy?"

"Oh, believe me. It was him, all right," Megan breathed. "He had his own agenda, and please, do not ready our minds to find out what it was."

"Okay," Brett agreed reluctantly. Although he sometimes read peoples minds without their permission, if expressly asked not to, he tried his hardest to comply. He did not always succeed.

"So, where're we going?" Luke asked.

"We have a safe place, where there are others like us."

"What, hiding, or are you like a resistance movement?" the youth pressed.

Megan frowned as the two men glanced at each other. "Well?" she demanded, tensing once more, ready to strike out.

"We're gathering people together..." Mike began. "We have to fight back."

"Cool!" Luke grinned. "I'm staying with you guys!"

"What's your power, Megan?" Brett asked.

"I shatter things into tiny pieces..."


"You gonna stay?" Mike asked, turning to look at her properly.

"I'll let you know," she evaded, although Megan did not see what choice she had. Life had been hard since she had to go on the run; she figured it might be easier amongst a group of similar people.

"Well I am, whatever you decide," Luke declared. "I wanna fight the bastards for what they did to me!"

"We don't go in gung-ho, kid!" Brett warned him. "That's what they want us to do, to give them the perfect excuse to take us out."

"How many others have you picked up?" Megan asked.

"There's about a dozen of us, now," Mike replied. "Some have been captured and escaped, but most of us have managed to be lucky."

"Yeah? I've been tasered twice!" Megan snorted. "Luke once, Sylar... fuck knows how many times! Did you know they attach tracking chips to some of the tasers?"

"What?" Mike exploded, glancing from his partner to the woman in the back of the truck. "How do you know?"

"Sylar had one; we discovered it... in fact, I still have the scanner!" Megan grinned, fishing inside the carrier bag and producing the scanner. "So if anyone has been tasered, I'll scan them, just in case."


"He stole a laptop from the goons," Luke put in, "and found stuff out."

"He...? Okay," Brett sighed. "I guess I should be thankful to him for that."

"He is sorta on our side, you know, at least for now," Megan pointed out. "If you want to look at it at its most base, if the goons get rid of us all, there'd be no-one left for him to take abilities off, right?"

"I guess not," Brett shrugged. "I still wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw Mike here."

"Neither would I, but he was good to me," Megan shrugged. "Maybe next time I see him, he'll be more true to form, eh?"

"You gonna join us or not?" Mike pressed. "Cos if not, then we're gonna have to drop you at the edge of town; we can't risk anyone knowing where we're hiding out."

"I'm staying," Luke declared. "I sure as hell ain't going home."

"Okay, I guess I'll stay, too."

"Great!" Mike grinned. "I can't wait to see both your powers in action!"


Several weeks later

"You okay?" Megan panted as she ran down an alleyway with Mike D'Tengo.

"Just great!" he remarked, grinning at her. "More of the bastards down!"

"Yeah, plus some of us..." she reminded him, the thought of their lost friends tempering her relief and pleasure at having killed several government agents, and made good their escape. "Wait! This isn't the way to the rendezvous point..."

"I figured a shortcut," Mike told her, grabbing her arm and propelling her faster.

"Mike! You know shortcuts are against the rules! What if we run into a trap?"

"I can handle it," he grinned, firming his grip on her arm.

"No! Let me go!" Megan gasped as Mike shoved her into a doorway; her eyes growing wide with horror as his face suddenly started to bulge, and change shape and colour. She took her chance when the man cried out in pain, and shoved him hard in the chest, then ran down the alley for all she was worth, crying out in fright and realisation as she found herself ensnared in an invisible hold. "You!" she spat when Sylar appeared in her vision, a smirk on his face. "What did you do to Mike?"

"Mike? Oh, Mike... he's probably mourning your loss, with your other friends."

"My...? You bastard! Let me go, Sylar! Now!"

"I don't really want to do that," he shrugged.

"Why? What do you want with me?"

"You got her?" a voice enquired from behind Megan, and she glowered at Sylar.

"So, you're working for them now, huh? Traitorous bastard!"

"Ah, no. I'm working for me, but we have similar goals. And you really ought to come up with a more original insult. Bastard is getting a little repetitive."

"Fuck you!" Megan hissed, straining against his hold, her struggles becoming more intense as Danko appeared in view. "Both of you!"

"We're wasting time here," Danko sighed, looking pointedly at Sylar. "Just take her out."

Megan gasped, and implored Sylar with her eyes; she certainly wasn't going to beg in front of Danko. "What changed you back, Gabriel?" she whispered. "You were pretty okay before. Wasn't your dad what you were expecting, and now you're taking it out on everyone, is that it, huh?"

Sylar cocked his head to one side as he considered her words, his eyes dancing with amusement. "My father was exactly what I was expecting, so I guess that shoots that argument down in flames. You wanna try another theory?"

"What would your mother think, you killing people the way your father killed her!" Megan hissed. "Knowing that her precious son was a carbon copy of that bastard?" She involuntarily flinched as Sylar's face hardened, and pain coursed through her body, then everything went black.