Civilized War

by PaBurke

Distribution: The Nook, Wormhole Crossing by special dispensation

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended, no money made, no characters created.

Spoilers: Season three of Highlander, season one of Criminal Minds

Summary: It's all in how you define the terms. There are just so many interesting people who play chess. How can I resist?

Word Count: 100

AN: For Tammy. I hope you get a little grin out of this for your troubles.

The bar was unfamiliar territory for Dr. Spencer Reid. Gideon had sent him here for a chess game. After Reid had beaten Gideon at chess four times in a row, his boss had decided to increase the challenge. So here he was, meeting with the mysterious –and tardy- Adam Pierson.

The lanky man finally arrived. An hour later, Spencer had lost his third game and Adam was gloating –a lot. The man had no shame and he liked playing mind games with Spencer. Granted, Spencer could outmaneuver most, but this man was determined to defeat him in every bloodless manner.