Game Point

By PaBurke

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. I own neither of the universes nor the characters. I'm just playing because my beta is a cruel person who likes to throw ideas at me just to see what story splashes out and . . . okay so this was my idea and she begged and begged, but she can't manipulate like House.

That's my job.

Distribution: The Nook

Spoilers: All of JLU and Batman, and Batman and Robin are up for grabs. We'll say, before the end of Season 3 for House

Rating: If you can't watch House MD, go away!

Word Count: 200

House was feeling pretty good about himself. He had managed to diagnosis and cure a rare tropical disease in an eleven-year-old boy who had never been out of the country. He had figured out that the 'brothers' were lying about being brothers. So the 'older brother' had disappeared with the boy before the hospital would have discharged him, at least they'd paid their bill.

Now House was winning a chess game against CityKent, his three-year online nemesis. CityKent tipped over his king. House had won.

Then CityKent highlighted his move that had made House's victory possible. 'Consider this a token. The thank-you gift should be arriving shortly. Next time will be different.'

What? CityKent was saying that he had Igiven/I the match to House. Nuh-ah, no way. That would make CityKent… a master manipulator.

Or, The Master Manipulator the 'Grey' boys had alluded to.

"House!" Cuddy stomped into his office. "I told you no new diagnostic equipment-'best on the market' or not-. I'm trying to work it into the budget for next year. What possessed you to order it?!?"

House tipped an imaginary hat to The Master. "Since it's here, we can at least open it and peak, right?"