Trying To Start Over

By MookFree07

Walking into Lompoc prison jail, it seemed just like the Day that Brian had gave Dom the keys to the stood there and thought to him self I Can still remember the day before Dom did the last heist when I told him I was a cop…


Brian ran up to Dom getting in the black civic, getting ready to take off, while Vince sat in the other with his eyes closed. Brian yelled, "Dom please don't do this last heist!" Brian pleaded with Dom and saw a look of shock wary comprehension come on to Dom's face. Dom then jumped out of the car and said, " Brian what are you." but before he got the rest out Brian said ' Dom, look I'm a cop and" but before Brian could get the rest out Dom was on him in an instant.

Brian felt as if as if Dom was trying to tear his limbs off. While he was covering his face Dom began to beat him constantly in his stomach and sides. Brian thought he could hear and feel a couple of ribs crack but he wasn't sure, and that's when he to try and focus on Dom while screaming behind his arms " Dom!! Wait! Let me explain!"

Then when I could feel Dom start to slow down I heard the car door opening and felt Dom turn then start yelling at Vince to get back inside the car.

He then turned to Brian and said, "Why should I listen to you Brian Earl Spliner if that's even your name!! You fuckin lied to me Brian and you hurt Mia. I don't know you!"

While Dom was talking he had Brian's right wrist in a hard grip and the angrier Dom became the more tighter the grip became until Brian could feel the sharp shearing pain telling him that his wrist was broken.

Brian knew he had to hurry up and explain to Dom before he ended up getting beat to death. Brian said, "Dom! Wait I am a cop but when I began to get to know you and the team you were far from the out of control unstable man they had painted you to be! You, Mia, Jesse, Lefty, Leon, and even Vince yall became family and when you told me about your dad I knew that I couldn't turn you guys in. I know that I hurt Mia but believe me I never meant to and yes I love her like a sister kind of Love!"

As Brian explained to Dom he could still see the mistrust and the rage in Dom eyes but he knew that Dom could see the truth in his no matter how mad he was at him.

" Look Dom all I'm saying is that if you do this last heist someone is going to get hurt. The truck drivers are packin now and the FBI is gathering enough information that's going to make you serve more than a year or to in Lompoc" I could still see the hesitation in His eyes when I started yelling, " Think about Mia! If you go back who's going to take care of her and Jesse now that Jesse is still recovering and Johnny Tran is still alive?" And Brian went into his pocket and pulled out the keys to the supra and reached out to give them to Dom. when he looked up and became fearful when he saw the look in those chocolate eyes of frustration, rage and something else he didn't want to think about.

When Dom took the keys Brian felt relieved until Dom moved so fast that Brian didn't have to cover his face from what he thought was a blow to the head un till he felt Dom's full thick lips on his. As Brian began to try and push Dom away, Dom grabbed his broken right wrist and pinned it above Brian's head and as Brian went to scream Dom used this opportunity to began push he thick tongue in Brian's mouth and began to taste him and run his tongue on the roof of Brian's mouth and moving between sucking and biting the lips until Brian moaned out from forced kiss. Dom then began to place soft kisses on the side of Brian's jaw and along his neck and whispered in Brian's ear, " You were always mine and Mia was just holding you for me I'm surprised you didn't figure it out because now you have to learn the hard way." And Before Brian could do anything Dom sunk his teeth in the smooth sun kissed skin of Brian's neck, biting down until he could taste of the bitter sweet blood of Brian's that began to pore into his mouth.

And kept biting down and suck until he was sure that the skin would scar. When Dom pulled away Brian was relieved that the pain was over until he looked up at Dom and could see the his blood on Dom's full lips and lust and rage in his eyes. And Dom began beating him again until Brian did feel one of his ribs break. Brian thought to his self. 'Now this was the Dominic who he had read about from the file' and that was Brian's last thought when he began feeling the sting of the blood running into his eyes blind him and he felt Dom smash the back of his head into the ground and he blacked out.

When Brian woke up he was in a hospital bed "protected" by two uniformed officers who he had graduated from the academy with; Officer Carlos Sanchez and Michael Landon. He could tell from the look in their eyes that while he had been out things had went down and to them he was a 'dirty' cop and he was getting no mercy from them. When he stared to move and get out of the bed Sanchez and Landon started towards him from across the room when a pretty black nurse with a bob and dark chocolate eyes walked in with Tanner. The Nurse said, " Hi Mr. O'Conner, my name is Tamara Hill and I've been your nurse fro the few weeks you've been in the hospital" as she took my temp an heart rate she said, " Well all I can say is that you took quite a beating but don't worry the damage that was done has starting to heal over nicely and you should be out of here in about a few weeks" I could feel her slip a little piece of paper in my hand and I knew rite away that she had given me her number; I smiled at her and saw her wink at me when she said , " Now I'll be back with something for you to eat and then the doctor will be right with you ." Tanner walked over and said excuse me Miss could you leave while I talk to O'Conner." The nurse rolled her eyes and walked out of the room and I looked over at Sanchez and Landon and knew they had saw her flirting with me. With Tanner just calling me O'Conner and not Officer O'Conner I knew something was wrong and wasn't sure if I still had my job but I also wasn't sure if I still wanted it….

Before Tanner could start talking the doctor walked in. and said, "Hello Mr. O'Conner, I'm your Doctor, Doctor Montgomery." Looking at Doctor Montgomery you wouldn't think he was a doctor. He looked in his early thirties with light black hair which shown brown in the sun light, with warm green eyes, strong jaw line, five o'clock shadow on his face, around 6'6 with broad shoulders and built like Dom…

When Brian realized what had been going through his mind and snapped back realizing that the doctor was talking and it probably looked like he was checking the doctor out from the grin on the Doc face and the scowl on the three officers face. Brian could feel his face heat up in a light blush and looked down to will it away as the doctor kept talking. " Now Mr. O'Conner you sustained multiple injuries such as a broken left rib, a hair line fracture that we've been monitoring these last few weeks which is healing up nicely, your left wrist is also broken as you can tell from the cast, and two black eyes but might I say you're still rather gorgeous," the Doctor laughed. Brian could feel Tanner getting annoyed and he growled out, "Excuse me Doctor Montgomery when will O'Conner be able to leave?' Brian could tell that the doctor felt the tension in the room between the three officers and him and he stopped smiling while his face and voice went black and he said, "Well we were watching the hair line fracture to make sure it heals correctly but its almost healed we should give it about a week or to and his other injuries a healing up nicely so I should say in about 3weeks or so and –' Brian cut the Doctor off and asked. "What how long have I been out?"The doctor turned to him with a smile and said, " you have been out almost a month Mr. O'Conner.'He then bent down to check my pupils and whispered I'll be back to check on you later." And when he moved back Brian could see the leer on Doctor Montgomery's face that made him tense up and he knew then that he had to get out of the hospital.

When the doctor closed the door Sanchez said. "You just cant keep your legs closed can you O'Conner, I knew2 you used that pretty face of yours to get away with thing but don't worry there'll be more where he came from with that pretty little ass and I'm sure you'll see your boyfriend there too." Before he could say more Tanner turned to him and Landon and said, "get out I'm here now," Landon started by stating loudly, "but Sir! h" When Tanner cut him off and said, " Are you going against an Order officer, don't let me tell you again!"He grounded out. As they were leaving Sanchez and Landon both shot Brian a glare as if it was his fault that they got told off and Brian had to remember that they probably weren't the only one s on the force that he would have to watch out for. When they closed the door shut Brian Leaned back against the hard bed and look Tanner in the eye and asked, "Tanner where's Dom?"