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Okay, Summary Recap:

Fang broke Max 7 years ago. Now she's back, and kicking butt! . . . Without the Flock. What happens when they see each other again? Will Max forgive Fang? Or will he be begging for mercy? You choose! Review and tell me which will work. Please?

Revenge from the Broken

Chapter one-Sebastian!

New Director (Viper) POV

I can guess what you're thinking- Ooh, the Itex director, she's the 'bad guy' leader, she's evil. Well I'm not.

My name's Viper. As a teenager, I was broken. For 2 years I went around, wallowing in self pity. Then I found myself, I fought back. I started to hate. I took lessons; any and all martial arts, street fighting, I trained. I grew stronger, more powerful.

I left Maximum Ride behind.

Yes, that stupid, innocent, goody-two-shoes is gone. Viper has taken her place.

I still fly, of course, my superspeed increased with my strength. I now go over 400mph. I also have a new weapon: fire. All the hate inside me is the fuel for the flames, a never ending supply. I trained my fire almost as much as I trained my fighting skills. I am almost, no, I AM unstoppable.

4 years ago I became Itex's new director. I helped them to blow up half the world. Cruel, I know, but Maximum Ride's job was to stop it. I am the opposite of her. The only thing we share is her memories.

Not all her memories survived; just her memories of him. What he did to her.

She had loved him. He had supposedly loved her back. She believed until that day.

Even 7 years later we still remember in nightmares. We hear her screams as Fang pushed her against the headboard. Her plea's for him to stop. We remember with perfect clarity, the way he had grinned at her attempts to push him off. His triumph at getting what he had wanted. At breaking her.

Maximum Ride had been a 16 year old mutant, thinking that needles and scientists were the worst things life could throw at her. She was wrong. The indestructible, unbreakable Maximum Ride had fallen. Broken by the one she thought she could trust. Her best friend. Her rock. Her second-in-command.

Her screams echoed in my head dully as I walked towards Fang's personal room. He wasn't staying there yet, though. I've waited 4 years to capture the Flock. Especially him. For 4 years I have vented my anger in his personal room.

I walked in and smiled at the words on the walls. When Itex captures him, he will see what he has done to us. He will be chained by his ankles to the middle of the floor, so he could see every word I had written on his walls.

A few words I had made stand out over the others. "Murderer" would have been one of them. "You killed Max" was another one of my favourites. I picked up the bright red paintbrush, making sure that none of my strokes smudged the lettering. After adding "Die Fang" and "Maximum Ride is dead!" is dipped my paintbrush in the paint can and flicked the paint on the walls. The 'blood spatter' had a nice effect, in my opinion.

Breathing deeply, I calmly walked to my office. Now, your probably thinking "Yeah, a desk, chair and a computer, how exciting." But my office isn't like that. I have multiple flat-screen monitors on my walls. Yeah, they've got all the company stats, but I'm a boss, whatcha gonna do? But it's important to me; I make the decisions after all. One screen monitors Fang's Blog, one monitors our success rates, one monitors experiment quantity, etc.

I checked them all, looking from left to right. Fang's blog: no updates. Success rates: 1/57 failed experiments today, so far, no success at capturing the Flock. Experiment quantity: 997/1013 Wolf-humans accounted for. (I brought them back, but made them train harder. You would know them as Erasers.) 569/598 Tiger-humans accounted for. 217/230 Snow Tiger-humans accounted for. (They were as stealthy as the Tiger-humans but could tolerate far colder temperatures.) 65/72 Hawk-humans accounted for. And 97/99 Crow-humans accounted for. (What can I say? I get a lot more done than Marian Jansen ever did.)

What I saw next made my blood run cold. 4/5 Siberian Husky-humans accounted for. The huskies were only 5% human, they were like talking pets to me. "No!" I screamed, pressing my finger to the touch-screen to see which one of my friends were missing. Sebastian.

"No," I whispered. I stormed out of my office, screeching for my assistant. "Dean!" I saw him running anxiously down the hallway, towards me. He fell into step behind me.

"Yes, Viper?" He asked, nearly running to keep up with my fast pace. Dean was a good assistant. He was confident, but he wasn't overly cocky either. That was one reason he's my assistant. Plus he gets the job done. (A/N I know some of you are snickering. Get your heads out of the gutter!)

"I need you to go find Dove, Demon, Butterfly and Phoenix. I need them to tell me where Sebastian is." Dean nodded, turning into a door on his right.

I broke into a run, now desperate to get to my fire training room. I skidded to a halt outside the red door. Pressing my fingers against the scanner on the wall, I waited for the door to open. At the next door, I turned and unfolded my wings for the scanner to check my wing pattern. (Only I can get into this room.)

Upon entering, I breathed in and out deeply, my eyes closed. When the door clicked shut, I lifted my eyelids, revealing the fiery red colour behind them. The red glowed back at me from the reflection on the metal walls.

When I got my fire power, my body had automatically fire-proofed itself. My hair caught fire by itself, giving me a sense of warmth and power. I flipped into the air and landed in a crouch while thinking of what to train today. I chose my infernos.

As I left the training room, I smiled to myself. I had reached a new level in fire strength. I could create fire-whirlwinds.

Entering my office again, I found the other 4 huskies. Dove, her pure white coat slightly bloodstained; we'd have to wash that out. Demon, his muzzle slightly red, holding his grey shoulders high; he had a light grey coat with dark grey covering his shoulders and running down his back. Butterfly, she was not at all bloodstained; her white coat and light grey muzzle didn't even look ruffled. And Phoenix, well he was always red; most of his back and head were a reddish-brown colour.

Apart from the talking thing, you couldn't tell the difference between them and normal huskies.

"Hey guys" I said, rubbing the girls behind their ears. "You hungry?" I was met with various 'yeah's and 'mmhmm's. The thing about my huskies, they didn't complain about their food like Total did. I gave them each a large portion of steak and sat down with my coffee. (One thing I forgot to mention, I have a kitchen adjoining my office. I learnt to cook too. Take that, Iggy!)

"Now," I started. "Where's Sebastian? What happened?" I asked, looking up from my coffee.

Phoenix looked up, a seemingly astonished look on his face. You could never really tell when dealing with dogs. "They didn't tell you? How could they not tell you? Your the Director, for God sakes!" If anyone matched Total's dramatics, it would be Phoenix. I somewhat ignored him.

"Didn't tell me what?" I asked.

Dove gulped, uh-oh. "Uh, Viper? Did they tell you they sent us after the flock?" I nodded, they had had to ask my permission first. "Well, uh we found them. They looked about the same as you described-" I cut her off.

"You found them? You saw them?"

"Yeah, we saw them alright." Demon stated. "Problem is, they saw us, too. They attacked." He stopped. I soo didn't like where this was going.

"Go on." I urged.

Butterfly shuddered. "They all ganged up on Sebastian. They killed him, Viper. They killed Sebastian."

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