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Disclaimer: I don't own House M.D. and the lyrics are from the song It's all coming back by Celine Dion.


But when you touch me like this
And you hold me like that
I just have to admit
That it's all coming back to me
When I touch you like this
And I hold you like that
It's so hard to believe but
It's all coming back to me
It's all coming back, it's all coming back to me now


Chapter 1: It's all coming back to me


Silence and darkness enveloped his apartment but he did nothing to change that situation. It was really cold that night and the only light that illuminated the house was the fire in the fireplace.

He had done it. He had solved one more exciting and complicated case, and without anyone's help, but the thrill hadn't lasted that long this time.

Because this time she wasn't there. This time she had left. She had left for good… and despite the amount of alcohol and drugs flowing through his system he still couldn't make that feeling of emptiness disappear.

His hand reached instinctively for the glass of scotch on the coffee table and he downed its contents.

Memories flooded his mind and although he did everything in his power to forget he couldn't do it. He still remembered everything…

He had found her in his chair behind his desk after their latest case as a team. She had just given him a letter and that small smile of hers. He had joked about it, trying to avoid the inevitable that was coming his way. He had tried to reason her reaction, to find a way to make her stay.

But this time it was pointless…

She had just glided her hand over his arm and had told him that she would miss him.

He snorted at the thought now.

"I'll miss you…"

That's all he had gotten after everything that had transpired between them. Just that?

He didn't want to accept that. He still wanted her, still needed her.

He refilled his glass and closed his eyes, leaning his head back. He had to do something… but he was too stubborn to admit that he wanted her back.

His eyes opened again and landed on a book on his coffee table.

He caught it in his hand and glided his fingers over the hard cover. Why had he even kept that book? He should have just given it to her when they broke things off.

He let out a sigh and opened the book.

His eyes were fixed on it but he wasn't really reading it. His mind was running a thousand miles per second.

Why had he even started a relationship with her?

He remembered the night that everything had started. One of their patients had died. Daniel, David… he couldn't remember his name.

The problem was that he died minutes after they had the correct diagnosis. Oh, and the fact that he was a kid…

He had stormed into his office really pissed off that he had missed the diagnosis earlier and that their patient was dead and he had found her there, sitting behind his desk.

She had been crying, he knew it the moment his eyes connected with hers.

He hadn't been thinking straight because the first thing he had done was kiss her. Not a slow, soft kiss but a hard, passionate one that contained all the built up tension between them.

It hadn't really shocked him that she had kissed back. So they had ended up on the floor of his office and after that at his place.

After that encounter they couldn't really stop. They kept seeing each other. They didn't dare talk to anyone about it. And they didn't want to…

Soon, many of her things had found their way in his apartment and some of his clothes, CDs and other small stuff were permanently at her apartment.

But as time passed by he had started to feel restless.

What had really freaked him out though was one night when they were laying in bed together. He was just watching her while she slept peacefully when an "I love you" passed his mind.

That is when he had completely freaked out.

He couldn't love her, it was just impossible. She would end up breaking his heart, or the more possible scenario, he would shatter hers into a million pieces.

He couldn't go through that again…

That morning she had woken up alone in bed and immediately knew that something was wrong.

And she was proven right…

After that night he had started pushing her away, as far away as he could. They were fighting all the time, at work at home. He initiated every single argument and they ended up shouting at each other.

She managed to last one month. One night she showed up at his door and announced that she couldn't take it anymore. That she wasn't going to stay when he obviously didn't want her there.

He didn't say a word as she packed the things she had left at his apartment. He didn't even move as he watched her move in his apartment for probably the last time. He didn't even flinch when she kissed his lips and whispered a 'goodbye Greg…'.

But he did move when he heard her car speeding away. He threw his cane against his door and cursed loudly.

His fingers found their way to his lips, feeling the wetness of her tears.

He had finally managed to break her. He had finally managed to drive her away from him. And straight to Chase…

What had followed after that was a nightmare really. Every time he saw her with him he wanted to kill him. He wanted to make sure that he wouldn't touch her again. He cursed himself for letting her go and sending her straight to him…

But there was nothing he could do to win her back. It was his fault that she left and he was way too proud to apologize and beg her to return.

So now the only thing he could do was blame himself for chasing away the one good thing that ever happened to him.

He stood up and threw a log into the fire and he was ready to return on the couch when he heard a soft knock on his door.

He groaned, thinking that it was Wilson who wanted to see if he was ok. For the fourth time that day…

He walked to the door without his cane and flung it open startling the person standing on other side.

But when he saw who was standing outside his apartment he was rendered speechless.

This couldn't be happening; it was just a bad dream, his imagination playing games or the alcohol and the Vicodin.

"What are you doing here?" he asked spitefully and immediately regretted it upon seeing her hurt expression.

She averted her gaze immediately and he knew that something wasn't right.

He brought his hand up and tilted her head in order to look into her eyes.

Damn, she had been crying. He really couldn't do that… he couldn't deal with crying women and especially this woman.

"I'm going to ask again, what are you doing here?" he repeated and she closed her eyes, willing herself not to start crying again.

"I need a place to stay… Just for tonight, tomorrow I'll be out of here." She said without meeting his eyes.

He wanted to say no. He really did… or at least, his mind was telling him to say no but his heart had a completely different opinion.

And this time, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't listen to his mind.

He stepped away from the door and let her get inside the apartment.

He noticed her body shivering and immediately got alarmed.

"How long have you been standing out there?" he asked quirking an eyebrow and looking at her suspiciously.

She didn't answer; she just walked and sat down on the couch.

He stood in front of her and cupped her cheeks with his hands, forcing her to look at him.

His hands glided from her cheeks to her neck, feeling her cold skin against his fingertips.

"Damn it Allison, how long have you been out there?" he demanded to know.

"Forty minutes or so…" she replied in a low tone.

She was shivering uncontrollably now. He cursed under his breath and headed to his bedroom. He took a big blanket and returned to the living room.

"Were you trying to give yourself hypothermia?" he yelled at her although he knew that this wasn't going to help her.

He took the overnight bag she was still holding in her hand and dropped it on the floor. He removed her coat and took her hand in his making her sit down on the carpet in front of the fireplace.

He removed her shoes and draped the warm blanket over her body.

"Don't move…" he instructed in a serious tone and then left the living room and headed straight to his bathroom.

He took a thermometer and returned to the living room moments later. He sat down in front of the fireplace next to her and put the thermometer.

He checked it and cursed under his breath.

"You can be a real idiot, you know that?" he asked, looking straight into her eyes.

She looked away from his piercing blue eyes and she couldn't hold back the tears any more. She was crying and shivering still uncontrollably.

"Stop… please stop, you know I can't handle crisis like this one." He said in an attempt to calm her down but he knew it wouldn't do anything.

He noticed that she hadn't stopped shivering and he sighed.

He dragged the blanket from her body and reached out for the hem of her sweater.

"What are you doing?" she inquired, a little alarmed.

He let out an exasperated sigh and looked at her.

"Like I haven't seen everything already." He commented and started removing the sweater again but she stopped him.

"Body heat. It does wonders, trust me, I'm a doctor." He said sarcastically and she looked at him wearily.

"Look, it's either this or the hospital. You choose." He stated with a tone of finality and she let go of his hand.

"Wise choice." He commented and pulled the sweater over her head leaving her only in her bra.

He unbuttoned her pants and pulled them slowly down her legs and then pulled his t-shirt over his head and removed his pajama bottoms staying only in his boxers.

He took one of the pillows that were on the couch and dropped it down on the floor. He lied down and patted the spot next to him.

"Make yourself at home." He said and she moved to lie down next to him.

He draped the blanket over their bodies and after some moments he scoffed.

"This isn't supposed to work this way." He stated matter of factly and drew her to him 'til she was in his embrace, pillowing his bicep.

"God you are cold!" he exclaimed the moment her body touched his.

His arms wrapped around her body, holding her to him as tightly as possible. Her left leg slipped between the two of his and she closed her eyes.

He had missed that feeling. The feeling of having her in his arms and now that he had her back, even under these circumstances, he didn't want to let go.

He tightened his embrace momentarily and that's when he felt her body shaking against his but it wasn't shivering this time but sobs that racked her lithe body.

He knew that there was one guy behind this. And if he ever saw him he would make him pay for hurting her like that. He didn't know the reason yet but for her to react that way it must have been something really serious.

He also knew that it was his fault that she was in pain again… if he hadn't been such a jerk and hadn't pushed her away they would have still been together and she wouldn't have to go through this now. So he blamed himself again…

His arms remained wrapped around her body as she cried. He held her to him, let her cry because that was the least he could do.

When he felt her body relaxing and her breathing evening he allowed himself to look at her.

Her body had finally warmed up and she was now sleeping peacefully.

His hand seemed to have a mind of its own. His fingers trailed down her face, from her forehead, to the bridge of her nose, to her lips…

His eyes traveled over her beautiful features and he couldn't help himself. He leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her lips…

She moved in her sleep and scooted closer to him, burying her face in his chest like she used to do.

He let out a sigh and kissed her forehead before closing his eyes as well.

He swore to himself that if Chase had done something extreme to her he would pay. He would see to that himself.

He had hurt her enough for a lifetime, she didn't deserve this again from another man.

And now he was going to do anything in his power to protect her. If she let him, of course…

He let her even breathing lull him to sleep and he just hoped that she would forgive him and let him back in her life…