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I want you to need me
Like I need you
never thought I'd find
something so pure

We thought we'd be somewhere else
We started a long time ago
We thought we'd be anywhere else
Don't think that its over
I know that the world belongs to us
And its just the beginning


Chapter 28: Diagnostics


"Ok, we ruled out Sarcoidosis and now we are back to zero!" he exclaimed erasing it from the whiteboard and then he turned to look at his team.

"Any ideas?" he asked with a raised eyebrow, crossing his arms in front of his chest and looking expectantly at them.

"Maybe we should do another MRI. There is a chance we missed something." Kutner suggested leaning back in his chair.

House huffed and he turned to Foreman.

"What about you?" he inquired "And don't tell me that it's something neurological again." He added before Foreman could say anything.

"I don't know, over the past four days we've run every test known to mankind! His immune system is compromised, that's for sure. But we don't know if it's a disease that is doing this or if he has something immunological." Foreman replied rubbing his hand over his face and trying to think what was more possible.

"Why don't you send the tests to Allison, maybe she can help." He suggested making Greg frown.

"The Immunology Department is swamped plus the tests don't indicate that it is immunological." Greg pointed out, pinching the bridge of his nose with his fingers.

"Yeah, but the tests show nothing at all. They all come back negative or inconclusive. Maybe she could help, give us something to continue." Thirteen said and Taub nodded in agreement.

"We have nothing to lose." Taub agreed and Greg groaned.

"Fine, we can- Bella, don't put that in your mouth." He said in an authoritative tone and turned to look at the one-year-old baby currently sitting on the floor.

Bella looked innocently at him, a smile on her lips and she extended her little hand, giving him the marker.

"Da!" she said as he received the marker and he placed it at the whiteboard.

"Yeah, daddy is going to take that and you are going to play with your toys, ok?" he said and Bella started crawling towards her toys immediately.

"What are they doing here anyway?" Foreman asked with a smirk which Greg returned.

"If they are here I have an excuse not to go to the clinic." He stated simply.

"Cuddy is going to tell you to send them to the daycare again."

"Can't, Matthew is sleeping." He replied, pointing at the play-pen where his son was fast asleep.

"She'll just tell you to take him there." Kutner said in amusement.

"Nope! Because if I try to move him he is going to wake up and then no one will be able to make him stop. And if I only take Bella to the daycare he is going to start crying again when he wakes up and doesn't see her here." He explained making his employees shake their heads.

"Do what you want House. I'm going to schedule the patient for another MRI and then I'm going to go to Immunology and ask Allison if she can help." Foreman said, standing up and heading for the door.

"And we are going to the lab, run some more test." Thirteen added and they all got up.

"Bring me a Reuben when you get back!" Greg shouted after his employees and then he turned his attention to Bella who was playing with her toys.

"Come here kiddo…" he said and Bella started immediately crawling towards him.

She used his leg as support to stand up and once she was standing she raised her arms, wanting to be picked up.

He picked her in his arms and he made her sit on his good leg.

"What do you think that idiot has?" he asked with a quirked eyebrow, tickling her lightly and she giggled.

"Dada!" she exclaimed happily, her green-blue eyes connecting with his.

"Yeah, he obviously has a daddy too because if he didn't-" he stopped midsentence, suddenly all the pieces of the puzzle falling into place.

He retrieved his mobile phone out and called Foreman immediately.


"You idiots, it's genetic! The guy has PCKD."

"Polycystic kidney disease? How did you come up with that?" Foreman asked.

"I didn't, Bella did." He stated and he was sure that Foreman was rolling his eyes.

"Right House, your one year old daughter came up with the answer." He said sarcastically.

"That's not the point here; the point is that I found out what the guy has. Go confirm it and then tell his father that he is an idiot for not telling us about it." He stated and then he hung up the phone before Foreman could protest.

"Bella you are a genius!" he exclaimed, kissing her forehead.

Bella clapped her hands happily making a smile appear on his lips.

"Maybe I'll tell Cuddy that you are actually helping me solve cases! That way she may let you stay." He pointed out with a smirk and ruffled the baby's hair.

Bella shook her head from side to side and he laughed at her actions.

"Fine kiddo, I'll stop." He said straightening her soft, light-brown hair.

"Dada!" Matthew's cry made him turn to look at him.

He was standing up in the play-pen, looking expectantly at him.

"Should I get you out or put Bella in there with you?" he pondered, tapping his fingers against his chin.

Matthew let out an impatient cry and Greg stood up.

"Ok, ok, I'll get you out." He said approaching the play-pen.

He let Bella on the floor and he picked Matthew up. He smiled widely upon being in his father's arms and Greg kissed his forehead.

"Now you are going to play with your sister and I am going to play with my PSP." He told him before placing him down next to Bella who was busying herself with a rattle.

But the peace and quiet didn't last as much as he would have liked.

"House! What are Bella and Matthew doing here?" Cuddy's voice startled him and the shrieking sound from his PSP informed him that the game was over.

"Look what you've done now, I lost!" he protested, a frown on his face.

"I told you to take them to the day care." She told him, her arms crossing in front of her chest.

"But Cuddles, Matthew was sleeping. And you know what happens when someone wakes him up." He reasoned and Cuddy shook her head.

"They shouldn't be here in the first place. I have told you a million times to leave them at the day care the moment you arrive."

"But they are helping me! Bella found out what is wrong with my patient." Cuddy snorted and he glared.

"It's the truth! Bella tell the big bad boss what you did." He said to his daughter and she giggled and crawled to him.

"Dada!" she exclaimed with a smile and he picked her up.

"See? She's a genius." He stated and Cuddy sighed.

"Yes, House, she is. She also has to be at the day care and not here and you have to be at the clinic." She said in a serious tone.

"Yeah, yeah and you have to go away and stop bothering me but that's not going to happen." She smirked devilishly at that and he frowned.

"You will either take them to the day care or I'll call Allison."

His eyes widened and the smirk on her face widened.

"You wouldn't dare." He said but she just shrugged.

"I guess we are going to find out." And without another word she turned around and walked out of the conference room.

"I think we are in trouble kids." He mumbled and Bella patted his cheek in order to get his attention.

He smiled at her and he kissed her cheek softly.

"You two have to look extremely cute because mommy is going to storm through the door in a while."

"Mama!" Matthew exclaimed from his spot on the floor.

"Yeah buddy, mama…" he sighed and waited.


"I still don't know why you like torturing her so much." Allison said, her back turned to him while she prepared dinner.

Matthew and Bella were in their play pen completely engrossed in their toys and Greg was sitting on a chair watching her as she moved around the kitchen.

"I find it funny! I like watching her squirm. Plus, if I manage to infuriate her she leaves me alone." He stated simply.

"Yeah, or she sends you to the clinic."

"When do I ever go down there?" he pointed out and she shook her head.

"The point is that you are spoiling them Greg. When they spend time with you in Diagnostics they don't want to go to the day care." She turned around in order to look at him and he stood up and walked right in front her.

His arms wrapped around her waist and he kissed her lips softly.

"They are my kids Allison, I'm allowed to spoil them." He said with a smirk and before she could protest he claimed her lips again.

"Dinner…" she mumbled against his lips and he pulled back with a smile.

"Are you mad at me?" he asked with his best puppy dog eyes.

"No…" she whispered making him smile.

"Now, will you let me make dinner?" she asked, pushing him away gently.

"I think I can do that." He replied and walked towards the play pen to check on the babies.

He smiled when he saw that they had both fallen asleep. He decided to take them to their cribs so he picked Matthew up first and he headed to the nursery. He turned on the night light and he gently kissed him on the forehead before putting him in his crib.

"Goodnight little man…" he whispered, caressing his cheek softly.

He exited the nursery and he went to pick up Bella. She stirred in her sleep and she snuggled closer to his body, burying her little head in his chest. He smiled at her actions and he carried her to the nursery too.

He placed a small kiss on top of her head and he placed her in her crib, his fingers running gently through her light brown hair.

"Goodnight angel…" he said softly and after making sure that everything was all right he walked out the nursery, leaving the door slightly ajar and he headed back to the kitchen.

He stood behind Allison and he kissed her shoulder gently.

"I took the kids to bed, they had fallen asleep." He informed her.

She nodded and she leaned back to him so that her back was against his chest.

"Ok… dinner is ready." She said.

"Yummy…" he mumbled, his hot breath caressing the skin of her neck.

She smiled and titled her head, giving him better access to her neck and he took advantage and started placing open mouthed kisses on the skin there.

"I thought you were hungry." She whispered, trying to stifle a moan.

"Still am, but not for food…" he said seductively and nibbled her earlobe.

"Greg, the food will get cold." She tried to protest but she didn't sound so convincing.

"Don't care… we'll heat it up." His cane clattered to the floor as his hands rested gently on her hips and they started gliding upwards.

They slipped under the t-shirt she was wearing and they trailed a path to her breasts. He started massaging them gently at first making her drop her head against his shoulder as he worked his magic.

She grinded her hips against his and he groaned when her firm bottom made contact with the bulge of his jeans. He pinched her nipple through the fabric of her bra and she closed her eyes.

His right hand left her breast and moved lower. He slowly racked his nails down her taught stomach and then he moved his hand passed the hem of her pajama bottoms and he slipped it into her panties.

"Fuck…" she cursed under her breath as his fingers parted her folds and found her clit making him smirk in satisfaction.

She grinded her hips against his hand, wanting him to continue his ministrations and he willingly complied with her wishes.

He slowly inserted one finger, then two and he started moving them in and out of her in time with the movement of her hips. It didn't take long for her to start panting. She moaned loudly as he shoved her bra out of his way and he pinched her nipple hard.

She bit her lower lip, her eyes always closed, as he used his hand to pleasure her. He curled his fingers at all the right places, knowing exactly what to do to make her scream.

"Ah! God Greg…" she moaned.

Her left hand rested against his on her breast showing him exactly what she wanted and then in a move that surprised him she reached behind her and did quick work of his button and zipper. She reached inside his boxers and she grasped his cock firmly making him groan and drop his head on her shoulder.

She started pumping him rhythmically and he couldn't help but start grinding his hips against her hand. He bit her shoulder as she ran her thumb over the head of his cock and he stopped moving his hand, earning a disapproving growl from her.

Her grip on his hard erection tightened making him yelp in surprise and he jerked against her. She started moving her hand faster and he cursed loudly. Damn, she knew exactly were to touch him in order to drive him crazy.

"Fuck, Allison… if you keep this…ah!... up this is going to end soon…" he managed to say between moans but she just continued pumping him rhythmically. He continued thrusting and she increased the speed of her movements making him grip her breast tightly in his hand.

"Jesus… Fuck, Allie, I'm going to… ah!" he couldn't complete his sentence as he jerked against her, his cock throbbing in her hand as he climaxed powerfully.

His head dropped on her shoulder, panting heavily, and he tried to regulate his breathing. His hand dropped from her breast and he wrapped his arm around her waist, holding her close to him.

"Where were we?" he asked as he relaxed a bit and she grinded her hips against his hand that was still in her panties.

"Yeah, I remember now…" he said in a low rumble and just his voice was enough to send shivers down her spine.

He retrieved his hand making her protest but before she had the time to say anything he grabbed the hem of her t-shirt and pulled it over her head. He turned her around and he reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. He quickly pulled it off and threw it on the floor casually.

He leaned down and left a trail of kisses from her collar bone to her breast before catching her nipple in his mouth and sucking.

"God…" her head fell back in pleasure as he used his tongue to sooth the reddened skin of her breast.

He slid her pajama bottoms and panties down her slender legs and he picked her up effortlessly and he made her sit at the edge of the counter. She watched him with heavy lidded eyes and she pulled him to her for a kiss. She used her hands to pull the t-shirt he was wearing over his head and then she pulled back to look at him.

His hair was sticking out at every direction, his chest was bare and his half hard penis was out of the confines of his boxers but he still had his jeans on. She chuckled at him and he smirked seductively.

He moved to stand between her parted thighs and without a warning he slipped two fingers inside her, making her cry out at the sudden invasion.

Her arms wrapped around his waist, her nails digging in his back as he used his fingers to pleasure her. He moved his fingers fast and hard in and out of her and soon she was moaning in his arms.

"So close…" she whispered hoarsely and at that moment he used his thumb to rub her clit and she was a goner.

"Ah, yes, yes, yes…" her juices coated his fingers as she came and she leaned towards him, resting her head against his chest.

He withdrew his fingers and he wrapped his arms around her body tightly, holding her against him. His lips brushed against her forehead and she sighed.

"We are not done yet." He whispered claiming her lips in a searing kiss.

"Mmm, bedroom…" she breathed out and he pulled back in order to let her stand.

Her legs wobbled a little as she stood up and he smirked mischievously.

"Shut up." She slapped his arm playfully and before he could say anything she crashed her lips on his and he groaned when her naked body came in contact with his now fully hard cock.

She pushed his jeans down his legs along with his boxers and he kicked them off his legs.

"Screw it, the couch is closer…" he mumbled in between kisses and he guided her to the living room.

They toppled on top of the couch together and he settled between her parted thighs. Her hand gripped his erection and she guided him inside her. He took over and teased her mercilessly making her moan in frustration this time.

"Greg!" she yelped when he suddenly thrust into her hard.

"So good baby, so good…" he groaned, establishing a hard pace that had her moaning in no time.

They fit perfectly, like two pieces of a puzzle. They would never get bored of making love together.

Her legs wrapped around his waist, drawing him deeper inside her and she whimpered when he hit a particularly sensitive spot inside her. Her hands rested on his firm bottom and she urged him to go faster, harder.

His hand traveled between their bodies and he started rubbing her clit as he continued thrusting in and out of her.

"Greg, yes! Right there, ah… ah!" she threw her head back as she climaxed, her muscles clamping around his hard cock and her juices coating his hard member as she exploded.

He gave two more hard thrust and he shot his seed deep inside her body. He rested heavily on top of her and she hugged him to her, kissing him tenderly after they regained their breathing.

"That was perfect…" he mumbled against her lips.

She smiled, completely content and sated, and kissed him tenderly.

The small cry from the intercom made them sigh and they reluctantly stood up.

"I'll take the bottles and I'll come to help you." She told him and he nodded.

After she redressed she went to the kitchen to prepare their milk and she headed to their bedroom and rested the bottles on the nightstand. She went to the nursery where Greg was waiting for her, dressed in his boxers and a faded t-shirt.

He was holding Bella in his arms who was wide awake. Matthew was still sleeping.

"I have the bottles in our room, come on." She told him and picked up Matthew and together they walked back to their room.

They settled on the bed and they started feeding the two babies. Bella fell asleep halfway but continued drinking and Matthew remained asleep.

Greg looked at the beautiful baby in his arms and smiled. She looked more and more like Allison every passing day. Her eyes were the same color with her mother's eyes and every time she pouted she reminded him of her. And her smile… God, her smile could make his day.

His eyes moved to Matthew who was in Allison's arms. She said he looked like him. His eyes were a deep blue like his own and he also had his smile. His hair was dark brown and most of the times he got cranky when he woke up and Allison wasn't there. That was something else they shared, he thought with a smile.

Allison smiled when she caught his eye and he pressed his lips against hers in a chaste kiss.

After the babies drank their milk they moved them back to the nursery and then they settled in bed. Allison snuggled in his embrace and rested her head on his chest. His arms wrapped around her body tightly and he kissed the top of her head. She sighed contently making him smile and she brushed her lips against his chest.

And as he lied there, with Allison in his arms and their babies sleeping in the next room he thought that asking Allison to stay when she had come to him that night almost two years ago was the best thing he'd ever done in his life. And he would be forever grateful…

He remembered how scared he had been when he had found out about the babies and how complicated everything had seemed to him. But as he thought about Bella and Matthew he couldn't imagine his life without them. He loved them so much, both of them… And as far as he was concerned Bella was his and no one would ever take her away from him. She was his little girl.

"I can practically hear the wheels spinning in your head." Allison teased with a smile and he chuckled.

"Yeah, I'm thinking of all the places we could have sex before the kids start to understand what we are doing." He stated making her laugh.

"Yeah, good idea…" she mumbled and dropped her head on his chest once again but her eyes remained locked on his.

"I love you Greg…" she whispered and he smiled softly. He caressed her cheek with his thumb and he tapped her nose.

"Love you too…" he replied gently.

Her eyes closed and she snuggled deeper in his embrace and soon his steady heartbeat lulled her to sleep. The last thing he thought before joining her to slumber was that he must have done something right to deserve all this. And he would savor every minute of it…

the end