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(she was called Emma before she changed her name)*

The copper whirls framing her face, where now being soaked with sticky, red liquid; a gash in the back of her head was pouring out the hot blood. Her young, naked body, was aching from head to toe, deep violet blotches were already beggining to form across her trembling body.

Her shaking but skilled hand rose to her cut and pulled it closed, the pain was excrutiating, but as long as she could hold it closed for a couple of hours, she would be able to see it through till morning, after all, she'd had worse...

My pounding head was what woke me up, thankfully, from force of habit, I had kept my hand clamped over my head, slowly, cautiously, I began to sit up, my head span in a rush of agony and my aching limbs screamed in protest as I pushed myself upwards, tears formed in my eyes, blurring my vision, I blinked quickly and my cool tears made their way down my hot face.

I reched down the side of my bed to where I kept my well hidden and beloved bandages, then reaching to the wash basin I always had ready for "incidents" beside my bed. I washed both my hair, face and arms and once the smell of blood was out of my nostrils I sensed another smell. "Oh, no..." I breathed, as I realised the reason for not just the bruises, but the gash –
I had pissed myself in fear.

My father had always stipulated NEVER TO, under any circumstances, wet myself. He had warned me this would happen, I should have been more careful, I should have blanked it out. Now I had a wounded head , and to top that, I would probably not be alowed out, even in the garden, for weeks, as usual, father would dismiss the old mean housekeeper and tell everyone I had my old illness and that everyone should stay away incase the catch it.

I stared down at myself, I was pathetic, last night I had managed to pull on a thin, scratchy night gown, the desire to cover myself won over pain. The white nightdress would now smell of my urine, as would the bottom half of my body, my father was right, I was pathetic, I was a disgrace to the human race and I couldn't be any worse if I was a vampire.

"Emma!" fear ran through me as that deep voice bellowed my name, I didn't know if I could face him this time, I didn't know if I could have my injuries laughed at again, this life was becoming to much, it had been going on since I was nine but at least I had Grace – my now dead grandmother who passed away just months ago – since she passed away my father and I's encounter had become more frequent and more more violent. Before she died, even though I was forbidden from saying a word to her, I could still talk to her, I could feel loved, and when she died he just came more and more often, now there was not anyone to really care about the bruises that covered my body after eyery "session" with my father. The night of her death he had given me so many injuries I he even took me to hospital, faking tears as he told them about my fall down the stairs when I found out about my grandmas passing.

Lies. My life's a bundle of fear, lies, pain and lonliness. Why live it anymore?

And on that note, I decided to kill myself.

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