Sam and Jen walked into their History class and took their seats Mrs Ely their history teacher gave them a smile as they waited for other class members to come in. Rachel walked in with Daisy chatting away; Sam strained to her their conversation, but stoped when someone she didn't know walked in.

'Mrs Ely' The girl said; Rachel and Daisy stopped talking to look at the new girl, Rachel made a snide remark on what they girl was wearing and continued talking.

'Class this is Joana Parkinson, she is a transfer student from Australia'

'Hi' Joana murmured; Sam looked at Joana, she had a heavy Australian accent, Light brown almost blondish hair that was tightly French braided, she had black skirt, and a red shirt that looked like a tank top but wasn't, with Black two inch heels, a Rolex watch and some plain diamond earrings.

'Go sit there' Mrs Ely said, pointing to a desk between Rachel and Sam. Joana nodded before moving to the desk.

'Today we will be learning about the Native Americans' Mrs. Ely said and started the class. For thirty minutes Mrs. Ely told everyone various facts on Native Americans before she started asking questions.

'Samantha, what Native American Tribe lives outside Darton?'

'Shoshone' Sam answered quickly.

'What are some other tribes from America?' Sam noticed Joana perked up. 'Ah Joana'.

'Apache, Blackfeet, Cherokee, Comanche, Dakota, Lakota, Ottawa, Saponi, Shoshone, Tonkawa, Washoe' Joana replied. Mrs. Ely was a little taken aback.

'Where did you learn that?' Mrs. Ely asked.

'I had to study Native American Tribes last year' Joana mumbled in reply. Mrs. Ely was about to say something but the bell cut her off.

'Class dismissed' Joana was out of her seat before Mrs. Ely finished. Sam collected her books and walked to her Spanish class.

Sam walked down to her desk and noticed that Joana was sitting next to her desk; Mr. Bellaire started the class, but was cut short when Mrs. Santos walked in.

'Miss Parkinson, come with me please' Mrs. Santos said. Sam noticed Joana's shocked expression

'I didn't do nothin'' Joana replied.

'Come with me' Mrs. Santos replied. Joana picked up her things and walked out of the class.

'Who's she?' Jake asked Sam when Mr. Bellaire wasn't looking.

'Joana Parkinson' transferred from Australia' Sam replied, writing down something on the board.



Sam walked into the cafeteria, heading for her and Jen's usual table but stopped momentarily when she saw Joana there but kept heading towards the table.

'Hi Joana, I'm Sam' Sam introduced and sat down.

'Hey Sam, please call me Jo I hate Joana' Jo replied.

'Sure Jo. What was your old school like?'Sam asked as she took a bite of her pizza.

'Hell on earth it was a private boarding school' Jo replied shuddering from the thought of her old school, while Sam choked on her pizza.

'Boarding school, this must be a minor step down in the standard department' Sam said.

'Never, I like this better. No uniforms, better extra curriculum, closer to home, more land to explore' Jo replied.

'What about your parents?' Sam asked; she was curious about this girl now.

'Dad's works for the Navy he's an admiral and never knows when he's coming home, Mom's a lawyer who works on major company lawsuits she tries to be home as much as she can but that's not often' Jo replied.

'Wow, have you lived all over the world?'

'Practically, Dad and Mom wanted to have permanent resident somewhere, and I suggested here. They agreed but we couldn't decide whether to get a house in town or a Ranch, but they finally decided on Ranch only because Mom said 95% percent of crimes happen in town'

'You live on a Ranch be yourself!?!' Sam exclaimed.

'I have the help of my brother when he comes home; he comes home for a week every month. But other than that I live on Freedom by myself' Jo replied.

'How do you get to school every morning?' Sam asked, 'it's just the buses get here thirty minutes before school starts and I didn't see you in that time'.

'I drive'

'But you're only a sophomore!' Sam exclaimed

'I started going to school when I was twelve while everyone else in 6th grade was eleven at a Primary school, Australia has two schools Primary and Secondary school. You're usually twelve when you finish Primary School, whereas I was thirteen. You're fifteen turning sixteen and are a sophomore whereas I'm sixteen turning seventeen and should be a junior'

'So you're going to be nineteen when you finish school here?' Sam asked


'Wow, so you'll finish college when you're twenty three?' Sam asked, resting her head in the palm of her hand.

'I'm not going to college, left that up to my sister; lord knows where she is now' Jo replied and took a bite of her apple.

'You have a sister?'

'Yes she's twenty four, my youngest brother is twenty six and my eldest brother is was twenty eight'

'What does she do?'

'She's a journalist'

'So what classes do you have?'

'I have history with Mrs. Ely; Junior Spanish with Mr. Bellaire; Senior Math with Mr. Thomas; Spare then Lunch ; Senior English with Mrs. O'Neil; Junior Sport with Mr. Cameron and Journalism with Mr. Blair'

'We have History, Spanish, Sport, and Journalism together' Sam said to Jo.

'Cool' Jo replied and through her apple core to the bin near the next table.

'You're a good shot' Sam complimented.

'Thanks. Do you recon you could show me around? I haven't even found my locker yet' Jo asked.

'Yea, come on' Sam replied and got up, 'What number is your locker?'


'You're in Quinn Ely's Home room' Sam stated and led Jo to her locker which Quinn was leaning on.

'Quinn moves it' Sam barked.

'Nu ah Samsy' Quinn said not moving.

'I hate you' Sam said and leant in to give Quinn a quick kiss, 'now can you move?'

'Sure Samsy'

'Jo Quinn, Quinn Jo' Sam introduced.

'Hi' Jo said and reached out to shake Quinn's hand.

'Hey, don't believe anything Samsy says about me or my brothers' Sam smacked him.

'Jo this is your locker, if Quinn here' Sam stopped to punch Quinn on the arm which he rubbed. 'Is leaning on your locker, and he doesn't move when you tell him to punch him' Sam told Jo.

'Got it' Jo replied and smiled, curling her fist as if she had just punched someone.

'Good' Sam smiled back at her. 'Quinn what are we doing for Jake's birthday next week?'

'Flooding the truck with water, cause we've been using the old Chevy truck that is usually parked behind the barn when we were kids to get to school and it's about to die so he's getting a new truck that is going to be shared between Jake and me till we graduate and get my SUV and he'll have the new truck.'

'Excellent' Sam replied leaning against Quinn's locker; she looked at Jo who was confused.

'Jake's Quinn's Twin' Sam explained.

'Okay' Jo said.

'Would you like to come Jo?' Quinn asked

'Are… um… sure' Jo mumbled.

'I'll pick you both up at six' Quinn told them.

'I can get there myself, I've got my license' Jo told him.

'But you're only fifteen' Quinn said.

'Nope I'm sixteen'

'Where do you live Jo? I forgot to ask' Sam asked.

'Freedom Ranch formally known as Deer Path Ranch' Jo replied.

'Trudy Allen's place, I didn't realise that her family had already sold her ranch. But your close to my house' Sam said sadly.

'She was a friend of yours wasn't she?' Jo picked up on her sadness.

'Yes, she saved mustangs that were going to be put down' Sam replied.

'The boss Roman and the little filly Faith are my favourites' Jo told Sam.

'They're the best, are you keeping them?' Sam asked.

'Yes I'm putting a few new fences up tonight for them, and they'll be rotated between the pastures. The rest of the land will be used for cattle and my own horses' Jo replied.

'We better go the bells about to ring' Sam said catching a glance at Jo's Rolex.

'Sure I'll see you in sport' Jo said and left.

'She's hot' Quinn commented watching Jo's butt as she walked away, Sam hit him over the back of his head with her hand.

'She's my friend' Sam reminded him before she left.