- - -

Neji, by the very nature of who he is, understands things best when he sees them. White eyes see all, process all, turn vision into knowledge. He doesn't see the world like everyone else – he's blind in that he can't possibly not see anything. He's a visual learner, takes sight and makes it power and power he has a plenty. Anything, be it animate or not, is treated to his unconscious scrutiny because Neji sees everything. It is his greatest gift and greatest curse.

His cognition is directly related to what he sees – it's faces he attaches names to, not the other way around and he thinks in terms of circles of sight. As a Hyuuga, his eyes define who he is and perhaps it's instinctive to think through his blood right. They're pretty eyes though, once you get past the eeriness of knowing that, however blind he may appear, Neji sees more than anyone.

- - -

Lee's an audio learner. He chatters and he chunters and he gaily exclaims about anything and everything. He loves to listen and he learns through speech. Eloquent to the extreme (he takes after Gai in that sense after all) he's prone to burbling, but that's how he is. Communication is speech to him and he sees with his ears, paints pictures of people based on how he hears them.

Nothing will get through to Lee faster than words – he'd probably be a good writer if he ever settles down long enough to pick up pen and paper. Maybe he talks too much sometimes, but he takes it to heart – years later, he can produce snippets of conversation at will, down to the exact inflections. He seems to enjoy surprising people like that.

- - -

Then there's Tenten…Tenten who doesn't think with her eyes, or with her ears, but with her skin. When asked on just how she can hit targets she can't even see, she just gives people a 'well, duh' look and explains that she doesn't see her target; she feels it. Kinaesthetic, that's the word for her. Her body memory is perfect (it's how she's able to sling all those weapons around with such casual perfection), but there's more to it than that.

To truly know something, Tenten has to touch it. So, just like Neji who observes with all-seeing eyes or Lee whose mental images are of cadence and pitch, Tenten's loved ones are stored in her mind through touch. Neji is silky smooth, both in hair and skin, with sharp angles that speak of a body grown up too far, too fast. Lee, when she pins him down long enough to explore him with her callused hands, is heat and energy all wrapped up in corded muscle. Maybe Neji doesn't like to be touched and maybe Lee isn't still long enough to be touched, but the girl's dogged enough to persevere in mapping them out.

Because she does love them and when they're gone (because Tenten's realistic and she knows that, one day, one of them will be) she wants her memories of them to be real and tangible, a thought at the edge of mental fingertips.

Even a blind man can feel after all.

- - -

Lell says…

I think this is the first Team Gai story I ever wrote. It's another of my old thirtyforthree submissions, for the theme of 'Touch'.