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Chapter 1

Best-selling author Hermione Granger, smiled at the crowd before her, and bowed after she had read a small part in her newly published novel. Everyone clapped their hands and applauded at her.

"Autograph signing next," a man said as he bent towards her and covered the microphone with his hand. "We have to finish the line to make sure that a lot of people buy your book."

"I know that Greg," Hermione muttered. She then turned on her heels, and approached the table that was set for her signing. Already, there was a line of fans eagerly waiting for her.

Hermione was on another of her book tours, and thankfully, this was her last stop—Barnes and Nobles on Fifth Ave. in New York City.

She had written a series entitled, "Honey, I'm a Witch," which was targeted towards children. Surprisingly, a lot of adults loved her stories just as much as the younger ones. The third book in the series was the one that had just been published, and already, the first batch of prints was sold out almost everywhere.

The series was about a young woman named Fiona Lee, who had just married. She was no ordinary woman though, for she came from a secret world. A world filled with magic. Later on she confessed to her husband that she was a witch. It was a comedy of sorts as she had written about the couple's roller coaster whirlwind when they started to have children. The laughs and adventures were a wonderful read, and original, people thought.

If they, the people—the muggles, only knew the truth. It may have been original to them yes, but they didn't know that such a world existed.

Of course, Hermione didn't write what she knew about the real wizarding world. She had created her own version of it. If she wrote everything as it really was, and risked the exposure of the wizarding world, there would be consequences. All she could do was imagine them, not wanting to face them, whatever those consequences were.

Hermione had finished writing the series years ago soon after graduating from NYU, with a degree in journalism. It was divided into five parts. Every year, or maybe, even two, the next book was published. It was really a marketing scheme that a lot of publishers did.

The first book made her a multi-millionaire overnight. Hermione really didn't care at all about the money. It was the publishing company that she was under, and her editor Greg Adams that really wanted to earn more. It seemed like it was never enough, and always wanted more and more with every book that was sold.

It's a good thing that Hermione did have most control over her ideas, her books and her life. She had made it that way when she signed the contract before her first book. She didn't want to be anyone's puppet master. If push came to shove, she could just walk out, with her rights and her story. Greg and her publishing house would shit in their pants if she did walk off. After all, she was the biggest account that they had.

It was Joe Granger, Hermione's father that dreamt of becoming a popular writer. For many years, he struggled to get a book published. Sadly though, it never happened for him. The only success that he had in writing was his work for a news magazine. And that is what he had done until he died, along with Hermione's mother, Alice. They both were murdered by deatheaters when Hermione was in her sixth year.

Hermione was at a loss as to what to do when Voldemort was defeated. She thought that she would feel content, but she didn't. She still felt incomplete, and didn't know why. All her friends were happy. Even Ron broke up with her, and rebounded with Lavender Brown the next day. Hermione wasn't stupid, and knew that the two had been seeing each other secretly. Not that she cared which she didn't. She knew she wasn't really in love with him. If she was, she wouldn't feel lost and always question her feelings.

In the end, she decided to take the path that her Father once took. For her, it was a yellow brick road, which led her to become very successful. She was happy, and enjoyed pleasing a lot of people, knowing that they enjoyed her writing.

Her life had changed overnight. Fame and fortune were at her fingertips. Millions of people around the world knew who she was. With everything, she was still the same person that she was. Oddly, she was still searching for something to complete her. She had no clue what it was.


"Hi," Hermione smiled at the lady that stood in front of her as she reached out for her book. "Who must I write the dedication to?" she asked.

"Candice, please," the lady replied.

Hermione wrote a small dedication to her at the back of the cover with just three words. When she handed the book back to the lady, she saw someone at the corner of her eye. She turned her head stopped breathing as she placed a hand on her mouth.

No, it couldn't be she thought.

There, standing in a book aisle, was a man wearing a black leather jacket, with a shirt, black jeans and boots to match. All these years, she thought that he was dead.

Severus Snape was alive.


AN – Imagine Hermione being somewhat like J.K. Rowling. Instead of the Harry Potter series, think about the movie 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,' and the sequels after that. Not the story line per say, but how they were written. More comedy based with family fun. That's how I came up with 'Honey, I'm a Witch.' Nothing major and I don't think I'm going to elaborate any further on the made up series. As always… Review!