By Skyela Rickman-Walters


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I was begging the woman to recognize my face, pleading with my eyes, praying that she would look at me and see not Isabelle Shuman, but Isabella Marie Swan, daughter of Charlie Swan and Renee Dwyer, step daughter of Phil Dwyer, the lost girl from Forks Washington who so desperately wanted to go home and finally be safe. I pulled up my white scarf to cover my face, my eyes still beseeching with hers, trying to make her see the truth just as Paulo grabbed my arm roughly and hurled me up into the cattle car along with Grace and Emma. My eyes wide, I stared as the woman stared back at me with some light of realization before turning slowly to exchange look at with friend, who's russet skin reminded me so of Jacob...

Grace and Emma were whispering things, wondering everything the rest of us were wondering: Where are we going, what's going to happen? Will we ever be free? I paid little attention to them as the woman suddenly disappeared from my sight. My frantic eyes searched the crowd, wondering if she had only been an illusion, a mirage of my wanting to go home. The cattle car started to rock forward, nearly knocking me right off my feet. As I gripped the wooden frame, I realized that all my praying and my hoping was silly. It had been months since my face had made the headlines, months since I had crossed anybody's mind. I was probably presumed dead, a memorial service placed in my name. Virtually alone, I gulped down some tears, thinking of my Edward, wondering if he had given up on me…if he still searched night and day for me, hoping I was still alive…

Hope, I thought bitterly, wiping away my tears on the back of my hand as the wagon bumped along the dusty road. Hope was nothing more that a wish to me…hope had been lost a long time ago.

*later on that day*

Henrietta grasped her phone the moment she and Monica entered her condo.

"It was her, Hennie! She was that lost Swan girl from Spoons or something like that, I'm sure of it!" Monica cried, grabbing the phone book off the table. "Those eyes…and I saw face too when her mask thing slipped off. Poor thing looked so frightened! I know it was her! Wonder why there was a whole bunch of them dressed like that…you don't think they're being sold or something do ya?"

"Oh hush, Moni! I'm on the phone with the police department right now! Stop your babbling-oh, hello! This is Henrietta Rodriguez. My friend and I were down at the little old market square, in San Diego today, and I swear to you, we saw Isabella Swan." Henrietta listened for a moment. "Yes sir, Isabella Swan, the girl who went missing from Forks about a year ago!"

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