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"Owwwwww," I whined as my mother pulled a comb through my thick black (well deep brown really)hair.

"Don't be such a baby," she scolded. "All you've done lately is moan about me not treating you like an adult, and anyway, you want to look your best for your first day at school, it'll be so much better than you're expecting. Honey, I know you've had a hard time, but now you'll finally have the chance to settle in with the people you were born to be friends with."

"I can't believe you're making me start school on my birthday, you could at least keep me off for one day, you are, like, the head mistress."

"High priestess" she corrected.

"Yeah, whatever – "

Just then my dad walked in the door, he still looked like an older brother rather than a dad and my mum still looked like and older sister rather than my mum, that's the consequences of having vampire parents.

"Hey, princess, excited?" he asked, knowing full well I was so nervous I wanted to shake.

"Oh, come on dad, you said you wouldn't tease,"

"I know, I just, well, I can't believe that you're not even a tiny bit excited."

"Okay, okay," I allowed "a tiny bit."

"So will you try to find out your powers with me then?"


Thankfully, mum interceded, "Erik, that's unfair, you know she's worried about it, her powers are something she will discover with her friends, something she will be able to share."

Here they go again, all they've done for the last week is discuss what powers I'm likely to have, you see, my mum is the most powerful vampire to date, and probably the most powerful vampire that ever will exist and my dad is like this amazing actor, he is Hollywood's king. But the trouble with all this is, what if I don't have powers, what if the first child born from two vampires doesn't have any powers, or even any gifts, what if I'm just a normal fledgling, the only thing I'm not worried about is that I'll die in the process of becoming a vampire, because years ago, when my mum made the deal with Nyx (the vampire's Goddess) Nyx promised I would survive as long as I kept healthy and near vampires, it would 100% work, whereas to normal fledglings, this only works on 90%, I suppose I'm pretty lucky really, but I'm still scared.

Tomorrow I turn sixteen, I don't have many friends form the human world that I could have celebrated it with anyway, I've always been a bit of an outcast (thanks to my famous heritage), everyone in school just knew that it was best to stay away from me, in case I became a Vampire and killed them. Stupid, I know but, that's just the way people think, or really, it's just the way protective parents think.

I was brought back to the conversation with a jump; my mum had just clicked he fingers in front of my face and start to laugh about my day dreaming tendencies.

Then she must have seen the look on my face and she stopped. "Amber, what's wrong, I would have thought after what you've been through you'd be happy to be going to the house of night."

I thought about lying, and saying I was just nervous, but the soft look on her face made me change my mind. "Mum, what if I'm not gifted by Nyx in anyway, what if I'm just normal."

"Erik, I think it's time we tell her"

My dad nodded.

"Tell me what?"

"When I was having you, Nyx blocked out all the pain-"

"You told me that ages-"

"I wasn't finished. To put it shortly. I went into a deep sleep. I was in a garden with Nyx, she gave me a vision of you, grown into a vampire, at least one hundred years old. You were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, and you were taking my place as high priestess over all. I never told you because I didn't want you to become big headed, I realise now that you are ready for this, and I want you to know that you are special, Nyx has already blesses you with a special future. You will be powerful, you will live up to and beyond expectations, and only the three of us know it."

"Amber, even if we hadn't known this, you would always have been special to us, we love you no matter what and we also know that even high priestesses to be make mistakes." Then he kissed my mum lightly on the lips and smiled.

"You made mistakes?" I asked her, my mum was the wisest and smartest person I had ever known.

"Quite a few," she replied, a small smile playing on her lips. "Quite a few."

And that means?????

Mum and Dad were so weird sometimes, it was as if they had millions of secrets and it bugged the hell out of me. I pushed myself up with my elbow and grabbed the side of my dad's extremely expensive designer chair to pull myself up with. With the endless amount of money my father earned it's quite shocking to me sometimes how I did not grow acting like a spoilt brat.

"Mum, Dad, I'm just going to my room..." I mumbled as I held back mental exhaustion.

"Wait their young lady," he smiled. "your grandparents are coming to see you tonight, before you leave for school, I won't be here so tell my mum and dad that I love them as always and that I'll be at theirs on Sunday if my work schedule isn't to jam-packed."

I wonder why he hadn't told mum this, he knew how bad my memory was. "Mum'll tell-"

"No honey, I'll have left for H.O.N by then, I said I'd be there for 5pm and gran and grandpa can only be here for seven, they have to go see your great aunt Grace in hospital and I told them you were changing your sleeping pattern already, so you could fit in with the time table quicker."

"Oh." Damn that, I would only have half an hour with them at the most. House of night is just across the road so I don't have to leave early but I was going to miss Sunday roasts with my gran and grandpa, I would really miss them.

"And Amber," she said just as I was leaving the room.

"Yes mum?"

"We love you." And they both hugged me at the same time, I really do love my parent, no matter how much they can annoy me.

"I love you too."

Walking up to my room, it hit me that this would be the last time I slept in this bed for months, at least until the holiday break, which I could thankfully come home for overnight due to my parentage.

I collapsed onto my bed, grabbed my iPod on top of my bedside cabinet, shoved the earphones on my ears, pressed play on the old classic playlist containing stuff like Rihanna and Britney, I turned up full blast and closed my eyes.

I can do this, I can do this, I can do this.

I mentally chanted. In fact, I had no real choice. I was born to this and I was going to have to get used to it.

Maybe it wouldn't be to bad, there's a chance people won't stare, they might not understand who I am.

Who am I kidding? Even humans knew who I was, the second my name was called they would all gasp, they inched away from me, God, half the kids even refused to say hi.

I switched the poppy classics to real classics like Beethoven and Mozart, by the time Beethoven's moonlight sonata had finished I was in a deep sleep.

8hrs later – 5:30pm

My shrill alarm clock woke me up, thankfully I had set it a bit early than intended because with one half asleep glance at myself, I was in panic mode.

I had fallen asleep with my clothes on, and my hair still wet, so not only did I have sweaty clothes, I also had curling hair, brilliant, time for another shower.

While I was brushing my teeth I had a good look in the mirror; my face was flawless, I didn't get spots, ever. I looked closer, I examined my lips and chin first, I gad quite full lips, don't get me wrong, they're not a fish pout, but they're nicely full, my chin's quite fitting for my kinda oval kinda heart shaped face, my nose's angled and perfectly straight, resting in the middle of high cheekbones, my eyes, a royal blue, a true gift from my father. Maybe it could be beautiful; boys in my old school wouldn't even give me a second glance, who would want to be the boyfriend of the skanky vampire daughter.

I quickly scrubbed my body, washed my hair and shaved all necessaries, although I still doubted anyone would want to be my friend, I was still going to give it a try, so I lathered on body cream slathering it over my full 5ft7 figure, I ran I fine toothed comb through my thick, long hair.

Towel drying my hair slipped on my underwear, shimmied into one of the two pairs of jeans left in my room (my other clothes were already in house of night) and buttoned up my white, home embroidered shirt (another thing about me, I love to add my own design to things) amd strode downstairs with my blue overnight bag.

"Aunt Shaunee!" I squealed as I heard her smooth, unmistakable voice coming from the kitchen.

"Happy birthday!" she shouted with a smile across her face

"Where's Aunt Erin?" I asked, I barely ever saw them separated.

Laughing, she answered, "Well, I do sometimes venture out alone," then in a more serious tone she added. "She's with Uncle Damien and Uncle Jack, recruiting, I didn't want to go, one of the sixth years I mentor is due to change tomorrow or the next day." She looked me straight in the eyes and then finished, "I know how scary new vampire experiences can."

I couldn't hold in any longer and I let out a dry sob and ran into her warm arms.

"Shhhhh," she hushed me. "Tell me what's wrong."

"They'll hate me, I know they will."

"What makes you say that?"

"People have always ignored me, every school I went to they always tried to blank me out, they were scared of me."

"Amber, you do realize they were humans and the school you're going to will be full of fledglings."

"So?" I asked, quite lost.

"So fledglings are just the same as you, they won't be scared of someone who is exactly like them." She gave a soft laugh. "Silly Amber." She said as she stroked my hair.

"Thank you," I said, and I really meant it, maybe I could fit in. Relief washed through me, I would be almost normal, except from my parents.

"I think now is the time to give you your birthday present" she walked into the kitchen and returned with an indigo wrapped box."

I tore away the paper and found a large show box, I gave Aunt Shaunee a "you shouldn't have" look then opened the box. I was a pair of deep indigo killer stilettos with a little bag of needles and a small book about embroidering boots tucked in beside them.

"OMG!" I almost screamed. "I so totally completely love them!" and flung my arms around her "thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!"

"You're more than welcome, sweetie."

My grandparents came on time and had breakfast/dinner with me. Gran had tears in her eyes when she gave me their present and said for the third time she couldn't believe her babies baby was not a baby anymore, that reminded me to pass on my dad's message and when I received my present I was shocked to find a silver, antique looking locket in a blue velvet box.

"Grandma, Grandpa." I gasped, Wow. That must have cost alot.

"It was given to me for my sixteenth birthday from my grandmother, I would have given it to my daughter, but I never had one, so here I am passing it onto you, I trust you'll keep it safe,"

"Of course," I gushed.

"And since we're doing a hand me down theme," Grandpa added. "I decided to declutter my Elton John CD collection." He smiled and winked.

WOW, again, ever since I was a kid I had loved my grandpa's Elton John collection, and they were his most prized possessions, I knew how much it must cost him to hand his signed CDs over to me.

"Are you sure, I mean, I know how much you love them,"

He gave me a warm cuddle and whispered in my ear, "I love you more, Amber."

When they left, I realised how lucky I was to have my family around me.

Maybe I wasn't the most popular kid, but at least I had a family who loved me.

Just before I had to leave, I ran upstairs to retrieve my phone, iPod, and keys.

I locked the doors and said my final goodbye to the house from outside, I walked across the road and over to the H.O.N gates, I rang the buzzer and waited for the answer.

"House of Night office, please state your name," said a cheery voice.

"Amber Redbird Night."

"Come on in, we've been expecting you."