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Amber's Point Of View:-

On my way back from Lenobia's rather exciting class I tried not to let my mind wander back to my ditching just an hour ago. Try as I may I couldn't help but think it was too good to be true anyway. No-one that exceptional could be interested in me, he had seemed quite sincere. But then again, maybe he just wanted to make the famous girl squirm.

Who knows?

I tried to take my mind of it by thinking of my two best friends, I had told Scarlett of my new found affinity at lunch and now I had two people who knew about my weirdness and didn't really care. At least I could count on them. Just as I turned the corner, entering the courtyard I saw Scarlett's scared and teary face bounding towards me.


"Not now Amber!" she shouted and she sprinted right past me.

Scarlett's Point of view:-

I entered the hospital quickly, thankfully my parents had given me my own car just a couple of months ago as I passed my driving lessons.

I was making some food when I got the call, Angel had been with me and as usual I had made a bee-line for the bathroom the second I saw the caller ID.

When they told me what had happened, and it had happened an hour ago, and he had still not woken up I had panicked, I bolted through the doors not even telling Angel where I was going and almost ignoring Amber as I passed her.

And when I got here I found my aunt, uncle and little cousin surrounding his bedside. His face now a disgusting shade of yellow, a thin sheet covering his ever thinning body, his hair pushed behind his ears and a layer of sweat covering his face, glistening in the well lit room. The complete opposite of his usual cheery self, for the first time in a long time he looked beaten, the last time I had seen him like this was when he had caught an infection during gruelling chemotherapy sessions. He didn't look as if he'd beat the disease. Nothing was going his way anymore and he should have woken up by now, the most he's ever passed out for in his fledgling state is just under an hour.

Tears swam in my eyes as I took a seat beside my frightened cousin, just 5 years old and scared for her brother's life.

My aunt and uncle were holding hands, just staring at their diminishing son.

No-one spoke until the doctor entered the room, I pulled little Ellie up onto my lap and wrapped my arms around her shaking body. She hated hospitals and yet she made almost weekly visits due to her brother.

"I have the results of the lumbar puncture," the doctor stated.

My aunts quiet voice shook as she replied, "I thought it took says for you to get those.

"Due to his bloods deviations from humans we have the results much quicker."

"Alright," my uncle spoke with his shoulders hunched and memories sprung to mind of his normal happiness, the contrast was frightening.

"If you could follow me outside please,"

My aunt and uncle stood up, "Come with us Scar, you deserve to know, "I hesitated, the thought of hearing it straight from the doctor, not being able to soften harsh words, if it was bad new I wouldn't know what to do, especially in front of them. "Please," I wasn't sure if I wanted to go, but I would for their sake, they supported my through everything, my fallouts with my mum and dad, my mess ups in school, issues which I just couldn't discuss with my own mother or father, if I was being honest, they were more of a mother and father to me until Tristan contracted ALL, it's not that they changed towards me, more that my mother and father did, scared of anything happening to me they took more of an interest in me, and basically, my life improved when Tristan's came to a standstill, I owed them everything.

The doctor opened his mouth and the words came out but my mind wouldn't process them, "I'm sorry tell you, but your sons disease has spread to his spine," I couldn't think, it was as if someone had pressed a off button on a remote and my whole brain had shut down. I was vaguely aware of Aunt Karen's heart wrenching sobs, and the new look which my uncle had acquired, one which aged him 10 years, his eyes filling with tears while I tried to stop myself from thinking.

Eventually his words broke through my barrier and I stumbled backwards so I was holding myself up by leaning on the cold wall.

We all knew what this meant, the doctors had explained before that when ALL enters this stage 2 years would be almost an impossible stretch of time for him to survive. And with the change happening inside, the chance of rejection would be extremely high.

He would have about a 7% rate of survival, a huge decrease of 58%.

Everything is now changed, his affinity may weaken, his mark may begin to fade, his appetite may begin to return to normal, his night vision may begin to disappear and he may find it becoming easier to go out in the sun; all different theories from interested doctors and vampires around the world.

And he didn't even know this yet, he was still lying in that hospital bed unbeknowing of his drastic change in condition.

I reentered the room in a daze, lifting tiny Ellie up onto my hip and gently drying her tears with my bright red zipper, knowing all too well that in acouple of hours when her mother and father tried to explain things to her her face would be tearstroked once again.

It's not fair.

Amber's point of view:-

We sat in our little shared room, talking over Scarlett's abrupt disappearance and I kept to myself Tristan's no show.

"I just don't know what she gets up to really, I mean, I know I sound a bit like a mom or something but she could at least let us know before she takes of somewhere, she does it at least twice a month and the comes up with a see through excuse like *forgot I was meeting someone*. I don't know, maybe she really does have a bad memory or something," she giggled, "Whatever."

I finished applying the makeup to my large eyes, and smeared a sweet smelling chap stick across my lips.

"Can I have some," Angel asked holding the little tub in the palm of her hand and giving it a quick sniff, "Mmmm, cranberry."

I laughed at her randomness and nodded.


"And nervous." I took a deep breath, considering the possibilities my first dark daughter meeting has, no one could really blame me.

"And you're definitely keeping your affinity to yourself?"

"For now anyway, it's not too hard to control, it only really starts when I stare into there eyes. Dou you know the saying *you can see into their very soul*?"


"Well it's kind of like that, it's as if the barrier I used to have between the depths of their eyes and seeing or hearing into their souls is gone, but I can stop it, I can look into your eyes now and not hear a thing."

"That is so cool, but I still think you should give everyone a chance to accept it, really, there's been fledglings with more intrusive powers than you here and they were still welcomed."

"I'll think about it, maybe." The thought of it made me grimace, everyone singling me out again, I just need some more time to be relatively normal.

"You ready?"

"As I'll ever be," and with that we grabbed a little chocolate from the noisy mini fridge and headed off to the dark daughters meeting place.

And as we walked around the school I spotted a small red Punto pull up into the school pupil parking lot, and an unmistakeable red head exit the vehicle, hunched and broken looking.

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