Prologue: Mountain Ghost

It was a dark night. But not stormy.

A silver-skinned matoran snuck through the alleyways of Rivstak-Nui. Not just 50 years ago, this was made as an island for two reasons. One was to have a place to send criminals to and for matoran to test their prowess of survival in the harsh land and to emerge stronger for the more-frequent-than-ever Rahkshi. The volcanic island was a place for the strong, the foolhardy, and the dark. This being was part of the last.

In his pack was something of amazing craft. One of the best he had made. Supposedly, it could let you see one strand of the future. But just one possible outcome. He had tried it out, and he knew firsthand it's capability. It told him that the delivery would be accomplished perfectly. The Order of Mata Nui left him a message that they needed a special order from them.

He grinned inwardly. He couldn't help but feel proud since he was the one that discovered the Order's existence. It was especially odd since both organizations, them and the Nyrah Ghosts, communicated in anonymous notes. In a certain hollow of a strange iron mountain, there had been some notes left for a special order. This had to be as knowledgeable as the Ghosts to know they used this island for mining to find the tablet.

That invisibility device worked to perfection. There were guards every 100 yards, and they didn't even look his way! I am truly a master matoran, he thought to himself.

After getting through the small town of Ta-Matoran, he came to the den where the last note was. He set the mask along with another tablet, and collected the widget fee the Order operatives left. His business was done. He took out a small metal-shaping tool, and pulled the iron over the supplies. It was now seamless.

But when he turned around, there stood a Vorixx. She was tall and thin, with red plating dotting the normal black color scheme. "There you are, my little friend..." she said in a snakelike voice. "I've been watching you. That device-it's nothing compared to what Brotherhood scientists can make. Hand it over."

The Brotherhood! Those blasted fools were trying to enslave them! "NO!" The yell brought a notice from the guards. The vortixx hissed angrily at the attention. "Give it, now. Unless you want to be our next experiment on matoran-rahi hybrids." What sprang from her finger was a long, sickle-shaped claw, the perfect assassin's blade.

The matoran cowered. Guards started to tentatively move out of the city walls, searching for the earlier yell. The operative looked over her shoulder, checking their distance. "Now."

Her hand raised. Still nothing.

Higher still. And still nothing.

Then a blast of lighting struck the ground. It was huge, and made a 5-foot crater in to the floor. Everyone turned to stare, guards included. In the remaining rubble crouched an electric-blue Toa. Strange tubes and breathing devices ran over his mask and back. Deep, dark breathing echoed across the land.

"Brotherhood scum, let him go."

The Toa had cold, icy eyes. They were eyes of the madly determined. The deep breathing continued.

The vortixx was stunned by the entrance. "Who are you?" was all she sputtered out.

"You might know me by the term "Mountain Ghost." Haven't you heard my legend?" asked the Toa in a strange, raspy voice.

She had. The mysterious person was said to be a guardian on the island, watching all. Those who abandoned their own and came for selfish reasons were punished. Those who worked together and helped one another to stay alive were saved. All of it had an electric-blue being, lighting, and the dark breathing.

The Brotherhood operative regained her composure. This is all some fancy flare. I can take him easy. Who am I to be scared by a simple Toa? "All you have been doing is fighting volcanoes and pesky matoran. You have never fought someone of my skill." The blade, still in the air, turned to him. 9 more joined it.

A fiendish thought entered the mind of the shadow agent. Just wait...

On the Toa's gauntlets, energy began to flow over them. Wait...

The Toa poised to jump. Wait...

The Xian made her move. As the Toa lept at her, she rolled to the side. The matoran were just 50 feet away now. In range. As part of one flowing movement, she spun and grabbed a whip out of her pocket. Shadows rolled off it. Just as the first twist finished, she flicked her wrist and whipped a matoran with it. Instantly, his heartlight stopped.

"Hold, Mountain Ghost, or more shall join him!" She expected a traditional reaction, where the Toa stop to save the worthless lives of the matoran. This was purely the opposite.

The Toa's eyes switched from the icy of the madly determined to the glowing orange of the mad with rage. With a feral roar, serrated blades slid out of his gauntlets and were charged with electricity. This Toa was truly insane.

With arms outstretched, the crazed Toa boiled into his opponent, crossing 50 feet in simply 3 seconds. Leaving the ground, he jumped and slammed right into the Voritxx's midsection, and tackling her to the ground.

With a vicious yell, he brought his blades down to her neck. Tossing aside her whip, she parried with her own . Locked in an epic duel, the two tumbled over and over, slashing and slashing. The Xian had cold, calculating skill and accuracy. The Toa had rage and strength. And more, he had a reason to fight-saving lives.

In one great stroke, he knocked aside the Brotherhood employee's blades. They left her fingertips, and skittered across the rocky landscape.

With a final yell, he plunged his blades into the torso of the Brotherhood agent. With a bloodcurdling scream, her heartlight went out. The orange light from the Ghost's eyes faded into their normal blue.

He was panting heavily, and looking over the body of his opponent. Only audible to himself, he mumbled "Have I done the right thing? Another rage, I need help..."

He now acknowledged the matoran. "Go home, and bury the one who was killed. Know, the Mountain Ghost is not without weakness." With that, he walked away, leaving terrified matoran in his wake.

The Mountain Ghost found the Nyrahn hidden behind a boulder. He crouched down, and prepared to talk. Despite the invisibility, he knew the craftsman was there.

The Nyrah Ghost was still frozen with fright. The only sound was the Mountain Ghost's heavy breathing."Do you remember me?" He asked simply.

Then it clicked in the matoran's head. Gyra! His old apprentice, killed in that lab accident! But was he? How could he be alive? And how could that klutzy assistant become a Toa, of all things? Especially one of lightning.

"Gyra.... What has happened?" The Toa stared with his icy eyes.

"My name is Buin now. I am still alive. You shall know soon enough the answers to your questions." With that, the Mountain Ghost ran off into the mountains.

Buin? Why would that bouncing-off-the-walls energetic assistant name himself lost? Mulling it over, the Nyrahn trudged back to his camp, still invisible to the guards. In the distance, another eruption blasted into the sky.

How did she find me? The Brotherhood has always pestered us, but this... How did they know about the delivery? I need to find Gyra- no, Buin.

The beginning of the end had started. The saga of Buin The Lost had now begun.....