Author's Note: Disregard my previous story, Superman: Origin. This is a new take, all from Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman's point of view. Sections in italics are his thoughts. In this story, Kara-El/Supergirl is Kal-El's sister and came to Earth in the same ship. The Kents named her, Mae. This story borrows elements from many other shows. Please review.

Fortress of Solitude Memory Log:

Hi, my name is Clark Kent. I used to be an average farm-boy in Smallville, Kansas. Sure, I had two loving foster parents, a kind foster sister, a best friend, and the beautiful Lana Lang as my girlfriend. I had good grades and was very good at sports. Little did I know that on April 17, 1979, me and my sister's estimated 14th birthdays, things were about to change in a big way…

"Hey, Pete! I'm open!" I call.

"Go for it, man!" He tosses the football and I catch it. I run for the end zone, but Kenny is on my tail, and gaining fast. Suddenly, I put on a burst of speed, scoring the touchdown!

Holy cow! Where did that come from? The coach blew his whistle. "Time! Team Red beats Team Blue 12-6!" My team started cheering, while Team Blue grumbled.

Pete Ross, my best friend, slapped me on the back. "Way to go, my man!"

"Hell no! Kent, there's no way you could've beat me!" Kenny roared. He marched over to us, clenching his fists. Oh boy.

Fortunately, Coach Monty positioned himself between us. "Braverman, cool down, kid," he called in a soothing tone.

Kenny looked like he was about to have a tantrum. "Shove it, old man! Ever since 3rd grade, Kent here has always beaten me at everything! Well, no more!" He lunged. Before I knew it, I was on the ground, clutching my jaw. "Ow! What are you made of?" he cried out, cradling his hand.

Coach Monty was furious, "That does it, Kenny Braverman, detention! Oh, and you're off the team, too." Pete and the other players helped me up. Instead of leaving, Kenny roared, then made a beeline for me, knocking down anyone in his path. He threw another punch, but I was ready for it and blocked.

Strange, I barely felt it, this time. He unleashed a flurry of punches, but I block them all. Everyone watched in amazement at my reflexes. I catch a fist in each hand and squeeze. Kenny grunts in pain, but he spits in my face. That does it! "You bastard!" I punched him, but to my shock, he flew 20 feet through the air and landed in a heap!

"Oh my God!" Everyone screamed.

The coach checked Kenny's pulse. "He's alive! Don't worry!" He and everyone else stared at me with a mix of horror and amazement.

"Oh God, did I do that?" I fell to my knees and stared at my hands in shock.

"Clark Kent, as much as I regret this, detention. I will call Kenny's parents and take him to the hospital. Uh, happy birthday." Coach Monty loaded Kenny onto his shoulders and walked away. What the hell is going on!?

I entered the detention hall, and to my surprise, two people I never thought I would see here, were here. Lana Lang, my red-headed girlfriend, and Mae Kent, my blond foster sister. I ran a hand through my own black hair, "What you two in for?"

"Some pervert felt me up, so I beat him down," Mae smirked.

"It was amazing, she tossed him around like a rag doll. I kicked him while he was down. So babe, what are you in for?" Lana asked playfully.

"I beat up Kenny."

Mae snorted, "Serves that jerk right."

"Yup, he was so perverted, and he always got so upset whenever someone beat him at anything," Lana added.

"Quiet! This is detention, sit down," the guard told us. We reluctantly did so. Interesting, Mae put on a burst of strength, too.

After detention, I drove Lana home and kissed her. "See you, happy birthday, you two."


Mae and I drove home (In case you don't know, we were allowed to drive early, since we live on a farm).

"Um, Mae? Did you by any chance put on bursts of speed and strength, today?"

"Yeah, Clark, I did. That pervert was twice my size, but I could pick him up like he was a child."

"Dang, when I punched Kenny, he went flying. He almost died!" I lost my concentration, and almost went off the road.

"Clark, calm down! We'll make it through this. I promise."

We arrived home. As we opened the door, our foster parents, Jonathan & Martha Kent, blew on horns, "Surprise! Happy birthday! Don't worry, your teachers told us the whole story, and we understand." We both chuckled nervously.

Mae, "Uh, Mom? Dad? We need to talk."

Mom smiled, "About what, sweetie?"

I sighed, "About this." I walked over to Dad's bookcase and lifted it up with one hand. I felt no strain at all.

"Oh my God!" Dad yelled. Mom stumbled back.

"Yeah," Mae sighed, "About that."

To Be Continued…