Green Onions
Part One

Thursday afternoons were very warm- not warm, in fact, quite hot. The small town by the beach was always filled with people, young and old - but mostly young -, moving through the streets and doing their daily activities. School had already gotten out about two hours ago so there were plenty of high school students out shopping or just hanging out. However, some students didn't always just have fun after school, some had jobs where they earned a good amount of money - enough for a teenager to spend on whatever they wanted.

Some kids worked in a crowded cafe, busy waiting tables or busting tables, music blaring out of the colorful jukebox, but the loudest commotion of music was coming from the motorcycle shop across from the Pink Star Cafe where all the high school students went directly to after school to get a soda or a milkshake.

Two high school boys were currently working at the motorcycle shop with their rock music blaring loud from the radio nearby, almost at full blast. Both young men were redheads as a matter of fact.

I can't get no satisfaction
I can't get no satisfaction

"'Cause I try, and I try, and I try, and I try!" came both of the redheads together.

Both of the boys were moving their bodies to the music while either shined up or repaired a motorcycle, their skin glistening in the summer sun, black smudges covering their bodies from their faces to their bare arms and on their damp wife beaters, both wearing a pair of tight jeans on their lower half.

"I can't get no, I can't get no!" the boys sang with the music on the radio. They almost seemed to want to sing each other out to the music, one redhead with long spiky red hair moving his hips in a rather seductive looking way, but erythematic to the music.

"And a man comes on the radio, he's tellin' me more and more about some useless information, supposed to fire my imagination! I can't get no, oh no, no, no! Hey, hey, hey, that's what I say!"

"Turn it up more, Reno, I need to get louder!" shouted the longhaired redhead, tapping his foot still to the music. The other redhead, Reno, gave a nod and a smirk and turned up the volume on the jukebox even more. Axel, the second redhead, began singing twice as loud to the music, swinging his hips back and forth, as he waxed down the motorcycle in front of him.

"I can't get no! I can't get no! When I'm watchin' my TV, and a man comes on tells me how white my shirts can be, well he can't be a man 'cause he doesn't smoke the same cigarettes as me!" Reno then proceeded to dig a hand into his tight jeans and pull out a long cigarette and place it in his lips, Axel practically sliding over with a lighter and flicking it on.

"Here, let me light that for ya!" yelled Axel over the loudness of the music. Reno allowed him to do so with a slightly irritated look on his face before blowing the smoke out of his mouth and smirking at Axel.

Both redheaded teenagers continued to do their jobs, Reno turning to get under one particular red motorcycle with a wrench while Axel continued to shine up the front of a different motorcycle, bodies still moving to the music. They didn't really seem to mind if anybody was watching them, even a few high school girls perched on a bench across the street by the cafe, both sucking on their soda straws and watching with smirking lips at Axel and Reno.

"Damn, they're such dreamboats..." sighed one girl who didn't happen to have a drink.

"You got that right, girl," giggled the second girl, tossing some of her straight blond hair over her shoulder.

"You guys do know they're queers, right?" came the last girl on the bench. The two girls, who obviously didn't know this, both looked disgusted for a moment, exchanged horrified looks before glancing back at the now two dancing redheads, and then back at each other.

"No way!" they both said together. "They're so dreamy!"

The music continued to play so loud that even a few of the students in the cafe came out to watch for a while.

Just a ways down the street was another student, he was on a bike and riding nervously down a hill, glasses on the bridge of his nose as he then came to a stop at the front of the motorcycle shop. The silver-haired teen gave an offended look at the loudness of the music, trying his best to tuck in his white shirt into his plaid pants before fixing his slightly askew glasses.

"Axel!" he called over the music. Axel, who was still trying to out-sing Reno, didn't respond but simply continued to wax up the front of the motorcycle and doing his best not to do any butt shaking. The silver-haired teen, Riku, sighed and tried again. "Hey! Axel!"

Still Axel didn't respond, singing so loudly that Riku was sure the guy would have a sore throat later. Riku groaned and threw his arms up in disgust and grabbed at his head, glancing at the girls across the street that noticed him, got up and left. Riku pushed up his glasses and looked at the jukebox before turning it all the way down.

"Satisfaction, no satisfaction, no satisfac-- Hey, who turned the music off?" Axel said, sounding a little annoyed by who would turn off his rock music. Both redheads looked up at the culprit by the jukebox and noticed Riku leaning against the wall and looking slightly irritable himself.

"Oh, the square's arrived," groaned Reno, tossing a very dirty wrench into a tool box nearby. "I'll leave you two to...discuss..." Reno proceeded to roll his blue eyes and retrieve his cigarette from the ashtray and disappear into the back of the shop.

Axel tossed the smudged cloth over his shoulder and strolled over to Riku, hands on his hips. "What's up?"

"Axel, I seriously have a problem," sighed Riku, leaning against the wall more and looking depressed. "The dance is a couple of days away, not to mention the beach party is this Saturday and I want Sora to notice me so bad! But all he sees it seems is...ugh...four eyes..." Riku then proceeded to push up his glasses more.

"Maybe you ought to try those contacts again," suggested Axel, lighting himself a cigarette as well.

"Well, they feel weird," Riku admitted. "But Axel, didn't you hear me? I'm going to be going to the dance alone!"

Axel leaned against the wall himself, blowing out a long stream of smoke from his mouth and becoming pensive for a moment. Riku noted how incredibly cool he actually looked, just standing there. Suddenly, a thought struck Axel like a lightning bolt.

"I got the perfect idea, Riku," Axel grinned. "We just need to get you looking like hip guy." Riku stared at Axel for a long moment, his face seeming to think that Axel's idea was insane.

"Do you think it could work...?" asked Riku. Axel gave a nod.

"Yeah, man, you're working with the Axel here," grinned the redhead, giving Riku a pearly white smile. "And everyone knows how awesome I am."

"Don't get too full of yourself, Axel," spoke Riku. "At least Roxas acknowledges you."

"See, that's one thing you need to stop doing. Using big words that nobody understands." Said Axel, looking like he knew exactly what he was talking about.

"What? 'Acknowledge'?" Riku repeated. "Do you even know what it means?"

"It means you lack knowledge, duh," Axel said, taking another drag from his cigarette. Riku then proceeded to stifle a laugh behind his hand and smile back up at Axel, the redhead just finishing his cigarette, flicking the end away, and not caring where it landed. "Okay, here's what we do: We play hooky tomorrow--"

"What!?" Riku exclaimed. "You know I'm a perfect attendance student, don't you?"

"Wow, perfect attendance?" Axel said, sounding sarcastic. "You wanna make Sora think you're cool, right?" Riku sighed.


"Then do as I say... So, we skip school tomorrow to get you looking righteous, yeah? Then you come with me to the Pink Star once school is out. Don't worry; I've already got everyone invited." Riku blinked.

"Even Sora?"

"Yeah, he's Roxas's best friend," Axel replied. "Hopefully Reno won't get involved and we'll be all right..."

"Axel, the Pink Star is like, the most popular cafe in town- every student goes there after school," commented Riku. "Not to mention you guys don't work on Friday."

"How'd you know? You have a work schedule for us both?" chuckled Axel. Riku flushed lightly and pushed up his spectacles again.

"...No." He coughed awkwardly before looking back up at Axel. "So what time you are guys meeting?"

"About three," said Axel. "Right after school. They'll probably get there before we do...because we'll be getting you" Riku cocked his mouth.

"You're going to make an exact clone of yourself, aren't ya?"

"How would I do that?" Axel said. "You don't have red hair or anything..." Riku chuckled and shook his head. "Kay, so meet in the courtyard at about nine tomorrow morning and we'll come straight here and fix you all up for Sora."

"Hope it works..." murmured Riku, pushing his glasses up again.

Friday came quicker than Riku thought- he had tried to stay up late and make the night last, too worried that Axel's plan was going to go down the toilet. But unfortunately the sun rose and made Friday a reality and Riku had to completely mess with his perfect attendance and skip school. He pretended to make it to class on time but then only hurriedly rush to the front of the school where nobody would be and meet Axel who was leaning against one of the statues by the front and smoking a cigarette.

"Okay, I'm here," Riku said, presenting himself.

Today Axel was clean and not covered in oil spots. He was wearing a tight black tee with equally tight dark wash jeans with black boots. "Okay, let's get going, boyfriend." Chuckled Axel, getting an embarrassed look from Riku.

Axel then led Riku away from the front of the school, keeping a good lookout for any teachers or spare students and spotting his red motorcycle hidden behind a large bush. Throwing his leg over the front, Axel situated himself on the bike, Riku getting on the back nervously.

"You know, I don't exactly like riding on this thi--whoaah!" Axel started the motorcycle without even taking Riku's words into action in his brain before driving off into the town.

They reached the motorcycle shop swiftly, Axel slowing down to a stop and putting the brake on, checking back on Riku who looked beyond frazzled and was spitting out pieces of Axel's hair from his mouth. "Have fun?"

"No entirely..." grumbled Riku, fumbling off the bike.

The shop appeared to be closed and there were barely any people out in the town that warm morning. Axel luckily had a key and motioned for Riku to follow him. Riku, too nervous to do anything, scuffled over towards Axel on all fours so nobody would see him. Axel shook his head and smirked.

"We're not gonna get caught," Axel said. "And it's not a secret agent movie..." Axel quickly opened the back door to the inside of the shop and slipped inside after pulling a thinking-it-through Riku inside.

Riku didn't have much time to think before he was shoved into a leather rotating chair that was torn in a few places, some cotton falling out.

"Welcome to Axel's salon, where the uncool become the cool," Axel said, standing in front of a counter that had a huge assortment of different things. There were about four different types of gel, three different combs and brushes, a hair dryer, many make-up compacts, and nearby were a few piles of clothes. "Now what's the first thing we need to do to get the uncool cool?" Axel clapped his hands then proceeded to grab Riku's glasses and toss them over his shoulder.

"H-Hey, Axel, I need those!" gasped Riku, noticing the lenses falling out.

"You won't need them when you try Axel's awesome contacts. They're comfortable, affordable, and you don't have to wear those irritating glasses anymore!" Axel tossed the little box of contact lenses towards Riku and the silver-haired teen, unwillingly, put them both in his eyes, showing off his very beautiful turquoise orbs.

Axel grinned and nodded. "All right...let's get started..." Axel whipped around, grabbed one of the jars of gel, and opened it, proceeding to scoop a huge handful of the sticky looking gel out of his hands. Riku whimpered...

Later that afternoon, the Pink Star Cafe was, of course, filled with young kids, some sitting at tables with some drinks or a unhealthy meal, some at the bar or standing by the jukebox.

The jukebox was playing music happily, and there were two young boys by the jukebox, both dancing together with the music. One was blond while the other was a brunette.

"I believe to the soul you're the devil and now I know. I believe to the soul you're the devil and now I know. Well, the more I work, the faster my money goes. I said shake, rattle and roll, shake, rattle and roll, shake, rattle and roll, shake, rattle and roll. Well, you won't do right to save your doggone soul!"

Both boys giggled as they danced together, the blond grabbing the brunette's hand and spinning him with the music, their hands in a lock as they both danced happily to the dance music.

The waiter behind the counter serving drinks and food to the crowds of people gave a laugh. "Roxas, Sora, you guys dance great!"

Both boys suddenly stopped and blushed lightly.

"Thanks, Demyx," Roxas smiled, tucking some blond behind his ear.

The blond waiter, Demyx, smiled back and leaned on the counter towards them more.

"So has Axel asked you out yet?" asked Demyx. Roxas bit his lip and shook his head, blond spikes bouncing a little.

"Not yet..." he uttered. "Reno won't stop, though... He's almost like a stalker, in a way... He won't leave me alone!" Sora gave a chuckle and patted Roxas on the shoulder.

"Let's get a table, Roxas," the brunette said.

"Kay. Hey, Demyx? Can we have two chocolate malts?" asked Roxas.

"Sure thing!" Demyx smiled before quickly preparing the chocolately drink.

Roxas and Sora quickly found a table by the window, both boys sitting next to each other. Roxas almost seemed to notice the way Sora was looking out the window in an almost lonely look. The blond tilted his head to the side, "Sora? Something wrong?"

"No," Sora responded. "Everything's fine." He gave Roxas a reassuring smile. "It's just...I..."

Roxas raised a brow. "What?"

"So many guys like you, Roxas, and it almost seems like...Riku doesn't notice me all that much..."

Roxas raised his eyebrows and knew immediately that Sora had a crush on Riku just as much as Riku had a crush on Sora!

Roxas was about to say something when they both heard the chime of the door to the cafe open and in came a very confident looking Axel and somebody...else...

Sora and Roxas were both looking at the person beside Axel. "Um... That's not Riku is it?" Sora's jaw almost hit the ground when he saw Riku.

The silver-haired teen was wearing an almost identical outfit as Axel - very tight black tee with very tight jeans and black boots. His hair was very spiky and close to looking a lot like Axel's. He had on eye make-up that was dark blue and quite similar to Axel's eye make-up. Not to mention Sora's favorite thing about Riku was gone: His glasses.

Riku awkwardly stepped into the cafe, trying to get a walk like Axel's walk before he looked up and noticed Sora and Roxas looking directly at him. Riku gave a nervous sounding noise and quickly turned on his heel and towards the swinging doors again. Axel looked back at Riku about to sprint out of the cafe before he quickly grabbed him and jerked him back inside.

"Where're you going?" Axel growled.

"Axel, I can't do this..." Riku said, rubbing at his eye. "And these contacts itch!"

"Just act cool, Riku," Axel said calmly. "See? Sora's actually looking at you!"

"Yeah, but he looks really disturbed..." Riku murmured.

Riku was correct. The brown-haired boy was looking like a mixture of confused, distraught and disturbed.

"At least he's noticing you! Now come on, act cool..." Axel whispered hard into Riku's ear. Axel began leading Riku into the cafe more and passing by the bar.

"Hey, Axel, what's going on?" came Demyx from behind the counter.

"Nothin' much, Dem," responded Axel.

"Haha, cool," chuckled Demyx but then suddenly noticed Riku. "Um...Riku?" Demyx then proceeded to get the exact same expression as Sora, but was able to shake it off faster. "Wh-what can I get you guys?"

"I'll have some orange juice," Riku smiled. Axel suddenly whacked his hand hard on the back of Riku's head. "OW!"

"What is wrong with you?" Axel said. "We'll both have a coke." Demyx, who looked a little confused, turned around to prepare their drinks.

"But I like orange juice..." murmured Riku.

"Yeah, if you wanna be the square you were yesterday..." Axel said. "Cool guys drink coke."

Riku proceeded to roll his uncovered turquoise orbs, but nevertheless doing as Axel wanted. He followed the redhead, quite nervously, up to the table where Sora and Roxas waited for them.

Axel, looking cool while doing so, slid into the double cushioned seat followed by Riku who looked very embarrassed. He could tell Sora was staring at him...but was it in a good way? Peeping up slowly behind his silver strands, he noticed Sora's big baby blue eyes staring at him in close to shock.

"H-Hey, Sora..." murmured Riku.

"Hi, Riku..." swallowed Sora.

Roxas, on the other hand, was smiling at Axel - who was smiling back - both very content to just stare at one another.

"So Roxas, how've you been?" Axel smiled, not bothering to say thank you as a waiter came up with their drinks.

"Fine," Roxas replied calmly, taking a slurp of his thick chocolate malt. "And you?"

"Just fine myself, Roxy," the redhead said, taking a large swallow of his carbonated drink and winking at Roxas. Roxas found himself blushing and having to look away.

Riku was rubbing at his eyes with his knuckles. The contacts were really irritating his eyes... Sora was noticing this as he continued to watch Riku across from him, slurping his milkshake.

"Um...Riku? Is something bothering your eyes?"

"No! No, no!" Riku said quickly, trying to act cool again. "I'm just...fine, too." Sora gave an odd sort of smile and leaned back in his seat.

"Hey, are you guys going to the beach party?" Roxas asked cheerfully, trying to get onto a good topic.

"Yes, we are actually," Axel grinned, wrapping an arm around Riku. "Friends go to parties together, right Riku?"

"Um...sure..." muttered Riku, not even having taken a drink yet.

"So I'm guessing you guys are going, too?" the redhead asked.

"Yep!" Sora smiled. "Me and Roxas are going."

"Well, well, well!"

Axel blinked and positioned his lips outwards in a sort of angry looking pout and turned, looking over his shoulder to see no other than Reno appear next to their table.

"You boys are going to the beach party?" grinned the redhead, either hand on each seat. "I heard everybody going is gonna have a date, kinda like at the dance at school."

Roxas had a feeling where this was going and he glanced back at Axel for a moment - he was staring down into his drink and watching the bubbles - and then back at Reno.

"You guys got any dates yet?" asked Reno with a foul grin.

"Yes, as a matter of fact!" Sora butted in. He reached forward and grabbed Riku's hand all of a sudden, Riku making a light yelp of surprise and face burning hot. "I'm going with Riku, and--"

"Wow, Riku? Is that you?" said Reno. "I believe you've gone to square to wannabe!" Riku fought the urge to growl and hit Reno but didn't. "Well, since nobody's spoken up, then, Roxas? Would you like to go to the party with me?"

Roxas gave a soft sigh and looked back at Axel again, but the other redhead wasn't doing anything to protest... What was wrong with him? Didn't he want Roxas? Didn't he want to protect the little blond?

Well, if that was the case...

"Okay, I'll go with you Reno..."

Reno smiled widely. "Wow! Really? Yes!" Reno pumped his fist and purposely looked at Axel for a moment with an in-your-face smirk.

Axel looked just as surprised as Reno did, but he simply thought that Roxas would say no again and go with Axel... What the dealio?

"So when you guys showin' up? The partie's at five."

"We'll be there around then," Sora said with a smile, squeezing Riku's hand a moment, not even noticing that Riku was having a nervous breakdown.

"Good," smiled Reno. "And Axel? If you don't have a date you mine as well not come at all... See ya tomorrow, Roxas!" Reno waved to the miserable looking blond before walking away from their table and away.

Sora looked back at Riku when he remembered their hands were still touching and noticed the way the silver-haired teen was acting. Riku's head was hanging and he was quivering slightly, and Sora could've sworn the teen's face was dark crimson. "Um...Riku...?"

Roxas bit his lip and stared at Axel. "Um, Axel, are you going to be at the party tomorrow with us?"

The redhead sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "I don't know..." Axel was keeping his emerald eyes down and was refusing to look at Roxas who looked like he was about to cry. Without another word, Roxas had stood up and marched away and out of the cafe. Sora blinked a few times and completely ignored Riku before rushing after Roxas calling his name.

Riku coughed and looked up at the redhead sitting next to him.

"You do realize that was your cue, right?" Riku spoke.

Axel refused to look at Riku as well, always thinking that he was the master of flirting and asking boys out but he just seemed loss at words and knew that Riku was correct. Roxas was just his sweet little sunshine pie and he could hardly ever find the perfect words to talk to him with, and after he had just been swiped up by Reno, Axel didn't have any idea of what to do. What was he gonna do now? Ask Demyx out?

With an angry look, Axel stood up and began towards the cafe doors again, looking positively pissed off.

"Was I the only one that had something good happen to?" Riku murmured to himself. "Don't talk to yourself, Riku, it's uncool."

Saturday morning was a blur for Axel. He felt like he was he was one of those bugs that hit the windshield on a car and were wiped away by the wipers... He was the bug, Roxas was the windshield and Reno was the windshield wipers, making it impossible for Axel to get to Roxas... The redhead felt like an absolute idiot for not speaking up when he had the chance. Did Roxas wanna go with him? That's what Riku said and lately Riku had been right about everything, and he was going with Sora to the beach party later that day. Axel wasn't even sure if he should even go to the party without a date. Like he thought earlier, who was he gonna take? Demyx? He probably already had somebody he was going with anyways. And Axel sure as hell wasn't gonna take a girl with him...

It was getting closer to the time when the party was starting and Axel had actually driven by the beach several times on his motorcycle to see if he should go or not, or if he could catch any sight of Roxas and Reno. Unfortunately, he didn't...maybe that was because he was early.

Once it was actually time for the party, Axel had parked himself on his bike on one of the grassy sand dunes overlooking the beach. From what he could hear, he could make out lots of laughter, lots of damn awesome music that he had a weakness for and the sound of the roaring ocean. Now what he could see was a lot of young teenagers, boys and girls - all he recognized from his school, actually - in their swimsuits and simply hanging out on the beach. Some were in the ocean, some were dancing, and some were even in some sailboats out on the water.

Axel hadn't caught sight of either Roxas or Reno, but he had noticed Sora sitting on the shore with Riku. The redhead blinked and leaned forward on his bike to look forward more and he noticed that Riku was wearing glasses again.

"What the hell? I thought he wanted to be cool!"

It looked as if Riku had said something that made Sora laugh and cause Riku to blush darkly. Axel found himself smirking. At least they were together and enjoying each other's company. Axel had done it again!

...But not really.

Axel was about to give up all hope on spotting Roxas or Reno and drive off when he then noticed a strike of red hair and he knew that Reno had arrived. The other redhead on the beach was wearing his tight swimming trunks and standing next to Sora and Riku and it looked like he was asking the brunette where Roxas could've been. Sora had shrugged and shook his head, Riku doing the same.

Axel chuckled and relaxed further on his motorbike. "Maybe Roxas ditched ya, Reno..."

Reno looked quite frustrated for a second like he had been blown off, and he placed his hands on his hips and just stood there for a moment. Axel almost starting bursting out laughing. Roxas ditched him! How wonderful!

Axel was about to congratulate himself and possibly go down on the beach and congratulate Reno for being such a boring guy when he noticed Reno smile widely and run off somewhere on the beach. Oh damn, Roxas just showed up...

Axel felt his stomach churn unpleasantly when Reno rushed over to Roxas, wrapped his arms around the blond's waist and lift him off the ground in a spinning hug. It was obvious Reno was beyond happy that Roxas hadn't ditched him...

Axel found himself growling and gripping the handles of his motorcycle hard, turning his knuckles pale. Okay, he had to go to this party, watch out for Roxas, and make sure that pervert didn't do anything...

After parking his bike with all the other cars near the beach, Axel stayed cool and stepped out onto the beach, hands in his pockets as he began towards Riku and Sora, however, emerald eyes staying on Reno and Roxas as they danced - a little too close - with the music by an enormous bonfire.

"Riku, I'm so glad I came with you today," said Sora, smiling so widely. Riku blushed again and smiled back. His glasses then began to fog up and he cursed to himself as he then noticed Sora actually leaning towards him with his lips puckered out. OHGOD.

"Hey, Riku!"

Riku closed his eyes. "Oh man...why me...?" Riku looked over his shoulder and saw Axel strolling right towards him and Sora. Why'd he have to come at a time like this...? Why?

"Hi...Axel..." grumbled Riku.

"Hey, Axel, how're you doing?" Sora asked, trying to stay polite and sincere.

"I'm spectacular," Axel said, sitting down next to Riku on the sand and glancing back at Reno and Roxas still dancing to the beach music.

Wouldn't it be nice if we were older, then we wouldn't have to wait so long. And wouldn't it be nice to live together in the kind of world where we belong? You know it's gonna make it that much better, when we can say good night and stay together.

"Here, Axel, get your mind off problems and have a drink," Sora offered, passing a cold bottle of coke into Axel's hands. The redhead almost ignored it for a second, eyes still on Roxas and Reno dancing. Axel pursed his lips angrily, popped the cap off the soda bottle and then guzzled down about a third of the coke.

"Hey Riku, you're glasses are all foggy by the way," Axel noted. Riku frowned, pulled off his glasses and wiped off the condensation with the bottom of his shirt.

"Hey Riku? Do you wanna go somewhere more private with me?" asked Sora, acting so very sweet and innocent. Riku almost found himself gawking at what Sora said, but keeping cool and nodded.

"Y-Yeah, I'd lo-love to, S-Sora..."

Sora stood up and giggled. "Well come on, then!" Sora began to walk away with his hands behind his back and smiling back at Riku.

"Go get 'im, lover boy..." Axel said, pushing on Riku's back a little before belching quite loudly from having so much bubbly soda all at once. Riku smiled and quickly stood up, kicking up sand and running after Sora.

Once Riku and Sora were out of sight, Axel returned his attention back over by the bonfire where Roxas and Reno should've been...but weren't...

"Oh damn, where'd they go?" Axel growled, cursing himself for not paying attention. Scrambling to his feet, Axel hurried over to the bonfire, passing many other dancing couples and hearing a song he happened to really like, but Roxas was more important than The Rolling Stones right now.

Where. Did. They. Go.

Axel had searched all over the beach, even getting some weird looks from several couples on the beach when Axel had prowled around their certain relaxing area. Axel had the sudden idea that maybe they left the beach and went somewhere else... Somewhere more private...ohgod...

Axel practically sprinted back up to the parking area up on the dunes and dived at his motorcycle, throwing his leg over the seat and starting it up immediately before leaving the beach with a loud screech of the tires.

It's the time of the season, when love runs high. In this time, give it to me easy and let me try with pleasured hands to take you to the sun to promised lands, to show you every one; it's the time of the season for loving.

Roxas had actually never been in a car alone with another boy older than him before. But he was comfortable at the moment, enjoying the music with a perky smile on his lips as he stared out the window of Reno's Silver Cloud.

Reno had offered to take Roxas to go and get a few drinks and return to the beach, but the redhead had other things on his mind that little Roxas didn't know about.

The blond was a little bit sad that Axel hadn't asked him to the beach party while Reno asked him to go with Axel sitting right made Roxas wonder...

He wasn't paying attention to the road but simply looking out the window and gave a confused look when the car came to a stop on one of the highest hills near the beach. Roxas leaned back in the seat and looked at Reno curiously.

"Um, what're we doing here?" asked the blond.

"Just thought it'd be good to relax here and watch the ocean," said Reno with a coy little smirk.

"Oh, okay..." Roxas responded, swallowing a bit nervously. He could've sworn he had seen a few couples here earlier making out... was a hill...and people made out here... Was this make-out hill?!

Roxas found his cheeks becoming quite hot and he realized why Reno had parked here. He wanted to sweetly make-out with Roxas. Ohdeargod.

Out of the corner of his blue eye, Roxas noticed Reno leaning closer towards him, Roxas nervously glancing back at Reno, eyes wide and a little excited looking, cheeks light pink. Roxas gave a very light gasp when his virgin lips were stolen by Reno's lips in his first kiss, Roxas finding himself pushed back against his car door. It wasn't too terrible, but Reno didn't taste like how Roxas thought he would. He tasted a little bit bland, but Roxas then found himself pressing his own lips back against Reno's.

Reno was actually a pretty good kisser, and he was treating Roxas's lips with kindness with his own, and Roxas actually forgetting about Axel for a moment and reaching up to sink his slender fingers into Reno's red hair and bring him closer.

Man, making out was great.

Their sweet lip-locked making out continued for a little bit over fifteen minutes, Roxas completely relaxed and enjoying the make-out session, that is until he felt Reno's had sneak down towards his groin area and begin unbuttoning Roxas's shorts.

Roxas gave an unpleasant noise and tried to pull away but Reno didn't pull back but then continued to do his mission of pulling down Roxas's shorts. The blond continued to struggle a little underneath Reno and not return his kisses, making scared sounding noises and even a loud yowl of surprise when Reno's fingers actually brushed over his arousal.

"Ah! Stop, Reno!"

Roxas's hand came back quickly and then back against Reno's cheek, slapping him hard and leaving a stinging handprint on Reno's face. The redhead pulled back, rubbing at his hot cheek and staring at Roxas a bit angrily.

"Why should I stop, babe, you seemed to be enjoying it," Reno noted, hand fondling with the slightly hard bulge in Roxas's shorts.

"Stop it, I said!" Roxas almost screamed. "I didn't go out with you because I wanted you to have sex with me!"

"Why did you go out with me then, huh?! Was I just your second option if Axel didn't ask you out?!" shouted Reno angrily.

Roxas paused a moment and looked away from Reno, finding himself feeling terribly sad and wishing that Axel was here for him. However, what Reno said was true; the other redhead was just Roxas's second choice.

"Take me home, Reno, please..."

Reno didn't say anything or do anything for a moment, but then he sighed in defeat and sat back down in his seat, glaring at Roxas for a moment before starting his car again and pulling out and back onto the road, doing as Roxas said and driving the boy back to his home.

Roxas had hurriedly flung the door open and walked quickly to his front door and into his house, slamming the door and locking it behind him, leaving an angry and sad Reno in his car outside Roxas's home...