Just a little something for St. Paddy's Day. I hope you enjoy!

Green Beer

Tony and McGee looked up as Ziva and Abby made their way to the packed bar. Tony and McGee had tried their best to save the two seats, but their attempts had been futile.

"Sorry we're late," Ziva said, raising her voice over the noise. "Abby insisted we stop at her apartment so she could change outfits."

"Well, I can't help it that I have more than one St. Paddy's Day outfit," Abby said, defending herself. McGee and Tony both rolled their eyes and stood up as they allowed the girls to take their seats.

"We already ordered for you," Tony said, leaning in between the two.

"Excellent, I look forward to this all year," Abby said, turning to the bar and finding a green beer in front of her. Ziva turned to look as well, and frowned.

"What is that?" she asked with a look of disgust on her face.

"That, my dear, is a St. Patrick's Day tradition, green beer," Tony said, grinning widely. "St. Paddy's Day is the best."

"I thought you were Italian?" Ziva said, gingerly sipping the green beer, and frowning even more at the taste.

"Ziva," McGee interjected. "Tony is a frat boy, any drinking holiday gets celebrated."

"Hey," Tony said as he smacked McGee on the back of the head.

"Well, it's true," Abby pointed out. "When I was in college, we used to strip down to our skivvies, paint ourselves green, and run across campus."

"I should have gone to your school," Tony said, a smile on his face. "But, you know what we have to do later?" Tony asked, the smile on his face growing wider. "Yeager Bombs."

Several hours and Yeager Bombs later, McGee escorted Abby to a cab and took her home. Ziva did the same with Tony. While Ziva and McGee had declined the Yeager Bombs, Tony and Abby had a full on war; seeing who could down the most. Abby had lost by one, spitting the majority of it out over the bar, earning them dirty look from the other patrons and a swift boot from the bar tender.

Now, Ziva was stuck in a cab with a very drunk Tony.

"Zee-vah," Tony mumbled, his head falling into her lap. "I lurve you, know that?"

"I'm sure you do, Tony," Ziva said, leaving is head in her lap.

"No, Zee, I mean I really lurve you," Tony slurred.

Meanwhile, McGee was defending himself from Abby, who kept trying to throw her arms around him.

"Timmy," Abby whined. "Let me hug you."

"Abs, you're drunk," McGee said.

"But Timmy, I love you," Abby pouted and McGee rolled his eyes as his phone rang. It was Ziva.

"What's up?" McGee asked.

"These two are never allowed to drink Yeager Bombs again," Ziva growled. "Ever."