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Man his butt is FINE Part 2

I grinned as I leaned back against the wall in Edward's parents home. Dinner had just been served and Edward wouldn't keep his hands off of me under the table so I had to politely excuse myself. He is so utterly frustrating sometimes.

My grin widened as I watched his Burberry suit clad figure stride around the corner before he stopped short and looked at me with a smirk. I wagged my finger at him to beckon him closer. His smirk widened and he took no time coming to stand in front of me. I giggled as I let him grab my waist and pull me closer. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down to where our lips were barely brushing. I smiled and waited for him to lean forward to initiate the kiss. As he moved to lean forward I turned my head quickly and spun out of his grip. I giggled as his mouth popped open in shock. "Sorry babe, that's what you get for teasing me." I whispered as I swayed my hips in my cocktail dress and ran my hand over his chest as I walked by.

I began to walk towards the stairs to head back down to dinner when all of a sudden, Edward appeared in front of me. He smiled down at me and started to walk toward me, "If you think you're going to be able to get away from me that easily, you have another thing coming, sweetheart." he smirked. I took a step backwards with every step he took forward. Soon my back hit a wall and I closed by eyes and gasped as I felt him reach me and lean forward into me. I felt him wrap his arms around my waist and press his cold lips to my neck. "Baby, you know who will win this one, don't you?" he whispered into my neck.

I opened my mouth to speak when we heard Esme's voice from the bottom of the stairs, "Bella? Edward? Dinner is waiting. Come along now, dears." I giggled as I heard her heels click across the floor away from the stairs and felt Edward sigh against my neck. I wrapped my hands around his midsection and kissed him before slowly running my hands down his back to grab his butt and squeeze. I laughed as his mouth popped open in our kiss and pushed him backwards as I began to walk by. "Who won, again?" I taunted as I started to walk down the stairs, leaving him frozen in shock. "You said it's mine…" I laughed as I heard his footsteps hurry across the floor. He stopped in front of me and grinned, "If you think this is over, you're sorely mistaken, Love." He smirked and turned to continue his trip down the stairs. I smirked before continuing down, "I certainly hope not." I whispered as I watched him turn the corner. I giggled as I watched his head pop around the corner and wink before continuing on.

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