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Summary: Valentine's Day is here but Ben isn't in town for it. Will Julie be all alone on the one day set aside for couples or will he surprise her?

Ch 1

17 year oldJulie Yamamoto was your average high-school senior. Her grades were great, so great in fact that she could slack off for the rest of the year and still graduate with honors. She was the state tennis champion four years in a row. She had three great friends, including her boyfriend of two years, plus tons of acquaintances throughout the city. Yes she was an average young adult except for one minor detail; she was dating an intergalactic hero who saved the world on a weekly, if not daily, basis with the help of his, also alien empowered, cousin and her, also alien empowered, boyfriend who had escaped from an alien prison dimension.

But Julie took this all in stride. Not phased by it at all. Besides that alien watch like gadget, called the Omnitrix, which was melded to his wrist, Ben Tennyson, 17, was a normal human. The Omnitrix gave him his ability to shape-shift into various different aliens and instead of using his powers for personal gain he risked his life for the greater good. And she couldn't fault him for that even if every other date ended with them chasing down an alien criminal. Or if he's on a cross-country manhunt, with his cousin and her boyfriend, on Valentine's Day. His personality made up for this one flaw. He was funny, caring, not over protective of her, not easily made jealous etc etc. All in all, except for that one little flaw, but she didn't resent the flaw, he was the perfect significant other for her.

So February 14th came and she knew that he would make it up to her when he could. If he missed an important date because of Plumber business he always made it up to her. Romantic dinners, jewelry and clothes from the farthest reaches of the universe, delicacies from the farthest reaches of the universes, even simple cuddling on his return.

She woke up on February 14th surprised to find a rose and a note on her bedside table with a dove who was calmly watching her. Blearily rubbing the sleep from her eyes she reached for the note and found very familiar handwriting;

"Surprise! I have a plan! Because I had a sneaking suspicion that I'd miss V-day I have a system in place. Notes and gifts will be coming to you from various sources. So keep sharp, wear that traffic cone orange sweater I gave you last year (I knew it'd come in handy) and have a good day.



PS. The dove's yours. Just set it free and it'll come back each day by sundown."

She grinned and sniffed the rose; yes Ben was an odd fellow, but that's what attracted her to him in the first place.