Ch 6

One Week Later

She fidgeted in her chair, the poppy-seed bagel that she nibbled on twitching with her nervous muscle spasms. He stumbled into the kitchen, hair wild, but dressed. There was a new scar forming on his left cheek, a souvenir from last night's patrol. He blearily made an espresso.

"Ready for the day?" she asked with a squeaky voice.

He chuckled, "Nervous?"

"They didn't take well to the idea of us just living together."

"They're old fashioned."

"They're traditional and Dad's heart isn't very good. I'm worried that this just might kill them."

"Relax, I've done this before, it'll be fine."

"You better hope so."


Dinner was uncomfortable, there was scratching noise at the door. Ben and Julie looked to each other.

"Ship." Julie spoke.

"Yeah, should I let him in?"

"Might be the easiest way to broach the subject."

"Mm hm." Ben got up and left to the back door.

"Who's Ship?" Mrs. Yamamoto asked.

"Pet." Julie replied.

"I understood that, I mean; cat, dog, giant rodent…?"

"None of the above."


She was about to explain when the green blob that was Ship came bouncing in. Her mother screamed as Mr. Yamamoto shouted, "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!"

"An alien." His daughter spoke calmly as Ben sat back down asking. "Pass the pepper please?"

"An alien?" her mother asked faintly.

"Yep, you know like 'ET phone home'?" Julie scooted her chair back and bent to pick Ship up.

"Don't touch it!"

"Dad, its fine. He's perfectly harmless. Aren't you Ship?" she scratched under his head, he purred, "You see Ben here is part of the Plumbers, they're like the Men In Black. Of course I didn't know this on our first date until we had to save Ship's owner. He left Ship with us. Ship comes and goes at will. Got a trick for me Ship?"

He beeped and jumped from her lap to transform into a rocking chair that held a mother and child. He held the form for a few moments before turning back to his blobby form and taking up her lap again, before curling up and turning off.

Julie looked to Ben, he stared back.

"Ahem," she said turning her attention back to her stunned parents, "Anyway. Ben has a watch that allows him to change into 15—"

"20. Unlocked five more on Altieria."

"20 then, different aliens. Ben?"

He gave a demonstration, looping through his aliens.

"He's perfectly safe, he didn't force me into this marriage, I help him with his work, he gets paid very well…"


"Uh huh, on the alien planet of Altieria (I was teleported there when I told you I was with Max) our souls, minds, and hearts, literally. There is no undoing of the binding. And all the legal paperwork is here on Earth already."

"I already bought this house, groceries are to be delivered every three weeks, there are two generators underground to provide electricity and an underground stream is tapped as the water supply." Ben, now human again, filled them in, "So even if I am gone, on a 'business trip' she'll be taken care of. I will pay for her college expenses and any other higher learning she wishes. As a Plumber's wife she is entitled to almost royal status on any planet in the Milky Way. She will be taught by the finest scholars in the galaxy if she wishes."

"Already spent two summers learning true science on Anodine."


"My grandmother's homeworld," Ben explained smoothly, "Grandpa Max's a Plumber, he met Grandma Verdona and well the rest is history. Anodites are energy beings, their powers go down the female Tennyson bloodline…"

"So if you two have a daughter, she'll have these powers?" Mrs. Yamamoto asked.

"Most probably, yes."

They withheld the information that the Yamamotos had an Anodite or two in their own tree.

Ben's cell rang, the emergency ringtone, he frowned saying, "'Cuse me, gotta take this." He left the table again. He returned moments later with a stoic face and voice, he sat down, "We've got a situation."

"How bad?" she replied, momentarily forgetting that they had been having dinner with her parents.

"Retired Plumber and his wife were murdered. Their murderers were after their daughter. Kevin and Gwen caught them but the girl has nowhere to go…"

"And they want us to adopt her? She has alien powers I take it."

"Yes many. She's a shape shifter. She can utilize the abilities of any form she takes."

"How old?"

"Nine months."

"Where is she now?"

"Plumber Child Protective Services has her until they find her a Plumber home."

"Okay. Call them back ask for a week to set up though."

He nodded and left yet again.

She looked back to her parents.

"How do you feel about super-powered grandchildren?"

They stared blankly at her.