"Hey Will?" I called, looking through the Arts and Crafts station. There he was, scribbling on a piece of paper with my pen.

He noticed me and his face lit up. "Oh, hey El!"

I decided to let the whole El thing drop. "So, um, are you almost done with my pen?"

He smiled sheepishly. "I might need it for a little longer... if that's okay?"

"That's fine, but can you give it to me later? It's my only pen, after all."

"Sure. I'll drop it off at your cabin when I'm done, best friend."

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever, best friend." I might as well play along!

I turned to walk away, but Will called behind me, "Uh, July 4th is coming up... and there's a huge fireworks display... People usually... go... together... So, um... do you... want to go... with me?"

I flipped back to facing him, smiling. "I can't wait." It was June 30, which made the fireworks 4 days away.

"It's a date!" He looked like he might start doing a touchdown dance.

"It's a date," I agreed. Then I decided to switch topics. "About Aladdin. Too bad we can't do the... er... play. You were a great Aladdin, you know."

"No, you were a better Jasmine!"

Our eyes locked, and I knew we were both thinking about our "big scene" that we had to miss.

"So, I'll see you around," I said with an awkward smile.

"See you."

I waved behind me, and then chastised myself for acting like an idiot. I was beginning to miss doing the musical. I headed back to my cabin, when I ran into Xemari again.

"Excuse me," I said, trying to get past him again.

"Excuse you." He sounded offended for whatever reason. "Have you seen-"

"No, I haven't seen Nikki, so stop asking! Gods, if you're soooo busy looking for her, why don't you ask Hazel? Hmm?" I waited for a reply, but got none. So I plowed on. "And personally I think that Nikki isn't all that interested. She seems to like Patrick. You know, the son of Athena?" This time, I didn't wait for an answer. "And besides, she's a complete hothead." Xemari looked at me, and I saw an intense anger in his brown eyes that made me take a step back. "Now, I want to go to my cabin. If you'll excuse me."

I sidestepped him and walked purposefully into my cabin, where I slammed the door shut.

Ana was writing poetry again. She looked at me and asked, "So, you and Will are going to the fireworks together, huh?"

I stopped in my tracks. "How did you know? It happened, like, three minutes ago."

"Apollo is also the god of prophecy, Ella." She tapped her head and gave me a thumbs up. "Maybe you'll start to see a little of the future. But we can't all be as awesome as I am, now can we?" She flashed her blinding white teeth. I remembered vaguely from somewhere that Apollo had a big ego. Well, I knew where Ana got it from!

Talking about egos made me think of Beth, my friend from regular school. What had happened to her? She would be shocked to know that Will and I were going on a... date. Will. And I. Bet she wouldn't see that coming! I had to call her!

"Ana, do you have a cell phone?" I asked hopefully.

"Yeah, but it's like sending up a flare to the monsters on your location."

"They already know we're here though, right? And they can't get through the magical border!"

"Fine, but I'll need it back."

She rummaged through a duffel bag near her and brought out a lime green flip phone. She handed it to me. I took it.

I dialed Beth's number and crossed my fingers, hoping she was there.

"Hello, this is Beth." said her voice.

"Beth! I have so much to-"

"I'm not in right now, so please leave a message after the beep. BEEP!"

So, she wasn't there. I hung up, not wanting to leave a message. Beth always had her cell on. Always. Why didn't she answer?

I gave Ana her phone back. "Thanks, but she's not there." I pouted. There was a knock at the door. I glanced frantically across the room at a mirror and still saw my reflection- a mildly pretty, nerdy-looking girl with pale skin, glasses, curly brown hair, and braces. Too late to change anything! Ana had started for the door, but I hissed, "Let me get it!" I hastily smoothed down my hair and opened the door, smiling. It was not Will. It was Tom. "Go away. I'm waiting for someone."

"So am I. ANA!"

Ana rushed to the door. "Oh hey, Tom! Oh yeah, I almost forgot! Bye Ella, I'm going to race Tom in a canoe! Wish me luck," she smiled maliciously at Tom, "even though I won't need it!"

She ran outside, laughing. Tom followed her, also laughing. I shook my head at the sight of them. So I didn't notice when a certain someone came to the open door.

"Hey, El, just wanted to give you your pen back."

I pocketed the pen. "Thanks for returning it. At school, you never did!"

He leaned in very close to me and whispered, "That was then. This is now."

"We've both changed," I admitted. His hand reached up to my face, and I couldn't help looking into his bright green eyes.

"A whole new world," he sang softly.

"That's where we'll be.

A thrilling chase-"

"A wondrous place." I decided to cut in.

"For you and me," we sang together. High meets low, in perfect harmony. OH MY GODS! I thought as his face leaned closer and closer and-

Suddenly our lips met. Whoa, I thought. I guess this kissing thing really is all it's cracked up to be! I knew for a fact that he had kissed someone before. I had even been on/off friends with some of his exes! But it was all very new to me. And I liked it. Except the part before was really cheesy. Really really cheesy. He needed lessons. Not on the kissing part, but on the execution part. Execution seemed like the wrong word. The right word would probably be...

How unhelpful my ADHD was, making my mind wander at an important milestone in my life!

Too quickly as it seemed, he pulled away, smirking slightly. I cleared my throat and felt my lips puckering into yet another pout involuntarily. He laughed.

"Wow. That was... amazing, for lack of a better word," he said.

Lack of a better word. Execution. Not the right word a few seconds ago. "Yeah. Whoa." I must have sounded like a real genius.

"That was because we didn't get our scene," he said. His head drifted toward mine again, and I felt the brush of his lips against mine yet another time. "And that was because I like you."

"I like you too," I acknowledged, sounding stupid yet again. Probably.

"And this," he kissed me a third time for a longer time than the other two, "is because I want to kiss you again. But I can't, otherwise I'd never be able to leave. See you." He pecked my cheek and had disappeared before I could register what had just happened. Maybe I had dreamt the whole thing. But if I had, I didn't exactly want to wake up!

I sighed like all the girls in bad sitcoms and sat on a bed, looking up at the ceiling. I basically forgot what I was doing before... they... happened, and then remembered. Beth!

Since Ana was gone to race Tom, I'd have to ask someone else if I could borrow their phone. Not wanting to exit the wonderful mood that I was in, I almost decided against it. But my conscience won over and I stepped out of the cabin. What I saw shocked me.

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