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(btw the first paragraph is HAWT, not going to lie. Had that invisioned in my head for a while for a story.)

He lifted the green tee-shirt over his head, throwing it over to the evergreen grass, showing his rippling abs. The muscles in his arms bulging from the extremities of the hot heat radiating from the sun that Friday. Troy shook his head, sweat falling from his tanned face. Biting his lip, he picked the basketball back up.

Taking his time, he rounded the ball in his large hands, debating how he would approach the high net. He arched his hands, aiming the ball toward the net hanging over the garage door. Watching the round sphere swish through the net. He smiled a glistening smile.

Troy had forgot what it felt to just play basketball for fun, and not for a competition. That was the best feeling once the season was over. He could play just for fun, no one around to judge or have the added pressure. He walked to capture the ball, wiping the drenching sweat from his forehead.

"Troy, sweetie?" He heard his mother, Lucille Bolton, yell.

"Yeah, momma?" He replied, spotting her at the front door of the large brick house.

"I just wanted to tell you that your father and I are about to leave. How about you come help with these bags?" She asked politely.

"Sure, ma." As he met his mother at the door frame, he spotted two large bags, "Mom, you're going to be out of town for three days. You didn't need three bags of supplies."

"Troy, this one bag is mine. The other two are your fathers. He apparently had to bring entertainment for the entire weekend."

Troy laughed, "That's dad, I guess." Troy picked up two of the bags in one hand, the last and larger one, walking toward the two door garage, approaching the vehicle and placing the bags in the trunk of the car.

"Thanks, sweetie. You're going to be okay alone this weekend, right?" His mother asked concerned.

"Mom. I'm 17, I can take care of myself for three days...I hope," He joked.

"Okay, son. No parties while we are gone to this thing," His father, Jack Bolton, said as he met his family outside.

"Wouldn't think anything of you, sir," Troy smiled.

"Okay. Well were off. We'll see you Sunday!" Lucille said, pressing a kiss onto her songs forehead.

"Bye guys," Troy said, as he watched hi parents enter the vehicle, buckling and backing out of the drive way.

Troy picked up his ball to continue is own game of basketball. While playing he made sounds as though he was an emcee at his own personal basketball game. Adding in the sounds as he scored, and the audience cheering. He was in his own separate world from where he actually was. Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was May, of his junior year of high school. The schools in town had no school until Tuesday, giving them Friday and Monday off. Troy's parents had a reunion to attend to out of town, leaving Troy to himself in the large house.

As time passed, he grew increasingly tired. He decided to lay onto the grass next to his laid green tee had been placed. Without thinking he left the ball on the cement driveway, the ball began rolling toward the road.

Troy let out a groan. He picked himself off, walking slowly to capture the sphere. As he reached the road, where the ball had made it, he bent down to pick it up.

He felt something, or someone, trample over him.

"Ow!" He heard a small voice say behind him.

"Oh, my God! I am so sorry, if I hadn't let my ball roll into the road you wouldn't have tripped ov-" He said, as the Goddess with deep brown eyes connected with his.

She starred intently back at his crystal blues.

"No, it's my fault," she whispered. "I should have watched where I was running..."

Troy stood up, holding his hand out to hers to assist her back to her feet. She took his hand with grace, gently regaining her balance.

She was wearing a skin tight dark red tank top with black spandex shorts, white Nike sneakers. Her hair tied in a high ponytail, her bangs swept across her forehead, sweat trickling down her round face. She was gorgeous, was Troy's first thought.

"I guess we both need to watch what we're doing..."Troy let out a small chuckle.

"Yeah, that'd be wise," she joined in his laughter.

"I'm Troy," He said, politely.

"Gabriella," She said shyly back, blushing.

They continued to study each other, while making their way to the sidewalk. Gabriella couldn't help but take in the sight of his abs. She swore she could lick off them, if given the chance of course.

"I-I-I....I should get going," Gabriella said, stuttering. She left another blush breakout onto her cheek bones.

Before Troy could respond, she was gone. Running away from him so quickly, he couldn't think of how to get her attention. Of all the times he was able to speak to a girl, he was never found so...dumbfounded in his life. He had never seen a girl so gorgeous, while running. There was something about her that he made him wish he'd said something to keep her to stay.

"Shit," he muttered to himself. What if he never saw her again? That could have been his only chance to find anything about her.

Gabriella. The name suit her too perfectly. It was beautiful, she was beautiful. He had a strange feeling he had known her from somewhere, but for the life of him, he couldn't think of how that could be possible. He was damn sure she didn't attend East High, he'd definitely would have noticed that beauty at his school.

He wanted to know her. He needed to know her. Although he only found out her name just minutes before, there was some essence about her that he knew he couldn't resist.

He made his way back to his driveway, continue playing his game whilst thinking of her for the remaining day.


Gabriella continued running her two mile run throughout the town. She was cursing herself for being stopped by such a breath taking boy. The most breath taking guy she had ever seen. In the back of her mine, she knew she had known him from somewhere. He certainly didn't attend West High, no way in hell she'd miss seeing those crystal eyes during a day of school.

"Gabs!" She heard a voice yell. She turned her attention to where the voice had came from. She spotted a dark skinned girl, walking toward her.

"Hey, Tay," Gabriella smiled to her best friend. "What's up?"

"Just enjoying this hot weather. Looks like you...aren't. How can you run with all this hot weather?" Taylor McKessie asked with pure astonishment.

"Ambition? Thrive? Bored? Will? Workout? Any of those will be the answer," Gabriella said with a laugh. She stared at afar, her mind on other topics, like a boy she had met just minutes prior.

"Okay, what's really up? Your mind is way beyond all those. I can see it in your eyes, girl."

"I just...I ran into someone today...really, I ran into them." She said with a blush.

Taylor let out a burst of laughter. "I hope you apologized. But who was it?"

"To be honest, I don't know. He was..." She paused before she would finish the sentence, she knew if she had said 'hot' that Taylor would possibly become absurd, saying Gabriella had to find out who he was. "..nice about it?" She finished lamely.

"Nice about you running him over with your killer legs?" Taylor edged for more information.

"Yeah...He said he was sorry, actually. More embarrassing, I fell on my ass," She thought of how he looked at her. Like she was a klutz, although when he held out his hand to assist her, she thought he had felt guilty. She wouldn't deny, touching his hand sent butterflies through her stomach.

Gabriella found herself coming back to hearing Taylor telling some story about her friends from East High.

"Tay, I don't know those people," Gabriella piped in, "how will I know what you're talking about."

"You've met them! And plus, you know Chad."

"I would hope so, you talk about him all the time," she said laughing. "But look, I have to get running. I promised my mom I'd be home to spend time with her during the long weekend. She won't be pleasant if I blow her off again," Gabriella said with a laugh.

"Alright, I'll talk to you in school then? Or maybe this weekend! Oh yes, Gabs! We can get a group together and hangout! Enjoy all this heat together," Taylor said with excitement.

Gabriella let out a large smile. She knew how she and Taylor enjoyed the summer and all the great times they had together. "Alright, sounds good! Text me later and let me know when and where," Gabriella said as she took off towards her house, half a mile down the road.

As she finally reached her house, she walked around her large lawn to cool down her pulse, not wanting to become too overheated from the run. She made herself into the house, "Mom!" She yelled out.

"Oh, good. You're here," Her mother, Maria Montez said. "I say we just relax out by the pool today. It's too gorgeous outside to not enjoy it!"

Gabriella let out a large smile, "Sure thing, mom. Let me just change real quick and I'll meet you out there."

She climbed up the stairs to her bedroom, searching for a tiny black Billabong bathing suit that she'd probably be living in this summer. It was one of her favorites that she owned. He showed off her own tiny abs that had been growing as she worked out more as of late. She changed quickly, as she heard her phone vibrate on her bed. She picked up the small device to read a text message from Taylor.

"So I have invite a group of people over to my house later. It's still early in the day, you can spend a couple hours with your mom and then come over. Sound good?" She said.

Gabriella quickly typed a response. "Yeah, my mom will be good with that. Who will be there?"

Before she knew it Taylor had replied. "The usual. You, the twins, Zeke. Chad and a couple of his friends from East. We are having a cookout, too. So come hungry!"

Gabriella laughed at her best friends demands. "Sounds great. I'll be over around 4," she typed. With that, Gabriella made her way to her back yard to spend the next couple hours with her mother.

"Hey mom," She said, walking onto the pool deck. "Gorgeous outside, huh?"

"Yes, it's so beautiful out here. How was the run?" Maria asked her young daughter.

"Great...well I stopped to talk to Tayl and kind of..ya know, ran into someone."

Her mother laughed, "That sounds embarrassing."

"It was. He was hot too, mom. Should have seen him!" She said. She could always tell her mother everything, especially when she couldn't tell Taylor. Her mother understood her so well, it's almost as though they were sisters than mother-daughter. Then again, when Gabriella would do things that she disapproved of, she would surely be more of a mother than a sister. She was still close to her mom, they had always been so. It was important to both that they remained close, seeing as they were all they had.

"I'm sure he was. Oh Chris and I are going out later, honey. So I hope you don't mind if we don't spend the entire night together." Maria spoke of her boyfriend of four months.

"No, it's cool. I have plans for later too. Just..don't tell me any details about Chris that I don't want to know, okay? Good, thanks!" Gabriella said laughing, her mother joining in with her laughter.


Troy was laying on his living room couch when he heard his door open.

"Troy!" He heard a voice boom through his house.

"Dude, Chad. Have you ever heard of fucking knocking? It would be the polite thing to do when coming over to someones house. Or how about even calling in advance? But, your fucking you. You never think of the polite things to do," Troy snarled.

"Troy, what the hell? PMSing much?" Chad Danforth, Troy's best friend, said.

"No, just telling you to be fucking polite once in a fucking while," Troy retorted, rolling his eyes at his best friend.

"Whatever, dude. Anyways, Taylor invited us over later to chill and shit with some people."

"Maybe I had plans."

"Troy, don't be a dumbass. You know you don't have plans."

"Yeah, you're right."

"That's what I thought. But we better get going. We can just walk and be there in twenty minutes."

"Saving the planet-what a heroic thing to do, Chad."

"I know. I should be the new superman or something."

The teenagers made their way to out of the house, Troy grabbing his house keys along the way, locking the door behind him.

"So, man," Troy began, "What's with you and Taylor anyways? Like, I know when she was at East you guys were friends. But now at West you guys hang out a lot more."

Chad shrugged. "She's doing her thing there and I doing mine at East. Were seeing how things are going to be if we start dating."

Troy laughed, "Chad dating Taylor, the genius formally at East High now at West High, who would have guessed that ever happening."

Chad hit the back of Troy's head, "Shut the hell up."

"Fuck. No one said it was a bad thing. She's cool."

Chad smiled, "Yeah, she is."

"She can also tutor you in Chemistry," Troy laughed, Chad sending him a death glare. "Chad, you know its true. She will be on your ass to do good in school."

"She already is," He said, as they both laughed.

They had reached Taylor's house, walking to the front door, knocking. They stood quiet waiting for anyone to answer.

"Hey!" Taylor said as she opened the door.

"What's up Tay?" Chad said hugging the young girl.

"Nothing. Hey, Troy." She said as Troy nodded, as she opened the door wider it revealed a brunette girl with the beautiful brown eyes.

"Troy this is Gabriella Montez. Gabriella, this is Troy Bolton." Taylor introduced.

Gabriella's eyes doubled in size. That is how I know him, Taylor has talked about him and shown pictures of him and Chad before. She felt as though she was going to be sick.

"Hi, Gabriella," Troy mumbled.

"Hi, Troy." Gabriella barely whispered, more nervous and shy than she had been earlier that day. "If you guys excuse me I-I.....I have to g-go do some-something." She said to make a quick escape, leaving the three teens confused.

Moments had passed as Gabriella seemed to disappeared from the, now large, group of kids who were gathered at Taylor's house.

Troy excused himself from his friends to locate the kitchen to grab another Mountain Dew. As he reached the kitchen, he saw a small girl curled up in a ball. He immediately knew the girl, as he had been, almost, properly introduced to her a while ago.

Troy laughed at her position. "We have to stop meeting in these weird moments," he said.

Gabriella looked at him, he was much taller as she was on the floor. She stood up leaning against the counter. "Yeah, that'd be nice..."She said quietly.

They stood in the kitchen, absorbing the long awkward silence that was present in the large white kitchen.

"I hate awkward silences, along with celery," Troy finally said, as he spotted celery sitting on the counter top.

Gabriella let out a giggle. "Me too...and me too. And carrots, their so disgusting."

Troy opened the fridge to find a cold Mountain Dew, "Do you want one?" he asked, watching as she nodded her gorgeous round head. "I thought I knew you from somewhere when you...uh. That happened," he laughed.

"How do you know who I am..." Gabriella asked.

Troy smiled a small cute smile, "Chad. He speaks of Taylor a lot. And sometimes he brings you up and has pictures on his phone of you and Taylor. Wow, I didn't want that to sound that creepy. Trust me, I am not a stalker."

Gabriella laughed. "It's okay. I believe you. Same thing goes for me though. Taylor talks about Chad so much that I feel like I am the one who is almost dating him. She has pictures of him with her, him with you and just him all over her room," Gabriella said. "Not that I...like..stare at you in the pictures...or anything...shit," Gabriella cursed to herself.

Troy laughed. "My striking looks caught your attention, huh?"

Gabriella blushed. This is beyond humiliating.

"It's okay. I'd be lying if I said I didn't stare at you in the pictures either. Okay, now I am the one embarrassed," Troy said feeling his face flush.

Gabriella let a smile grow onto her small lips. "I'm sorry, again. For running into you, I mean. I wasn't paying attention."

"Look, don't worry about it. If I hadn't of been lazy and held onto my ball, you wouldn't of had anyone to trip over...although it was hilarious...kind of. I don't regret it, I mean."

They both laughed. "So you play basketball?" Gabriella asked, curious.

"Yeah, I was in the middle of a game when I took a rest then. I never did finish it though," Troy said.

Gabriella smiled, looking to his eyes. "Well, go finish it. No one said you couldn't finish here."

"Okay...only if you play with," Troy grew a croaked smile.

"Will you let me win?"

Troy shrugged. "If I want to be nice."

"Okay. But be nice, I like winning," She laughed, Troy joined her. "Taylor has a net out front."

They made their way to the front yard to play their own game together, as the rest of their friends were out back enjoying the company there. Troy and Gabriella didn't forget about the cookout, but had other things in mind then just standing around talking, they enjoyed each others company and found it easier to speak to each other as they continued.

As they continued their game, Troy held onto his word, allowing her to win. Along the way, teaching her how to shoot the ball properly, as she still missed. He then convinced her a "Granny Shot" was the best for her, as she took the shots they had gone in. She was convinced that one day, Troy would teach her how to shoot properly.

"Will you?" She asked.

"Teach you? Yeah, it'd be fun," Troy said sincerely. He approached her, grabbing the ball from her hands. "It's not that hard," he said as her shot the ball, making it into the net easily. "See? Piece of cake," he laughed.

"Yeah for you," she laughed.

"For you too. You'll get it, I know you will."

Gabriella nodded in response, smiling, pushing a strand of hair behind her ear and looking down to the ground. "L-Let's head back there? It's really h-hot here," She said as she noted how close to Troy was to her at the moment, his chest nearing hers.

"Alright," he said, walking around the house, making their way to Taylor's in ground pool. He had placed his shirt on a lounge chair walking toward the pool, debating whether he wanted to get him.

Little did he know, Gabriella was watching, as she took off her sundress, quietly making her way over to the gorgeous boy. She ran up behind him, pushing him into the pool, as he hit the water, she let out a bust of laughter.

As Troy came up for water, "You think that's funny huh?" He asked her.

"Y-yes" She said between her giggles, holding her stomach. Without paying attention, she hadn't noticed as he got out, and quickly taking her in his arms.

"Troy, don't!" She yelled.

"Oh yes," he said jumping into the pool, while she was still in her arms.

As they both came up from under the water, she held her thin arms around his neck, not daring to let go. As the water dripped from her face, she opened her eyes to see he was starring at her intently again, as if he was studying her. She watched as a smile grew on his lips, in response, she smiled too. Without noticing, she had her legs wrapped around his torso, holding tighter with her arms.

"I'm not a good swimmer," she said with a laugh, meaning her words.

"Don't worry, I won't let you go," he said, also meaning his words.

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