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Chapter 14


"Bye Momma, Bye Daddy, I love you" Sydney said as she ran into school it was he first day of kindergarten.

"You ok" Edward asked me as I wiped my eyes. I smiled up at him and nodded.

"Our Baby is growing up" I said as we walked back to his Volvo. My Mom would be her kindergarten teacher so that was comforting and Sydney made friends so easily I had no fears of her not liking school.

The last month with Edward had been wonderful, I loved him with every fiber of me; that had come easy, the hardest part was letting go of my fears of the past repeating itself and enjoy the life we had now.

We were heading back to my house; I wanted to have a talk with Edward while Syd was in school. The renovations were done and I love my house it was everything I could have wanted, only one thing was missing.

We walked out to the bad and sat on the porch swing, no time like the present.

"Edward" I asked and by the tone of my voice he looked at me puzzled.

"Yes love"

"Well the last month has been wonderful to say the least and I have been thinking about the future of our family a lot" I started and with that I had his full attention.

"What's going on Bella"

"Well you've been here a lot lately spending all your free time with me and Sydney"

"Do you not want me too, I'm sorry if I am not giving you any alone time I can cut back a bit" he said and he was sad.

"No Edward, please let me finish, what I was trying to say is; you are here all the time and Sydney and I both love having you here, when you aren't here we miss you terribly; what I want to know is will you come home and live here with us"


"Will you come home and live with us" home, Bella called this my home, at first I was afraid she was going to ask me to stop spending so much time here, but that's not it, she wants me here more often. We had been taking things very slowly; getting to know each other again, loving Sydney. We had made out almost to the point where I thought I was going to combust, and had been taking a lot of cold showers. So her asking me to move in was like Whoa!

"Really" I asked and she nodded.

"Edward, I am ready to take our relationship to another level; I love you and I don't want to be without you anymore" she said and I kissed her letting her feel my love for her and she climbed on my lap, wrapping her arms around me neck.

She kissed down my neck and back up, she was an expert at turning me on; when he hit my ear with her tongue I pulled her into me as close as she could get and I knew she could feel me pressing against her, a small moan escaped her and she grinded her hips into me.

Finding the hem of her shirt, I slid my hand under it and caressed my hand up her side feeling her soft skin; moving the cup of her bra down her soft breast was in my hand, kneading it gently and firmly she rocked her hips into me and I flicked my thumb over her nipple causing her to rock again.

In one movement she pulled her shirt off, and was taking mine off also. I watched her even thought it was a warm September morning Goosebumps were visible on her arms and I rubbed them to warm her, her hands had found my chest and I looked at her she was radiant in the sunlight. I reached up and unhooked her bra, tossing it aside and taking a good look at her stunning body, she was perfect in everyway.

I pulled her in for a kiss and rubbed my hands down her soft back causing her to shiver, my hands once again found her breasts and this time I needed more of her, kissing down her neck I didn't stop until my tongue had found her nipple, she gasped as I sucked it into my mouth gently nipping and licking it.

"Edward" she moaned and I was grateful that we did not have neighbors. I found the button of her shorts and undid them sliding them off of her as I held her up, in a flash mine were gone to; there we stood in our underwear her legs wrapped around my waist.

I turned and placed her against wall, and continued my attack on her breasts. Her body moved against mine, and I wanted her then and now.

"Edward, I need you" she said as though she was reading my mind. I moved us into the house not wanting our first but second time together to be on the back porch, although I would have her there in the future.

Carrying her with stealth speed to the bedroom, we collapsed onto the bed with her underneath me I pulled her panties off, caressing her thighs and her legs savoring every part of her, starting at her ankle I kissed my way down her leg, stopping at her thigh, my finger brushed over her folds and she was as ready as I was, slipping it inside she moaned, sliding another in I was enjoying watching her buck and move with me. My tongue found her and it wasn't long until she was releasing her sweetness into me.

Her hands that had wound into my hair pulled me up to her and her face was wild with desire and want as she kissed me, her hand worked its way down my body and the feel of her small hand wrapped around me I need her now.

"Bella, I need in you" I begged and pulled her on top of me sliding into her moaning at her tightness as she rocked her body with mine, flipping her over so I was on top her seeing her beneath me her hair flared out around her, she rocked her hips up to me and when I was fully seated inside of her, she begged me to move faster.

Our bodies moved together, and we were kissing and needing more of each other. "Bella love come with me" and she did, we laid there in pure bliss when it hit me.

"Bella, we didn't use protection" I said quickly.

"Edward, I am on the pill; no worries" and I wasn't worried, the thought of more children with Bella was a dream of mine.

"I'll be right back" I said jumping up and running downstairs. Finding my cell phone in my pants on the porch I dialed Esme.

"Hello mom" I said when she answered in her cheerful voice.

"Edward Hello"

"Can you pick Sydney up for school and we will meet you at your house for dinner later" I asked needing more time with Bella.

"Of course son, see you later" I knew she knew but I didn't care.

"Good thinking" Bella said from behind me, and I carried her back upstairs where we spent the afternoon celebrating my moving in.


Making love with Edward was mind blowing; I couldn't wait to have him again and again, which made me even happier he was moving in.

We arrived at dinner and I knew the world could tell by the looks on our faces that we had made love all afternoon but I didn't care. I felt like a teenager again and would have jumped in the car if it hadn't been broad daylight.

Seeing Sydney I felt guilty about not picking her up from her first day of school, she on the other hand looked like she didn't care the least.

Esme had made an amazing meal, and when the chocolate cake to celebrate Sydney's first day of school was finished, Edward tapped his glass.

"Today Bella asked me to come and live with her and Sydney and I gladly accepted" he said smiling at me.

"It looks like he accepted all afternoon" Emmett said and I felt my cheeks blush bright red, Rose smacked him and everyone laughed.

After dinner and 2 games of Guitar Hero, we carried a sleeping Sydney into our house and after tucking her into bed, Edward and I climbed into our bed and laying in his arms I fell fast sleep.

Sometime in the night, I felt kisses on my neck and my chest it was the best feeling; as I opened my sleepy eyes Edward was looking down at me.

"You can do that forever I said" and he started again.

"I leave for work soon, but I wanted to show you how much I am going to miss you today, and he slid his hand between my thighs and nudged them open. Settling between them he entered me and I loved the feeling of our bodies connected together, after a few minutes I pushed him over and rolled on top of him, lowering myself on to him he groaned with need, as we moved together again, it wasn't long before we both were coming together.

He picked me up and carried me to the shower, turning the water on and climbing in, I was washing his perfect body when it was either the steam of the shower intensifying our desires or just our plain need for each other that he turned me around, kissing the back of neck and reaching around to fondle my breasts, he pushed me further into my need for him.

"Bend over Bella" he said and I did quickly with anticipation of what to come, he slid into me from behind and growled "God Bella you are even tighter this way, I am going to fuck you hard"

Hearing him talk like that turned me on even more and I pushed back onto him and he growled again, placing my hands for support on the wall he held my hips and pushed into me hard, then he was pumping in and out of me harder then I had ever had before and I loved it, craved it, leaning me up a little causing him to go deeper I screamed his name as pleasure coarsed through my body and my legs felt like jelly, he slid out picking up and placing me against the cold tile wall, plunging back in me he continued to pleasure me in ways I had only dreamed of.

"Bella" he moaned over and over again, throwing his head back and pushing in deeper one last time, he kissed me as he released. Holding me tight as we caught our breath before he sat me down on my still shaky legs, we finished our shower and I was counting down until he came home from work.

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