Death and Beyond

Chapter 1

Death of a hero and a friend

Sup everyone….i am just making a few fanfics…..if one wants to adopt the older ones then that is cool….i have no more inspiration for them. Ok so I recently saw the first bleach movie and I almost cried at the end……almost. Anyway the movie gave a good idea for naruto fanfiction. This a naruto/senna fic. I also made so made some minor changed to the naruto story line. The Akatsuki had already gotten the other 8 demon and are after naruto. Also the arrancers are not here….i am not that far in the anime….so a new enemy….Naruto's pure evil side.

Naruto meets senna on his training quest with jiriaya. They start to become really good friends as they travel but she starts gaining memories of another life and the kyuubi is intrigued. But before anything good can happen the Akatsuki finally comes and kills the toad sage and senna. That drives naruto on the edge. And this is where our story begins….


Naruto just stood there shock that what he saw. The Akatsuki had just killed two precious too him. His godfather/ sensei and the girl he was starting to fall for. This could not be happening could it?!

Soon the shock turning in anger and then to pure rage and sadness. The seal that held Kyuubi had been weaking weakened even more! That and that fact that he was drawing on the full power of the kyuubi and it was starting to scare the beast with in.

In the mindscape…



The Kyuubi sighed. It was no use trying to talk to the 16 year old enraged blond. He had just lost two every important pople in his life and the kyuubi could understand, it had been the same when the snake had kill his family…"FINE….Just know this, you body will not survive this and you will die. It has been good kit….your are not weak…just an idiot but you have my respect…seya kit" the beast said as all its power and essence went into naruto and all he felt after that was pain.

Back to reality….

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" yelled the blond as he was engulfed in a pillar of red light. The Akatsuki were blasted back because they all charged him in hoped to get to him before this happened. Pein looked on in horror. He was so close….naruto was the last one he had to get and he was also the strongest kid around.

The pillar had gone so high that every one in the elemental countries could see it and feel the power. It was actually stronger then the kyuubi's….because naruto's regular power was actually two tails in itself. So naturally every ninja was in a painc.

In konoha…

Tsunade rushed to the window and with sakura and shizune. "NO! Something bad must have happen if he unleashed all of its power!"

"WHAT IS THAT?!" asked the pink haired teammate of naruto.

"Naruto…." was all shizune said and sakura gasped.

"How….how was he holding in so much power?!"

"That power was not originally his….the kyuubi was never killed….the Fourth Hokage sealed it into his own son, naruto, but at the cost of his life….something really horrible must have happened because that is not the fox's chakra alone….part of it is naruto's this new energy is stronger!" said Tsunade as sakura gasped.

Around konoha, naruto's friends heard the same story and were shocked to say the least. They all thought higher of the blond idiot. Same for the sand sibs who were there at the moment with kakashi and shikamaru.

Sasuke was informed of this from the snake freak and he grew pissed off and killed the snake before he could react. He needed to be in konha to find out the full story…his brother was in trouble.

30 minutes later with naruto…

The Akatsuki had no chance. Naruto had obliterated them but they did give a fight…not much of one because they all died. As Naruto's orange chakra was swirling around him he walked over to Senna. His wounds were severe and he was dieing. As he stood over her body he couldn't help but cry a lttle and fell to his knees and then on his side to caress her face. "I am sorry…." He said and then he was dead.

Death side….

"Huh?" was all naruto could say as he looked at he dead body. He was then hugged by the girl he that he thought that he would never see again. "Senna….How?" he said as he hugged her back.

"It would seem that we are dead….and those memories have come back to me. It seemed that I was once created from a bunch of beings called Blanks, which I think are lost souls that are between worlds and hove lost their memories. I was something called a Memory Roasry….and I could be used to destroy the world, but I met someone by the name of Ichigo…he saved me from a group called the Dark Ones. I kind fell for him but I faded away because I saved his world and the spirit world from colliding and their destruction. That was a long time ago because I was given a second chance….and I am glad I was able to have a second chance or I would not met you, naruto."

"Wow….I don't know what to say senna hpm!" he started to but was kissed by Senna."

"Well well….Naruto I thought you didn't like anybody." Said the toad sage.

"Things change….So what now?" asked naruto.

"not sure but we can't use chakra." The old man said.

"Of course not…we use spirit energy….i may not be a soul reaper again…yet, but I know about this stuff. We use it like chakra though." Senna said.

"Oh…well that is convenient…but I guess I will learn that later."

"Of course you will….you all will." said a new voice.

Senna knew that voice from that time. "Rukia?"

"Uh? How do you…..SENNA?!" yelled Rukia as she ran over to them. "Don't tell me it is happening again is it!"

"No…..I am normal soul this time. Wow Rukia you got older." Senna said as she looked at Rukia's adult form. (No not short anymore….)

"Well what do you expect…time marches on. Ichigo will be surprised to see you….oh and he is actually the head captian now….still surprising but whatever." said Rukia.

"Oh and what are you now?"

"Captain of the 7th division…my brother died long ago." She said with sadness in her eyes.

"Oh I am sorry…" said Senna.

Rukia got over it quickly and eyed Naruto and Jiraiya….mostly Naruto though. "So who is your boyfriend…"

Senna blushed and was about to say something about being nosy when they all heard an in human roar. Then several Menos Grande Hollows appeared.

"No….i was hoping I wasn't right but…when I felt the blond's power when I got here I knew they were going to come but I was surprised by Senna that I forgot!" yelled rukia

"WHAT! WHY ME?!" asked Naruto.

"Your spirit energy is really high!"

Then smaller hollows appeared and there were hundreds of them. One them came up and swung at Rukia really fast and sent her into a tree. Senna and Jiriaya went to go see if she was ok.

"Death is no different….someone is always after me…..but those things will die….I WON'T LET YOU HURT THEM!" Naruto yelled and as his spirit energy shot though the roof. He was getting a glimpse of his future power but it was uncontrollable. The statue that the Akatsuki brought with them was reacting to Naruto's power and it soon broke and the energy in it went to naruto. He had the power of all nine demons. He looks changed. His eyes were pure white and so were his hair, only it was on fire and so were his arms.

Rukia recovered and said "No way….not even Ichigo has that power!" The other two just looked on at Naruto's power. They had seen what he did to the Akatsuki but this was a lot more.

"Time to end this! ONE!" Naruto yelled as he shot a huge beam of pure spirit energy shot towards one of the menos grande hollows and killed it.

"WHAT! The fabled Omega strike! One has been able to do that yet….can he really pull this off?" said a frantic Rukia.

"He can do whatever this is…..he doesn't the word to fail…" said Jiriaya.

"You can do it Naruto…" said Senna.

"TWO!" two shots came and kill two more menos grandes, but more hollows joined in on the party.

"THREE!" Three shots came out of him destroying more hollows.

"FOUR! FIVE! SIX!" Naruto was making good use of the power and killing a lot of the hollows.

"SEVEN! EIGHT!" More hollows obliterate by the blasts.

"NINE!" the beams came out of Naruto in nine different directions.

"OMEGA!" Finally a huge ball of energy formed above naruto and he threw it is the remaining Hollows killing them all. After that Naruto turned back to normal and was panting. The 3 rushed to see if he was ok.

"That was stupid….i didn't think that anyone other then Ichigo was that stupid, but I have to admit that if you didn't use that power we would all be dead." said Rukia.

"I thought it was impressive….nothing I could ever do." said Jiriaya.

"Wow that was amazing….i doubt my old power could do that!" Senna said.

"Anyway…we should get going…..I think you attracted a bit of attention when you used that power when you died. And added to the power you just used the ground is pretty roughed up." Rukia said as he open the portal to Soul Society and they walked through. "Welcome to Soul Society!"

When they were gone, the ninja from konoha and some other random ninja got there to see the utter destruction of the land.

"What happened Naruto…" said the old hag. Soon she found the bodies of the Akatsuki and it was not a pretty sight but at least they were gone. The found Jiriaya's body and she started crying. Sakura gasped and Tsunade rushed to see what see andfell to her knees. In a huge crater was Naruto with his arm around a purple haired girl. "Oh……that's why…" said Tsunade as she openly wept.


Well RnR Please. Tell me what you think. Also who should be the Captains of this time and age. Also naruto and the other two are not alone. Other worlds people are coming too….give me some people too. BLEACH 2. Sorry I never got to watch the arrancar arc.

Next time is naruto's true soul reaper power.