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Neji watched his brown-eyed teammate standing in front of him, and realized how much he didn't, and couldn't tell her.

He didn't tell her how much he liked the way her hair was tied in two buns, she always claimed it was to keep it out of the way of their training.

He didn't tell her how worried he really was when she fell while they were battling the Akatsuki years ago, he held her in his arms then. It was brief. Yet it brought to him a sensation so foreign, it made it difficult to let her go.

He didn't tell her how much he enjoyed being with her.

He didn't her how he liked everything about her,

The way she talked.

The way she looked.


He didn't tell her how much he loved her.

He was worried. What if she didn't feel the same way about him? Would she turn him down? A hundred possibilities and only one of them was what he wanted.

He was worried, but he would take the risk. For he was the Hyuga prodigy, and this was a matter long delayed. And now, he knows it was the right choice. Because as he tells her everything he has kept hidden, she nods in reply. She blushes, and he knows that there was no need to worry, because all along, she felt the same way.


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