Muggle Ghosts
~Cat Out of Bag~

Tension around the school grew as word that two more students had been attacked as well as one of the school ghosts. The students found themselves traveling in groups of three or more out of fear that they would be the next ones to be attacked. Elizabeth headed to bed and changed into her nightgown before flopping down onto the bed. She stared up at the blue curtains on the bed, her mouth twisting up.

A few of the other girls came into the room and sat on their bed and began chatting with each other. One of them turned to look at her. "Where exactly do you get your clothing from?"

Elizabeth sat up and stared at the two girls. "You two are talking to me?"

"You don't have to take an attitude with us." One of the girls wrinkled up her nose. "We were just asking where you got your clothing from."

"I asked because you two tend to ignore me." The blond narrowed her eyes. "Plus, there is no telling what you two are up to either. I know full well that you talk behind my back about me. You think I don't belong in Ravenclaw as do the rest in our year."

"Well... do you?"

"Nope. I probably got stuck in here because I want to be as smart as my sister."

"So where do you get your clothes from?"

"From one of the top brand names of course."

"What is a brand name?"

Elizabeth felt her eye brows suddenly got. "A brand name... its where someone makes stuff and sells it under their name, or their company name."

"So like Olivander's wands?"

"Yes. But with clothes companies from the Muggle world."

"No way my mother would let me go to a Muggle store."

"Mine would. She's not that paranoid."

"So... what are some of the brand names..."

The conversation was interrupted by Germaine coming into the room. The girl flicked back her curly black hair. "What's this about brand names, whatever it is?"

"Elizabeth was telling us where she got her clothes from."

"It's just Muggle clothing, it isn't that big of a deal."

Elizabeth narrowed her eyes at the girl. "What is she getting so defenseful about? It's not as if I'm competition with her grade wise. She makes better grades then I do." She simply pulled up the covers. "I'm going to bed. I've got better things to o with my time."

"And anyways... that clothing is way to skimpy. Perhaps I should tell Flitwick about it."

This caused Elizabeth to sit up. "What are you, a snitch?"

"There is nothing wrong with me upholding the rules and making sure everyone else does what they're supposed to do. I've already told Flitwick about Luna's odd clothing."

"And he's done nothing about it." The Granger girl narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms across her chest. "There is no rule about my clothing or Luna's. You just... I don't know what you're trying to do, but it isn't nice."

"Well, there may not be a rule about it, but there sure should be one. People who aren't normal should be squashed out. My mother says so."

"What are you? Hitler?" Elizabeth flopped into the bed and buried her head in the covers. She could hear Germaine making some more comments with the other girls but instead choose to ignore the conversation and fall asleep.

She found herself in a dark place that stunk. She found herself walking along the place, feeling the cold stone before her feet, before slipping on something wet. She heard something near her, sounding like it came from the walls for some strange reason and she got up and began to run from the noise. She found herself turning, just in time to see a bunny like creature with a snake like face jumping at her.

With that she woke up and saw the sun showing through lightly through the curtains as she took a deep breath. She closed her eyes before hurrying to get up and get dressed. She walked down stairs and over heard many of the students talk about how they would be heading home over Christmas break because of the incident. "I rather wish mother and father would let us come."

Luna quickly found her before they headed down to the hall. They noticed Percy speaking with Ginny, who simply shrunk away before getting up and leaving her food half eaten. The flighty blond spoke up. "Look's like she could use a friend."

The two stood up and followed her, only to have the girl suddenly turn on her. "Why are you following me again?"

"Your older brother was being mean to you again, wasn't he?"

"So?" Ginny paused for a few minutes. "He was bugging me about not telling Fred and George about his girlfriend. He isn't taking it that well."

"Is there anybody you like?" The words came blurting out of her mouth.

Ginny flinch. "Why are you asking such a question?"

"I like Don Kanoji." Luna held up her feather, which was white with spots. "Dad want's to put his horoscopes into the paper because they're so unique. But he's a Muggle."

"Is he cute?" Ginny's curiosity perked up.

"No. He looks funny."

The two girls looked at Luna, their mouths turning down as they tried to take in what she said. The red head spoke up again, the corner of her mouth twisting up slightly as she tried to smile. "So you'd want to date him."

Ginny blinked a couple of times while Elizabeth tried again. "Actually, we're looking for dating material."

"I like pudding."

"But you can't date pudding." The red head's eyes widened.

"But you can eat it on a date."

"How about a guy with exotic looks. Name one."

"I saw a grim with white hair and green eyes before."

"Never mind." Elizabeth turned to Ginny. "Who do you think is cute? I don't think your brother's Ron and Percy are cute, but the twins are."

"Harry..." Ginny muttered so that the two girls could barely hear it.

"Harry... hmm... I think Cedric is cuter." Elizabeth glanced up, only to suddenly hear footsteps. She looked to see the red head taking off. "Wait! I didn't say he wasn't cute! He just isn't... my type."

"We blew it again, didn't we?"

"What's up with that whole thing with grims again?"


The first words out of Ron's mouth when they got down to the common room was a hurried whisper about how much longer it would be until they could use the polyjuice potion they were making. Hermione's response back was that they could use it tonight, the two just needed to make sure that they not only got hairs of someone from Slytherin, but that they made sure said people weren't wandering about.

"What about you Hermione?"

"I got my hair the day we dueled, but I need to make sure that Pansy Parkinson is knocked out cold."

Ron looked at her, the corners of is mouth turning down. "You... who doesn't break any rules knock someone out? Yeah right!"

Hermione felt her cheeks puff out before gathering her books for the day and hurrying off to breakfast. She half heartily at her food and didn't notice that Percy and Ginny were arguing about something She then headed off to class a bit more focused. Eventually classes finished and the students found themselves heading off to dinner.

That's when the problem came around. Pansy of course seemed to stick close to the other girls from her house. A sound came from her side and she turned to see a black cat looking right at her. Blinking a couple of times she realized it was Elizabeth's cat. "Could you help me get Pansy away from the other girls?"

The cat let out a yawn, a mischievous glint in it's eyes. It then took off and began to circle around the girl's feet in an attempt to annoy the girl. Pansy let out a yelp and kicked at the cat, only to have it dodge out of the way. One of the other girls shook their head at their fellow house mate. "Pansy... it's just a cat. A quite affectionate one at that."

"That cat belongs to Granger."

"Do you mean Hermione Granger or Elizabeth Granger?"

"There is only one Granger!"

"What is your problem?"

"She's a complete tart! She's doing something to the teacher's to get them to give her the best grades!"

Hermione opened her mouth, her words coming out so that the other girls couldn't hear her. "Does she even know what a tart is?"

Pansy however wasn't in a good mood and pulled out her wand. "I'm going to do something to that cat to make sure it never bother's me again!"

Before Hermione could rush forward to rescue her sister's cat, the cat ended up rescuing itself. It turned on Pansy, letting out a loud hissing sound. This in turn caused the girl to step back and misstep to the point she fell backwards. This in turn caused her to hit her head on the wall and knock herself out cold. One of the other girls headed off to get the teacher and Hermione decided it was best to go in the other direction.

She walked past the infirmary only to see that there were three ghosts... four if you counted the cat... sitting there. Colin poked his head up. "Hi Hermione."

"She can't see you!" Penelope swatted at the boy. "Poor Percy! He's been beside himself?"

"Percy? As in Percy Weasley?" Hermione blinked a couple of times.

Justin's eyes widened. "She can see us."

"It's not fair. How come that Pansy girl gets to leave the infirmary tomorrow and we don't.'

"Who all knows that she can't leave the infirmary?"

"Only us, Pansy and the infirmary nurse." Colin piped up. "Snape brought her in and then left her."

"You seem quite ecstatic about that bit of news." Penelope wrinkled her nose up.

"I keep imagining Snape with Lockhart's smile for some strange reason." Hermione slapped her hand to her mouth at the lie she created as she attempted to stifle a laugh.

The two boy's burst out laughing while the forth raise her eyebrow's in disgust. "Really you three, that isn't at all funny."

"Well... I'll be off." There was a skip to Hermione's walk as she hurried back towards the bathroom they would be doing their transformations in. Yourichi followed her, curious as to what she was up to. She noticed how the cat's ear's twitched when she mentioned they would be changing into other people. Myrtle also found herself staring at the cat, ignoring everything else.

The boy's had also been successful and they each took their drink to their stalls. She could hear the boy's gagging on their drinks as they didn't hold their noses while gulping it down. Her glass though did crash onto the ground as she began to change into Pansy. Except the change didn't go in any manner that she expected.

Hermione watched as she began to grow taller. Her fingers lengthened as her skin suddenly darkened. Her hair lost it's bushy quality and became long as well as dark. What was most disturbing though was the fact that her chest size grew to the point her bra snapped and the robes became tight. "You've got to be kidding me."

"Hey... Hermione, you ready to go?"

"I grabbed the wrong hair!"

The two boy's glanced at each other. Ron's voice was heard again. "Perhaps' she's embarrassed?"

"She didn't grab Millicent's hair so..."

"She said she grabbed the wrong hair. I guess she's not as smart as she says she is!"

"Ron!" Hermione felt a couple of tears fall down her cheeks. "You had better leave now, and don't expect me to be here when you guy's get back!"

The two scuttled out of the room and she found herself looking down at the rather busty figure. "Except how am I going to get around the school looking like an adult? I mean..."

"The cat's moving!"

"Myrtle... cat's always move! What's the big deal anyways?" Hermione glanced down to see that the black cat had come under the door and was looking up at her. For some reason she felt the cat was giving her a stern lecture with the eye's

"What have you gone and done Ms. Granger?" A rather masculine sound came from the cat. This caused a squeak to come out of the girl's mouth as she clapped a hand over her mouth. If her skin wasn't as dark as it was, her cheeks would have turned a vivid red. The cat sighed. "Surely being able to see wholes as well as having this magical ability means that you shouldn't be surprised to hear a cat speak."

"Animangus aren't supposed to talk once they transform."

The cat glanced away before scratching it's ear. "I was told that."

"By who?'

"Not now. We need to get you out of this predicament. Honestly..."

"She's a grim Hermione! Beware!"

"Oh, shove off Myrtle!"

There was a sudden splashing sound as the ghost dove into the toilet. The cat glanced to the side. "What a strange ghost. Actually, all the ghosts here are strange, though I had heard about them. Anyways..."

"Please... what are you? You're not a grim, because a grim is supposed to be a black dog."

"Oh..." The cat glanced up, a frown on it's face. "Let's see. How about I tell you once we get to the room or requirement. Or more of, once we get things for you sorted out. Do you think you can transform into a cat?"

"Excuse me?" Hermione shook her head. "I'm not understanding..."

"Child, you obviously didn't transform into Pansy Parkinson like your intended target. Though why you would want to do that I haven't a clue. But anyways... you've transformed into myself. So, you should be able to change into a cat."

"Not possible!" The words came spluttering out of the girl's mouth.

"And why not?"

"Because you're an Animangus. That transformation is done by magic. Said magic takes years to achieve, so it isn't passed on in the Polyjuice potion."

"What if I were to say it was my natural ability? The fact I can talk to you is evident that I'm not an Animangus."

"But..." Hermione closed her eyes. "I haven't heard of abilities being transferred as well, but then abilities are rare. I don't..."


"Well, I'll give it a shot."