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The day was not going well so far. Not only did they have potions first thing in the morning, but they were paired up for the potion project by a rather irritated Snape. This left Hermione and I working on the rather complicated potion, which neither one of us had a problem with of course. No, the problem was that Ron and Pansy Parkinson were paired up and they looked to be spending more time flirting with each other then they were on the potion, in fact it looked like they had forgotten that they even had a potion to work on. This seemed to infuriate Hermione to no end, she had spent the majority of the class sending dark glares in their direction, not that they seemed to notice.

I glanced at the potion and then the book that Hermione had pulled over to herself at the beginning of class. "Mione, what are the instructions for the snake heart?" She didn't even seemed to hear me, she just kept staring at Ron, the potion was almost finished and I actually wanted to get a passing grade for this class. "Mione, I need to know how to prepare the snake heart before I add it to the potion."

Hermione swung around and aimed her glare at me before she grabbed the snake heart from the table. "I don't care about the stupid snake heart!" I watched in slow motion as she almost growled and threw the snake heart into the potion before her eyes widened as the potion gave out an ominous hiss. I hardly had time to think as I shoved her out of the way and let out a blood curdling scream as the potion exploded and covered me from head to toe. It ate through my clothes and scalded my skin, I had never been in so much pain, and I could barely hear the panic that had erupted as I slipped into unconsciousness gratefully.




When I next opened my eyes I closed them immediately at the sudden glare of white, I was definitely in the Hospital Wing. I let out a groan as I felt my head being lifted and a cool potion bottle was put to my lips and gently tilted. As I swallowed the potion I felt some of the pain in my head and body recede and I drifted off as Poppy shuffled to a bed further down the line where another person was just now waking up with a groan, I wonder if they were hit by the potion as well.


The next time I awoke the Hospital Wing wasn't nearly as bright, it was probably nearing nightfall. I looked around quickly to see if Poppy was around, I was really getting hungry; I wonder how long it's been since I ate. I don't even know how long I've been here. I swung my legs over the side of the bed and stood up only to realize that I no longer had legs! Instead of legs my body was being held upright by a long, sleek tail, it looked like the tail of the ballisk in second year, only smaller of course. I felt the scream rip itself from my throat before I could stop it.

Poppy shot out of her office with ruffled hair and a wild look about her eyes. "Mr. Potter, get back into that bed this instant!" I got back into the bed, finding it surprisingly easy to swing my tail back onto the mattress. "You need to keep quiet, its not even breakfast time yet and the other patient needs his sleep."

I guess that makes it morning and not nightfall, he had been here at least a day then. "Who is the other patient, were they hit with the same potion? What happened to me, why do I have a tail?" The questions poured out of me without a pause, though I did remember to keep my voice low.

Poppy glanced nervously over at the partitioned bed a little ways down toward the windows; I could vaguely make out soft breathing. "Well, the potion you were making is supposed to give the person that ingests it the abilities of their animagus form for an hour, but with the addition of an entire snake heart instead of a sliver caused the potion to mutate. Instead of drawing forth the abilities of your animagus form it seems to have merged you with the essence of a snake." She seemed to be trying very hard not to stare at my tail. "You are now a Lamia, a human-snake hybrid."

I knew that I would probably break down as soon as she left but I had a more important matter on my mind. "Who else got hit with the potion, and did the same thing happen to them?"

Poppy started to wring her hands and I felt the nervousness coil in the pit of my stomach, what if they were really hurt? "Fortunately the other students were able to get far enough away from the blast but Professor Snape was trying to get to you and was hit with the same potion. He was affected to a much larger extent, instead of transforming into a Lamia he was changed into a Naga, we don't really have any information on the differences but he is far more snake-like." She looked to where Snape was obviously laying and a look of shame passed over her face. "The only time that he woke up he was rather violent as he tried to make his way toward the doors so we were forced to sedate him and have been keeping him under until we can find a way to fix this."

As she scuttled back to her office, I sat on the bed almost in shock, they had Professor Snape sedated! If anyone in this castle was going to find a way to turn them back into what they were before it was Snape, he was the best Potion Master in the world; everyone had to admit at least that much. I looked toward the Professor's bed and slipped into deep thought, he probably would have had a stroke if he knew I was even capably of it.

I needed to get him out of here, it was likely that the situation had just overwhelmed him when he woke up and he reacted, after all it wasn't everyday that you woke up and found out that you aren't human anymore. The only reason I wasn't freaking out is that I'm getting pretty used to always being the butt of Fate's never-ending gag reel. I slithered off the bed, that just sounds so wrong, and slid over to the partition and glanced at Poppy's closed office door before slipping through them to be met with the most enthralling sight.

Professor Snape was definitely not human anymore, he didn't even look close. His entire body was covered in large ebony scales that seemed to absorb the light around them, his tail was twice as thick and long as mine and ended up draping off the side of the bed, his hands were curved and shaped like an eagle's claw with blood red talons as fingers, and his chest had to be at least twice as broad as it had been before. His face didn't seem to be too awfully different from what it had been, but there was a barely noticeable dusting of scales across a no longer crooked aquiline nose. He was breathing rather shallowly until I got a little closer, then he breathing sped up and he started to move around in his sleep. He stopped as I backed off a bit and went back to sleeping peacefully, which bore watching.

I slide out of the little enclosure and made my way toward the bathroom; I want to know what the difference between the two of us really is. Why am I a Lamia and he's a Naga, and why are they so scared of him?

I closed my eyes as I moved in front of the mirror, and opened them when I knew I was totally in front of it. I had to bit my lip to keep from yelling in shock, this couldn't be me. My scales were white, though they sparkled in every color when the light hit them; I stared at them for several moments before I snapped myself out of it. My top half was almost exactly like it was before but it looked like I had lost half of the muscle mass that I managed to build, I almost felt like crying but I didn't feel any weaker, in fact I felt stronger then I had ever been. My hard earned tan was gone too, leaving my skin a pearly white that I knew Lavender would kill for. I lifted one of my hands closer to my face to discover that my nails were now small talons similar to Snape's; they were even the same color though a lot smaller. My eyes were the small emerald which I was grateful for though they were slit in the middle like a snake's, which wasn't surprising all things considered, though the fixed eyesight, I hadn't even noticed that I didn't have my glasses on, was a nice surprise. The girly plump red lips were a little unnerving to be honest. My hair was still untamable, only now it fell in waves to where my knees would have been had I still had them. Overall the changes were shocking but nothing that I could not live with if I had to, but if I could get Snape out of here I may not have to.

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