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Harry's POV

"It's Hermione's fault really." I couldn't quite keep the exasperation out of my voice and both Remus and Sirius looked more than a little confused, Hermione and the kind of mishap that causes a species change don't normally end up in the same thought process. "We were making a potion to change the user into their animagus form and we were right at the part where we were supposed to add a single, small sliver of snake heart and she was so busy staring at Ron flirting with Parkinson that she flipped out completely when I tried to get her attention." I could practically see the way that her hair had frizzed out when she yelled at me. "She yelled that she didn't care about the stupid snake heart and threw the whole thing into the cauldron, I don't remember much after that."

Severus sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "The mudblood banshee didn't just throw the whole thing into the cauldron but hadn't even cleaned the blood off so she added two ingredients, one that wasn't even supposed to be in the potion at all. After the potion went critical Harry pushed her out of the way, almost a shame really, and it exploded right as I managed to reach their table and place a ward to contain the explosion. Harry and I were covered in the botched potion that did not work as one would expect."

Remus looked between Severus and me with what I like to refer to as his Professor look. "It seems obvious that Harry was transformed by the potion into a snake hybrid, a lamia most likely, but other that some small changes to some of his features it doesn't seem to have done much to Snape."

Severus rolled his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose again, which drew Remus' and Sirius' attention to the fact that it wasn't crooked anymore. "I was also changed into a snake-like creature however I was able to transform into a more human form this morning. Harry was still sleeping when you decided to break all of the Light side's rules about dark magic to find him."

Both Sirius and Remus looked at me and I could practically feel Sirius' curiosity. "If you can change back to a human, why are you still a snake, pup?"

I could feel the blood rushing to my face and tried not to look at Severus or Tom. "I can't turn back here."

Remus seemed to catch on with the way that he suddenly looked very uncomfortable, but Sirius just cocked his head to the side like a confused puppy, pun intended. "Why not?"

"I can't transform my clothes with me." It was a good thing that Sirius wasn't looking at Tom or Severus; their leers would not have gone over well. Luckily my suddenly red face was put down as only being due to the whole no clothes thing.


"Why did the ritual you used allow you to find me and would Dumbledore be able to use it to find me here too?" It took almost a half hour of pleading to get Tom and Severus to let me talk to Remus and Sirius alone in my room.

Sirius smirked and leaned back in the bright red and gold chair he had conjured. He blatantly refused to sit in a 'Slytherin' chair. "The old coot would have to have some of my blood to find you and I'm a bit out of reach of him now."

"Wouldn't Petunia's blood work just as well?" It probably wouldn't be hard for the old man to get Petunia to give blood, all he would have to do is promise that he wouldn't send me back to her perfectly normal house.

Remus looked at Sirius with the same look he got when he was trying to think of the best way to teach a class about something really difficult. "Theoretically it should work with Petunia's blood, and Dumbledore has access to the Black Library so he might be able to find you as well."

"He won't be able to use that ritual to find you." Sirius looked completely sure of himself, a little too sure for my peace of mind.

"How can you be so sure that he couldn't use the same ritual? All he needs is the blood of a relative and I'm sure that he could bribe her to give some up."

Sirius looked a bit uncomfortable before he seemed to gather himself and straightened in his chair. "Lily was barren."

I had heard how people could sometimes get the feeling of falling without actually falling but this was the first time that I had actually experienced it. It was like the ground opened up and I fell into an alternate dimension. "What do you mean? Everyone tells me how I have her eyes and that her and Father were together from Hogwarts on."

Remus looked every bit as confused as I know that I do. "I remember watching as Lily started to grow large with child and I remember waiting in the hospital when she had Harry."

Sirius looked more than a little bit guilty. "James and Lily wanted children more than anything else in the world and when they found out that she wasn't able to have them they were both completely shattered. James drank himself into a complete stupor, that's probably the only reason that I found out about the whole thing. Adopting a child was out of the question with how closely all of the stuffy purebloods were watching their marriage with James being a pureblood and Lily being a muggleborn. If they weren't able to produce an heir it would be like proving those jerks right about it being a bad match. I couldn't let my best mate suffer like that without at least doing everything I could to help."

I could see a light flicker on in Remus' eyes. "Whose blood did you use?"

Sirius wouldn't look at either one of us. "Jamie didn't want to bring in anyone that didn't already know about the whole thing so I found a couple rituals in the Black Library when mother was out to transfer a child from one person into another without harming the child or either of the carriers. We figured that we would have to make up a story about Harry inheriting Black features from his grandmother but we didn't have to do anything when he came out with green eyes. We figured that they came from being exposed to Lily's magical signature throughout the pregnancy."

I could feel myself starting to hyperventilate. "You…not Lily…my mother…didn't tell me…I…" Everything went black.


Hermione's POV

For once in my life I can't find the answer in a book. There isn't anything in any of the books in the library that says a single thing about the potion we were brewing or a way to reverse the effects of something being added to it. How am I supposed to figure out how to fix this mess if there isn't a book on it to give me the answer?

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