Epilogue: A new day is dawning.

'Thinking of you, wherever you are.

We pray for our sorrows to end, and hope that our hearts will blend .Now I'll step forward to realize this wish.

And who knows?

Starting a new journey may not be so hard, or maybe it has already begun…'




Several months after.




"A-Are you sure this is okay?" Asked the shy, quiet patient to her doctor. "Will I be able to…leave?"

Chrona had been trying to move on, but it was quite difficult, with her mother being so distant and cold, and her nurse being so difficult to localize at times. Yet she wasn't impatient to go; she was only extremely frightened.

Kid only offered the tall girl a smile, and his hand. "Don't worry. You don't have an illness to begin with; it's all mental, and I'm sure honorable father understands that very well."

Chrona could only drift her eyes from side to side, scared from the sound of the purposes.

She was already used to being locked up and having no less than two or three friends.

How come freedom sounded this troublesome?

This was the kind of thing she had no idea how to deal with.

"Come on, it's time to go." Kid pressed on (quite gently, though), making Chrona gulp in fear.

"A-All right…" She finally said in a mumble, not taking his hand, but only touching his fingers lightly.

Kid led her to the hospital's entrance, where Shinigami and Stein were already waiting.

It had been scheduled that in that very day, Medusa, Chrona's occupied mother and renounced researcher would be going to the hospital to negotiate with Shinigami what would be done about her unstable daughter.

"Well~ hello, hello, Miss Chrona!" Shinigami greeted in a hyper, cheery voice.

Chrona's expression panicked, as she squeaked in slight fear. She had seen Shinigami before, but it didn't really help the fact that she had such sensitive nerves.

Kid only sighed, patting Chrona's back supportively. "It's alright." He faced his father seriously. "So I see Miss Medusa hasn't arrived yet?"

"She called to say that she was on her way here." Stein simply interrupted, lighting up a cigarette, since he was out of the doors and looking into the streets, waiting for the guest to arrive.

"I can't believe that woman. We've called several times before to make her come and talk about Chrona, but she only does when she needs assistants for her new projects." Kid said in a hateful voice.

"Or so the news said." Stein implied calmly. "Ah, there she is".

A wealthy, elegant woman came out of an equally elegant black car that had parked in front of the hospital:

Her dyed black hair was extremely short on the back of her head, yet made in tangled long braids on the front; quite unusual, yet appealing to most who saw her, along with the not so motherly, figure-tight black dress she wore as daily clothing.

Chrona's look panicked a little more as she saw her.

"Mothe--" She tried, but was cut off by a threatening glare from the lady.

"I, I mean…Lady Medusa". She corrected immediately, looking at the floor in shame, as if she had done some despicable act.

Kid could only clench his fists in fury as he saw Medusa grin approvingly of this.

"Why, hello. Mr. Shini, Stein, Kid, and of course…Chrona". She said in a rather bittersweet voice, showing of a small smile.

"You are aware of why you're here?" Shinigami asked in an unexplicably sane voice.

Medusa's smile vanished.

Seeing Medusa's serious face was a rather creepy sight, to sum things up.

"Why, yes. I take it that my child is so troublesome that you wish for me to take her into some other faculty?"

Chrona looked at her shoes in extreme shame; her brows arching to the point that it even hurt. Kid only stepped in front of Medusa, looking defiantly at her.

"On the contrary. Chrona is such an educated, obedient and healthy patient that we have no option but to let her out. Staying here longer could cause serious mental damage".

Medusa only allowed herself to look down to Kid, glaring with seriousness.

"Well, it's practically the same thing. I'm taking the child with me now, if you don't mind". She said bitterly, almost ignoring Kid and grabbing Chrona's arm without much care or subtleness, making her way to the front door.

"B-But, Lady Medusa…!" Chrona tried helplessly, looking back at Shinigami, Kid and Stein. "I-I don't think I would…"

"And that's the problem, dear, you think too much--"

"Miss Medusa, please stop and listen for a moment". Shinigami called calmly, raising one of his big hands, making Medusa stop and turn impatiently. "Just because we said Chrona can get out, it doesn't mean that we'll give her to your custody".

Medusa's look widened in a creepy mix of surprise and anger as she heard this; yet she still kept her cool while talking.

"What did you just say? How are you keeping my own child away from me; are you crazy?" She asked, sounding undignified.

The idea of someone being so...so irritating grossed Kid out.

This woman: how could she be so impossibly, yet subtly mean to her own daughter?

He sure was glad that Shinigami and he had already talked what the solution would be.

"Well, yes. Quite a lot actually" Shinigami said carelessly "But this is what makes my institutions so very successful, Miss Medusa".

"I don't care about that!" She angrily said. "Just tell me, what are you thinking of doing to take her away from me!?"

Chrona looked around the room in shaky shame, thinking that her mother was right as always; and just when she was about to open her mouth to agree with Medusa, Kid stepped in front of her in a defensive way.

" I'll be happy to tell you, miss Medusa. I asked for honorable father's permission to take Chrona away from you and welcome her into out home." He said in a serious, certain tone, to which both Medusa and Chrona seemed shocked; especially Chrona.

"B-B-But I'm such a hassle and lady Medusa said that--" She stuttered, to which Kid only smiled relaxingly, shutting her up.

"It's okay with us. We have many spare rooms at the mansion, and you aren't trouble at all".

Chrona's look widened at the sudden kindness of her eccentric nurse. Somehow, he always managed to make it sound as if everything was okay, and that eased up tone of his kind of make her feel better.

Medusa crossed her arms disapprovingly, and glared at Chrona darkly.

"Chrona." She called loudly, to which the girl turned her head quick as lighting.


"Do you honestly think you're worth something? To be around these important people?" Medusa said in a painfully blunt tone. "You'll only be trouble to them, and you know it, no matter how calm they sound about this. I'm the only one who can stand you. I'm still willing to give you this chance to come back to me nice and quietly".

"Chrona--" Kid tried to interrupt, but was cut of by his father pushing him back slightly.

"Now, now, Kid. Let the little lady here decide what she's going to do." He said calmly, now facing Chrona. "So what's it gonna be, Chrona? You're staying with us, or going back to your mother?"

Chrona stared at everyone in the room quickly, and seemed even more nervous by this task.

Somehow, the situation had been made even more uncomfortable, and it was up to her to decide her new life, and she didn't even feel ready for it.

"I…" She began hastily, holding her hands to herself. "I'd like…"

Chrona gulped, and with all her might, raised her head bravely at her mother.

"I would like to go with and Kid, mother". She said firmly, with all the might she could grab to stop muttering.

Medusa looked at her daughter with shock and disapproval. "So that's how you want it." She said coldly, shocking her head in disappointment.

Chrona nodded slowly with her eyes shot, without noticing Kid's relieved small smile, and Stein's smirk.

"Fine then." Medusa said, and made her way to the entrance. "She'll be your problem now, Shinigami". She said with cold indifference, passing Stein, then the hospital's doors, and finally smashed the door to her car to leave for once.

Stein, Shinigami, Chrona and Kid stood quiet for a while.

"…Well, that was easy enough". Stein said calmly, throwing what was left of his cigarette and smashing it with his foot.

"No". Kid disagreed, as he smiled at Chrona and patted her back supportively. "That actually took lots of guts, right, Chrona?"

At the moment, Chrona's expression was difficult to read.

There was a wild mix of shock, fear, blankness everything that was on her mind… she wasn't sure if she was either terrified or blissful.

The only thing was that, she was crying even though she wasn't sad.

"Chrona?" Kid called, raising an eyebrow.

"I…" Chrona said, returning to her usual, muttering self. She raised her head, and Kid noticed all the tears that had came into her icy eyes.

"..I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH THIS!" She yelled to the top of her lungs, throwing her arms at Kid in a desperate, sudden hug.

Kid sighed a little, patted Chrona's back and had to look up her (since she's taller than him) with a little smile of sympathy.

Stein and Shinigami simply stared in little surprise at the sudden action, as both said at the time: "Oh, my".

Kid only finished this moment with a single line that made Chrona a little more at ease:

"Don't you know that people cry also when they're happy?"



Classes started at Okubo high, and Black*Star was at the school building unusually early, waiting at the main school's office for a friend to arrive.

As one could imagine, not even for the entrance ceremony could he wear his uniform all right. Black*Star was wearing a gray, sleeveless shirt with a star on the center, his white school shirt tied on his waist, and some rather old, wasted jeans.

At the distance, he saw a somewhat hunched figure approaching, and waved at it.

"Oii, Soul!" He yelled.

Soul's first day of school had finally arrived.

"Dude, you're finally here! Have a little consideration for a poor unfortunate soul that was forced to wake up early to receive you!"

Soul scratched the back of his head a little bashfully and yawned.

"Eh, sorry. No can do, man." He answered bluntly.

"By the way, nice way of wearing your uniform, girly man!" Black*Star teased.

Soul was wearing his uniform normally; a white long sleeved school shirt with a black tie, jeans. The only add up by Soul was his usual diadem-alike black headband, reason of Black*Star's constant teases.

"At least I wear mine completely, jack-ass". Soul responded with a grin.

Black*star grinned as well, and gave Soul the usual high five that was used as their greeting.

"Dude, I can't believe you actually passed the entrance exam… this school's pretty difficult, you know!" Black*Star said casually.

"I'm wondering the same about you, actually."

"That's 'cuz I stole the answers! Like a real awesome guy like me would do!"

Soul gave Black*Star the usual, little look that just flat out asked him to say the truth.

"….Okay, okay. Tsubaki made me study like crazy." Black*star bashfully said. "What about you?"

Soul chuckled. "Same. Maka wouldn't let me sleep if I didn't study the hours we agreed to!" Suddenly, his look darkened. "It's sad… she didn't get to be by my side when I took the exam".

Black*star's look also darkened. "yeah… really bad. Imagine all the help she could've been…"


A brand new, fresh humongous school notebook had just crossed against Soul's head with a horrible bang.

"AH! DUDE!" Black*star yelled, but immediately was stroke by another book.

Before both Black*star and Soul, Maka was standing with her schoolbag opened, and her expression serious.

Maka was wearing her uniform just as it should be worn; a sailor-uniform-alike kind of white blouse with blue ornaments and a pink-red tie, and a short blue skirt. Her hair was made in, of course, pigtails, and she was wearing long white stockings and simple black shoes.

"Guys, you seriously should stop talking as if I died or something! You can't make it such a big deal that I took the exam in a different classroom than Soul!" She said in a very offended voice.

"Ugh…sorry…" Soul mumbled, taking the book he was hit with. "If I say I was lonely during the exam, would you forgive me?"

"Coooooorny". Black*star said with a pout.

Maka only borrowed back Soul's book to hit Black*star with it.

"HEY! Show a little more respect for your godly upperclassman!" He yelled, rubbing his head.

Maka only put her book away into her bag and smirked.

"You're our age; we're only behind for a year, so you should stop acting so superior".

Soul grinned. Maka was a lot humbler from when he had first met her.

At this kind of situation, Maka would have become a lot angrier at Black*star, and probably wouldn't have let him even defend himself a little.

Soul was really proud of her. Maka had managed to step forward and change, and so had he.

Things had been very peaceful ever since Soul and Maka had agreed to be an official couple.

Black*star, Soul and Kid had become more intimate friends, and would constantly have little reunions.

Maka and Tsubaki became best friends, Patty and Liz became Maka's sisterly figures; between all of the girls a good friendship had bloomed.

As for matters of the heart, everything went just as normal as everyone would have though; Tsubaki still had to put up with Black*star's childish mannerisms, but as each day passed, she became more patient and endeared with him.

"Soul, stop spacing out and come on already!" Maka called.

Soul snapped out of his thoughts to see that Maka and Black*star had already started walking to the school's building.

"Hey wait, it's too early to get in the classroom!" Soul yelled, as he ran to his friends.

"Black*star said he'd show us around school!" Maka cheerfully said, as Soul caught up.

"Just because I'm that great. You two should feel honored!" Black star said with a short laugh, along with Maka and Soul's little sighs.

Soul wondered if Black*star had changed as well.

Even if it was before he met him, Black*star could have been a very different person back when Tsubaki first met him… and it made Soul think just how meeting one special person could change your personality, thinking and life so much.

"So, think we'll be getting any special treatment from director Shinigami after all the mess we went through with his kid and the casual meeting with him?" Soul asked with a joker tone, to which Maka glared a little.



The road home…

A light sunshine went along Maka, as she walked quietly next to Soul, both going to her department.

Black*star and Tsubaki's department was much closer from a path opposite to theirs, so the three of them never really got a chance to walk together to school or home.

Since Soul's living place was still Stein's department, Soul wasn't too comfortable bringing Maka there, and so, their dating or hanging out spot had been Maka's department for a while.

(Spirit wasn't too happy about that, but since he had in mind that Kami was the one who first acknowledged them as a couple, he had to suck it up.)

"How are things with Miss Marie and Doctor Stein?" Maka asked.

The fact that she was doing this was because Soul had mentioned before a possibility of a child adoption by them, which was announced over a month ago.

"Pretty good, actually. They both agreed to sign all those boring, endless documents at some place, and now they're both my guardians. It's as if they where my parents now".

Maka smiled joyfully at this.

"That's awesome, Soul!" She said. "Now you have a family!"

Soul grinned.

It wasn't the most stable pair, and the house could use some work but… it was pretty close. He was actually really happy for this.

"Yeah… thanks a lot, Maka".

…Little silence.

"So…how do you think our first day was?" Maka asked, smiling at Soul.

"…A little awkward…But I think I can get used to it." Soul responded quietly, lost in thought.

Noticing how Soul was still spacey from the morning, Maka got a little worried.

"Are you okay?" She asked with obvious concern.

Soul only grinned without looking at her.

"Well…you know how when normal kids go on vacation and they return to school, they suddenly feel like they even missed it, and how awkward it seems to see all the new and old faces again?"

Maka couldn't give a clear answer.

"Soul…it's been over a year since I went to school. Of course I don't know".

Soul chuckled in amusement. "Exactly. I'm thinking that what I felt today should feel just like that, but only in a bigger scale".

Maka raised her brows a little at how deep this thought seemed. She smiled.

"Whoa. That's poetic. And…was that what kept you so spaced out since morning?"

"Well… That and some other things". Soul started. "I was thinking how much we've all grown, matured, and how many things happened ever since I… first met you".

Maka realized that now neither of them was walking. They where both standing on a crowd-less street that was not far from her department, and they where alone, talking. It was rather nice.

"Lots happened." Maka agreed. "You said it yourself a while ago; that you where just an emo-jackass!" She recalled with amusement.

"Yeah, and you where a bratty, scolding and defiant nerd".

Both glared at each other playfully, but ended up braking in a small, yet loud laughter.

"But…we've changed into something else now, right?" Maka asked, as she began leading the way into her home.

"Right." Soul answered, following her.

"If so, what did I change into? What am I to you now?"

Soul moved his sight upwards, to think.

"Well… you're still a nerd, and you're my girlfriend, and the only girl I've ever really…you know, and something else.".

"What's this something else?"

"I won't tell you. It's corny."

Maka laughed. "We're already a freaking couple. Nothing seems corny to me now"

Soul sighed helplessly, and took Maka's hand to give it a big squeeze.

"You're my angel, okay?"

Maka felt blood run through her head due embarrassment, and her eyes grow wide. She laughed merrily to hide it.

"W-What? Geez Soul, that's sweet!"

"Told you it was corny." Soul said, rolling his eyes.

Before they knew it, Soul and Maka where already at Maka's door.

"So, before we enter, let me tell you what you're to me, then!" Maka offered cheerfully.

Soul chuckled. "All right. What am I to you?"

"You're…" Maka's smile became wide. "An angel as well!"

Soul broke in laughter as he heard the cute, unfitting word that Maka used to describe him.

"W-What the hell? An angel? That's so uncool!"

Maka rolled her eyes and pouted. "But it fits you…"

"Find another word, then!" Soul managed, calming down.

Maka stopped to think, and suddenly an answer was clear.

"…I've got it!"


"What you're to me! It's so obvious…"

"What is it?"

"A godsend!"

"What's that?"

"An unexpected thing or event that is particularly welcome and timely, as if sent by God."

It was kind of amusing how it sounded so... out of a book. Did she memorize it?

"…Gee, I'm a thing or event? Thanks a lot, Maka!" He sounded kind of offended.

"Hey, at least it sounds cooler than angel, right?" She was pouting. Soul's so difficult to please!

"…Right, I guess so". So he was okay with it.

"So you're my godsend?" She looked so cute and shy while asking.


Soul smirked one last time, before entering the house.






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